With eyes closed I stood on the balcony savouring the cool night air blowing gently on my face, my arms defensively crossed against my chest, slowly relaxed until they hung limply by my sides. Sounds of passing traffic and people's voices drifted up from the street below and slowly filtered their way into my brain. Curiosity got the better of me; I opened my eyes and took a step forward holding onto the waist high railings. Immediately in front of me two floors below, was the sun terrace. Rows of white plastic sun loungers all neatly followed the curves of the large oval swimming pool, lit from beneath making it glow azure blue in the darkness of the evening. On the far side of the pool, hedges divided the main complex from the private chalets whose dimly lit terracotta roofs faded into the darkness.

Looking to my left beyond the adjacent balconies was the main road, or to give it's official name Avenida De Tirajana, along which cars and scooters were speeding up and down, tooting their horns at pedestrians and each other. I smiled to myself thinking how foreign it all felt to me; the irony was that it was me who was the foreigner, not them. To my right, beyond the pool area, there was nothing until in the distant lights of Maspalomas twinkling faintly in the inky blackness.

I smiled contentedly to myself, scarcely believing that finally I was actually here in Playa Del Ingles, the gay capital of the Canary Islands (or so the internet has led me to believe). It had taken a lot of careful planning and persuading on my part to get my parents to agree to stay at this resort at all. Their idea of an exciting holiday was to go sailing on the Norfolk Broads! Any mention on sexual activity sends them into a conservative frenzy so I deliberately downplayed this aspect of the resort and emphasized the cultural history of the island and the tours that they can go on. My plans were finally secured by using emotional blackmail. I pointed out that at eighteen years old, having just passed my GCSE's and about to leave home for university, this was going to be our last family holiday together couldn't I for once choose the holiday location? My dad sniffed a rat, but mum bless her, always a softy agreed with me and that was that!

Now standing here on the first evening of my big adventure I felt like the king of the world, my domain lay before me and I wanted to explore every bit of it! My day dreams were abruptly shattered by the gruff voice of dad calling from inside the apartment asking (read as telling) me to come inside and help unpack our suitcases as they won't unpack themselves. Sighing quietly to myself I thought, not so much a king more like a skivvy the way he talks to me sometimes. We have clashed so many times in the past that I have forgotten a time when we got on at all, mum assures me that it's only natural for teenagers to clash with their parents, it happens with every generation and sooner or later we will become firm friends again. But that's no help when it's me on the receiving end of his harsh tongue and even occasional slap when I've been just that bit too cheeky to him! Not only that, I hold a secret close to my chest, the telling of which will not be warmly received, oh no, definitely not.

As I walked back into the lounge and picked up my case heading for my bedroom I hated myself for not having the courage to tell them that I was gay, well I think I am because I've not actually had sex with a guy yet but I can't help thinking about them in a way that with girls just leave me cold (or should that be limp?). There are two reasons why I haven't told them yet, the main one is that I'm plain scared of how they will react and the second one, even more self-serving than the first is that they hold the purse strings to my university funds. I know they have been saving up for years and I don't want to blow my chances of getting my hands on it, that sounds bad doesn't it? But it's the truth; my dad has taught me the value of money well over the years.

Putting those negative thoughts to one side I unzipped my case and as quickly as possible transferred the contents to the waiting wardrobe and drawers. I had planned to go exploring but dad had other ideas, in his not to be contradicted voice he informed me and mum that it was getting late, we'd had a long and tiring day (had we?) and that we should go to bed so that we would feel refreshed in the morning. That was that then. Being an independent adult will have to wait for another day I decided as I closed the bathroom door behind me and stepped into the shower.

Chapter 2 – An introduction to the dunes

This is heaven I thought as I smeared more of the sun lotion over my body and laid face down on the sun lounger, determined to stake the best spot on the sun terrace before anyone else. It had made my parents laugh but I was serious about getting a tan that I could show off when I got home and it wouldn't be long before the other hotel's residents did the same as me. Just as well I had for within half an hour most of the best loungers had been taken, with the remaining ones being in the shade. I lay there revelling in the sensations of the sun's rays warming my body, at peace with myself, thinking of nothing other than toasting myself gently on one side before turning over to do the other. I must have been there about an hour before a shadow fell briefly over my face, opening one eye slowly; adjusting to the glare I saw the silhouette of a hotel worker pushing a trolley with one hand and a pool skimmer in the other.

