The rain outside was coming down pretty hard, the sounds of the drops could be heard all throughout the house. Shoving the pillow over his head so he could drown out the sound of mother natures' fury didn't seem to be helping. He just wanted to stay in bed all day but the sounds of thunder striking the cold hard ground felt as if they were right outside the window.

"Alright, alright, I'll get up!" He scoffed.

With eyes half closed, feet dragging along the hardwood floors, he slowly made his way to the bathroom to hop in the shower. As he passed the floor length mirror in his room he couldn't help but notice how his body had developed over the past few months. His chest no longer flat and "boyish," now stood out proudly, the abs underneath were finally visible and the fat melted away. His favorite part of his abs had to have been the infamous V-cut that he worked so hard on. With arms that were muscular, not too big, not too small, just right, framing his legs that were equally built and defined. The bulge in his boxer briefs started to fill out the more he stared.

"No time for that, gotta shower fast and head out!" He said as he readjusted himself.

He was in and out within a few minutes, excited about today. Today was the day his best friend would be returning from the war. After many months apart he couldn't wait to see his beautiful smile, and stare into his deep dark blue eyes. They had met back in 2010, fresh out of high school living in a new state with no friends and no family. It was kismet that they had run into each other.

An acquaintance from work had invited him over to his place for a going away party for a friend. That's where they met, standing at the top of the steps sipping on his beer, he saw him crossing the threshold. Wearing a sheet of gold and a laurel that sat perfectly atop his dark brown hair. Seeing as how it was a toga party he fit right in. He had an athletic build, toned arms, defined chest, abs to die for, and killer legs. The acquaintance introduced them as he settled in,

"Jakob this is Danny, Danny Jakob."

Danny: "Hey, what's up man, nice toga! Looks great on you!"

Jakob: "Thanks dude, took me a while to figure out how to put it on, ha!"

They both went into the garage where people were smoking and playing beer pong. As they headed out to the garage, the 4 people who were out there were heading inside. In the garage lined couches against the wall, and a couple of love seats opposite of the couches. Jakob sat on a couch, and Danny came up with an idea.

Danny: "Hey, let's play lava!"

Jakob laughed, "yeah, ok! First one to hit the lava takes a shot!"

From that moment on they became inseparable, as thick as thieves. Where one went the other was sure to follow. Their friendship was based on a sexual lust that neither of them ever fulfilled. They were best friends, but neither wanted to move past that zone, for if it didn't work out they feared losing the best friendship they had ever had. Little did they know things were about to change for the better.

Danny was walking into his room wearing only his towel, he went to his closet to grab a fresh pair of boxer briefs, he removed the towel and started to put on his shorts. When all of a sudden two hands were placed on his shoulders, Danny stood their frozen. He slowly turned around to see a soaked Jakob there in his army uniform.

Danny: "What are you doing here?! I thought we were going to meet up later?"

Jakob: "I wanted to surprise you, but it looks like you'e the one who's surprising me!"

Danny looked down and saw that he was fully erect, his 7" cut cock was at full mast. Danny looked away blushing. Jakob didn't care, he embraced him and gave him the biggest hug in the world. To Danny's surprise he felt Jakobs' stiff cock against his own as they embraced.

Jakob: "Danny, I know we both agreed that we would never be in a relationship, but while I've been away in that awful war, it made me realize that the best things in life aren't given freely. You'll never get what you want unless you take it. I'm tired of us beating around the bush and pretending that something that is there, isn't there. We both want it, we both need it. We already love each other, it's about time we showed each other just how much we love one another. Don't you agree?"

Jakob didn't wait for a response, he brought his right hand up from their embrace and held it gently against Danny's cheek, with his left hand he grabbed Danny's hand and interlocked their fingers. Jakob slowly leaned in and gently pressed his wet lips against Danny's. Their bodies pressed up against the other, Jakobs' cock strained beneath the fabric waiting to be freed and feel the warmth of Danny's cock. The moment their lips touched, sparks went off.

Sparks literally went off, lightning had struck the tree outside Danny's window. The intensity of the strike caused the tree to burst into flames. The two young men broke from their embrace, the fire was starting to spread towards the house. The pouring rain did its job to keep it from spreading quicker than it already was, but it wasn't enough. Danny grabbed the fire extinguisher from the kitchen and raced outside to quell the wildfire. Jakob tried to help dull the fire with the garden hose, both their efforts weren't in vain as the fire extinguisher, hose, and rain quenched the fire before it got out of control. With the fire extinguished, Jakob started to laugh. Neighbors were standing on their porches staring at the ghastly tree, they were pointing and mumbling something to one another.

Danny: "Jakob, what's so funny?! That fire could've been a disaster!"

Jakob: "Danny (giggles) you're standing there with a fire extinguisher in hand, next to a burnt tree....naked! All the neighbors can see your wood!"

Danny hadn't realized that from the excitement of the kiss they had just shared, and the tree catching fire, that he had run out of the house naked still fully erect! Jakob took off his uniform jacket and covered Danny as the rain continued to pour. Danny waved to the neighbors, and punched Jakobs arm, with a sly grin he started to giggle.

Danny: "Guess they'll have an entertaining story about this tree to tell, haha"

Jakob: "Come on Danny, let's head back in and get changed, we're both soaked!"

Danny: "Alright, lets go."

They both went inside and headed back to Danny's room to change into some dry clothes.

Jakob: "So what did you have planned for us today?"

Danny: "Well I wanted us to go on a hike, and maybe go camping, but with all this rain I don't think that'll work out, you know."

Jakob: "Well I'm sure we can find something else to do. Why don't we just stay here in bed all day."

Danny stood there in front of Jakob, and removed the jacket he had put on him. Jakob took off his shirt and started to untie his laces.

