Part 1

My problem was that I didn't have time to jack off that early Saturday morning. I was running late for an appointment I had made with my auto mechanic. He had a busy business and, only as a special favor, was he allowing me come in on a Saturday. But I was horny. Really horny! My big balls tingled with every movement I made. They felt heavy with juice and kept letting me know they were ready for a great explosion of cum. During my quick shower, I had sensed they were in perfect condition for some action, all plump and full, tingly and serious, but I had to forgo my pleasures and abstain from my normal morning jack off so I wouldn't be late.

The mechanic realized that over the past few years I had become a very good customer. He kept my two cars in top-notch condition, doing all their routine maintenance and taking care of any problems that arose. I was never hesitant to take his advice about the cars and I always paid my bill before leaving his shop. So, when I told him that Saturday was the only day this week I had free, he surprised me by agreeing to an early appointment.

When I arrived at his shop, I saw him leaning against the building, looking very casual. And exceptionally sexy! He wore short shorts with breath-taking bulges; a sleeveless T-shirt cut so short his muscled midriff was fully exposed; a pair of work boots, which looked out of place with that outfit but gave him an incredibly seductive aura and did something to increase the impact his muscular long legs had on me; and a baseball cap, which he refused to wear backwards in the popular mode.

When he saw my car approaching, he waved me into the only open bay, guiding me with a flurry of arm movements. Then he closed the doors behind us. My tingling balls told me we were alone together in that silent garage.

The provocative sight of his nonchalant movements reconfirmed to me that I should have taken the time to jack off that morning. Just the sight of him was turning me on.

In the years that I'd known him, following him from his work at a large garage to opening his own business, I had no doubt that his handsome good looks and outstanding physique were the real reasons for my loyalty. As he matured and grew stronger, he also grew even better looking and sexier. But these were factors quietly enjoyed from afar. I had never come on to him, and was glad I hadn't when, about a year and a half ago, he got married. But we had become friendly enough, bantering humorously together and sharing laughs, so I'd been invited to the wedding.

I had recommended him to a number of my friends, also. Most of them were gay, although fairly discreet about it. But I figured the mechanic was not stupid. He knew the score. He probably figured I was gay, too, but never threw it up to me.

He looked me over as I got out of the car. "How're ya doin', man?" he asked in welcoming tones.

"Hot and horny, Sam," I replied with an honest grimace. "Hot and horny," I repeated casually, thinking about the times I'd heard that same phrase used.

"Yeah. I know the feelin'," he agreed casually. A strong hand fell to his crotch and he adjusted himself unselfconsciously.

I stared his flagrant gesture. I couldn't help myself. I'd never before seen him in casual clothes, let alone such sexy ones, only in his loose-fitting coveralls, and the tuxedo at the wedding. His basket was plump and full ("Just like my balls," I thought) and so impressive as to be almost immodest. Everything about him exuded sexual energy. I was amazed. His every movement enticed me. It felt like he was flaunting himself at me, coming on to me.

"Yeah, Jack," he sighed, sidling up right next to me, "I'm horny, too. More'n usual."

"Why's that?" I asked, my heart in my throat.

"Wife's been gone all week; won't be back 'til a week from tomorrow." He almost whispered the information to me, as if sharing a suggestive secret.

"Ooh. Jeez!" I said, commiserating with him, "You MUST be horny. Is this the first time she's left you alone?"

"Naw. She's done it before," he answered, looking pained. Then, after a pause, he added, "But this time it's really been tough on me. More'n usual."

I didn't know quite what to say, so I just nodded my head.

"Yeah, I'm horny, alright," he told me, paused, and then grinned, nudging me with an elbow, "But what about you? You're a single guy. What do you do to get your rocks off when you're horny?"

"Well, I'm a guy who jacks off a lot," I admitted, honestly, seemingly without much enthusiasm.

"Yeah, like most guys," he agreed. "I've just never been one for 'solo' bouts with my fist, though. Guess I need lots of lovin'." He looked downhearted.

I smiled at him. I couldn't think of the right thing to say and cursed myself for it. He seemed to be trying to lead this somewhere, and I would surely follow, but I sensed that anything I said could easily be misinterpreted. I didn't want to piss him off. Jack him off, maybe. But piss him off, never.

"Well, whadda ya need, today, Jack?" he suddenly asked, changing the subject completely, becoming officious.

"I need a lube job." I was serious

He leaned back and laughed, loudly. He saw my perplexed look and laughed even harder. Through the laughter, he asked, with some effort, "Don't ya know what that means?"

I shook my head.

"Never ask a mechanic for a lube job..." He paused, looked serious, and added, " means you want your crank oiled. Or you want to be serviced by an oiled crank; one way or the other." Then he laughed some more, apparently finding my obvious embarrassment quite amusing.