Something about him attracted my attention, so turning over onto my side with my head resting on my arm I discretely watched the worker go about his business. I estimated him to be about my age or maybe a little older, a local I presumed by his coloration and the way he talked in fluent Spanish when the reception manager spoke to him briefly. At one point he appeared to look in my direction, but I couldn't be sure, it was then I saw for the first time how attractive he really was. I felt my cock twitch in response as I scanned his face in an instant taking in his brown eyes encircled by long black lashes, his tanned face framed by unruly shoulder length wavy black hair and for someone so young he had a stubbly beard as if he had forgotten to shave that morning. He was tall and slim, but not skinny, he reminded me a little of a puppy that had not yet fully grown for his hands and feet seemed a little too big for his frame. I wondered to myself if that meant he would bulk out more as he got older.

I was totally absorbed watching him first use the pool skimmer to take out floating leaves from the pool and then to retrieve any sunken debris which he carefully collected in neat piles. Once that task was over he set about sweeping up the sun terrace using a wide broom, I admired how deftly he angled the head of the broom between the sun loungers so that he quickly collected any rubbish without knocking into anything. In fact I was so preoccupied watching the worker that I was unaware of someone sitting himself down on the sun lounger next to me and staring at me intently.

"Guten Tag. Sprechen Sie deutsch?"

I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of the voice and spun round to face the person who had just spoken to me, who was by now grinning from ear to ear at having caught me so totally off guard. Sitting upright and running my hands through my hair to play for time and gather my thoughts I replied

"Sorry, I don't speak German. I'm English. I know a little Spanish but that's all."

"That's okay. Most English people don't! I'm Dieter by the way" the young man replied chuckling and held out his hand towards me.

Smiling despite myself I stuck my hand out and shook his gripping it hard as I could to come across all manly.

"I'm Dale, we arrived last night."

"We?" Dieter asked as he retrieved a small bottle of sun lotion from the bag by his feet and proceeded to smear it over his legs.

"Yeah. Mum and dad are still upstairs. They're planning to go sightseeing round the island and are hiring a car for a couple of days." I explained trying not to sound like the little kid I now felt.

"Will you be going with them?" Dieter asked raising an eyebrow as he did so.

"No way!" I replied genuinely horrified "I have plans of my own, and that's not one of them."

Dieter laughed again, once he had calmed down he leant forward and in a quiet voice asked "Did you like the pool cleaner by any chance? You seemed to be watching him very intently."

I felt myself blushing knowing that I had been caught out, not trusting myself to speak I simply nodded and smiled sheepishly.

"Hey man, why are you acting like that? I think you've got good taste, that guy was hot! I've tried catching his eye several times but failed on each occasion" Dieter confided before lying down on his sun lounger with hands beneath his head and closed his eyes.

Following his lead I did the same and for the next half an hour or so we made small talk about our respective previous holidays, how long we were staying at this resort, what our flights had been like etc. During this time mum came down and informed me that they were going to collect the hire car and start exploring the local area, did I want to join them? I thanked her for the invite but said I had plans of my own and that I will be fine. She smiled as if she knew I was going to say that and as she turned to leave just asked me for one favour and that was to leave a note if I decided to venture out of the hotel so that they wouldn't worry if I wasn't around on their return. I assured her that I would, trying to act as maturely as I could in front of my new found holiday friend.

A little while after they had left Dieter sat up abruptly as if he had suddenly thought of a good idea.

"Dale, have you been down to the dunes yet?" he asked quite casually.

"No, I've not had a chance yet. Are they any good?" I replied.

"Mmm depends on what you're seeking, but yes, each time I've gone I've enjoyed myself, immensely. Do you fancy going?"

"Sure, why not? You can show me the good places to go." I said sitting upright too.

