True Story from 2010.

By Randy N. Warner (Do not proceed if you are under 18 or offended by adult content)

This story is quite surprising because it's one that just happened so recently to me. I'm a good looking 40 yr old male 5'9", 180#, nicely built, goatee with 7" cut and trimmed who has been raised in a family that truly feared God and followed biblical teachings. That doesn't mean I am still going through any of the rituals or that I don't have fun. My 'little voice' continues to remind me that sex if for those who are married and gay sex is out of the question completely. So over the past 14 yrs, I've just not gone out of my way to meet anyone in particular. Now even though, deep down, I knew I was gay, I still allowed myself to fall in love with a woman and get married. We even had two kids. But it certainly didn't last. Funny how things quickly fall apart when your wife comes home early to find her husband underneath her younger, yet very handsome brother. Divorce was 14 yrs ago and since then I've been living here in the desert on my 4 acres and really like the solitude and that nobody bothers me out here at all. Just too far out. That is what surprises me about the following events.

With my remote location, it seemed totally impossible for me to find anyone who would make the long drive from the nearest town and none in the local area would be my cup of tea for sure. Or so I thought. To clarify, I've kept myself occupied with my work here online and over the phone - keeping in contact with existing friends I have around the nation on various social network sites. I have not touched nor been touched by anyone (other than a handshake) for the entire 14 yrs. Guaranteeing that my right hand will be secure in it's job for a long time.

Edie, a girlfriend of mine, had decided to drive her car to Los Angeles so we could see a show playing there. On our way home, her SUV began to act up. We barely made it to my house so she could drop me off. So she called her son to come help out. An hour or so later, a car pulled up with her son in the passenger seat. The driver was this dreamy looking young man 24 yrs of age, with a very handsome little boy face, standing 6'1", thin but fit, dark hair and olive skin that featured a big 'white tooth smile. He looks awesome in a red golf shirt with thin white trim around the collar and greenish jeans. Red is definitely his color. The shirt is tight fitting enough to exhibit his muscular but lean physique and the jeans fit around a nice full bubble butt and of course his considerable bulge at the front. In other words, he was very good looking.

I told Edie that her son's driver was one of the best looking young men I'd seen in a couple years. She smiled and told me to keep my hands off, as ''Joe'' was happily married with 2 young sons. Secretly I'm thinking, 'if he's so happily married and responsible, then why is he driving your son to my house at 3am?' I asked her not to pass that info on, but she did anyway. Her son began to tease me on occassion - once with Joe sitting at his house and listening in. Apparently, Joe was spending more time there due to the recent loss of his job. I told him that if Joe ever needed to make a few extra bucks that I did have a few things around the house here. So, he put Joe on the phone.

Joe's first words to me on the phone made me pause, "Hello, Randy? I hear you think I'm one of the best looking guys you've seen in years." All red faced, I had to confirm that and went on to see if he would like to work for me. He said yes and would be there later in the afternoon to see what all I needed.

I really lust for this guy. I imagined myself falling to my knees between his legs right now, yanking open those green jeans and sucking fiercely on that fat dick of his. And yeah, how about a spoonful of his warm, freshly ejaculated cum? My lustful imagination is running so wild I could give myself indigestion.

He showed up and to my surprise was even better looking in the daylight than he was when I first laid eyes on him. I showed him the little labor jobs I had that would bring him some much needed $$$ and explained that I pay $10/hr. for general labor. He smiled and said, I have 2 small sons to support and work for $15, but I'll take my shirt off. Then he winked and smiled.

Week in the knees, I just had to see where this was going and said that was nice to know, so how what would you do if I paid $25/hr? Both laughed uncomfortably, but his reply was, 'we'll have to see.' At the very best, I thought he MIGHT come over and do some work, I'd see him 2 more times and that would be the end of it.