When he calmed down, he grinned, put an arm around my shoulder like an affectionate older brother, and said, "Look, Jack, if ya really want a lube job, I'll give ya one." He paused, a serious look on his face, then he added, "...but you'll have to give me one, too." And he started to laugh again.

"All right," I said simply. I was calm.

His hand dropped from around my shoulders, he stopped laughing, and took a step back, away from me. He stared at me. Then his eyes darted around as if to be sure we weren't being watched or overheard. "Don't fuck around, man," he said in a pained whisper.

"I never fuck around..." I said simply, pausing. "...not that way," I added.

His eyebrows shot up. "You mean you'd be willin' to..." he didn't finish his sentence.

"Fuckin' A," I replied in all seriousness, mimicking a friend of mine who loves to use that expression.

"Well... Uh... why?" he asked hesitantly, acting a bit confused.

"Looks like we're both in the same boat, man. You're horny. I'm horny." I paused. "If I can be of 'service'..." I paused, after stressing the word, twisting it into a sexual nuance.

He grinned. I had used the right word. "Service!" he repeated excitedly. A hand returned to his groin and he groped himself again, this time lewdly, watching for my reaction.

I slid a knowing fist to my own crotch and straightened up my lengthening cock so it wouldn't get stuck in the pants leg of my jeans. His reaction was to grin as he stared at the bulge.

"I'm turning you on, aren't I?" he whispered.

"Yes," I answered simply.

"Wow! This is great! I really need some..." he stopped. The bulge in his shorts formed a thick, straight lump right up to the waistline of the garment. He was becoming erect and the evidence of it was truly impressive. Excitingly impressive! Mouthwateringly impressive!

I slowly reached out my left hand and slid it over the smooth, taut skin of his waist. The feel of him was overwhelming. Hot, dry, firm flesh seemed to tingle with goosebumps at my touch. His reaction was to lean towards me as my hand slid around to his back. I felt strong muscles knotted at the small of his back, and fine masculine hair curling there. He was all man, I recognized at the touch. I pulled him closer and our hot bodies collided, thrusting at one another.

"Do you really use lube oil?" I asked quietly.

"It's got contaminants," he said with a grin. "I always keep a tube of KY around. It works better. But we could use lube oil, if it's a fantasy of yours." He was trying to be cooperative.

"Naw, I just wondered. Let's use the KY."

"Okay. Why don't we just get rid of these clothes," he suggested in a salacious tone, and he began to unbutton my shirt. 

In a blink we were both stripped down to our socks. God, he was beautiful, and with such an astounding cock that I could hardly believe my good fortune. And it was stiffly erect, solid, not swaying, and so taut it looked like he had no extra skin on the entire wide shaft. A glance told me he was really ready.

"Man," I sighed, "you look terrific!"

He straightened himself up, took a deep breath and sucked in his flat stomach, and posed proudly for me as I started.

It's at moments like these that have made me realize all the effort I put in at the gym is worth it. The last thing I wanted would be for him to be turned off because I was puffy and out of shape. No, I saw in his eyes the reaction he was having to my body. He liked what he saw! It made me feel proud. Squats had developed my buttocks beyond the norm, so when I shifted and let him get a good look, his eyes bulged and his hot cock throbbed noticeably.

"Man," he sighed, "I didn't realize how fuckable your ass looks!"

"I didn't realize how suckable you cock looks," I retorted, boldly bending over to slip my mouth over the big crown.

He groaned and humped his hips, aiding the engulfment of his organ.

I sucked, getting a good portion of the long weapon into my throat, enjoying myself, until, suddenly, he pulled back.

"Fuck! You can really suck cock!" he exclaimed. "But I'm gonna come in a flash and I really want to slip into this fine ass of yours, man." He grabbed a cheek as if to emphasize his desire.

"Can't we do both?" I asked. "We're not in a hurry, are we? Lemme have a quick one, now. Then we can take our time with the fuck. Wadda ya think?"

"Jeez, you're right! I can come three or four times in a row, and I'm so horny right now, sure, suck my cock! Enjoy!

Before he had finished speaking, his cock was already back down my throat. He humped, I sucked, and we blended quickly into an exceptionally physical act of masculine lovemaking with no holds barred. In no time his big balls were thumping against my chin, as he worked effortlessly with me to pound every inch of his giant cock into me deeply. I loved it! I love sucking cock. I sensed he had received blowjobs from men before, since his reactions were so strongly forceful. He knew this wasn't a routine blowjob, like others he had had, and I knew it, too.

"Fuck, man, this is GREAT," he shouted enthusiastically.

I rubbed his ass with both hands, pulling him into me as deeply as possible. I rode that huge cock from tip to balls, over and over, with extreme pleasure for both of us, enjoying myself to the point of oncoming orgasm - both his and mine. I recognized the tight humps, muffled grunts, tight balls at my chin and stiff muscles, along with my own surging waves of euphoric bliss. I erupted without touching myself, my pleasure was so complete.