"Okay, that's settled then. Tell you what; I'll meet you back here in ten minutes. If I were you I'd put on a pair of shorts, a T-Shirt and trainers for the ground can be rough initially and bring with you a large bottle of water, a towel and plenty of sun cream because you're going to need it!" Dieter said with confidence.

The kid in me took over and I raced up to my room, stepped out of my swimming trunks and threw them onto the bed (to be tidied away later) before quickly donning looser fitting shorts and a baggy T-shirt. Then taking heed of Dieter's advice I slipped on a pair of trainers before picking up my beach towel and slung it over my shoulder locking the door behind me as I headed back for the sun terrace.

"Where's you water?" Dieter asked frowning "It's vital you take plenty with you, it will be hot and you will dehydrate quickly without it."

"Uh, I couldn't find any." I replied a little lamely not wanting to admit that I had forgotten all about the water in my haste to get changed.

"Never mind, you can get some in the mini-mart on the way down, I want to buy some food anyway" he replied with a reassuring smile.

So that was it then, my first venture out of the hotel had begun. We walked down the Avenida De Tirajana and called in at the mini-mart where we bought enough food and drink for a picnic, then continued until we reached the end of the road and stood before the very grand looking Riu Palace with its perfectly manicured gardens and spotlessly clean reception area. I stopped and looked around me wondering where we went from here, there were many tourists milling around going in all directions and I couldn't even see the dunes!

Dieter simply carried on walking towards the hotel not looking behind him, so I had to run to catch up, then I saw where he was headed. Running straight through the hotel, under an archway, was a wide path leading directly onto the sand of what I presumed to be the beach. I was wrong though, for I had seriously underestimated the size of the beach and dune area. Standing on what proved to be a small promenade I could see the sand was just a prelude to the vast expanse of dunes and the beach beyond them. Reminding me of ants, people walked in single file along established tracks in various directions across the dunes. It was so much bigger than I had imagined, for once I was lost for words.

Dieter asked me if I was ready, I nodded in response, and over the railings we climbed and jumped down onto the surprisingly hard ground. Looking down at my feet I could see that it was a mixture of rocks and sand before quickly becoming pure sand some five or six feet ahead. From there the going was harder; walking on soft dry sand is nothing like walking on wet beach sand! Now I understood why the other people walked in single file, it was easier to walk in the established tracks where the sand had already been compacted than it was to walk on virgin loose sand. Before long I was puffing from the exertion but Dieter was clearly used to this terrain and walked at a steady pace conserving his energy as best he could.

We walked for what seemed like ages until we reached the first dune, but looking behind me the hotel looked remarkably close, perhaps only some 300m away! Dieter skirted around the base of the dune following a route only known to him and then I lost sight of the hotel altogether which was disorientating as I had no landmarks to judge our direction. Walking between the dunes for a while longer Dieter abruptly veered off to the right where one dune petered out following a less well marked trail. The path dropped down abruptly and the ground got firmer, to my surprise there was even scrubby trees at the bottom of the dip. A little oasis I thought to myself, so did other people as this site was quite popular seeing how many guys had decided to stop and sunbathe there.

Too crowded for Dieter's liking we walked through to the other side and on into the dunes again. This was repeated several times more with the sizes of the oasis varying but as we got further into the dune system the fewer people there were. Finally we reached an unoccupied oasis with just a couple of twisted acacia trees offering sufficient shade for the two of us. On three sides the dunes offered privacy and an effective windbreak, at last Dieter seemed satisfied and announced that he was setting up camp here.

Dropping his rucksack to the ground he quickly pulled out his beach towel and with a flourish laid it neatly out on the sand before him. Then using his rucksack as a weight at one end he sat down in the centre of the towel and proceeded to remove his trainers, carefully placing his feet onto the towel without getting sand onto it in the process. Following his lead I copied his actions, although I still managed to get sand on my towel which I tried to discreetly remove without him noticing! For a while we make small talk mainly about my plans for the future if I'm honest, but Dieter's a good listener and he didn't seem to mind me chatting away. Here and there he would chip in with words of advice about university life, the pitfalls and the good bits. The conversation naturally dried up and with that Dieter took a long swig from his water bottle before laying down and using his rucksack as a pillow.

