Dirk started shoveling at the base of his little driveway. The owner had plowed the main roads through the small park, and now all the residents were blocked in by 3 foot high piles of ice and snow. "Fuck this shit," he felt every muscle in his torso flexing while he heaved and lunged at the massive pile. He was almost all the way through when he noticed a car sliding back and forth down the road in front of his yard. He jumped back, as it spun into the ditch next to his drive way. He ran over quickly, to see if anyone was hurt. A small woman was frantically screaming inside, and he tapped on the window to get her attention.

She looked up, and jumped, seeing his large frame completely shadowing her driver side door. He smiled, and waved, signaling for her to roll the window down. She looked around for a minute, and then the window rolled down. "Hi!" He stuck his large hand through the window, as she hesitantly took his. "I'm Dirk. I can help you out of here, and then we can figure out this situation you've gotten into." "Oh my God! This road is so icy, I had no idea!" She undid her seat belt and took his hand again, as he helped her crawl through the window. She was very petite, and had almost white blonde hair, and really tan skin. "I'm Cindy. I work for the Smiths, and I was just driving through to pick up the surveys." "Shit, I didn't even fill that out!" "No, hun, it's ok. You have til the 10th, but I like to get a start on things. And besides, they pay me by the hour, and I was finished up at the main office there." She put her hands on her hips and shook her head, looking back and forth across her car, half submerged in the snowy bank.

"Hey, is everyone alright!?" They both turned to see a bulky man running toward them in a snow suit, shovel in hand. "I'm Randy, I live across the road." "Hey, I'm Dirk," "and I'm Cindy!" She stuck her hand out to Randy, as Dirk smiled, and waited. The men shook hands and briefly kept eyes for a split second. Dirk hadn't met a man his size in quite some time. Randy had a little more meat on his bones, but his smile was stunning.

"So Dirk, you got an extra shovel, we can help this lovely lady out?" Dirk nodded, and turned to grab his shovel. "Ah, I'm blind I guess!" Randy laughed and shrugged. The men started shoveling and scraping around the base of the car, where it was half submerged in the snow. Cindy insisted her insurance could get her car out, but the men assured her they could get it out faster than the insurance company could get a tow truck to their location. They lived far out of the city, and down a long country road. Cindy got a ride up to the main office, while the men continued to shovel and eventually had the car uncovered. Randy suggested Dirk get behind the wheel, and put the car in reverse. It had all wheel drive, so this shouldn't take long. "Alright man, floor it!" Dirk pressed down, and Randy disappeared in the bank, while Dirk reversed quickly back up onto the road. 

He parked the car off to the side, and got out, walking over to the edge of the road. Randy was crawling out of the bank, completely covered in snow. "Shit, that's cold!' Randy was laughing, and his face was completely red. He was brushing at the snow all around his neck and back. His suit had flapped open, and he was scooping snow out of his chest, and thighs. "Damnit, this zipper's been broken for awhile, and I just haven't gotten a new suit." "I can wait for Cindy, if you want to go get some clean clothes on man." "Yeah? Thanks!" Randy took off across the road, and Dirk went in, to call the main office. He took his jacket off as soon as he got in, realizing how soaked he was with sweat from working on the car. His trailer was small, but he had a pellet stove installed, and the small fire kept the place toasty. He peeled off his sweatshirt, and undershirt, draping them over the recliner in front of the stove.

He reached for the phone, when he heard a knock on his door. He quickly walked over, opening the large solid door, to see Randy standing on the other side of the screen door, still red in the face, smiling brightly. Dirk smiled, and opened the door. "Hey man, I'm locked out of my place, and the office said the maintenance man ran into town for more salt. Suppose i could hang out in here til he gets back?" "Hell yeah man, get in here. Too fuckin cold for this shit." Randy laughed as he walked in, stomping his boots on the rubber mat inside the door. "Yeah, no shit. Hey, nice place you got here." "Yeah? Thanks man. Just working on things a piece at a time." Dirk had started installing dry wall instead of the traditional wall boards, which gave it a more finished, professional look. So far he had the kitchen and living room done, and the hall entrance, but the rest was a series of broken or cracked wall boards, and exposed insulation. 

Dirk quickly called up at the office, and let them know Cindy's car was out, and the keys were on the seat. He could hear her excited voice in the background, as he hung up. He turned and leaned back against the counter by the phone, crossing his arms across his chest and abs. His body was completely sweaty, and he could feel a cold wetness under his sweats and long johns underneath. He shifted his weight uncomfortably, as Randy unzipped his snow suit. "You mind if I...?" "No man, that's cool. Get comfortable." He watched as Randy unzipped out of his snow suit, exposing a faded black union suit. It has some holes here and there, exposing his white skin underneath. He was big boned, but beefy. His shoulders, and back were wide and muscular, and as he turned around, his union suit was completely split open from the collar to naval, with Randy's muscular and hairy chest exposed. He had a bit of a beer gut, but the man was a monster!