"God! Your cum just bathed my balls!" He grunted excitedly, adding, "this is so amazing! Here's my load!" But he was already pumping his hot cum into me. As I unloaded all over his thighs and the floor, he kept filling my mouth with his full blasts of cum. Blast after blast after blast after blast, proving the level of his sexually excited arousal. Taking that first load from him caused extreme pleasure for both of us and was overwhelmingly memorable. ((Oh, God, I just shot a load in my shorts!))

When it was over, when he dropped his hands from my head and I slid my hands off his buttocks, he took a step back, looked down at the semen on his balls, legs and floor, and sighed, "You had your hands on my ass, so I know you shot off without touching yourself! I've never seen anyone do that!" His expression was one of wonder.

"Lemme clean it up," I sighed as I leaned in and lapped and licked up my semen. His big balls squirmed with delight as I sucked and cleaned them. His body wiggled as I tickled his thighs with my tongue. I've always loved my own jism! But his hot cum was so good that I became instantly addicted to it! I love sucking cock. But (all together now) I ADORE drinking fresh hot cum!

He reached down, put his strong hands under my arms and lifted me upright, hugging me to himself as I rose. "That was perfect, man!" he sighed with a note of deeply expressed honesty.

"Yes," I agreed instantly, "Perfect!"

We were leaning tightly together, not wanting to separate, as we wound down from such an intensely powerful, sexual high. Interestingly enough, neither cock started to deflate. No, they stood proudly next to each other, throbbing.

After a long interval, he sighed, "Man, you are sexy!"

"Me?" I asked with a laugh. "You're the sexy one! I can't wait for you to fuck my hungry ass!" I wiggled against him, purposely being wanton and lascivious. There was no sense in being shy and reserved. We both wanted to fuck, and our cocks were letting us know it. Both had recovered, and both were throbbing with lust.

"Yes, fuck," he said, humping his hips and sending waves of pleasure through both of us. His balls rubbed mine; our swords dueled erotically.

"Who should go first," I asked suggestively.

His eyes widened, his upper body pulled back from me, and he strained to say, "First?!"

"Sure, first," I repeated. "You like my ass and I want you to fuck it, but you enjoyed the feel of my hands playing with your ass, so I want you to learn the phenomenal pleasures of an ass-fuck. I'd love to fuck your ass to show you how intensely powerful it can be, leading to the most energetic, mind-boggling orgasm you've ever hand - that is, if you haven't done it before."

"You want to fuck my ass?" he asked in awe, seemingly surprised by the idea of it.

"Sure, and before you fuck me."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because when it's over, you won't believe how spectacular it felt! And how completely and energetically you shot your wad. Men don't fuck each other because they can. They do it because it feels so good to each of them, and particularly to the guy getting fucked. You gotta try it! You're such a perfect man, you will absolutely love the experience!" I held my breath, hoping that this might work, that he'd say okay.

"Well..." he temporized.

"The best orgasm you've ever had," I whispered sensuously, a serious expression on my face. I wanted him to want getting fucked. He had had blowjobs before, so he probably fucked some man-ass, too, so he would remember how those guys had loved getting fucked. "The best, man," I whispered.

I could see interest spread across his features. He was mulling over the idea. I held my breath. I knew I had to be very careful with my facial expressions, my body language, and my voice. I waited hopeful that he would not disappoint both of us.

"I've fucked a couple guys. You know how it is. But taking it up the ass..." His voice trailed off.

"They loved it, didn't they," I asked in a sexy whisper.

He nodded, thinking about the guys that he'd fucked, I felt sure.

"It takes a real man to rise above a little initial discomfort in order to reach a stage of real orgasmic nirvana!" I sighed. "You've witnessed guys reaching that stage, haven't you?" I kept still.

After a moment, he nodded again. "They told me they really loved it, and they all shot tremendous loads as I fucked 'em," he told me with a note of sexual awe in his voice, and a note of pride, too.

"You will really love it, too," I promised. "And so will I! In fact, working with you to reach that level of sexual perfection will be a highlight of my life, knowing I'm helping you discover and love a new form of overwhelming sexual excitement. We'll both love it. Feel how hard our cocks are at just the thought of it!"

"Yeah, he admitted, "we're both fired up. If you had suggested this before you gave me the blowjob, I would have rejected it. But now, thinking about it, I'm inclined to give it a try. It's more because I admire and trust you, Jack, than I'm just curious, but I am curious."

I smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. This was not a "No."

"Hand me the lube," I asked softly. It gave him a decision to make. He didn't disappoint us as he reached for the tube!

I spread some lube on my fingers and reached around him to slip in between his cheeks. "You'll have to turn around, unless you've got a cot we can lie on," I instructed.

"No, it's okay," he sighed as he turned his back to me lasciviously, "one of those guys said that standing was the best way to fuck, and it sure felt good when I did it to him!"

