From Part 3.............

I went into the restroom, found it empty, took a piss, and decided to see if i coul see where the man went.  I followed the trail and found him about  thirty yards back in the woods, his cock out, hard ,and stroking.  As i walked up, he made no attempt to hide what he was doing.  As i got closer, he reached into his pants and also brought out a large pair of balls.  

I walked up and casually knelt down and  as i did he shoved the hard cock against my lips.  I immediately swallowed it and began sucking him and soon brought him to a roaring climax.  Then, just as he puled his cock from my mouth and slipped it back into his pants, we heard, "Stay where you are"

He  took off running and i was left on my knees, looking at a uniformed state trooper in his forties and good looking.

Part 4..............

I stayed where i was and knew it was over for me.  My next residence was gint to be the local jail.  He started waking closer, and i could see the nice large bulge in his uniform pants. The son-of-a-bitch had a hard on!  

"Young man, i need to see some ID," he said.

As i began fumbling for my wallet, he said calmly, "You do realize that what you were doing is illegal since it was done in public, don't  you?"

"Yes sir," I replied, as i handed him my drivers license, and wondering why i had stopped so close to being back on camus.  The rest area was only two miles from the beginning of the campus.

Looking at my license, he said, "Well, there are two choices here.  I can either take you in and charge you with illicet sex in public, or you can service me like you did the other guy and i can let you go.  It's your choice."

I glanced at his name badge and saw 'D. ELLIOTT' and as i began returnng to my knees, i looked in his ace and said, "Officereliott,  it would be my pleasure to service your needs."

He smiled and stepped closer, telling me to go for it.   I reached up and slowly unzipped his pants before reaching in and grasping his hard cock.  As i began sucking his seven inch uncut cock, he moaned and as i glanced up, i saw him writing in a small  notebook.  

After several minutes, he began to moan more frequently nd i knew he was close to feeding me his load.  Suddenly he began to spasm, as his cock exploded, expelling a huge amount of thick creamy cum into my mouth.  

I made sure that i got every drop he offered before pulling off his cock.  He handed me my license before putting his deflating cock back in his pants.   Looking into my face, he said, "Ihave inly been sucked once before and it was okay, but buddy, i must say that yours was the best and even better than my wife's cunt.  Since she has decided that she wants a divorce, I'm not getting any sex, and i see you have an apartment. do you live alone?"

"Yes sir, i do."

"Well, i just might be visiting you when in need,"he said.

"Anytime," I replied,as he turned and started returning to the parking lot.  I folloewedand sawhim driving away in his marked patrol car.  I stood  and watched him drive off realizing that for the first time i had sucked a guy off that was close to my own dad's age, much less a cop.

I was startled  when i suddenly heard a voice say, "I can believe he gave you a choice."

 I turned to see the man i had sucked off when the cop walked up.  "How did you know he gave me a choice?  Were  you watching?"

"Yea, i was.  When i got out of view i stopped and watched.  i was praying that he wouldn't recognize me, and while you sucked him i jerked out another load."

"You know him?" I asked.  

"Only professionally, "he replied.

"Would you please explain that statement,"I demanded.

"Gladly, but i heard him asked if you lived alone.  Let's go to yout place and i will tell you everything, I promise."

I agreed and he followed me home.  Once inside, i turned and said,  "Start talking."

He started off telling me that his name was Josh Turner and that he was twenty-nine and a local fireman, and single.  

I first met Dan, Officer Elliott, at a fire next to the state police headquarters.  After we got the fire  out, i walked over to their building to take a piss and found him at the urinaljerking off.  He tried to hide it,but for some reason i said, 'Hey bud, it's cool. We all do it,but there are better ways to get satisfied.'  He asked how and i commented that i had a guy blow me once when younger."

"What was his response?" I asked.

"Well, i couldn't beieve that i had sais what i did when he replied that he was in the middle of a divorce and his wife had sucked him before and i was great and wished he could get sucked again.  The for some unknow reason i said i would do it, and he had me follow him into a stall.  i sucked him off and he said i was the first male to suck him."

"So, your the guy he was referring to."

"Yes, i am, and i was planning on sucking you off before he walked up."

"Well, no one will walk up now," I replied, then asked "Why didn't  he recognize you?"

"I had a moustache and goatee then."

He came over to me and as i stood, he began rubbing my crotch as he leaned in to kiss me.  Moments later we  were in my bedroom, both naked and kissins and making out wildly, before engaging in a hot sixty-nine.

After devouring each others loads, we cuddled and talked and i asked if any of his fellow firemen knew he sucked cock.   

"Just one, and he sucks cock also, although he is married and his wife has no idea."

"She doesn't susect anything?"

"Not that we know of, but he said that he and her father suck and fuck each other on their so called fishing trips.  I have joined them a few times."

"Damn, her father has man sex also?"

"Yep and when the three of us are together he oves for me and my bud to double fuck him.  It's so hot feeling the other guys cock in the hole with your own."