Dirk swallowed hard. He hadn't messed around with anyone since highschool, but seeing Randy in this way, made him remember how much fun it had been. He felt his dick getting hard, and turned to get a beer from the fridge. "You want one?" "Yeah man, thanks!" Randy pushed down at the legs of his snow suit, and lifted each leg out separately. Dirk walked toward him with the beers in hand, and almost stopped, seeing Randy's bulge in the front. He saw a flash of skin as Randy lifted the other leg. He turned, looking for somewhere to hang the suit up, as Dirk watched the union suit stretch and form to every muscular bulge on Randy's body. "Here, I'll trade ya." He smiled, as Randy handed over the suit, and took the beer. "Thanks," he flashed a quick smile. Dirk turned, and hung the snow suit up on the coat rack he'd installed by the door.

He felt the sweat running down his crotch and hairy legs, as he adjusted himself quickly. He turned, as Randy split open the top of the beer, and took a big gulp. "Wanna have a seat?" "No man, if I sit down this thing'll split wide open. I need to get a new one," he laughed, pointing up and down the front of his union suit. "Alright, suit yourself." He smirked as he sat back on the couch, propping his wet feet up on the wicker table in front of him. He sipped at his beer, and looked out one of the side windows, at the snow, shaking his head. "This shit almost makes me want to leave Minnesota." "Yeah man, it gets old, but I hate the heat, and everywhere else seems too busy for me." "Yeah I hear ya." Randy shifted back and forth, taking another heavy chug of his beer. Dirk heard the hollow spittle inside the can, and offered to get Randy another one. "No man, I'm good. Thanks though." Dirk nodded. 

The crackle of pellets was all you could hear for a few minutes. Randy was still shifting his weight back and forth, awkwardly. "Man, take a seat. We're both guys, it's nothin I haven't seen before." "Man, thanks. I'm getting tired." He laughed as he sat in the recliner, and as discussed, his union suit unbuttoned the rest of the way, exposing Randy's hairy stomach, and crotch. He cleared his throat and pulled back on the lever on the side, his feet flipping up automatically, and his dick flapped out against his stomach. Dirk almost choked, and tried not to look. Randy was packing!

"Shit, sorry man. I was tryin to be discrete." "No, man it's...impressive actualy." "Yeah?" Randy looked himself over, and took it in hand. "It gets a hell of a lot bigger too man." "Yeah?" "Yeah. I mean, I'm just sayin." "No, go ahead. It's an intrigue." "Shit, I haven't busted in awhile, and I was getting half a wood anyway," he laughed, and started pulling at his shaft. "You...wanna join?" "Really?" "Well, it seems casual enough here." Randy glanced around, cautiously, and then got up off the recliner. He was almost fully hard, as he pulled his arms out of his sleeves, and pushed the suit down, pulling them off his feet, along with his soaked socks. He walked over, and sat next to Dirk, who'd set his beer down on the floor next to the couch, and stood to strip down his sweats and boxers. He was hard by the time he sat back down. Both guys glanced each other over.

"Man, you must work out dude." "No, I just stay fit." Dirk felt his face flush a little, sitting next to Randy. Randy had him beat for dick size, but that beer belly was needing some work. Randy was a handsome guy though, so Dirk assumed he didn't have any issues getting laid. Randy was breathing pretty heavy, with his big dick in hand, stroking away. Dirk felt his eyes up and down, and slid back a little, giving Randy a full view of his body. He had a great chest, with some curly hairs around his nipples, and a thick happy trail, that he kept trimmed. His bush he let grow out, and it covered his whole crotch and upper thighs and balls. He ran his right hand through his pubes and under his balls, while he stroked his shaft with his left hand. His dick was about 7.5" cut, and average girth. He jerked off probably twice a day, so today would make three. He'd definitely be jerking off again later, thinking about this moment.

Randy adjusted himself to sit facing Dirk. Dirk looked over, and Randy smiled wryly. He had sweat along his brows and neck. He was breathing pretty heavy, and Dirk watched his hairy chest heaving up and down. "Man...you think I could open a window?" "Sure man, just unlock it and slide it up." "Sounds good, whew." Randy wiped at his forehead, and got up off the couch, walking over to slide one of the windows up. Dirk looked him up and down. He had a hairy bulky ass, and strong thighs and calves. Randy opened the window up, and turned around, his dick was still hard. He came back and sat by Dirk, and started jerking off again. "Man, that feels great" "Yeah, a little bit." Dirk felt his nipples harden, and his body became covered in goosebumps. He shifted a little, and continued to jerk his dick. The cold was almost stimulating. He felt himself getting close, a lot sooner than usual. He let go of his dick, letting it throb up and down on its own, and took a break. "Getting close too man," Randy was adjusting his weight, and put his feet up on the wicker table. "Man, this feels so good." Randy's hairy nipples were hard, and his body was almost completely dry now. Dirk watched Randy jerk slowly up and down his meaty shaft. He had to be about 9 inches. 

