Long distance romance

Several weeks ago, I met a girl online. It was through a paid web-cam site and she was more than just a girl; she was a transsexual; a very attractive and passable girl with a great body. She went by the name of Cassie and eventually we became very attracted to one another; talking online, sharing photos, and watching each other cam-to-cam. Cassie was about 5'5", weighed about 120 pounds, with dark hair, dark eyes, a pretty face, especially when she smiled, great boobs with hard little nipples, nice legs, and a great ass. We talked and pretended to have sex with one another as we watched each other. We did chat a few times on the phone but using the internet was less expensive and being able to see each other was our favorite. It soon became apparent that we needed to meet face to face, but how. It was becoming an obsession, wanting to be with her and it was reaching the point that we both wanted to meet each other in person. The problem was that she didn't have a passport to travel and it was a 14 hour plane trip to the Philippines, which would cost upwards of twelve hundred dollars. I had to consider if the obsession was worth the money and time, especially if it was only a sexual fixation. However, the wanting to be with her eventually had me buying that plane ticket to see her, but once purchased, I became apprehensive. I was nervous, but I had to go through with it now. At first, she was not exactly sure I was coming, but finally she realized I was coming in the next few weeks, she seemed to become very excited to have me visit. I arranged to only stay a few days just in case it didn't work out and as we talked and both longed for the day when I would be flying out, we continued to play online cam-to-cam and continued to talk about what we would do when I finally got there. As the days went by, I think Cassie continued to question whether I was actually going to come, but the day finally came for me to fly to the Philippines. It was going to be a long flight, and I did have a brief layover in Hawaii before continuing to Manila in the Philippines, but finally after 14 plus hours, I was there. When I stepped off the plane, I was directed through customs and eventually made my way to baggage claim and ground transportation. This was where we decided to meet and I worried whether she would be there or if I was going to be on my own. As I proceeded toward the people waiting to meet other people, Cassie and I made eye contact. She looked just as she did online and as I walked toward her, she smiled. Cassie was wearing a white top and a short skirt, and her smile made me smile too. I eventually said, "Hi, Cassie?" She nodded her head and we immediately hugged and kissed each other. We quickly continued out of the airport and she guided me toward a taxi that was waiting. She had the driver drive and as we got in Cassie snuggled up to me. We were soon on the highway heading into town and Cassie told me it wasn't going to be a long drive. We talked as we drove and continued to feel on each other. She tried to point out sites from time to time along the way and soon we got off the highway, eventually ending up in a small neighborhood with several apartment buildings. We pulled up to a one and Cassie said, "We're here." We soon got out of the taxi and hurried inside. As we entered her apartment, Cassie and I moved toward the sofa, kissing and feeling on each other as we sat down. Cassie then had us stop and suggested showing me her place. As we got up and moved down a short hall, we proceeded into her bedroom and as we did, Cassie closed the door behind us, moved over and sat on her bed and I quickly sat next to her. She told me how glad she was that I came to see her and lean over, hugging me. We kissed as passionately and deeply as we had ever fantasized about doing online. We were soon feeling on each other as we continued kissing. Her body felt as good as I had imagined and she seemed to enjoy feeling on me too. Cassie started trying to pull my shirt off as we continued to make out and I obligingly took off my shirt and then took off her top of too. I now started sucking her neck and feeling on her boobs. Her boobs felt great and now I started to gradually move down, kissing her chest until I was eventually started to tongue and suck her nipples. She held my head against her boobs and made moaning sound as I continued to fondle and tongue her nipples. I then stood up and taking her hand I guided her to stand too; continuing to kiss and feel on each other, I began to undo my shorts, letting them slip down to the floor. We kissed and Cassie now went down on me, mouthing my now hard cock through my boxers, and eventually she took them off. She looked up at me briefly and watched as she slowly began stroking my cock, ultimately taking my cock in her mouth. It felt so good and I didn't want her to stop, but suddenly she stood up and we kissed again and as Cassie again tried to move back down to suck my cock, I stopped her. She asked, "What's wrong." I didn't say anything instead I simply kissed her as I slowly took off her little skirt and panties and had her lay on the bed. Her body was such a turn on as I climbed onto the bed with her, kissing and rubbing against her. Cassie then pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me, and as she straddling me, she said, "I want you in me." She leaned over toward the nightstand, grabbed a tube of KY. I was nervous and as she reached out, her hard cock rubbed up against my stomach and chest, and I soon realized I didn't have a condom. I became very nervous, but as she soon