An amazing number of handsome, sexy young males were attending the collegiate athletic awards reception. I felt I had never seen so many assembled in one place, although I realized I was particularly horny that evening. Our baseball coach had won an award and had invited me to go with him to represent the team. It was at the end of my junior year; we had won a regional championship, and I had been made team captain. At the reception, I was just drifting through the crowd with a big grin on my face enjoying the experience, when I noticed a tall, extremely handsome young man staring at me. He came over.

"Hi, I'm Andy," he said in a soft low voice. "Do you remember me, Jack?" He gave me a smile that was heart melting. He had a few of inches on me and looked down into my eyes with a steady gaze. It took my breath away. He was, no doubt, the best looking man in the room. It was the first time I can recall looking up into a face and feeling so light-headed with desire. I just stared up into his beautiful gray eyes, lost to the world.

"Jack?" he repeated, softly.

"Oh!" I said, coming out of my trance.

"Sometimes I have that effect on men," he volunteered in a sexy whisper and a smile, "sorry."

"No, no," I said, haltingly, trying to regain my composure, "it's just that I can't quite seem to place you. You know my name; you do look familiar; but..." my voice trailed off as I looked up into the smiling face. He seemed pleased with my discomfort. We were standing very close to one another in the crowd of men. His left hand slid down to his crotch and he made a gesture as if adjusting his equipment. To any casual observer, it would appear to be a normal gesture for a jock, but as he did so, he whispered to me, "Still 'studying' in the library, Jack?" Combined with that question, the gesture was almost obscene. My groin churned. I felt my face flush. I must have turned a deep red. He smiled even more broadly. The college library had three men's rooms notorious for their excellent glory holes. His reference to my study habits could only be from knowledge of those glory holes and my frequent attendance at them.

"Er... Umm... How do you know about...?" I asked, hesitantly.

"I spent my first year at your college. We were both freshmen, together." He emphasized the word "together" in a way that seemed almost lewd, as if we had spent the time in bed together.

"Gosh," I said, surprised that I couldn't recall having known such a handsome man, "I wish I could remember..." I hesitated. "...You must have changed. Grown up."

"Some parts of me have," he said with a smirk, "other parts were already grown up. Perhaps you'd remember better if you saw, well, 'all' of me."

"Yes," I agreed, quickly, "that might be, umm, helpful." I smiled up at him.

He grinned back. "Let's get out of here," he suggested, boldly. I could see he was very excited.

"I'll have to tell my coach I'm leaving," I said. His smile beamed at me. I had not said "no."

* * * * *

"Let's stop by my place," Andy was saying as he drove along a busy street, "so I can pick up some money. Ok?"

"Sure," I agreed. "Do you live on campus?"

"No, I share an apartment with some teammates." His eyes were on the road. In profile, he was breathtakingly handsome. I could hardly believe my good fortune, feeling almost swept off my feet by this sexy athlete.

"You're very big," I observed. "Are you on the football team?"

"Oh, no," he laughed, "everyone asks us that. We're the backbone of the lacrosse team. This year's champions." He looked over at me proudly.

"That's terrific. But, what do you mean 'we're the backbone'? Who's 'we'?"

"Me and my three roommates," he replied. Then, slowing the car, he added, "And here we are. Maybe you'll get to meet a couple of 'em." He pulled over and parked the car. "Come on up for a minute." He smiled. It was very disarming.

At his apartment, we entered a small foyer and then a large living room. The furnishings were so odd I wanted to ask, Who's your decorator?, but I held my tongue. There was a long bar on one side of the room, but no stools, a couple of low, couches that looked like narrow beds, and, covering a large portion of the parquet flooring was what looked like a large wrestling mat. A few giant posters of nearly nude, athletic males were on the walls. The impression was one of very raw, masculine quarters, with little pretext of civilization. Somehow, it made me feel just a little uneasy.

Andy, who had taken off his jacket as we came in, walked over to the bar. He beckoned me over. "Let's have a drink," he suggested, and began fiddling with glasses after turning on a stereo. Rock music thumped quietly throughout the big room. "And, hey, take off that coat and tie, man. Relax." With that, he pulled off his tie and opened a few buttons on his shirt.