We both loved talking about fucking ass! It kept us HOT!

"Focus on knowing that this is going to make you feel spectacular," I whispered to him as I slid my throbbing cock slowly, almost gently, between his firm cheeks. He tensed as my cockhead touched his tight pucker. "Relax." I sighed softly.

He actually relaxed. I could feel it with my cock and through contact with his body as I held his hips while pressing my chest against his back. I slipped slowly into his rectum, millimeter by millimeter, widening his tight opening. He gave a short grunt and pushed his ass back at me. He wanted this! I let him have it! He grunted. I grunted, and the head of my dick surged into him. Once inside, his sphincter clamped down tightly behind my glans. He seemed to squirm, but was silent.

"Relax, I'm in," I whispered softly, purposefully sending poufs of warm breath onto his shoulder. Goosebumps formed where my breath touched his skin.

"Whacha doing," he asked quietly, sounding relaxed.

"I'm holding in place until I feel your sphincter loosen up," I explained. "No need to rush."

"Hmm," he hummed.

Hmm?" I questioned.

"I thought there would be unbearable pain," he said. "This is acceptable, even interesting. I think I could..." He humped back slightly and stopped. "Maybe you're right. Let's not rush this."

I smiled, pleased that he didn't let a little pain stop us.

"I can feel your cock pulsating in my ass, man," he exclaimed quietly. "It feels good," he added with a sigh.

My heart leapt and raced. He wasn't rejecting my hardness. "The pulsation will aid insertion by calming your sphincter," I explained. "That you feel it is a great sign."

"Everything about this is starting to make me feel great," he sighed. "Your big cock in my ass, your hands on me, your flesh against mine, even your breath tickling my shoulder. I love this!"

"Wow!" I moaned with pleasure. I slid my right hand around to his abs, rubbing firmly, and then grabbed hold of his big cock and started pumping it smoothly. He sighed, sounding delighted. Now, I relaxed. This was working beautifully!

Unconsciously I humped forward at the very moment he decided to push back at me. Easily three inches of cock plunged inward and rewarded him by massaging his prostate.

I felt his entire body react to the contact as he sighed, "Oh my God! What a feeling!" I withdrew slightly and immediately push back in. "Oh, man, keep doing that!

"Success!" I thought as I began to really fuck him. He joined with me in raising the effort of the fuck to monumental levels. We blended into a four-legged fuck-animal, raging with passion and energy.

"I can't believe this," he said with a whispery, sex-addled voice. "This is better than an orgasm! Man, you're turning me into a cock whore! I LOVE this feeling! Oh, fuck me, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" He was writhing with lust.

His clear enjoyment of this fucking lifted me to an orgasmic height, which I fought as hard as I could in order to bring him to complete orgasm with me. I focused on holding his cock in my hand without pumping it, even though his writhing body caused some movement of my hand.

"Fuck! I can feel your balls at my ass! You've got that giant cock of yours in me all the way. Man, I never thought anything would ever feel like this." He stopped talking for a moment, still in all-out fucking mode, but then loudly said, "Oh! Oh! Oh! Man, I'm going to cum!" With that his entire body stiffened.

"Me, too," I cried out as his hot rectum sucked my orgasm out of me. At my first blast of cum, his cock vibrated in my hand and an explosive shot of jizz flew up into the air above our heads and was immediately following by ten more strings of cum all rising above our heads almost like one long rope of cum! It was so amazing it added to the impact of our orgasms. I filled him with my lengthy deposit of sperm. It took an incredibly long time for us to wind down from such a mind-blowing experience. I stayed hard in his ass and he stayed hard in my hand.

When breathing and pulse-rates finally returned to normal after such a perfect fuck, he took my hand from his still hard cock, slowly pulled himself off of my still hard cock, and turned around. I am certain that I was the first person to see the bewildered, yet excited, yet loving, yet amazed, yet even something more, expression on his face. I was fascinated. I wanted to say, "I told you so!" but I held my tongue.

He silently put out his arms and we melted into a wonderful body-to-body full embrace of strength and tenderness. Our hard cocks pressed against each other like old friends now.

He put his mouth almost into my ear and softly but earnestly sighed, "Thank you!"

"Thank YOU!" I sighed right back earnestly.

He took my hand and led me to the back of the garage, opened a door and brought us into a shower room. We took off our socks. There were four showerheads in a row and, of course, I immediately imagined him and three of his sexy mechanics showering naked together here. He turned on one showerhead and pulled me under the spray with himself. We started bathing each other rather solemnly, still awed by such a heady sexual experience, but while rinsing off it turned into clear sex play, toying with hard cocks and having fun.

As we were drying each other off, he started shaking his head. I guess I frowned. He said, "You were right, Jack. That was the most spectacular orgasm I have ever had! I had thought that maybe it would be an interesting experience, probably okay, and, since you were so horny, at least you'd get your rocks off. But in my wildest imaginings I would never have expected it to be so..." His voice trailed off as he sought the right words.