"Man, I would love to experience that,"I said.

"Well, maye i can get the two of them to come over here with me sometime."

"I'd love that," I replied.  

After more kissing, Josh  left to report for his shift, saying that he would talk to his buddy.

Two days later, there was a knock  on  my door ndi openedit to see OfficerElliott standing there.  

As i opened the door, he smiled and said, "Sorry to just barge in but i didn'thave your number, but i was wondering if you could do something for me."

Knowing what he meant, I stepped  aside and said "Sure, come on in.  How long do you have?"

"Well, I just got off duty, so i have as long as you want."

"Well, then, why don't we go to the bedroom  and get comfortable."

"You mean get totlly naked?" he asked.

"That's exactly what i mean,"I replied.

He followed me to the bedroom and we both began to  strip.  When i had sucked him before, i had noticed  how well built he was and wanted to see his hot body naked.  I was delighted to see that his chest was hairy and muscular.

I had him lay down on the bed, legs spead wide, and as i began slowly massaging his cock with my mouth and tongue i began tweeking his nipples with my fingers.

"Oh fuck!  Now i know why my wife  loved her  nipples played with.  It feels awesome."

After afew more moments i gently lifted his legs and when he protested, i assured him that i wasn't going to fuck him, at least not with my cock.

As i began to rim his ass he moaned continuously.  After a few minutes, i lowered  his legs and returned to  his cock and slowly sucked him to a roaring climax beore ging up his body and gently sucking each nipple.

When i rolled to the side, he said, "Wow!  That was a hundred times better than i expected. "

"Well, it was my pleasure," I replied  as i began stroking  my own cock.  After a couple of seconds, he reached over and took my cock in his hand saying, "This is the least i can do for you," before  stroking me to aroaring climaxwhich he watched hoot out ontomy stomach and chest.

As i wiped up, he began dressing and i said, "Officer, anytime you want a repeat performance just give me a call."

"Believe me i will," he said as i handed him my phone number,  "And  call me Dan."

At the door, I leaned toward him and said,  "I'll be  waiting for your call," then kisswd him lovingly on the cheek.  

Not long after, Josh called  on a Friday morning asking if i had plans for the weekend.  When  i said no, he said that he would pick me up at ive to go to his buds fishing camp.

As we drove, he said that his bud and his father-in-law loved  the idea of a fourth after he assured them that i could be trusted to keep it prvate.  I asked why not atmy lace, hesaid that forst off, his buds wife usually called on the land line hen they said that they were going there and secondly, it was private and we could go nude and have sex outdoors.

We got together about every six weeks or so and Dan had become a regulear.  He had been visiting more and more and was now making it over usually three times a  week, and as soon as he walked in hie began stripping since i alays answered the door nude.

However on one particular visit, he seemed different.  He was now legally seperated and living alone.  He casually said that he had been watching porn movies and some were gay movies.  When we went to bed, he shocked me completely by kissing me and offering his tongue.  I immediately responded and offered  mine. We tongue kissed for several moments before he pulled back and began sucking first one nipple then the other.  Then i was really shocked when he flipped around and began sucking my rock hard cock.  without hesitation, i swallowed his and we began a hot sixty-nine.  My climax neared  but i said nothing and soon erupted into his mouth.  

To my surprise  he immediately began swallowing as his load  began filing my mouth.  After swallowing his load he again tongue kissed me after which i asked, "What the hell is going on?"

"I watched the gay movies  and sawwhat they did and found tht it really turned me on big time, so i decidedto try it.  I have been eating my own cum when i jerk off to get used to it bit wanted iit straight from the source.  I had my mind made up that i was going all the way toight and later i want you to fuck me."

I did and he said he loved it before he fucked me,after eating  my ass.

As he dressed to leave, he said, "I realized a while back that when at thegym or pool, i was always checkingout guys crotchs.  It never occured to me that it was sexual.  I know now that i have secretely desired sex with men.  I can now say that i am totally gay,and i have you to thank  for helping me find my true self."

"Believe me when i say it was a pleasure for me."

I told Josh what had transpired and invited them both over for a hot threeway one weekend. Two weeks later they were sharing an apartment and havinf sex daily.  Dan was shocked to find out that Josh was the first man to suck him.

I came back to reality and realized that it getting closer tothe time to meet my 'mystery'man that i had been chatting with.  He was from outof town and drove in and was getting a motel room for the weekend.

I checked  my private e-mail that i used for gay chat and saw a message from "Lovescock" sayg he was at the Royal Lodge, a small motel  near the edge of town.  To him i was known as "Intoitall".

Going commando to have less to remove, i headed for the motel.  In his e-mail he had said that he was  in room 117 on the back side, and would answer the door nude.  I drove to the motel, found room 117 and parked.

Nervously, i kocked on the door and after a moment it opened and i walked in.Turning to see the nude man behind the door, i froze and said  "Dad!"

TO BE CONTINUED............................

If you want it continued.  Write me and let me know.



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