"Well... I..." I hesitated, wondering what was happening, "...I thought we were going to go someplace where we could..." my voice trailed off.

"...see some parts of me you'd remember?" he said huskily, finishing the sentence for me. I guess I must have blushed again. He came out from behind the bar, put an arm around my shoulder in a familiar and friendly way, tightened his grip in a kind of hug, and said, "We're in no hurry, are we?" He smiled. The nearness of him, the overwhelming sexuality of his physical presence, and the continual undercurrent of sexual innuendo, all acted upon me like an aphrodisiac. I felt myself growing hard.

"No," I agreed, "I guess we're not in any hurry. It's just that..." I couldn't finish my sentence.

"...I turn you on," he whispered, finishing it for me in the most blatantly sexual way.

"Yes," I whispered back, admitting the truth. His smile faded as his head moved closer to mine and his lips formed a pucker. He's going to kiss me! I thought with great excitement, watching his mouth move closer. Our lips touched, lightly at first. My eyes closed, my arm went around his waist feeling the strength of his body, my breathing stopped and my heart pounded. It was an unforgettable moment as our powerful bodies pressed together. His thick lips were strong, warm and insistent. His tongue started to snake out against my lips, seeking an opening.

"Well, well!" someone said from behind me. "What goin' on here?" It was a deeply masculine voice with a lilt that sounded intrigued, not scandalized. But it came as a great shock to me. Andy held the kiss for a moment longer and then released me. As I took a step back, I noticed a long bulge in Andy's gray slacks. My heart pounded faster. I looked around.

A dark-haired, handsome young man was leaning against the wall at the doorway of the hallway leading into the interior of the apartment, grinning at us. He was taller than Andy, wore a very short pair of blue shorts and a gray, athletic T-shirt cut high to show off a muscular and trim midriff, and he was bare-footed. He looked as though he had just been working out. Every muscle seemed full and distinct on his solid frame. His arms and thighs were truly beautiful, gleaming with strength and vitality.

"Matt," Andy said, "this is Jack. Jack, this is my roommate, Matt. He's a member of our team."

Matt pushed himself lazily from the wall and moved towards us gracefully. He put out his hand and said, "Hello, Jack. I guess any friend of Andy's..." he smiled, showing straight white teeth.

I'm sure I blushed again, but I grasped his hand firmly and shook it. He returned the grip strongly. I caught him looking at my crotch and then at Andy's. The look was very blatant. "What have you two fuckers been up to, anyway?" he asked boldly.

"Matt," Andy announced, "this is THE Jack I've been telling you about."

I was dumbfounded.

"He IS?!" Matt responded, sounding impressed.

"Yeah," Andy answered with a soft sigh, "the best fuckin' cocksucker I've ever come across!" He sounded very sincere.

My mouth dropped open.

"Wow!" Matt said in awe. Almost unconsciously he dropped a hand into his crotch and adjusted something.

I backed a bit away from the two of them, startled by the openness of the comment. I wondered what the relationship between the two of them was. I wondered if I was coming between them. I felt very nervous. Yet, I had to admit I had been given a very interesting compliment. "How... Umm..." I was hesitant to ask. "Why do you say that?" I asked Andy. They both laughed, as they perceived my discomfort.

"Hell, man," Matt explained, "Andy said he got a blowjob from you at noon almost every Tuesday and Thursday for the entire year he was at your school. Don't you remember? You'd be surprised how often he's told us about you."

Memory flooded back to me. As a freshman, I had spent, among other times, lunch hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays in one of the library's men's rooms. I occupied the middle of three booths. It had a busy glory hole in each wall. Within a week or so, I knew I was giving head to a number of regulars, two or three of whom I came to know personally. Some, however, and now I was sure Andy was one of them, came regularly but never wanted to show their faces or let me get to know them. Of all of them, there was one I would never forget. He had one of the nicest cocks I've ever sucked. It was long, thick, straight, circumcised, very white when fully aroused as if engorgement so stiffened the weapon that blood was drawn from the surface of the cock, and so lacking in extra skin it took on a beautifully streamlined, finely sculptured look that was breathtaking. The head was unusually large, thickly flanged, wonderfully smooth and fiery red. The cock was very stiff yet easily suckable. It tasted clean and fresh each time I sucked it. His heavy scrotum and big balls were always pushed through the giant glory hole, too, for additional pleasure. I wondered if Andy's cock was the one I was remembering.