"Cum producing and yet fulfilling?" I offered.

"Man, you saw my cum flying - the most cum I've ever shot - and, damn, man, you really filled me up. I feel it gurgling in me, but I don't want to lose it right away. I'm still feeling waves of post-orgasmic bliss!"

"In that case, I think you should fuck me right away!" I told him.

He looked startled. "Are you still up for it?" he asked.

"Looks like I am," I laughed looking down at my straining cock. "Unless you'd like to suck it first!"

Now he looked shocked. "Hey, I ain't no..." He stopped, looked embarrassed, and said, "I mean, let's stick to one thing at a time."

"Good, let's fuck right here. It's comfortable and convenient," I told him as I watched his already hard cock stiffen to rigid readiness. Words weren't needed. I flashed my ass at him. His eyes widened.

"I'll go get the lube," he offered, grabbing for his socks resting on a rack.

"A little soap does a good job," I said. He grinned. I took some soap and prepared my ass for the delightful assault of his giant cock.

"I've always liked you, man, but the level of your unique sexuality is stunning. I can't wait to get into your ass!" He moved toward me.

"Take care you don't rip me open with this jawbreaker you call a cock," I laughed, half-serious, reaching for the stiff weapon. I leaned over and slid it into my hot mouth, getting it nice and wet. Then as he said, "Your mouth feels so good," I popped off, turned my ass to him, and whispered, "Give it to me, man!"

He grinned, moved in on me and slapped his hard cock against my ass a few times, playfully. (I loved it!) Then with a master's touch he plugged me! I mean he was resourceful in finding the right angles and techniques to have me stuffed with that wonderful cock in no time.

"Gee, I thought you'd had enough experience to be loose and easy, but I had to work to get into this fine ass, it's so tight and so hot! I love it. I love fucking a man's ass, especially a muscular man's ass, like yours. Umm, I could fuck this all day long! What an ass!" he sighed with emotion.

Well, I wasn't ready to be fucked all day long, so I went to work with all the tools I have to raise his awareness of the talent my ass has. It didn't take long.

"Jesus, man, what are you doing?! I've fucked a few guys, but they just seemed to lie there and wait for it to be over. But you! You're like sucking my cock, pulling on it, making love to it with your ass - your strong, tight, hot ass! It's driving me crazy. I want to fuck the shit out of you, make you cry for mercy, pound and pump my cock into you, but you're not just taking it, you're enjoying it! You're working with me to wrench my orgasm out of me. Oh! This is wonderful! I'm fucking you, fucking you, fucking you!" he chanted over and over as he plowed my ass with everything he could do to improve our mutual pleasure, slapping his strong body against my ass noisily, getting in to the hilt, having a great time.

So was I, until I had to say, "This is the best fuck I've ever had. I'm about to cum!" Then as we both watched in a bathroom mirror, we saw my cock shoot a long string of cum into the air as high as his had shot, and followed by as large an outpouring of semen as he had.

As he was watching my cum shooting out, he surged to rigidity in my ass and came! His orgasm seemed even longer than the one he had when I fucked him. It took a very long time to wind down from such a spectacular mutual orgasm.

We took turns on the toilet and then went back to shower together grinning like kids and still showing strong partial erections. We had become something better than just friends.

I invited him home for a late lunch, with the hidden message of more sex, but he had to go home. I was disappointed until he said, "Guess you'll have to come back tomorrow for me to finish up servicing your, um, car."

We both laughed, dressed, and got ready to leave. Before I got into the car he grabbed me and we fell into a strong embrace. Then he kissed me!"

"Tomorrow," he whispered into my ear. As I drove away I realized I was feeling better than, maybe, ever! That night I stretched out naked on my bed and went over the day's happy events as I started to jack off. I was enjoying a long bout with my fist, but when I remembered his big cock in my ass, forcing me to have a memorable orgasm, my cum shot up toward the ceiling!

What a day!

Part 2

I woke up with a tremendous hardon, remembering clearly the vivid dream I had had just before waking. It had seemed so real. My auto mechanic and I were back in the shower room of his garage and he was fucking the cum out of me right after I had fucked the cum out of him! Instinctively I grabbed my cock with a firm hand, intending to jack off immediately. Suddenly I thought, no, I want to be fresh for Sam, the mechanic, who will be waiting for me to show up. I didn't want to disappoint either one of us. I got up, showered quickly, ate a quick meal and jumped into my car to hurry off to be with him. My intense sexual expectation was palpable!

It was Sunday morning, the day after our tryst in the shower room. And like yesterday, he was waiting for me as he leaned against the building next to the only open bay. He looked even more alluring than ever. He was wearing a tight, yellow tank top with a low-cut neckline; rather loose-seeming satin gym shorts; and sneakers. It gave him a more modest appearance than yesterday's outfit, but somehow it caused me to feel he was even more sexually attractive! I got hard as I was waved into the bay and he closed the garage door.

