I was changing Underground trains at Earl's Court and this tourist standing in the passage got in my way and I missed my train. I glared at him, but he was gorgeous and obviously in distress. Gorgeous in that he was 100% my type: a large, blond muscular hunk with longish thick hair, a model's face, handsome with high cheekbones, large well-spaced eyes and a perfect nose and chin. There was still a hint of pretty boy in his features and he had a body that, on quick inspection, was pure hunk.

"Can I help you"? I asked. "I'm totally lost down here". "Where are you trying to get to"? I enquired. "The Strand - Western Australia House", he replied. You could cut his Aussie twang with a knife.

He needed to get on the same train as me. I dived for the one seat that was free. Oz stood close to where I was sitting. I studied the bits that I'd not had time to take in before. He was wearing a thin green cotton shirt over a high-necked white tee shirt. He then hitched his shirt to one side and put his hand into his trouser pocket. The front of his trousers revealed something pressing outwards. The girl in the seat next to me had got up and as soon as she did so, the young Australian dived in to sit behind me.

"So where do you live then"? he whispered. "Islington", I told him. "So, do I get an invite"? "Sure, I'm James" I replied. "Simon. Good to meet you".

Hopping off the tube and a short cab ride later we were standing outside my front door. I wanted to get inside this young man's pants. I wanted him lying on my bed, with only his underpants hiding his private parts, lying there with lust filled eyes, longing for my intimate attention. I wanted to ravish him; fuck him like a randy dog fucks an eager bitch!

Just looking at him made me so horny. I imagined slipping my hand down inside his thin tan slacks and feeling his cock getting harder. I wanted to lightly stroke his cock head then slide my hand up and down his length, easing his cock out of his trousers. Then I'd get down on my knees and bury my nose deep in his fly to sniff his wonderful male smells, then nosing into his balls whilst lightly stroking up and down his hard penis.

I imagined that he would be uncut with a long foreskin shielding his knob.

I wished I could see him wank off. I`d love to see him work his skin back and forth over his long hard cock. I just wanted to taste him and feel his balls banging on my chin as he face fucked me and slide my tongue up and down the bottom of his cock.

Bottom? Oh yes, I have to say that guy's arses turn me on in a big way too.

I doubt if he`d ever have been rimmed. I'd like to smell his arse, sniffing and probing his crack whilst slowly stroking his cock and sliding my hands up and down his scrotum.

I fixed us drinks and we sat on the sofa and chatted for a while. Even in my wildest dreams, I would never have guessed what came next

He knocked me flat on the sofa and his body pressed down onto me. His face nuzzled against mine, his lips searched out my lips and he kissed my mouth with intense passion. His tongue probed my lips and they parted to let his hot wet tongue into my eager mouth. We kissed long and deep and Simon made excited little noises in his throat. For three or four minutes, Simon's body thrust against mine from thighs to joined lips.

Pressing myself against his groin I slid my hand down in between us so I could feel his cock stiffen against my hand. I cupped my hands and held his cock and balls through his slacks, sliding my other hand down the back under the waistband. I ran my fingers over his arse cheeks, sliding my finger up through the crack in his arse.

I pulled down his jeans to see his cock before springing out. I slid my hands up the inside of his thighs, kneeling down and kissed my way up from his knees. I could smell his musky groin and then slowly licked his balls.

I reached the bottom of his helmet and nibbled on his foreskin, sliding my tongue over his helmet.

I took his cock deep into my mouth as I slid my finger back up into his arse. Then I flipped him over onto his stomach and placed my face on his back. I breathed in the smells of his hot, sweaty skin. I moved my face up and down his back until I had worked my way into his arse crack. It had the same musky taste and smell as his sweaty ball- sack. The taste was delicious. My tongue eased along his trench until every molecule of man-musk had been slurped away.

I found his butt hole and drilled my tongue in as far as it would go.

Simon pushed back trying for more and more - his cock was dripping all over my hand as I held it, squeezing it as his arse wrapped itself around my tongue.

Then I flipped him back again and eagerly pushed his legs over my shoulders and pushed back so I could stroke my cock up and down his arse crack.

"Fuck me," he pleaded.

I smeared my cock in both our pre-cum and gently eased it into his twitching hole. He tensed a little then relaxed as my cock slid all the way deep into him. I could feel his muscles tensing around my shaft and I knew I had to concentrate else his pulsating hole would make me cum too quickly. I eased my cock out a little then back in again. He let out a sigh before grabbing his cock and wanking himself. He was writhing around as I repeatedly slid my cock deeper and deeper still. My balls were slapping against his arse now and I could tell he was fit to shoot.

After a few final thrusts, I withdrew and let his legs fall flat to the bed. Pouncing on top of him, I grabbed both our cocks together in my hands so our pre-cum mixed together and I could feel his balls rubbing on mine.

I pulled us back together faster and faster until we both came together over his stomach and he rolled over onto me and slid himself on top.

We slid around in the cum until we got hard again whilst I slid my tongue into his ear and he rubbed and gyrated on top of me until we both spurted our semen again over him. Again I felt the heat of his cum and smelt the sweat coming from his body. We were both panting like a couple of mating dogs. Covered in sweat and puddled with our combined loads of spunk.

"Where was it you wanted to get to" ? was all I could say in my exhaustion.

"Here was fine" , he grinned.




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