Over the next couple weeks, it became very clear that his life was not as Edie had told me. He was out of work, living with his parents and did a lot of partying around the area. His parents were well known druggies in the neighboring community and his three brothers all moved to another state due to outstanding warrants and a cavalcade of unwanted kids from a variety of affairs. Joe was quite the 'player' around town as well. He'd stop in with 4 girls in the car - all drooling over him, other times with a group of friends who followed his lead on most every move. Sometimes they'd stop in just to say hi for 10-15 min and sometimes, he'd come at 2am and stay till noon. Always having his favorite drug of choice, plenty of beer and a need to party. He even brought his parents over one day on his way to town and then his wife and kids another time when they were coming home from a court appearance.

Everyone was aware I was gay and also knew I thought he was drop dead gorgeous. I was relentless in my joking as I'd tell everyone how gorgeous I thought he was and that was important to me in case Joe and I ever decided to have kids. They'd all laugh and he just turned red. I kept the jokes coming and even getting more risqué as time went on because there were no signs that we would ever get together in the way I had hoped. Everyone seemed to know that I was just dreaming and felt safe that Joe would never relent to my desires either.

He was beginning to stop in more frequently and now bringing his own laptop so he could look at his kind of porn since mine was of little or no interest to him. Of course my ongoing attempts to get him to agree to some sexual acts between us, kept him on his toes and in my wildest dreams, I never ever thought I'd even see him naked, let alone get anything from him

We'd sit there for hours talking about his favorite sexual positions, the type of girls that really turned him on, how often does he jack off, how and where, etc. One night he confessed that his best friend and he had double teamed this one girl and went into the greatest of details. It was driving me wild and he knew it, too. I asked if they looked at each other or touched each other's dicks. He admitted that they had, but said it was sort of impossible not to in that situation. He told of how they'd both be active at the same time, sometimes just take turns and how the girl still tries to get them to repeat the night with her. My imagination went crazy. I was hoping they would and it could happen at my place since neither he nor his best friend had their own place at the moment where it could happen again.

Occasionally, he would end up staying here for as many as 4-5 days in a row. He knew I was a very visual guy, so he would walk around with just his briefs on or just the towel. He'd sleep in the nude and leave his spare bedroom door open also. He would frequently remind me that when sleeping, it's almost impossible to wake him up for anything. Well, I just had to test his theory, so I did go lay next to him one night, began to touch and caress his arms, chest, thighs and ultimately the grand prize. Through all this, he never once even moved a muscle. But I sure enjoyed playing with his gorgeous fit physique.

While hanging around, he would do things like rub his stomach and chest by lifting his tshirt or would grab his crotch and jump up and down when getting excited about an event or something online which just made me go nuts for him. One evening, he's there about 9pm. Early for him. He enters with his laptop, pulls out his favorite drug of choice and begins to scroll through the porn sites of his choice. I just loved to stare at him - he was so gorgeous. He asked me later on to come see this scene. One where this girl had begun to give the guy on screen a very passionate blow job. He said, 'this is what really gets me going - hell, I even have a huge boner now from watching this. I reminded him once again that this is the very thing I like to do - therefore, do it best, continuing on that I would continue begging until he finally said yes.

Having no real hope of that ever happening, I did really want to at least see him naked or better yet to watch him jerk himself off and he knew that. So, I said with confidence, that since he was obviously horny with nobody else around, this would be the perfect time for him to just sit across the room and pleasure himself while I watched. To my surprise, he agreed and stood up to begin removing his cargo shorts, exposing his thick thighs, slightly covered with a thin layer of dark hair right at the line of his boxer's leg opening - suggesting what's under the fabric and I can imagine that his genital hair is fairly bushy, running down between his legs and around his butt. His bulge rises impressively with a thin tantalizing hair trail going down to where I hoped to go someday, too. I can't keep my eyes off him. It takes all of my will power to stop myself from rushing over and ripping his boxers off to wank him and suck him. But wasn't going to jeopardize what I had at that moment or might have in the future.