leaned back again straddling me, and she flipped open the tube of KY, I watched as she squeezed some on her hand and ribbed it on my cock. Cassie now reached around herself and smeared KY on her tight little hole too. My cock was hard and as she took hold of my cock, I continued to worry about not having a condom. I wanted to fuck her and as she took hold of my cock, it felt so good as she leaned forward to kiss me and softly said, "I am so glad you're here." We passionately kissed again, but soon she leaned back, and guided my cock as she sat back, I could feel my cock against her tight little hole and as I watched her face, I could feel my hard cock slowly going in her. I could tell by her face that it was hurting but she continued to slowly try to get my cock in her. I reached out taking hold of her boobs as she slowly let my cock enter her ass. Cassie started to slowly move up and down on my cock and by her face I could see she was ok now with me in her. It felt so good in her ass and as I continued to watch her face, as she leaned forward letting my cock glide in and out of her ass more easily. I tried to watch as my cock slid all the way in her ass, but Cassie leaned forward kissing me, continuing to move up and down. As she started moving back and forth and up and down on my cock, it felt really good and I forget about not having a condom on as I tried to match her movements, wanting to cum. She leaned back on my cock relishing the feel of my cock way in her and as she leaned forward again, Cassie kissed me and said, "Cum in me, I want to feel you cum in me." She rocked back and forth on my cock and as we continued to make love, I grabbed her ass. It felt so good and I wanted to cum in her. As I got close to cumming, I moved my hands to caress her boobs again, but then took hold of her ass trying to stop her by holding down on my cock but she kept moving up and down. Out of breath, she said, "Cum in me." I then said, "I going to cum." and as I did, I thrust my hips up and she leaned back forcing my cock deep in her ass. My cock was now jerking inside her as I was cumming. It felt so good to cum in her and I think she felt the same way because as I looked up at her, Cassie smiled, leaned forward and we kissed. I had cum, filling her tight little ass and as she leaned forward to kiss me, I could feel cum dribbling down my balls as it started to seep out of her ass. As we kissed, I gently grabbed her hips, gradually move her up and down again on my cock. As my cock went limp in her, it slipped out of her and Cassie then slowly lifted off of me and lay next to me on the bed. We got under the covers, continuing to kiss and feel on each other, and eventually found myself holding her cock, and slowly stroking it. I softly told her that it felt good and pausing, Cassie said, "I want to cum for you." I kept stroking her hard cock as we kissed. Cassie then laid on her back and tried to push my head down to suck her cock. As she pushed my head down, I kissed and tongued her nipples and she asked me to suck her cock. I had never done that before but I wanted to try it, but again, no condom. Cassie continued to slowly guide me down to suck her cock and as I took her cock into my mouth, she took hold of my head with both hands pushing me down on her hard cock. I started by kissing and mouthing her cock, ultimately taking her all the way in my mouth. I stroked her cock, wanting her to cum as I kept sucking; she told me how good it felt, but she soon took hold of my head and pulled my off her cock out. I looked up at her and looking back at me she told me she wanted to fuck me. I again tried to continue sucking her hard cock but she pulled me off again, stopping me and said, "I want to be in you." She sat up eventually getting on her knees, taking her hard cock in her hand. Cassie motioned for me to lie on my stomach on the bed and she quickly positioned herself behind me, rubbing my back and ass. She eventually spread my ass and touching my tight little hole. When I flinch, she told me to relax as she slowly started to finger and tongued my ass some more. It felt good and as she reached for the KY again, I felt her hard cock rubbing against my ass and leg. I worried again about being fucked without a condom but as she positioned herself behind me again, I could hear her flip open the tube of KY, squeezing some out in her hand and rubbing it on her cock. She now told me to relax as she spread my ass and dabbed some on it. She gently started to push a finger in my ass, making me pull away slightly. She continued to finger my ass and told me to relax as she spread my legs slightly. I could feel her positioning herself right between my legs and directed my to get on my knees. As I did, she rubbed her cock in the crack of my ass, occasionally pushing the head of her cock against my hole. I tensed up and she again told me to try to relax as she pushed on my back telling me to put my head down on the pillow. As I did this I could feel her trying to push her cock into my ass. At first it felt good, but as she pushed further it started to hurt and I rose up, pulling away, which caused her cock to slip out. She again rubbed my ass and told me to relax. I knew it would only hurt for a little bit; until her cock was all the way in. I nodded my head and she again started to push her cock in my ass. The pain of her in me was causing me to pull away, so I tried desperately to relax. Cassie felt me try to pull away and she held my close telling me to relax. We didn't move for a little bit and the pain did subside, but there was still a dull aching as she again