Danny: "Here, let me take them off for you."

Danny grabbed Jakob and sat him down on his bed, he sat down in front of Jakob and placed his leg on his lap. Danny started to untie Jakobs laces and used his teeth to bite down on the shoe string and gave it a little tug. He slowly slid the boot off of Jakobs foot, while staring into those deep dark blue eyes that he loved to stare at. Danny grabbed his other foot and did the same, now Jakob was sitting there with both of his feet on Danny's lap. Danny lifted Jakobs leg up and started to remove his socks until his bare feet were free. He played with his toes, and gently kissed them. Danny loved the way Jakobs feet looked, they were the sexiest pair of feet a man could have. Danny got up on to his knees, his face inches away from Jakobs cock. He slowly undid his belt buckle and slid them off his pants, Jakob was savoring the moment. He was in pure ecstasy, having Danny remove his clothing was such a turn on for him, he felt his cock starting to stiffen in their confines. Danny too noticed this, and placed his fingers on Jakobs fly, slowly unzipping the fly to find a bulge pressed against the army issued boxers. Since he was soaking wet, his cock outline showed perfectly. Danny kissed Jakobs cock through the fabric, while he lowered his pants. Danny used his lips and slowly moved his way up Jakobs 6 pack, a gentle kiss on the left nipple, a little nip on the right. Finally kissing his was up to his neck, they both laid down on the bed and started frenching one another. They used their tongues, exploring each other's mouths and feeling each others bodies with their hands. Danny slid off Jakobs boxers while they were kissing, now with both cocks free they started grinding against each other. The hard yet soft flesh of skin on skin contact was getting both of them harder then they've ever been before. Danny had to taste his best friends cock, he bent down and turned his body around so that they were in a 69 position. Jakob saw Danny's cock inches away from his lips, he licked the tip of the head and swirled his tongue around the top and circled around to the bottom. This made Danny moan, the sensations he was feeling were amazing. Danny had his hand wrapped around Jakobs 7" uncut cock, he slid his tongue out and did the same to Jakobs cock, every movement that Jakob did to Danny, Danny reciprocated the same. Jakob used his left hand to cup Danny's balls while he was sucking him off, and his right hand was off exploring Danny's thighs and bubble butt. Danny was enjoying having Jakob rubbing his thighs and butt, so Danny used his left hand to do the same, but with his right hand he massaged Jakobs balls and was moving lower until they reached his hole.

He started rubbing the outside, caressing his hole until he pressed his finger gently against his sphincter. While he was moving his head up and down Jakobs wonderful cock, he slid his finger into him. In and out, slowly at first. Jakob was enjoying the feeling of feeling full, every time Danny's finger went in it hit his prostate and sent a bolt of electricity all throughout his body.

Danny removed his finger and this time he stuck in two fingers. Jakob thought one finger felt good, two felt even better! He couldn't wait to feel his cock inside of him.

Jakob: "I want your dick inside of me!"

With that, they both stopped sucking each other off, Danny laid down on the bed. Jakob sat on top of him and used his hand to guide Danny's cock inside of him. He slid Danny's cock back n' forth on his man hole. He placed his mushroom head at the entrance and slowly sat down on it, inch by inch he went down, painful at first, but amazing later! He stopped when half of Danny's dick was inside of him for a quick breather. Then continued on like a champ, after a few minutes he had all of Danny inside of him, and he loved the way his cock felt inside of him. Danny moaned and groaned in bliss, he was feeling bolts of electricity shoot all throughout his body from the top of his head to the bottom of his toes! Jakob sat there riding Danny's cock like a pro, it felt great for both of them. Danny's hard cock felt like concrete, yet soft and smooth as silk. He loved it, and he loved Danny. He rode Danny for over an hour, sweat beading his face, and dripping down his chest. Danny lay there pools of sweat forming on his chest and abs. It was an amazing sight. Jakob leaned down and kissed Danny on the lips, Danny followed suit and used his tongue to show his gratitude.

Danny stopped Jakob, and said,

"Now I want your cock in me!"

Without hesitation Jakob freed himself of Danny's amazing cock, and told Danny to turn over. Jakob grabbed his cock and pulled back his foreskin as he was preparing to enter Danny's man hole. He placed his cock head just at the entrance and slowly started to penetrate him. Danny was loving the feel of his cock entering him. Jakob pushed harder and finally all of his meat was inside of Danny. Back and forth, in and out, he would pull all the way out and then back in again. It was more then they both could endure! Their marathon went on for a good 3 ½ hours, back and forth they kept switching. Sweaty bodies, aching cocks waiting to burst, asses sore. They were in heaven! Jakob looked into Danny's eyes.

Jakob: "I'm gonna cum!"

Danny: "Cum in my mouth, I want to taste you!"

Jakob pulled out of Danny and started to stroke his cock, Danny licked his lips waiting for that sweet juicy nectar. Jakob started to groan and moan, shot after shot of semen oozed out of his cock straight into his lovers mouth. Danny swallowed it all, it tasted of a sugary salty cream like sauce. It was the best thing he has ever tasted in his life and he wanted more! Danny couldn't contain himself and shot his load right on to his abs without even touching himself. Jakob saw this and bent down, he started to lick up Danny's cum and swallow it all, to his surprise it tasted salty and sugary too. With both of their lovers juices on their tongues they leaned into one another and gave each other wet passionate kisses, mixing both of their creamy juices in their mouths.

Jakob: "That was great, I love you so much!"

Danny: "That was great for me too, I love you more than words can say!"

They both laid there naked embracing each other's warm bodies, they continued to make love the rest of the day, taking breaks in between to eat and rehydrate. This was just the beginning of a beautiful romance between two best friends.



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