Even before I got unbuckled, he pulled the door open. As I moved to get out, he grabbed my arm up near my armpit and half dragged me out and immediately embraced me tightly, body to body. I was enraptured! His powerful hug was returned with deep pleasure. He kissed me. This time on the lips! He got a passionate kiss back. He palmed my erection as he pressed his against my hip.

"Man, I couldn't wait to see you this morning. I've been here for more than half an hour. I've been thinking about you, and about yesterday, ever since you left. Last night I took a quick shower before bed. As I was drying off I glanced in the full-length bathroom mirror and felt I could almost see you behind me fucking my ass! A thrill passed through my whole body and I started to jack off, admiring myself in the mirror but sensing you were with me. I shot a giant load onto that mirror. Getting fucked in the ass has really changed me, Jack. And you did it! I rarely jack off, and here I was really enjoying myself last night as I came. And this morning I wanted to jack off again, but I held off and came here." He was so excited, the words just came tumbling out of his mouth in one long stream. "I want you to fuck me, again, Jack!" he added, to my surprise and delight!

Without waiting for a response, he grabbed my hand and we walked together to the shower room. Quickly we undressed each other, pressed our stiff cocks together and embraced again. The feeling of bare skin against bare skin was wonderful!

I disengaged and took a step back. "Remember what we did out in the bay yesterday," I asked softly. I looked down at my already leaking cock and then up into his eyes. They grew large! I looked down again, and back into his eyes. I was obviously offering him a chance to suck my cock, just like I had sucked his yesterday. "You want it, don't you," I stated in a suggestive whisper.

"I admit that ever since you made the offer yesterday it's been on my mind, man," he whispered back. I didn't know if he was fearful of being overheard or was turned on. But I smiled calmly at him. He smiled back - a good sign.

"I've been thinking about how great a cocksucker you are. You sucked my cock like no other one has sucked it, and I've had my share of blowjobs, so I know. You are great!" He stopped for a moment, looking like he was gathering his thoughts, and then said, "You're such a masculine fucker, I never expected such a complete orgasm when you went down on me. I saw how much you loved sucking my cock. I've been thinking that maybe I'm missing out on something, here. Maybe giving head isn't just to bring a guy off, maybe there is pleasure in it for the cocksucker, too." I smiled, and he smiled back with a look that told me he liked me. "What's in it that you like, Jack?" he asked with a puzzled look on his face, and yet a deep interest behind his eyes.

"Men love orgasms," I stated simply. He nodded in agreement.

"I discovered a glory hole when I was a teenager. The guy in the next stall saw that I got a hardon from reading the graffiti and looking at the sexy drawings. He told me to put my cock through the hole and discover the pleasures of a blowjob. After I came, he put his cock through the hole to me, and since he was a macho looking dude, I felt it would be obliging to suck his cock like he sucked mine, so I did it," I told him.

"Wow!" he sighed, "You did it right after the first time you had your cock sucked. Man, you had balls! Did you like it? Well, I guess you must have."

"He kept telling me what to do, and also kept telling how good it felt and how good I was doing it, so, yeah, I liked it right from the start," I admitted.

"Um..." he started hesitantly, "...uh, how did you get so good at it?" He looked somewhat embarrassed for asking such a personal question, but I was pleased to be able to let him know. We were standing very close, our hard cocks almost touching as I continued.

"In my travels in schooling, the military, and in business, I met many men who loved blowjobs. Turns out, lots of them were married, just interested in getting their rocks off quickly without attachments, and didn't reciprocate. In many of the restroom stalls and arcade booths I've been in I'd give one guy a blowjob and, before you'd know it, he'd tell someone else that I was a good cocksucker. The word would get passed around and, well, I sucked so many cocks that I got better and better at it," I stated.

"But it wasn't just that you COULD do it, it must be that you liked doing it, right?" He asked.

"I love it!" I enthused.

"Why!" he asked like a man seeking the answer to a puzzling problem.

"You like watching the man you're fucking get the cum pumped out of him, don't you?" I asked. He nodded with a smile. "Well, take it one step further. Instead of watching that flying cum get wasted and fall to the floor, think how much better it would be to enjoy taking it in your mouth and enjoying a hot, fresh, manly drink of cum! Its taste is exceptional and the experience of knowing you're helping to lift the guy to a great orgasm is extremely pleasurable and very satisfying. Both guys love it!"

"Hmm," he hummed.

"Hmm?" I questioned with a grin. It reminded us both of yesterday's humming.

I humped my hips up, offering him my solid erection, which looked ready to burst.

He looked transfixed at my cock. "It's big," he mumbled to himself. "I looks HOT!" he sighed. It looks good," he whispered, looking me in the eye.