pushed her cock in me further. Cassie was now in me all the way and leaning forward, she kissed me on the back. She started to move her cock in and out of me, which again caused me some pain but it was bearable as I continually tried to relax as she fucked me. It started to feel good and she tried to show me to move back and forth by guiding our movements. My cock was hard again as she fucked my ass and she reached around stroking my cock briefly. I wanted her to cum in me now and she must have been close, because I could hear she was breathing became labored as she moved her cock in and out faster. Suddenly I felt her stop and as I tried to keep moving, she pulled me close and told me to stop. She was obviously cumming in me and I felt her cock throbbing inside me as her cum now filled me. It felt good knowing she had cum in me and as she tried to fuck me again she pushed me flat on my stomach and shoving her cock deep in me one last time. Cassie now withdrew her cock slowly letting it slip out of my ass. She now gently spread my ass cheeks to look at my gapping hole, letting cum slowly dribble out. Being turned on, she gently fingered my ass, which felt good and as I relaxed more cum began to slowly ooze out of me. She leaned pushing her cock against me again, trying to put it in me again and unable to she kissed me and said how glad she was that I came to see her. I turned onto my side and she lay next to me so we could hold each other. Cassie suggested that we take a shower before going to the kitchen to eat. As we got out of bed, Cassie took my hand, led me toward the bedroom door, and told me to be very quiet. She opened the door, peered out, and we quietly snuck across the hall and into the bathroom. Cassie closed the door and locked it this time and then turned on the shower. She tested the temperature, went in and motioned for me to follow her. As I got in, I felt on her ass and reaching around fondling her boobs as she leaned into the water to get wet. We soaped each other up and as we rinsed off, we started to make out in the shower. Suddenly, there was a knock came to the bathroom door and then her mom said something in Filipino. It must have been to tell us that dinner was ready, because Cassie replied, "Okay," and told me that her mom wanted us to come to dinner. We quickly got of the shower, dried off, snuck back across to Cassie's room, dressed, and then headed out to the kitchen. As we ate, we talked, and occasionally smiled at each other, making eyes at each other. When dinner was over, we decided to take a walk, but it was getting late and being tired we returned to the house and went back into the bedroom. As Cassie closed the door behind us, I sat on the bed and told her how tired I was, in which she simply nodded and sat next to me. She tried to help me take off my shirt and we then both stood to take off all our clothes. Cassie turned the bed back and we climbed in together. We made out briefly, Cassie again told me how glad she was that I was there and in turn I told her I was glad to finally be with her too. She hugged me and as she massaged my back, I fell asleep. When I woke the next day, Cassie was still there, looking at me as I slept. She leaned over, kissed me and asked if I slept ok. I nodded, yes and we kissed again. Cassie asked if I was hungry, which I replied, "Yes, I'm hungry ... for you." She smiled and as we kissed again. I felt on her boobs and she immediately grabbed for my cock, stroking it. Cassie now went down, under the covers and started to suck my cock. It felt good and I didn't want her to stop, but after a short time, she did and returned back up to kiss me. Cassie then said, "I want you in me again." In which she threw the covers back and lay on her back, grabbing my arm, motioned for me to get up. She had her legs spread and was pulling on her cock and fingering herself as I got on my knees in front of her. She then reached over for the KY, opened it, and handed it to me. I smeared some on my cock and on her tight little hole. She pulled a pillow under her ass and lifted her legs, coaxing me to fuck her. It was so inviting seeing her in this position, I quickly inched myself toward her. I slowly pushed my hard cock in her, which seemed to go in fairly easily this time. Face-to-face, I watched Cassie's face and could tell it was hurting, as she reached out, pushing on my stomach to slow down. I kept slowly pushing my cock into her ass and soon I was all the way in her. Cassie reached up, took me by the neck, and pulled me down to kiss her. She then said, "Cum for me." I watched and could hear as my cock slid in and out of her ass, wanting to cum, continuing to fuck her tight little ass. Her hard cock seemed to bounce on her stomach as we fucked. I took hold of it and stroked in occasionally. It felt so good and I was soon close to cumming. I leaned forward, kissed her, and told her I was going to cum. I then held my cock deep in her, cumming deep inside her again. I slowly took my cock out of her and squeezed cum out of my cock letting it dribble onto her stomach. I quickly pushed my cock back in her again and leaned forward kissing her, thrusting my cock in and out of her a few times. I now withdrew my limp cock from her ass and watched as cum leaked out of her ass. Lying next to her, Cassie took my hand and guided my hand to take hold of her cock. She was hard and I knew what she wanted as she had me rubbing her cock. As I looked at her she smiled and said, "I'm so glad you're here." We kissed and said, "I want to be in you again."



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