Not wanting to appear a copy cat I simply I leant back on my hands and turned my face to the sun sighing in contentment at its heat, in the distance I could hear voices carried on the breeze but then they disappeared leaving only the sound of the wind. After what only seemed a few minutes I heard the rustling of material beside me; turning towards the sound I was in time to see Dieter pulling his T-shirt over his head and then stuffing it into his rucksack. This was the first time that I had seen Dieter topless and I could not help but study him properly for the first time, as a man rather than a new found friend. His close cropped hair was mousy blonde, with blue eyes, clean shaven and I would say he was a little older than me, probably early twenties. His arms and chest were virtually hairless with pale golden tan; he appeared naturally muscular but not overly so.

Aware of my gaze, he looked over and smiled as he stood up and quite casually pushed his shorts down and stepped out of them before stuffing them too into the rucksack. Oh my god! I thought to myself as I sprung an instant erection and could feel myself blushing as a result. Dieter was standing before me, stark bollock naked not even trying to cover himself up or anything. This was a revelation for me as nudity in my home was frowned upon. Acting as if it was the most natural thing in the world he rummaged in his rucksack and retrieved his sun cream which he proceeded to smear liberally all over himself. I could not help but stare, for he sprung an erection as he massaged the cream into his tackle, again this was the first time that I had seen an erection other than my own. I was surprised to see that he was pretty much the same size as me, for growing up I had always been disappointed to realise that my manhood was only ever going to be the average six inches when erect. It was at least some consolation! I then noticed that he had no tan line so sunbathing nude must be normal for him, and that his pubes were absent, either he had none or he shaved them off!

I was totally transfixed by the sight of his body as he lay back down on the blanket and resumed his sunbathing with his eyes closed. I stared at his cock slightly disappointed at the sight of it subsiding back to being flaccid. He must have read my thoughts for he absent mindedly played with it for a few seconds before letting his hand drop back onto the blanket. I was still rock hard when Dieter turned his head towards me and with one hand shielding his eyes he asked.

"So are you going to sit there all day overdressed depriving your body from all of the beautiful sun-rays?"

Floundering for a minute, I desperately willed for my erection to subside. Being in totally uncharted waters and not knowing the right thing to say without appearing stupid I did the only thing I could think of and that was to grin in reply. Then I pulled my T-shirt off over my head and folded it neatly to form a pillow as I didn't have a bag of my own, but I did have my sun cream so I copied Dieter's lead and thoroughly applied the cream to my arms and body.

"What about your shorts?" Dieter enquired with just the hint of a smile.

"Uh, may be in a while" I muttered, blushing all over again and feeling very self conscious. "Let me work up to it because I've never done this before."

"Cool, whatever." He replied, letting the matter drop by closing his eyes once more.

Relieved by this I lay down on my front and did my best to relax and enjoy the sunbathing. After a while I found myself taking sneaky peaks at his naked body, oh how I wished I could be as relaxed as him.

Plucking up the courage I asked "What's it like?"

"What's what like?" he replied looking over at me once more.

"Being naked and all that...." I trailed off a little lamely.

"Liberating, you should try it" he said in an encouraging tone.

"Umm, okay, but no looking, right?" I said feeling cornered and that I now had no option without looking a coward.

"No looking okay, see I've got my eyes closed" Dieter said squeezing his eyes tight shut but grinning all the same.

Here goes I thought, so standing up I turned away from Dieter and slowly pushed my shorts down to the ground, stepped out of them and stood upright again, motionless as I felt the warm breeze blowing over the whole of my body. I found it intensely erotic being totally naked in the open knowing that just behind me was another human being as naked as myself. Assuming that Dieter still had his eyes shut I stooped to pick up my shorts, folded them and placed them with my shirt, in doing so I had turned fully exposing myself to him.

However he had not kept his promise, instead he was sitting up in a lotus position, openly studying me from head to foot and everything in between.