"Oooh," I said, quietly, "I think I do remember."

"Oooh," Matt mimicked, with a chuckle, "He 'thinks' he remembers." His fist was still in his crotch and he was working up an obvious erection in the flimsy shorts. "Why don't you help out his memory, Andy? Whip out the ol' monster and see if he recognizes it or knows what to do with it."

"Oh, he knows what to do with it, alright," Andy replied, "don't worry about that. But, don't you think, right now, he seems a little shy?"

"Who's shy?" another voice boomed from the doorway. I glanced over. Another tall, muscular athlete stood in the doorway - another truly breath-taking specimen. He had on a white T-shirt and a pair of blue shorts like Matt's. He too was bare-footed. He moved towards us and I noticed what muscular thighs he had. They were so large they made his waist look very slim. His chest filled the T-shirt to the bursting point, his pecs and hard nipples clearly defined beneath the thin cloth. He, too, was extremely handsome. I was astounded.

Now, I'm over six feet tall. These three were all at least three or four inches taller. I'm well developed. These three were like six of me in that they were so large. I felt intimidated by their combined size, which was very unlike me. I guess one-on-one I'd feel confident, but three big bruisers like this made me leery of them. I hadn't felt so defenseless since I was a teenager fucking around with older boys.

Andy turned to look and said, "Oh, Walt, there you are. Come meet an old friend of mine. You'll remember me talking about him. It's Jack, the guy from the library I told you about." Andy looked at me with a smile and said, "Jack, this is Walt, another team member."

"Jack!" Walt said with surprise, his eyes opening widely. "Fuck, I never thought I'd get to meet YOU." He smiled right at me, came over to me and stuck out his hand. I shook it. He shook mine with apparent eagerness, enveloping it with both his hands. I was amazed. "Sometimes," he admitted, "I thought Andy was talkin' about you just to get us all hot and bothered. I wasn't sure you really existed. It's great to meet you!" He turned to Andy and said, "You didn't tell us he was so good looking."

Andy handed me a drink. Everything seemed to be happening so quickly, I didn't have time to dwell on Walt's comments. Hot and bothered?, I asked myself. In my nervousness, I took a big gulp of the drink. It was almost pure vodka mixed with a few drops of orange juice. I choked and gagged and almost dropped the glass.

Walt slapped me on the back with affectionate gusto. "Go down the wrong tube, boy?" he asked with a laugh.

"Yeah, I guess so," I managed to respond, hoarsely. "Got to be careful of the tubes," I added with a weak grin.

They laughed. Andy took a big swig of his drink as Matt made four more drinks at the bar. He sipped on his own and handed one to Walt, who downed it with one swallow.

Walt, his face flush from the drink, asked me, "You still hang out at that library?" He grinned in a friendly way, and slipped a hand into the waistband of his shorts. His meaning was obvious. I wondered just what I should do.

"It's still there," I answered, trying to be evasive.

"Those big glory holes Andy's been telling us about still there, too?"

"Yeah, they sure are."

"I'd sure like to visit your school once," Walt admitted. "Andy's said they are great glory holes."

"Yeah," I agreed. "They were designed by the campus doctor," I informed them.

The three of them looked at me in amazement. "They were?" they asked in unison.

Then, before I could reply, Andy broke in and said, "Wait a minute. Do you mean the doctor who gives the physicals to the athletes?"

"He's the one," I answered, knowing that Andy now remembered him.

"Fuck, he gave me a blowjob while he examined me."

"How was it?" Matt asked, excitedly.

"He was good, as I recall." He thought about it for a moment, remembering. "Yeah, he was very good," he added. The bulge in his gray slacks had not diminished. In fact, it seemed to have grown much larger.

"He had an almost perfect record with the athletes," I volunteered.

"What do you mean," one of them asked.

"He boasted that, well, EVERY athlete he examined let him give him a blowjob. He's quite proud of his record. And he knowingly designed the glory holes on campus so that maximum pleasure could be attained from both sides of the wall. He really knew what he was doing." I took another swig of my drink, feeling a little light-headed.