I mean, there he sits in front of his laptop in my home, naked except for his boxer shorts right in front of me. He's a stunning beauty alright - that lovely olive toned skin, lean muscular body, pretty boy face and I reach down to feel my already growing erection.

When he settles in to view his favorite porn on the laptop, there's a definite increased swelling from the pressure created between his bulge and his boxers that were 1 size too small. How I would love to grab it and give him real cause to get a full bloated erection. I would make that young boy's prick so throbbing hard he'd cry out, beg to be rubbed and sucked, desperate to shoot his load! Oh boy, I'm so horny right now.

First he hesitantly begins clicking through the web pages of interest. I can't make out exactly what the pages illustrate but they are definitely pictures of couples involved in sex acts of differing kinds. He holds the mouse in one hand and strokes his nice cock languidly with his other. He lets go, just to click his mouse, and then grips again - ultimately forcing him to remove his boxers altogether. What a site to behold!!

With each click, his erection rests rigidly on his stomach throbbing strongly with his pulse. His penis is about 7 inches and slightly darker in color to his olive toned skin. He's cut which features a gorgeous mushroom shaped head and his pubic hair is hardly curly at all but almost bushy straight. As I thought, he's pretty hairy between his legs right under to his butt. His balls are fat but fairly hairless. As I watch him masturbate it's clear that some pictures provoke a stronger response than others and he pumps his rigid cock more vigorously at times. This process goes on for about five12-15 minutes at which time his pre-cum is flowing more and more copiously.

Suddenly, he comes up to a picture he immediately finds even more stimulating than some of the others and starts to pump furiously. He opens his lean athletic legs much wider, grips his cock tightly and wanks faster pushing his cock upwards stroking the full length of his powerful erection. His bouncing balls become almost a blur as they jump up and down deliciously below his hairy shaft. First it's short strokes over his cock head, and then long deep, hard pumps, plunging all the way down to his hairy cock root

His throbbing cock doesn't stop dripping puddles of pre-cum onto his stomach though. Again he grips and pumps, slower, perhaps not as tightly, battling to hold off his climax, his panting and the occasional shudder clearly visible to me. His balls are as tight under his hairy shaft now as they could possibly be preparing to ejaculate and is obviously close to shooting his load and quickly lets go of his straining penis. His fat cock stretches hotly above his naval dripping a copious amount of pre-cum onto his sexy flat stomach. He wants to delay his ejaculation.

I was ecstatic because I hoped this show could last forever. After grinning at me with an embarrassed look in his eyes, and cock in earnest, he continues to wank himself vigorously clearly abandoning himself to the spasms that are causing his whole body to shudder violently. Again, he lets go once more and tries to lean back on his chair to stay as still as possible with his eyes closed, but of course nothing but full ejaculation of his load will cause his swollen quivering hard-on to soften. There's a desperation in his eyes and this is definitely going to be his last attempt to hold back shooting his hot spunk powerfully everywhere. At last he opens his eyes, but what he does next catches me totally by surprise.

I've been stroking my own cock secretly and was following the technique and rhythm of the naked young man in front of me and also expect, no, desperately need, this to be the time to come. Unexpectedly the boy stands up and comes directly in front of me, sticking his throbbing cock in my face. I immediately sit up straighter asking, 'Oh shit!! Is this for me?' But before I can even speak those few words, it's in my mouth. Knowing that I don't have much time, I work hard to suck and swallow and breath all at the same time, particularly when his body is quivering with orgasmic spasms. The boy comes so strongly that shivers keep wracking his body. But obviously this isn't the first time he's done this and eventually he straightens his body up and begins regaining his normal composure before both of us begin to giggle happily like children who just found a bag of hidden candy.

All of a sudden he began to squirm and pull my hair and was coming. Then he pulled his dick out and shook it so the cum went everywhere. " I was afraid you'd feel obligated to swallow and I just can't imagine that'' I told him that it was ok either way but if this should ever happen again, that I'd really enjoy taking it all. His smile enlarged and he winked at me. Then stood up and walked naked to the bathroom to wash up so his wife didn't see nor smell anything when he got home. As he left later in the morning, he hugged me and said, 'don't worry about this morning. it won't change anything. I'll be back for sure so take care". Then added, 'luv ya man!' and winked.