We were right at the brink of a decision. I stayed silent and still, not wanting to break his concentration on my cock, which pulsated with extreme excitement at the thought of this masculine married man deciding to suck my cock. I could have had a spontaneous orgasm from just the thought of it.

As if in slow motion his head bowed, he bent at the waist, he glanced furtively up at me, and I saw him make up his mind. He opened his mouth, drew my cockhead in and started to suck with pressure.

I wanted to hump my cock into him, but was smart enough to let him go at his own pace. He accepted this different experience with an ease that pleased me. I was very quickly raised to an orgasmic plateau. I told him I was about to shoot. He increased his effort and sucked hard for my load. He wanted it! I gave it to him! I sent two big spurts into him.

Then, suddenly, the door pushed open and two young men walked in, only to be stopped dead in their tracks as they saw a guy sucking cock. One of them, Sam's 18-year-old son Joey, closed the door and the other guy smiled at me. These guys weren't outraged; they were turned on. I just kept on spurting my jizz into Sam, and he kept right on swallowing.

"Holy shit!" Joey's friend sighed in awe, "you guys look spectacular!"

"Man," Joey whispered. He sounded very turned on. He gave me a broad, toothy smile, which made him look very sexy. Then he said. "Dad, I didn't know you sucked cock!" He didn't sound surprised, he sounded pleased.

But during this surprising event, I just kept pumping my cum into Sam's eager mouth as he swallowed and swallowed the rapid-spurting, thick, rich, hot outpouring of my exceptionally mind-blowing orgasm! He kept sucking for more until I thought I'd collapse over him. As I pulled out slowly, I saw the boys stripping off their clothes quickly.

Wow, I thought when I saw that they both had rapidly rising erections. Big erections!

"Joey, what the fuck are you doing here, and who's your friend?" Sam asked in a voice strained with emotion. It had to be an awkward moment for him, standing there with a huge erection leaking lines of lube, looking ready to shoot a load at the two guys. "And why are you getting naked?" he questioned in. what I would call, a voice of sexual interest, not annoyance.

"You know Rob. He's Jack's friend William's son. He's a great guy." Joey explained.

"Oh, yeah," Sam said, "but why are you here?"

"We didn't see your car, Dad. You must have parked it in the back. I saw Jack's car and assumed it was left over the weekend for working on it tomorrow." Joey told him. I was surprised by his cool-headedness. His erection had bloomed into a replica of his Dad's - stiff, large and throbbing. He, and his friend, looked confident, bold and horny as hell. Their open display of eager readiness made my mouth water.

"But why are you here?" Sam repeated.

"We figured this would be a private place to fuck around in," Joey said simply. Rob nodded his head in agreement, a bright smile on his handsome face.

"Fuck around?" Sam asked in a hoarse whisper of wonder.

"Yeah, man, we've been fuckin' around since a couple of days after we turned 18 and watched each other spring hard-ons in the gym showers at school," he said matter-of-factly. "It's been difficult finding a private place, so I suggested we try this room. You're never here on weekends."

Now at any other time I imagine that all four of us would be embarrassed, frustrated and upset. But we weren't. We were horny! So I decided to take charge.

"Come here, Joey. Lemme take a close look at that beauty of a cock you're flaunting. It looks as big as your Dad's. And if you're as randy as he is, you'll pump out a big load. I'd like to suck out that load with my mouth!" I was purposefully lewd. I felt it enchanted the guys. It delighted me to watch Joey, and Rob, slowly move toward us eagerly in a sexy dance, their solid cocks never wavering. As they got close I wondered how William would react to knowing his son likes to play manly games, and how Rob would react if he knew what William and I had been up to for so many years since High School where we learned to play Drop the Soap.

Sam drew in his breath in a hissing sound as I leaned over and sucked the head of Joey's cock into my mouth. Joey hissed in pleasure as the strength of my sucking caused him to hump cock into me aggressively. He was all man, working to get his cock down my throat. This boy had had blowjobs before! I was delighted, and almost orgasmic! And there was something surreal in the feeling I had that his Dad was watching me blow his son. But that feeling evaporated as I caught, out of the corner of my eye, Sam lean down next to me and suck Rob's cock in to the hilt. Sam sure was a quick learner!

As the four of us got more and more into it, obviously raising the boys toward orgasm, I glanced up to see the two boys kissing passionately while embracing each other strongly. I thrust my head down the shaft 'til I felt his balls, gently grabbed his sac with my hand, and he hummed the announcement that he was coming! Rob immediately hummed, and I knew that Sam and I were drinking down hot loads together. It was outstanding! I was filled over and over and over by heavy, viscous, shots of hot cum, and I knew Sam was receiving as much cum from the humping, gurgling and swallowing I could hear from him.