Walt seemed far more focused on those glory holes than either of the other two were, and asked, "You still visit 'em regular?" He grinned. His entire hand was now inside his shorts.

I took a deep breath. "I do my best," I admitted. My cock throbbed in my trousers at the admission. It was obvious that I couldn't deny being a cocksucker, I was just fearful of getting on the wrong side of these big guys.

"Why don't we 'pretend' we've got one, right here?" Walt suggested.

"Say, that's a great idea!" Andy agreed enthusiastically.

"Yeah!" Matt added in agreement, his hand still fondling his now bulging crotch.

"You mean pretend there's a glory hole right here?" I asked, seemingly stupidly, playing dumb. I needed to get their full understanding that if I'd give each a blowjob, they wouldn't get pissed off at me. I didn't want this to turn into a no holds barred gang bang, either. Rules had to be established. Agreements had to be reached. I'd seen horny fellows revert to cretinism after orgasm. I didn't need any problems.

Walt interpreted my question from another direction. "Well," he said, "we could find a large piece of cardboard, or something, and make a hole in it, if you'd feel more at ease behind a 'wall' or something'." He looked concerned for my best interests.

The three of us started to chuckle at his suggestion, then to laugh. It really sounded funny, for some reason. It broke down my reserve and I began to enjoy the company of these sexy men. Andy handed me another drink. I took at stiff slug of it. This time it went down smoothly. I was getting a little tipsy. I was tingling all over and my inhibitions were falling faster than my pants. Oh, someone had loosened my belt, I noticed, and my pants were falling.

"Let's get naked!" Matt said excitedly, tugging off his T-shirt. I watched in fascination as his muscular chest was exposed. Andy was slowly unbuttoning his shirt and opening it. He, too, displayed an incredibly well developed chest with rounded pecs of perfect symmetry, wonderfully tanned sheen, and glowing strength.

Walt was undressing me, though I wasn't paying too much attention as I watched the two men strip in front of me. In a flash, Matt's shorts were off and his growing erection was flopping before me, long, thick and exciting. Andy was more plodding in his manner, carefully folding his shirt and then his pants and laying them on the bar. He wore white jockey shorts of a type that lifted the genitals upwards, like a jockstrap, and made everything seem larger. His erection was poking out the waistband of the shorts. It looked huge. He stripped off his socks. Then, looking me in the eye, as Walt tugged down my shorts, Andy pushed his own shorts down to his knees. My cock sprang to rigid attention. Andy's pulsated in front of him and, as he looked me over, grew to such stiff rigidity that the shaft turned to that engorged sheen of white I recognized from a school year of display in the glory hole. The cockhead blossomed to huge engorgement. Big balls in a giant sac completed the picture. Yes, I had made love to that cock for the whole school year, I recalled, no doubt about it. I trembled with anticipation as I realized I was about to have it in my mouth to love again.

Movement at my side caught my attention. It was Walt, undressing. His T-shirt flew off and his shorts slid down with ease. He was nude. His cock was rigid. It wasn't as huge as Andy's or as large as mine, but it was thick and long and fat and red and oozing precum and looking delicious. Big balls swayed beneath the big cock. He grabbed them in his left hand and encircled the shaft of his cock with his right. He began a slow, erotic masturbation as I watched in fascination. He danced a bit to move in front of me, flaunting the marvelous set of organs at me. It was a very sexy dance, timed to the pounding of the rock music in the background. I was enticed by his masculine manner and open sexuality. "Do me," he whispered, pushing his hand to the base of his cock and waggling it as I stared at it, "I want to find out if you're really as good as Andy says you are."

"Yeah," Matt sighed, "do him, first. I wanna watch this." He moved closer. He was pumping a very large cock slowly. I looked at it and felt a thump in my belly for the lust I felt for this handsome young man.

I glanced at Andy. He was a perfect picture of the aroused male. Face flushed, breathing rapid, nipples hard, stomach drawn in, hips shifted forward, cock standing tall, balls tight below. My cock throbbed at the sight of him. He smiled as he saw my reaction. "Oh, yeah," he sighed in agreement, "suck Walt first. He always comes the fastest and then outlasts the lot of us." It was a sexy instruction. Briefly, I wondered how he came to know "he always comes the fastest and then outlasts the lot of us", because it seemed such intimate knowledge, but I turned back to look at Walt. He looked ready. He was very eager.

