I was looking forward to a long weekend I had put in extra work so I could take a couple of days off. My brother and his present girl were coming to stay, I had not seen him for over a year.

I'm Joey 20 years old 5' 11" (180cm) 155lbs. (70kg) Gay to those that need to know. My brother Tom is 22 years old 6'(183cm) 180lbs (82kg).

The doorbell rang, I opened the door, and my eyes nearly popped out, there stood my gorgeous brother. He was looking down to his crotch and casually rearranging his jewels in his tight fitting ice blue jeans in a seemingly casual and innocent way. My heartbeat increased, my brother has that effect on me. Stood next to him was this beautiful slim dark tanned girl. . He looked up and grinned broadly, he reached his hand out towards me. I reached out my hand, I noted that he had a strong firm grip as we shook hands, which told me he was pleased to see me.

"This is Julie," he said. He introduced me to her as his gay brother Joey. She moved towards me and flung her arms around me and kissed me on my lips, hugging me and staring into my eyes I've heard a lot about you and longed to meet you she said excitedly. Immediately I knew we were going to get on. She wasn't only beautiful; she also had a nice personality. Someone you could not but like. Unfortunately there was no ripple of sexual sensation.

Tom threw his arms around me and hugged me tight I could feel a stirring in my groin as I ran my hands over his muscular back.

I noticed that Tom had his head shaven on both sides with a strip of longer hair in the middle Mohawk style. He wore a tight fitting T-shirt, displaying the defined contours of his chest and back muscles and the flatness of his abdomen. His skinny fitting ice blue jeans showed off his bubble bottom ass. Tom had an aura of masculinity surrounding him.

I had prepared a meal and set the table using all my feminine intuition to make it nice and welcoming for them. We sat around the table chatting the evening was going perfect. I felt an outer glow of satisfaction. 2 beautiful people to share a meal with. I was about to get up and clear stuff away when Julie said, "No I'll do that you chat and catch up with Tom."

Yeah it was good to be able to chat to Tom after such a longtime. "Man you look good, you been going to the gym," I asked "Yeah you wanna see?" he asked as he pulled off his T-shirt. Wow it took my breath away and made me have a semihard seeing his sculptured muscle tone body. He flexed the muscles of his arms. "Feel them, "he said. His biceps and shoulder muscles were rock hard. His muscles were well formed without being too big.

Julie walked in as I was feeling Tom's biceps and stroking his naked chest. My dick was tenting in my pants, I had no time to conceal it from Julie. She pointed towards my tenting dick and said, "looks like your gorgeous physic is exciting your brother." Tom looked at me and smiled.

I told them they could have my bed and I would sleep in my sleeping bag on the sofa. "Your bed is big enough for all of us you don't need to sleep out here," Julie said. "I've had a busy long week and it's been a longday. I'm dead beat and need to have a good nights sleep, I don't think I would get that with you two fucking most of the night."

They said goodnight and left me to slip into my sleeping bag, I fell off to sleep immediately.

When I awoke in the morning it was already light. For a brief moment I was disorientated until I remembered Tom and Julie were in my bed. I was rubbing the sleep out of my eyes when I had this sudden urgent need to piss. I went to the bathroom and gave out a loud sigh of relieve as a strong jet of piss shot out the slit of my dick. Fuck it was a big relieve to empty my bladder. The jet of water was so strong it made a loud noise as it hit the water, I directed the jet onto the side making less noise.

I hadn't heard Julie come into the bathroom. She startled me as she pressed her naked body against my naked back and ass, she stroked her hands over my hips and down to my cock taking it in her hands. "Man you sure shoot a powerful jet of piss," she said. I let go of my dick; she held it with both hands. "That feels nice and warm," she said as she sprayed her hand with my piss. She was squeezing my balls and playing with my dick. All the time she was giggling. The jet of piss got less and less until no more came out. I had no sexual stimulation from what she was doing. My dick was still flaccid I just was not into girls.

"Have you got him hard yet?" It was Tom he had come into the bathroom. I glanced round, he stood there naked, his dick semihard I shuddered with delight thinking of all the pleasure his dick had given me. Tom moved in front of me, I was sandwiched between both of them. Tom touching me gave me a boner. Tom moved his hand down to my hard dick, "feel his dick now babe."

Julie moved her hand onto my boner. "Wow he's as big as you." I could feel Tom's boner sliding between my legs, what we were doing excited him. "Get down on your knees and suck our dicks babe," Tom demanded. Julie sucked both our dicks in turn. Tom penetrated me with his fingers massaging my prostate making me moan. I'd never had a girl suck my dick before.

"Julie wants to watch me fuck you," he said as he moved behind me. He leaned into me I could feel his dick stretching my anus. Julie was sucking my balls as he slowly penetrated me. Julie was looking up watching him thrust into me making me moan out loud. Now and then she would suck my balls then Toms.

"Get on all fours babe," he told Julie. She got down on all fours facing away from us. Tom forced me down on all fours so I straddled Julie. "You've never fucked a girl have you Joey?" "No," I said. "With guys you're a whore with girls your still a virgin he sniggered." "Stretch the lips of ya vagina babe, you said you wanted to know what it was like to be fucked by a girly boy, now's your chance." Tom held my rock hard dick and snaked it into Julie's tight warm vagina. Her vagina was already full of Toms warm cum juices.

Tom thrust into me forcing me to thrust into Julie. "Fuck her like you fuck a guy," he said. Julie was moaning with delight and arching her ass up as I thrust into her. I could feel Tom's nipples stroking my back as he thrust into me. Julie gave out a load scream as she pushed her ass hard into my groin.

I could not hold back any longer, my body went into sudden but brief spasms as I squirted my load deep into Julie's vagina. Julie was enjoying one of the best orgasms she had had. Tom held me firmly by my hips as he thrust hard into me 3 or 4 times, his body was trembling and shuddering as I felt the full force of his sperm laden juices squirt into my pussy he gave out a loud moan. I could feel his dick throbbing as he forced his dick deeper into me. It was an ecstatic moment, and a good feeling to have his dick in me again, filling me with his sperm juices. He slumped on top of me breathing rapidly. He lay on me until he had control of his breathing. My dick was still in Julie soaking in all our juices.

Tom pulled out of me and gently slapped my ass as he stood up. My dick slipped out of Julie I stood up and stretched. Julie rolled over and looked up at us. She spread out her arms and told us both to lay down with her so she could give us both a cuddle and kiss.

We were all sweaty and needed to shower the long weekend had only just started. What more was to come? That's another story.



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