As the boys finished, withdrawing their cocks simultaneously, Sam suddenly jerked upright and called out in a voice strained with urgency, "Fuck me, Jack! Fuck me like you did yesterday. Give it to me, man! I need it! Give it to me!" he demanded. Music to my ears!

The boys took a step back as Sam turned to thrust his muscular, hot ass at me. I was leaking so much lube, and he was so anxious to have me enter him, that we just sort of rammed home hoping for the best. I entered him with an ease that took my breath away. He sighed with pleasure and humped back at me, letting me know that he wanted me to fill him up with cock!

I was surprised to see that the boys had separated and taken up kneeling positions on both sides of us so that they could watch this amazing penetration up real close. I saw a hand reach up and grab Sam's balls. I looked down and saw Rob grab my balls. Joey was playing with his dad's balls in the friendly way of increasing his dad's pleasure. I was stunned - and orgasmic!

"I'm gonna cum," I told them.

"Oh! Me too!" Sam called out, and I watched in fascination as Joey rose up, leaned over and sucked the head of his Dad's cock into his mouth and groaned with pleasure!

Sam's eyes must have been closed in orgasmic bliss, because after a moment he said with surprise, "Oh! God! I thought Rob was sucking my cock. Joey, it's you!" His voice stopped as he continued shooting cum down his son's throat. Then he sighed, "Damn, boy, where'd you learn to suck so good!"

Joey couldn't answer. He was still milking out the rest of Sam's overwhelming load.

It seemed like an extremely long time to wind down from such lofty levels of mind-blowing sex, but after I pulled out of Sam's ass and the boys stood up, things went back to more or less normal, if a little awkward for a moment.

Sam said happily, "Com'on, guys, let's shower!" He grabbed both boys by the arm and led them to a shower, turned it on and pulled them into the spray all together. I joined them and the four of us bathed and played at the same time. The sex had been terrific; we were relaxed with one another; we were having fun! Then, as the cooling rinse water made us feel horny again, Rob said to me, "Will you fuck my ass, Jack. I want to see how a really big cock feels in me!"

Before I could respond, Joey said in overwhelmingly sexual tones, "Yeah, and, Dad, I want you to show me how a really big cock feels in my ass. Fuck me, please!"

Sam and I looked at each other in surprise - and arousal! "Have you two been fucked before?" we asked in unison.

"Sort of," Joey admitted. "Some penetration, but not really deep fucking. Just penetration causes us to shoot our loads. We'd both love to be fucked like real men by real men."

"Looks like these men have grown up and need grown up pleasures. Let's not disappoint 'em," I suggested to Sam. He grinned.

"Well, men," I said," let me tell you what a good friend of mine told me on the day I was first fucked in the ass. He said the best way to experience your first real fucking is to suck cock at the same time." (I didn't tell them that it was Rob's Dad, William, who told me this!)

"Huh?" they both grunted.

"It works. As I was concerned by the pains of penetration, this thoughtful guy put his hot, big cock at my lips and told me that sucking cock would take my mind off some of the discomfort of initial penetration. It worked and I've loved getting fucked ever since. So let's do this: Sam will fuck Joey while Joey sucks my cock; then I will fuck Rob while Rob sucks Sam's cock. Everyone will be happy! Okay?" I asked, holding my breath.

Immediately, Joey said, enthusiastically, "Great Idea! Great idea! Let's do it!" And he bent over, offering his ass to his Dad.

"Oh, God." Sam sighed, "I'm gonna fuck my son in the ass and he's begging for it! I can't help it, I'm suddenly hot as a pistol!" We all saw how aroused he was as he moved in behind his son.

I moved to stand in front of Joey and he eagerly leaned in to take my hard cock into his mouth. He sucked with skill.

As the three of us were slowly getting into it, Rob, that sexy hot fucker, pulls up behind me, grabs my hips, thrusts his manhood against the cheeks of my ass, leans against me erotically and whispers in my ear, "I'll just fuck your humpy ass while no one notices."

Actually, I couldn't have been more delighted! I wiggled my ass at him. He knew what to do. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. After all, I knew what to do, too, when I was his age. My whole being writhed with the erotic understanding that we were all having a super morning romp of normal, masculine, sexual pleasures!

It went well. Sam and I grinned at each other as he pounded ass and I humped cock into my cocksucker's hot, and talented, mouth! The IDEA of this fuck/suck connection was so outstanding that we both came in record time, but not so fast as to fly past the body-wrenching, cum-spurting pleasures of it. Rob realized what was happening, stiffened, and pumped a massive load of his hot sperm into my ass. It was astounding! Getting your prostate rammed by a hot cock while you cum is the best!

We showered together again, still playing around, but we decided we should cool it for a while. When Rob looked disappointed that his ass hadn't been ravaged, Sam laughed and invited us over to his house for, well, "Dinner!" Since his wife was gone and, now, his son knew the ropes, the evening would be a continuation of this morning's romp. We all looked forward to it!


Jack Sofelot


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