Dirk took hold of his dick again, feeling his balls rising up against the shaft. He kept watching Randy, who watched him as well. "Man, I'm gonna bust in a minute." "Yeah me too." Dirk crossed his feet, and flexed his legs, as he felt himself begin to cum. He shot all over his abs and chest, almost up to his neck. He came hard and long, a big load for sure. Randy shot his load shortly after. Cum flew up, hitting him on the nose and mouth, and down his chin and neck, shooting all over his hairy chest and stomach. "God damn! Woof!" Randy started running his free hand up and down his cum covered chest and stomach. His face was clenched, and he was breathing slowly through his nose. He squeezed the head of his dick, oozing out the last of his cum.

Dirk was just slowly stroking his dick now, and had wiped the last of his cum in the palm of his hand, rubbing it into his sweaty balls. He had his eyes closed and was leaning back into the couch. Both guys were quiet for a few minutes. "I'm gonna take a shower, you want to?" "Yeah man, I'll wait for ya." "No, I put in a gym shower, it's big enough man." "Yeah? Let's take a look man." They got of the couch and walked through the narrow hallway. Dirk wanted to expand it, and shorten the bedroom and bathroom in the hall, and expand his room and second bathroom at the end. He opened his bedroom door, and walked through to the bathroom. 

"Fuck man, this is great!" The bathroom was well lit, and tiled completely from floor the ceiling. The shower was half the room, with glass paneled wall and swivel door, with in ceiling spouts. He turned on the shower from the side nozzle on the wall, and the shower lit up and the hot water jetted out from above. "Fuck man, I'd never leave this shower." "Yeah it took awhile, but it was worth it." Both men walked in, under the hot water. Randy soaped up right away, as did Dirk. They talked a lot about the installation. Dirk used to be a contractor for a large construction company in the city, and had been fired the year before. He'd bought the trailer for cheap, and bought all the supplied whole sale, through contacts he'd made while in the business. His plan was to live cheaply, but enjoy the luxuries he'd had at his condo in the city, and live life simpler, until he got his career back.

Both guys spent about 15 minutes under the hot streams and Dirk stepped out, turning to see Randy jerking off again. "Man I got wood again. Mind if I jerk one out quick?" "No, take your time man." "Cool!" Randy kept jerking himself under the water, and Dirk walked to the small towel rack, and began to towel off. He stood in front of the large mirror, and sink basin, and occasionally glance in the mirror, watching Randy enjoying himself. He took his time, lathering up his face and shaving slowly. Randy was starting to grunt and moan, and Dirk turned around, and watched Randy walk up to the glass wall, with a smirk on his face, and shoot another thick load of cum against the glass. Dirk smiled, watching the cum drip down to the tiled floor, washing down into the grated floor. Randy stepped back to the center, soaping himself up again, and started pissing into the grated floor. 

Dirk wanted to protest, but after a show like that, he didn't give a shit. He turned back, finishing his shave, and washed off his face, as Randy stepped out of the shower. He felt a grope on his ass, and jumped. "Sorry man, thought we were past that. My bad." "No...it's cool, just surprising." "Yeah? I'm not against tryin new stuff like that." "I...I've never done that either, but..." "But you're not sure?" "Yeah, no hard feelings. I'd probably want to do the fucking." They both laughed, and Randy shrugged. "I'd want to do the fucking too man. I guess we can just keep it to jerkin." He grabbed a towel and dried off his hair and face. Dirk watched his hairy body flexing and moving, as Randy dried himself off.

"You want me to wash your clothes man?" "Yeah, I haven't heard anything anyway." Randy was checking his phone, standing with a towel around his neck, and a leg up on the recliner. He was a big man. Dirk had his towel wrapped around his waist, as he collected their clothes from the recliner, and the coat rack. He put everything in his front loader, and started up the load on low. 

They relaxed in the living room by the fire, and had a couple more beers. Randy got a call that maintenance had unlocked his door, and Dirk switched the clothes over to the dryer. He offered to order a pizza, and Randy was about to answer, when the dryer went off, and Dirk left to check. He brought back the warm load of clothes, while Randy got up off the couch. He was hard again. "Damn, I keep gettin wood. This place turns me on i guess," they both laughed. Randy slid on his freshly shrunken union suit, barely getting the buttons closed. he was bulging out everywhere, and his dick was completely hard, pointing up his stomach, exposed skin through the gaping buttoned front. Dirk shifted his weight, feeling himself becoming hard.

"Well, man, it's been good, and I appreciate...everything." Randy pulled on his snow suit. "Yeah, just let me know if you want to do it again." "How bout tomorrow?" "Yeah, sounds good!" "I'll bring some beer, and we can throw down, and then let's get that pizza!" He padded Dirk on the shoulder, and opened the door. Dirk said goodbye, and shut the door behind him. He picked up the empty beer cans, dropping them in the recycling bag in the kitchen, and headed back to clean the bathroom. He walked in, seeing the remainder of Randy's cum on the glass wall. He got out the windex and paper towels from under the sink, stepping into the large basin. He inhaled the faint scent of cum, and smiled as he sprayed down the wall.



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