It was a beautiful spring day. The temperature was perfect, the sun was out and the sky was a vivid blue. It was the kind of day that brought out the exibitionist in Jay. On a day such as this, Jay would peel out of his shirt and drive bare chested with the windows down. His strong dark hairy chest would bring the honks of truckers and slow down passing male and even female drivers to get a better look. He would play his part perfectly as he turned his hollywood good looks with trendy sunglasses profile to act suprised at this lewd attention. He loved it. He would act all coy and flirt back with mock sincerity all the while revelling in the appreciation. A few times the male drivers would begin to peel out of shirts as well and on occassion it would even go a little further.

This was one of those days and Jay drove the intersate with the sun on his bare chest and enjoyed the heaped attention as well as the warm spring breeze. As he drove, he dialed the number of a new client that he was expected to see. He imagined as he dialed that perhaps this new client was a hot new man that he would have to visit in his usual sales cycle and looked forward to ogling this new prospect. The phone rang and a professional female voice answered. He asked for Louis and waited with just a little sexual excitement to hear the voice of the male that would soon be responding to his call. A quiet male voice was soon droning back to him and his sexual charge took a nose dive. This guy sounded as if he were solidly within middle age, complete with ill fitting glasses, receding unkept hair and a wardrobe to match. Jay politely addressed him and gathered directions and a street location from him and said his goodbyes.

Now the trip that he had looked forward to seemed nothing but drudgery and loathing. He was about an hour away and wished now he was there and gone so he could get back to his flirtation on the open road. Jay punched the address into his GPS and took his first command from the sultry female voice of his traveling guide. To his suprise he was an hour away and within ten miles he was to exit the interstate and procede down some country state road ahead. He was soon winding his way down this road and that and shocked that such a prominant new customer was so far off the beaten path. This client had gotten the attention of his coporate publishing office with its steady purchase of childrens book and greeting cards. Jay thought to himself that perhaps it was an online store front set up in some nobodies house in the middle of nowhere. The further he went the worse the roads became and nervously he put his shirt back on and tucked in as best he could.

When he was about 10 miles away a town came into view. When he was 9 miles away the town was in his rear view mirror. At 5 miles away he began to see in profusion Amish horse and buggies. He had only seen a few in town and thought it quaint but this was like an infestation. At 3 miles he was directed to the right down a dirt road and even more Amish presence. The road was dotted with farms and frame houses of simple lines and he lost all phone signal. When his sultry voiced GPS came back to announce he had reached his destination there was nothing in sight that looked remotely like a store. He spent the next thirty minutes wandering up and down the dirt road looking for a clue of a store and dodging horse dung and buggies every few yards. Jay had to go almost back to town in order to get a phone signal and call Louis to announce he was lost. Louis in his plain simple voice gave him more exacting direction right down to the the farm count he would need to make before he reached Louis's store. Not only was this new client a middle aged bore he was a middle aged, scruffy bearded, straw hatted bore!

As Jay made his way back once again he counted the farms as Louis suggested and finally came to a non discript metal corrugate building with a store sign as big as a piece of sheet paper and a horse hitch taking up most of the gravel parking lot. He parked as far from the hitch as possible, gathered his sales materials and headed for the plain small windowed building in front of him. As he opened the door rows of primitve unfinshed wood bookshelves came into view. He enterered in further and a low shelf juttine from the side of the wall signified a help desk and apparent cashier. He stepped to the counter and found a shy young Amish woman with brown pulled back hair under a gauze bonnet. She greeted him with her brown eyes and quickly looked away as she asked him how she could help. Jay asked for Louis and she dismissed herself and disappeared into the far office behind her. Jay looked around and waited while whispered voices carried over to him from the office she entered.

Jay heard a motion at the door and as he looked back up towards the office the air went out of his body in a silent exhale as the most beautiful man he had ever seen slowly made his way acrossed the room to where he stood waiting. It was like watching poetry in motion. Before him was a tall young Amish man, hatless, with beautiful jet black hair. Never mind that it was cut in typical Amish fashion, nothing could make this guy look bad. As he drew closer his sky blue eyes pierced Jay to his soul and soon a milky white perfect smile broke upon Louis's face and a dimple appeared on each side of his young ruddy cheeked face. He had the makings of what looked like pork chop sideburns and patches of hair that indicated the beginnings of a beard. This indicated he was married. Jay thought to himself what a shame it was for such a beautiful face to be forever hidden under a scruffy beard when it had all the makings for magazine covers and modeling. This guy was beautiful. He was inwardly grateful to have witnessed this beautiful man prior to the beard forever hiding him. In a strong but thinner build he looked like the guy from the young superman series that was so successful in its day, the name of the actor failed him but the face was clear. This guy could be his taller thinner brother.

They shook hands and Louis's strong young hand shot warmth into Jay's hand and he relished this first touch with all the sexual energy that it brought to him. As they began business discussions over the counter Jay drank this young stud in, his flat stomach behind his plain homemade shirt, the bulge of his cock and balls behind his plain no nonsense pants. He looked at his strong young hands and imagined their touch upon him. What Jay thought was a middle aged voice now flowed out from Louis like a soothing stream and mesmorized him completely. Louis stepped out from the counter to lead Jay through the rows of products in his store. Jay followed from behind watching his new Amish clients strong gate and his perfect round ass wink back and forth at him as they went from row to row. In the darkest corner of the rows and way to the back, Louis turned around and Jay almost ran straight into him. He was close enough to catch a wisp of his manly armpits mingled with the sweet breath of this young Amish stud before recovering himself to the amusement and the boyish grin of Louis.