To my surprise, a few days later, he was back for another visit when I stood behind him and began rubbing his shoulder. He commented on how wonderful it felt, so I suggested he remove his t shirt allowing me more access to massage his healthy young hot back, shoulders and neck area. This lasted almost an hour before I just couldn't refrain any longer and asked him if it was a good time for me to ''play around''.

He replied that 'agreeing' to it or saying yes was very uncomfortable to him and that if I really wanted to, I'd just take control. WOW.

I joked around with him for a bit, but then began exploring all the right areas. Then, he stood up and removed his shorts standing in his boxers. What a site. Sitting back down he also slid them down to his ankles. As I began to take control, he leaned back and just smiled to big, it made me even more determined to do it WELL so he wouldn't regret his decision. He obviously groomed that area and showed pride in his presentation. As I realized just what and whom I was 'doing' I got better and better and he began to grown more and more. I would run my hands through the hair on his chest, fondle his balls and upper thighs and really went to town with the sucking and pressure points I knew I liked and it seemed to be working.

He'd told me about several gay guys he worked with and seemed so at ease with this, I just had to ask him if he'd ever had a guy suck his dick before and he nodded yes and said 'several times'.

"I've never done anything to them before but they keep asking and they do it well, so......'' Then before long, he began to pump his dick in and out of my mouth and finally grabbed my head to control it. I was literally in heaven now. I was looking at Joe totally naked in my house, sucking on his dick and he was undoubtedly enjoying it very much. This time I was able to take all his cum and again, he looked at me with a huge smile. There was never any reciprocation on his part, nor did I expect any from him. I did what I enjoy doing and he seemed to appreciate it as well.

Now, as weeks and months passed and when he got done working here or it was really late into the night, he'd use my shower to freshen up before going home. I was able to go in and marvel at his looks and body dripping wet with hot water and soap as he lathered up. The chubby dick seemed to beckon for me to take care of it. But I simply admired it all from a safe 2-3 ft and allowed him to groom himself without being interrupted by my lust. He did seem to enjoy the attention I gave him, though.

Although his visits are less frequent now since he and his wife have divorced and he and his new girlfriend just had their first child also, he's returned many times and on a dozen or so occasions, has made it clear that another encounter was requested. They would begin with nude back rubs, working in my back yard with only his tighty whities on, and move into getting a hand or blow job, etc.

One night when he stayed, I had gone to bed before him and then later, heard him call my name. Then he said, 'just wanted to know if you were still awake because if you are, you'd probably rather be in this room'. Having peaked my interest, I quickly made my way in there and found him laying on his back and spread eagle - jacking that beautiful erect organ like a trooper. When he saw me, he winked and smiled, but continued. Now, I kinda think he'd do a lot of these things even if he were hanging with his normal crowd of studs, but think (or at least hope) that he did a little extra just to please me.

There were other times when he had a date or his folks out in the driveway waiting for him to return so they could continue on their errands and as he'd quickly make his way out my door, he would turn, pull down his shorts exposing his dick and balls and say, "ya know I love ya man so take care'' and would turn and go out the door. I continued to ask him when I'm gonna get to see him with one of his girlfriends and he just smiles. I don't know it will ever happen, but can't chalk it off just yet. I wish I would have gotten some video of some parts, but was able to quietly snap a single photo of him sitting there naked. It would have been nice to memorialize more of what took place. But, I gotta say, my own memory has kept the visions alive and in very vivid fashion.

All in all, my 40 yrs have only seen 5-6 encounters with men and all of them along these lines for the most part. This one was the one I chose to write about as I honestly believe Joe and I will remain friends with or without the aspects of this story.


Ran The Man

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