Andy moved in closer as I leaned over in front of Walt. I was surprised to feel the buoyancy of the mat beneath me. The thought, I could stand on this thing all night, went through my mind, followed by, and I might have to! I put a hand on Walt's naked hip and he sighed with pleasure. I leaned in to take in the sights of his vibrant crotch and the smells of its masculine, heady odors. I wanted to suck cock.

I slowly leaned in towards the thick weapon, delighting in the inviting shift of his body, the sexy spread of his legs, the swaying balls, as he anticipated contact with my hot mouth. I marveled that here I was, about to lick the head of a big dick right in front of two on-lookers who were awaiting their turns. I couldn't recall such open, uninhibited sex since some episodes of group sex I'd had in the army, and a couple at college. But in the army, it had been furtive and fast. Now, here, it was relaxed, anticipated, enjoyed and mature. We all knew what we were doing and what we wanted. The vodka I'd drunk just seemed to relax me completely yet make me very horny. I wanted to suck cock. I needed to suck cock!

"Ahhh," Walt sighed as my tongue lapped tentatively at the inverted "V" of his cockhead. He tasted great: masculine, salty, and raw. Not bathed, soapy, and perfumed. He smelled great, too. My tongue slid around the corona roughly, feeling the contours of the heavily flanged cockhead and enjoying the textures of the penis. I sucked in the entire glans, filling my mouth. My tongue swirled and swirled. He hissed with pleasure. I was sucking cock.

I popped off of the cock and it vibrated solidly in front of me as I looked up at him. "Man, you taste so good," I said sincerely.

"Yeah," Walt sighed, proudly. "Suck it, Jack!" He thrust his hips towards me, anxious to get his cock back into my mouth. I noticed Matt sigh with excitement and glanced over to see him jacking off slowly, erotically. I sucked Walt's thick organ in with a noisy slurp and forced my mouth down over the weapon. It felt terrific. I withdrew and pushed forward, again and again, getting more and more of the cock into my mouth. It pushed against the back of my throat. I relaxed and let it penetrate deeply. I withdrew and pushed forward and felt the entire cockhead slide down into my throat.

Walt groaned with pleasure. Matt said excitedly, "Look at that cock disappear!" Andy sighed, "Suck it, man!" to encourage me.

Little encouragement was needed for either Walt or myself. When he realized that I was easily able to handle his big meat, and that I was capable of deep-throating it with no trouble, he began a series of pokes and jabs, humps and thrusts, and really brought his whole body into the performance. He danced in as close as he could, his muscular thighs pushing against me, his abdomen flush against my forehead, his hands holding my head in a frenzied grip. He was looking down, not missing a thing as he watched his cock being fucked deeply into me, being pulled out to the flanges of the cockhead, and then being fucked deeply into me again, and again, and again!

"Fuck! Look at this, you guys," he called out, "he's got me IN all the way. Look at this! Oh! Look at this! Oh! Look at this!" Each time he said, "Look at this" he pulled out. Each time he said "Oh" he buried his cock in my throat. With each thrust, my forehead pounded noisily against his hard belly plates, my nose flattened against pubic bone, and my chin thudded against by his heavy balls. We were in tune. Pleasing each other. Going straight for the gold.

"Christ!" Matt said, "Look at 'em do it! What a fuckin' sight!"

"Yeah," Andy agreed excitedly. "I told you this guy was a great cocksucker."

When he heard the word "cocksucker", Walt stiffened, deep inside me. "That's right," he whispered huskily, "he is a cocksucker." He humped even more stiffly. "A great cocksucker!" He humped stiffly, again. "A great cocksucker who's gonna take my load!" He humped, stiffened and shot off in my throat as he emphasized the word "load".

I struggled against his strong grip to get the cockhead up into my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum. He seemed to understand and relaxed his hold. I tugged on his balls and reveled in the feel of cum shooting into my mouth. I swallowed, and then, sliding my hand up onto the shaft, pulled away and let a secondary shot of sperm spray me in the face. The three of them gasped at the sexy sight. Immediately, I took the cock back in and gave it a series of deep-throating sucks that caused Walt to buck and hump in ecstasy, until finally he begged me to let up. I relaxed, not letting him pull out, but enjoying the shudders and quakes that shook him as his orgasm faded. His hands caressed my shoulders lovingly as he quieted down. With a loud sigh, he tugged his cock out of my mouth and staggered back a few steps, caught by both Andy and Matt on each side of him, who steadied him.

