I was 21, newly graduated, member of the newly employed, buttoned down, straight laced with a wife of 1 year. I loved my life. It was empty.

At 5'6' and 125, I had always been slight and toned from years of soccer. Smooth as a peach, I never gave thought to guys as I moved through high school but lately I had started noticing what would be called the 'daddy' type.

Bigger, older guys, hairy and stocky started catching my attention. I saw them as in charge types that I wanted to serve. Scared and excited, I wondered what I was going to do.

One night, working late, I noticed one of the security guards working the desk. About 6'2' with broad shoulders tapering into a slim waist - the whole picture set off by his piercing dark eyes and a goatee that gave him a sexy, sinister look. Short dark hair shined under the lights, I could hardly stop staring.

He looked up as I passed. 'Leaving the building?' he said, looking at his clipboard.

'Uh, yes, I was working late up on 5.' I stammered that out, feeling like a girl.

'Okay, then, have a good night.' He turned away to check the video monitors.

'Okay, you do the same.' I turned to the door and looked back to get one last glance.

He was staring right at me. And smiling.

'You left your briefcase.' He said, pointing at my case sitting on the counter.

'Oh, thanks, I was preoccupied.' I said, reaching for the briefcase.

'Yea,I know you were.' He reached for the briefcase too, his hand touching mine.


'I think I know what you want.' He let go of my hand long enough to lock the front door and then took my hand back and led me behind his desk to the back office.

Pushing me down onto my knees, he said,'You want to serve, don't you?'

Startled, I looked up. 'I don't know what you think I want but this is not it.' I started to get up.

Sneering, he pushed me back down. 'Boy, let me get this clear.' Unzipping his pants, he removed a fat cock, uncut. Playing with it, he moved to my mouth.

'You want my dick in your mouth, you bitch.' He moved his engorged dick to my mouth.

I started to protest but he grabbed the back of my head and forced his dick into my mouth. Salty, meaty, firm, hard, nasty, tasty, I started suckling on it.

'There's a good boy. Suck it.' He kept a firm hand on the back of head as he moved his meat in and out of my mouth.

On my knees, in a suit, with a big dick in my mouth...this is what I wanted. I ran my tongue down the shaft as he moaned. Pleasing this big guy was turning me on. I felt my own dick grow in my trousers.

He took his dick out and, surprised, I looked up.

'When I say suck my dick, that's what I mean.' He slapped my face with his hard on, cock bouncing on my face before he forced it back in my mouth.

'Now suck it you little pussy.' He jammed it into my throat and I nearly gagged but recovered to take it into my gullet. Pulling out, I could lick the head, put my tongue into the slit and just sink into heaven.

'Good boy, now suck faster.' His hips bucked as he pushed his dick, hard and needy, deeper into my mouth as I sucked it like a lollipop.

'That is a good boy, now I'm going to let you take my cum, you little bitch.'As he pushed deeper and pulled out only to plunge his cock into my mouth again, I got into the rhythm. I was made for this, a big man stuffing cock into my mouth, nothing else mattered.

I felt him get harder, tense and then I was rewareded and shocked by this torrent of milky white fluid that washed over my tongue, down my throat, seemingly endless.

Holding onto my head as I tried to back off, he held his dick there as I swallowed furiously, taking that seed into me.

He only softened slightly as he pulled out his dick, rubbed it a few times and coaxed a few drops of cum to the tip.

'Stick out your tongue, bitch.' He deposited those last drops onto my outstretched tongue.

Kneeling down to eye level, he peered into my eyes.

'And that is just the beginning, boy.'

Sucking down the last of the juice, I knew that it was.

To be continued.


Topper Chef


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