My day couldn't of gone any worse. First off I had to make sure that the deliveries arrived in plenty of time before I served the meal to one of the richest families in town. This of course did not happen so I had to find a different supplier and I managed to make the meal within the time frame.

After all the waiters had served the meals and left for home I walked into the grand dining hall which featured 12 people sat around this huge banqueting table and I am stood there in my chef's uniform about to address them.

"I would like to apologise on my suppliers behalf for dinner being a little late" I spoke in a clear and confident voice.

They all just sat there as if I said something crazy or offensive. So I just bowed and walked back into the kitchen.

As I was cleaning up I noticed a very attractive masculine man stood in the doorway just looking around.

"Are you lost?" I managed to say without stammering.

I always do that sort of thing when it comes to attractive males it is such an annoying habit and here was this beast of a man. God I needed to cool off

"I wanted to apologise for me and my family not saying anything during your speech" he replied.

I acknowledged his apology and continued to clean up the stove and as I did this I felt him grind his crotch into my ass.

I turned to look at him and he was staring back at me with lustful eyes. I wanted to push him away but something in his eyes just pulled me to him.

Before I knew it him and I just locked lips and it was the most intense and passionate kiss I have ever experienced. He took my breath away and I definitely wanted more.

As soon as we finished kissing he gave me a crumpled up note and left the kitchen.

I made sure the kitchen was empty before reading:

See Me Outside in 5 minutes time so I can take you out for a picnic




I thought to myself how I could be so attractive to someone high up in society. Andy and Jake it sounds like a fairytale come to life

I quickly manage to get changed into something more formal and I wait outside for my lover to appear.

I could see him carrying the picnic basket and a bouquet of flowers and he hands them to me.

"Ready to go?" He asks

"Definitely" I reply.

We start walking through the wonderful countryside him holding my hand and we explored various mountain tops.

Eventually we arrived at a beautiful spot which had the views overlooking the town.

The picnic we had was absolutely delicious and Jake was so kind and gentlemanly

"Andrew, I think this is the ideal situation for me to make love to you" he says.

So he started to remove his clothes and his torso looked like a Greek god sculpted it. So handsome from head to toe and a penis to match as well.

I started kissing him all over his body starting at his feet which he let out a soft moan and up to his lips.

He helped me out of my clothes and kissed me deeply as he inserted his cock inside my ass.

I moan in his mouth as he gently thrusts in and out of me in such a passionate way.

I look into his eyes as he does this and all I could see is a look of determination and love and I start moaning louder.

"I'm going to cum" I warn him as I could feel it shooting out of my cock and splattering on his chest.

This coincidentally causes him to cum inside me as he kisses me on the lips repeatedly.

"I love you Andy" he says after we manage to get our breath back'

"I love you too" I respond as I lay on top of him and cuddle together under the stars.

For me being with Jake was one of the happiest decisions I made in my life and nothing could stop me from being with him.

Or could it?





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