"Hey man, you have a great body, cute buns and a tasty package!" he enthused.

For the umpteenth time today I blushed in embarrassment, thanked him before doing a playful twirl as if I was showing off some newly bought clothes.

"Come here Dale, there's something I need to do." Dieter instructed suddenly all earnest.

"What's up?" I asked concerned by the change in the tone of his voice.

"Don't ask questions, just come here. You're skin is so beautifully pale it will burn very quickly if we don't do something about it" he replied quite reasonably as he reached for his bottle of sun cream.

So like a lamb to the slaughter I took a couple of steps until I was standing in front of him and submitted myself to his quick capable hands covering my legs, belly and tackle with the cream (and yes I did spring an erection which thankfully he appeared to ignore). He then told me to face away from him while he did my back and bum which he again expertly covered in cream within a couple of minutes. I went to thank him and step back on to my towel when he took hold of my hips and spun me around. Not letting go of me he grasped hold of my buttocks and pulled me even closer until I could feel his hot breath on my belly. I must be either so naive or thick, I'm not sure which, but I didn't have a clue what he was doing until I felt something warm and wet touch my rock hard cock.

Looking down I was astonished to see Dieter avidly licking my cockhead and shaft as if it was a tasty lollipop. Despite myself I groaned and involuntarily thrust my hips towards his mouth. Taking the hint he opened his mouth and in one smooth motion he took the whole of my cock into his mouth and throat. Aaah! I experienced sensations that I had never felt before, they were mind blowing and totally indescribable. All I can say is that it felt hot, soft, tight, and gorgeous and I didn't want it to end, never! Unfortunately that last wish was not to be granted for within a couple of head bobs I felt my balls tighten and my knees buckle underneath me as I exploded sending gush after gush of my cum down his throat. He must really like this I thought to myself as my senses returned because he was still sucking on my cock even though I had stopped cumming and it was beginning to shrink.

Finally he released my now flaccid cock from his mouth and looked up at me triumphantly before asking

"Did you enjoy that? I know I did. Tell me, is that the first blow job you've ever had?"

Sitting back down on my towel, I looked at him silently for a minute before responding.

"That was amazing, yes that was my first blow job because my cock has only ever known my left hand before!"

"Well you can have as many as you like from me while I'm here, because to me man your jism tastes so sweet. No I'm not taking the piss, I'm serious, and it really is!" he replied laying back down on the towel watching a small lizard running swiftly between the two acacias looking for insects.

"Seriously, do you mean you'll suck my cock again? Wow! I'm in heaven." I said giggling like a big kid.

"Yep, sure will" he said, still watching the lizard. "Of course, one good turn deserves another if you know what I mean."

Only now did he look at me straight in the eyes and instantly I knew what he meant. What the hell? I wasn't a kid anymore and if he can take another man's cock in his mouth why couldn't I? It would be selfish to do all the taking and I hadn't exactly fought him off, so nodding my head slowly I smiled at him and said

"Sounds good to me, when do you want the favour returned?"

"Right now, would be a good time before I explode without touching myself!"

"Is that possible?" I asked quite concerned.

"Hurry up, or you'll find out....." he groaned.

I feared he was right for I could see his erection pulsing and bobbing with a life of its own. So quickly dropping onto my knees I leant over and with one hand tentatively took hold of his cock and brought my mouth down over it, another first for me.

"Ouch! Watch the teeth!" Dieter cried out "cover them with your lips before taking me inside your mouth."

"Sorry!" I mumbled with my mouth full of his cock but did as instructed.

"That's soooo much better" he growled in appreciation as he started to buck his hips thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth.

I tried to remember all Dieter's actions while he had been giving me a blow job and applying them myself, it seemed to work as he kept making appreciative sounds. Every now and then I would gag as his cock hit the back of my throat too hard, however as I practised the art of cock swallowing this gagging happened less and less. Despite my self-consciousness I was really beginning to enjoy myself and could feel myself getting aroused all over again. My head was bobbing up and down like there was no tomorrow when suddenly I felt his jism shoot into my mouth filling it with a hot salty sweetness. Now I knew why Dieter had kept on sucking at my cock, for I was now doing it for exactly the same reason and only released it from my mouth when it was flaccid and no longer leaking fluid.