Jay pulled every rabbit out of his proverbial magic hat to make this visit last as long as possible. All too soon this entrancing young Amish man was conducting him back to the counter for closing thoughts and then a hearty handshake good bye. Jay looked one last time with as much intensity as he could, trying to memorize this beautiful man before having to sadly leave him behind to disappear in his plain Amish life. He was a dream and Jay wanted him to he his dream! He hoped that the mousy wife that had first greeted him knew what a fine catch she had. Jay hoped too that she bedded him well every night. If she didn't he would have gratefully taken her place and made sure this young viral man was sexually content both morning and night.

The hours drive back to civilization seemed like only a few minutes. Louis was so much on his mind that just the pleasure of the memory kept him occupied. He was soon back on the interstate and Louis burned in the front of his visual memory as he mechanically took an exit that promised food and hotel. He ate his meal very absent of himself, ignoring the flirtatious young man that was his waiter and the potentional sexual encounter that he could have normally taken advantage of. When he was behind his hotel door and brushing teeth, Louis was right there still. He pulled off his briefs and climbed naked into bed. As he lay there with Louis still on his mind he placed his open palm on his hairy chest and pretended it was Louis's hand. He then let it slowly slide down the length of his body as far as he could reach and then slowly rise back up to rest again on his chest.

It was then in the dark of his room that Louis's voice came to him like a whisper. He was back at the store and Louis was once again leading him through the aisles of books on primative shelves until they reached that far back corner and Louis turned around. This time Louis smiled at him, reached out with his hand and took Jay's hand in his. He rubbed Jay's fingers with his thumb while holding his hand out over his own open fingers. Louis then spoke about marrying too young. He mentioned never taking the usual rite of passage that was gifted to young Amish to go out and experience the world before committing the remainder of his life to his people. He expressed sorrow in not knowing someone like Jay that he would have liked to have taken that break from Amish life with. Louis then drew closer and turned his head to meet Jay's lips with his own red berry lips. Jay could feel his young barely there whiskers tickle his chin and the fresh air scent of him enraptured him. Jay could taste the salt of his honest sweat and could smell again Louis's own natural scent wisping up from his hot armpits and intoxicating Jay with lust.

Louis pushed Jay gently backward down the row until they came to a door to the outside world. Louis opened it and led Jay out into a back pasture and a windowless rear side of the simple building. The buggy sat to one side and masses of tall spring florals made a wall to the other side. Louis shut the door quietly behind them and then pressed with unbridled passion into Jays mouth for deeper more meaningful kisses. Jay gave into him completely and soon they were ravishing each others faces with wet and smoldering kisses.

Louis reached up with out missing even one kiss and pulled down the suspenders from his lean strong frame and let them drop to the side of his quivering legs. He then began unbuttoning his shirt. he peeled from it as well and let it drop to his side still tucked into his simple homemade pants. He then feverishly began pulling out the hem of Jays golf shirt and doffed it up and over his head until they both stood intimately close and bare chested. Their hands went everywhere. Louis rolled his head back in torrents of electricity as Jay touched and explored his smooth white skin. Jay play with the little wisps of hair around his nipples and the small triangle of hair between his young lean muscular pecs. When Jay roamed his fingers over the hair trail down into Louis's pants, Louis's stomach lurched inward with a gasp at the electrical forbidden touch. When Louis's eyes rolled back into focus he too attacked Jays beefy hairy chest with abandonment, letting his hands brush through the thick hair, even rubbing his face over his chest and stomach.

At the same time they both reached to undo their pants and soon they were falling to their ankles and stiff cocks sprung forth to greet each other from fabric prisons. Louis's damp groin was covered in precum, giving a glistening wet look to his young hairy cock, balls and bush. Jay pulled Louis to him and there cocks played back and forth as Louis reached back and took Jays ample hairy ass into his hands and gently squeezed.

'I want to know you' stammered Louis. Jay looked at him in confusion and Louis repeated his request until Jay realized that he meant Biblically 'know him'. Once he realized this Jay took no time to remov his shoes, socks and pants in one fluid motion. They fell into the tall grass together, witnessed only buy Louis's fine horse who had come over to investigate this new curiosity in his usually private pasture. Louis began to push forward with his cock and Jay quickly realized that Louis probably knew nothing more than a typical missionary position when making love. Jay spread his legs and wrapped them around Louis's strong lean back and positioned his hungry hole for the large long cock that now prodded for entry. With a little spit from Jay, Louis found his mark and slowly entered into Jay with long and gentle strokes that matched his gentle soulful personality.

Jay relished in the erotic love that was being shown to him. Louis would stroke slowly in and then just as slowly pull out. Each new entry and exit made Jay's hole more and more sensitive. They were covered in each others sweat and kissed unendingly as Louis continued his rythmic gentle entries. When they weren't kissing they looked into each others eyes with unashamed intensity. Jay could see the urgency begin to grow in Louis's face and soon his gentle thrusts became more and more directed until with a final thrust Louise released his seed in spasmodic throbs into Jay's waiting body.

The sweat of there bodies moving against each other and the release of Louis's own ejaculate brought Jay to his own climax. He jolted up against Louis and opened his eyes to darkness. His cock was shooting ropes of cum into his bed sheets as he tried to get his bearings and the furniture in the hotel room began to come into view. With the last of his cum shuddering from his sweaty body, Jay realized where he was. No rules were broken, no marriage vows betrayed, No lives ruined. He drew in a cleansing breath and made his way to the bathroom for a piss and a wash cloth. He couldn't wait to visit Louis's shop again on his next sales cycle and look back into the face of his dream lover for real again.


Matthew Barrett

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