When I was a teenager like all testosterone riven young guy I was always horny. My male friends and I would relieve the stress by playing around with each other and eventually worked up to jacking each other off. 

One night Calvin, one of my friends invited me over to his house. He started talking about sex and before long we both had erections. 

Surprisingly, my buddy Calvin starting telling me how badly he wanted to find out what it was like to have someone’s mouth on his dick. I played it off for a while but finally he came right out and said, “If you’ll put your mouth on me I might do it for you but I won't promise.”

Despite such a halfhearted promise I must admit I’d always wondered what it would feel like to have a dick in my mouth but had always been scared that someone would find out. That was back before the tern ‘gay’ came into vogue and if you liked guys you were ‘queer.’  They hadn’t prettied it up yet so there was still a stigma attached to being queer. This in mind I was naturally reluctant. 

After a few minutes of encouragement from Calvin, I finely agree to put my mouth on him. I tried to give him the impression that I was very reluctant and was only doing it so that he would return the favor. 

He took off all his clothes and sat down on the side of his bed with his legs apart. 

I got on my knees in front of him and after an appropriate amount of disclaimers and getting his assurances that he would never tell a soul, I closed my eyes and moved my mouth forward.

It felt like a hot steel rod covered with a layer of soft flesh. As soon as I put my mouth on it, I immediately pulled it off. 

I went to the bathroom and washed out my mouth for about 15 minutes. 

Being so young we talked about it as though I’d just run a marathon or something and what it was like. 

Then I asked Calvin to return the favor. Even though I thought he’d back out on me I sat down on the edge of the bed naked with my legs apart. But he surprised me by quickly wrapping his lips around my hard dick and he left as quickly as he started. Like me, running to the bathroom to wash his mouth out. 

There I thought he did it. Now we both know how it feels. 

Still naked, we got to talking about other things like our high school football team, which teachers gave the most homework and such, but later returned to the subject of sex.

Then for lack of something better to do, we got into a strip poker game. 

We’d done this before and the looser always had to do whatever the winner said, which was usually walking naked in front of a window or something silly like that. I always enjoyed loosing for some reason. 

So as usual I lost the game. I looked at Calvin and asked, “What do I have to do? Walk around naked again?” 

Calvin looked very serious and then said, “I want something that feels good. I want you to put your mouth on me again.” 

The request sent chills straight down my spine and up my dick. 

Again, after he convinced me that he would never tell a soul, I reluctantly agreed. 

His feet on the floor, Calvin laid back on his back on his bed. 

His dick was short, about 4-inches, but thick. It was very hard and was sticking straight up as he held it in place. 

He was stroking it as I got on my kneed between his legs again and leaned over and wrapped my lips around his stiff dick. 

I still remember how warn it was.  How hard it was and how soft the skin was around the shaft. 

Once I had my lips clamped tight around it, he started bouncing his hips off the bed, fucking my mouth.  

That lasted about 10 minutes before i pulled away. 

Then I asked, “Do you want me to jack you off instead?” 

I was surprised when he said, "I already finished in your mouth."   I went home that night without my mouth cherry and without enjoying my dick shooting off in my mouth. 

When I look back on the event I now realize that my young friend knew exactly what he was doing and seduced me that night the way boys seduce young girls into giving up their pussy cherry. 

Unknowingly, I’d went to visit with my friend Calvin while he was planning on taking my mouth cherry and being able to say he was the first boy to fuck my mouth. 

I don't know for sure but I hope he never told any of the other guys. 

Still makes my dick hard to think about his hot dick sliding in and out of my mouth.   

The end…



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