Sitting back on my haunches I gave him a soppy grin, thinking that I had discovered the meaning of life, I was meant to be a cock sucker!

"Not bad for a beginner" Dieter grinned back at me "with practise you're going to be a real cum slut. Hey do you fancy going for a walk?"

"What like this, naked you mean?" I ask suddenly nervous about leaving our sanctuary.

Taking a swig from his water bottle Dieter offered it to me and I drank from it while he replied "Sure why not? We won't go far and our stuff will be safe, I promise."

So a little tentatively I followed Dieter out of our little oasis and back onto the track that had led us there in the first place. I looked left and right for signs of other people around but thankfully there were none, Dieter a few steps ahead of me marched off further into the dune system leaving me no choice but to either run to catch up or be left behind. One consolation was that it temporarily took my mind off my nakedness as I concentrated on avoiding stubbing my toes on the pebbles in the path. Another consolation was that I got to have a good look at Dieter's muscular back and pert backside as he lead the way between the dunes. Before long the dunes diminished in size until they disappeared altogether into the flat sand of the beach which stretched a couple of hundred metres ahead until it met the gently lapping waves of the sea. Now I began to feel more vulnerable as I quickly spotted dozens of other people (mainly men but some women) walking along the beach in both directions, some wore clothes some were naked just like us. Apart from one guy who looked in our direction no one took any notice of us but that didn't stop me from feeling self-conscious.

I mentioned this fact to Dieter, who to his credit smiled and took my hand and squeezed it firmly before easing up the pressure but didn't let go. Still holding onto me he took a step forward and said

"Hey, it's okay, don't be worried. No one's looking, you have a nice body and you're handsome so you've got nothing to be ashamed about. So, how about we walk down to the water, have a quick swim to rinse off and then make our way back to our camp? How does that sound?"

I felt embarrassed by his compliments but at the same time excited that someone as experienced and attractive as Dieter should find me handsome and want to be with me while on holiday. Deciding to go with the flow I squeezed his hand back and replied

"Sure let's go, I'll race you to the water!"

I had the element of surprise as I let go of his hand and made a run for the sea so had a head start on him. Not for long though as he slowly caught up with me and by the time I was in the water up to my knees we were level. Grabbing me by the waist he pulled me off balance and together we collapsed into the water laughing and shrieking at the shockingly cold water. Out of the corner of my eye I caught several passersby chuckling and nudging each other over our antics but despite myself I found that I didn't care. Perhaps some previously hidden part of me liked showing off or maybe it was that I simply enjoyed messing around with Dieter.

Catching our breaths we sat there for a moment, limbs entwined, just letting the waves lap around us. Then he did something unexpected, catching me totally off-guard. He leant forward and kissed me gently on the lips before leaning back to watch my reaction. The look of surprise must have been comical because he started laughing again before leaning forward and kissing me more firmly. Instinct took over and I put an arm around his neck to prevent him withdrawing before kissing him back with matching force. It was his turn to look surprised and then the moment passed as if he had suddenly changed his mind about what we were doing. Breaking away from my embrace he climbed to his feet, held a hand out for me before saying.

"Come on. Let's go back to camp."

"Have I done something wrong?" I asked frowning, worried that I had done something to upset him.

"No. Far from it!" He replied, matching my frown. "I just want it to be just the two of us alone again, that's all."

"That's cool." I said relieved that everything was fine between us.

Once again he took my hand and together we slowly retraced our steps up the beach and into the dunes. Just as Dieter had predicted our belongings were exactly as we had left them. From the footprints in the sand no one else had even walked along the path whilst we had been away.

Picking up his towel Dieter laid it out under the acacia trees so that he would be in the shade having announced that we had had enough sun for the time being. Following his advice I did the same and then sat down beside him, sitting there I could feel my stomach growling from hunger so I ate a packet of crisps and drunk some more of my water, all the while Dieter watched me intently.

"What?" I asked starting to feel uncomfortable with his studying me.

"I was just thinking how much I like and want you" he replied quite casually.

"Oh? Really?" I answered grinning.

"Yes, come here."

So I did. Sometime later I finally disengaged myself from our passionate embrace. I knew by now every nook and cranny of his mouth, neck and face, Dieter likewise. I also knew the meaning of stubble burn! I had to pull away for fear of cumming all over myself and by his movements so was Dieter. He taught me something else new to me, sixty nining. That was even better than a straight blow job, to feel your cock buried in a hot throat whilst at the same time bobbing up and down on his was gorgeous. It didn't take long for either of us to cum and it was with reluctance that I relinquished his cock from my mouth as I wiped my lips with the back of my hand.

By now the sun had begun to disappear behind the dunes casting us into surprisingly cool shade and I shivered in response. Dieter too looked restless and we mutually agreed that it was time to head back to the hotel. We casually dressed making idle talk as we did so, the main subject being how much I had enjoyed myself this afternoon. As we retraced our steps through the dunes and oasis's many of the sun bathers too were packing up and leaving too, I observed that they came in all shapes and sizes, their ages varied from my age up to some people in their seventies. I found it reassuring that this wasn't the preserve of just the beautiful.

By the time we reached the promenade I was already missing being amongst the dunes and casually asked Dieter

"Do you think we could go again sometime?"

"I thought you'd never ask" he replied giving my hand an affectionate squeeze "how about going same time tomorrow?"

"You're on!" I grinned happily "This time I'll remember to bring a bottle of water and some goodies too."

"Don't worry about that, I'll sort all that out, my rucksack can hold everything we need. In that case I'm going to go shopping now and I have some things I need to do as well. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself today, for I did too and I will see you tomorrow lunchtime down by the pool. Okay?"

With that he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and crossed the main road heading towards the centre of the resort. I watched him walk away waiting for him to look round so that I could wave good bye to him, but he didn't look back once, so feeling a little foolish for acting like a love sick puppy I strode off in the direction of the hotel. By the time I got back to the apartment my parents were already on our balcony catching the last of the sun shine each with a glass of wine in their hand. Mum was already flushed from the red wine and even dad was looking merry so I hoped things would remain good between us for this evening at least.

Having tidied up my room and taken a quick shower to freshen up, I joined them on the balcony asking how their afternoon had gone. Dad sensing that I was being receptive towards him said that they'd had a pleasant afternoon, having collected the hire car they drove along the main coastal road to Puerto Rico where they had lunch and wandered around the harbour before finally returning here about half an hour ago. For once I was actually enjoying their company, the first in a long time, perhaps it was because less than a couple of hours ago I had had my first ever sexual encounter with another human being and my body was still revelling in the release of all that pent up emotion. Whatever the reason I made the most of it and so did my parents, I'm sure that on more than one occasion I caught out of the corner of my eye them exchanging looks as if to say they couldn't believe it either.

Taking advantage of the situation mum suggested that we go out for a meal in the evening as a family because we hadn't seen much of each other today and I could fill them in on what I had been up to (yeah right! I thought to myself). So that's what we did, had a slap up meal at a Chinese restaurant along the road from the hotel before walking over to the Cita Centre. It was a bit too much like a theme park for my liking, but hey dad was buying the drinks and being my best buddy so I wasn't going to rock the boat by criticising the venue he had chosen. The other thing that struck me was just how many German bars there were in the centre, for some reason I had expected them to be either Spanish or English (because of the resort name I guess). When I voiced this thought dad laughed explaining that whilst the resort may have started out as predominantly English, times had changed and it was now more evenly split between us now. We just happened to be in the centre where the bars are predominantly German that's all. He went on to say that we could always try the Kasbah Centre if we wanted a more English atmosphere.

With Dieter in mind I assured him that I had no problem with either the atmosphere or the Germans, in fact I really quite liked them. It did however serve as an excuse to introduce him into the conversation as a new found friend and I briefly outlined the events of my day, leaving out the more racy parts. Whether they suspected that there was more to my tale I don't know, but if they didn't let on.....

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