"My God!" Matt said in awe. "I don't believe it. I could FEEL your orgasm, man." He sighed, then remembering, said excitedly, "Did you see his cum hit Jack right in the face? Wow!"

Walt took a series of deep breaths, regaining control, and announced, "You were right, Andy. He really IS a great cocksucker!" He smiled down at me tenderly.

"Let me be next," Matt said in a pleading tone. "I'm about to shoot off just from watching these two go at it. Okay, Andy?" I saw that his large cock was seeping voluminous amounts of precum, coating the glans and slowly sliding down the shaft. He had stopped jacking it, fearing he'd come, I was sure.

"Go for it, Matt," Andy said calmly, "he can take as much as we can give 'im." He grinned as Matt moved towards me. What I saw was Matt's cock moving towards me. Its quivering, shining stiffness fascinated me. But I wondered if Andy's comment was a put-down and glanced up at him.

He'd been watching me stare at Matt's cock. His eyebrows shot up as he saw me looking at him. He grinned. "Glad you're not making a liar out of me, Jack," he told me. "From Walt's reaction, I think he'd confirm that you're the best cocksucker he's ever met, too."

"Ahh, that's the truth," Walt confirmed sincerely. "I've never before felt pressures on the entire length of my dick, like that. I've never felt such strong pressures like that. I didn't want it to stop. It was fantastic!"

"I think you've found another steady customer, Jack. Just like I was in my freshman year," Andy announced. "My only disappointment in transferring to a college with a better lacrosse team, was breaking my routine contacts with you." His admission delighted me. I wondered why he hadn't said something to me at the time. Why had he chosen to remain one of the anonymous steadies?

Matt's cock pressing against my face interrupted my thoughts. I opened my mouth and lapped at his balls. They squirmed with delight and I continued bathing them with my tongue. Suddenly, Matt stiffened and pulled back as we heard a key turn in the lock. Oh, oh, I thought, this must mean trouble.

I looked towards the foyer and saw yet another tall, handsome, semi-nude, young man come into the room. When he saw us he stopped dead in his tracks. He was wearing only a small pair of running shorts and a pair of running shoes without socks. He seemed slimmer than the others, but just as sexy.

"Wow!" was the first thing he said, stretching out the word in amazement. The naked four of us must have made quite an unexpected sight, especially with me leaning over in front of Matt in such a compromising position.

"Jack, this is Mike," Andy said. Mike looked at me there, naked with a throbbing hardon and grinned. "Mike," Andy went on, "this is the Jack I've been telling you about. I was lucky. I met him at the awards, tonight. Isn't this great?"

Walt interrupted and added, "We decided to pretend we had a glory hole here, Mike. Find out what he's like. Jack's just what Andy's been telling us. A world class cocksucker. I know," he admitted, rubbing his slowly re-inflating cock, "he just gave me the blowjob of my life. You've gotta try it."

Mike smiled at me and looked me in the eye. "I've been out running. Should I shower, or do ya like 'em natural?" he asked me. He kicked off his shoes and came over to us.

"Natural!" both Andy and Walt chimed in together, answering for me. I glanced up at Andy, wondering why he'd said that. He grinned at me. "Spice is the variety of life, man. You know you'll love a little sweat." I couldn't disagree but wondered how he knew so much about it.

My thoughts were stopped as Matt leaned his crotch back into my face. His cock was still as stiff and throbbing as ever, still oozing precum, and looked set for blast off. I opened my mouth to it, hooking a finger around the stiff shaft to aim the cockhead. It was larger than Walt's but slid in smoothly. Matt sucked in his breath noisily as the pleasures of my sucking were felt. "Oooh," he sighed, "this feels wonderful!"

I saw Mike in the corner of my eye removing his running shorts. Beneath it he had on a small swimmer's jock. He left it on and squatted down right next to Matt and me to get a close up view of the action. I liked that. It seemed very friendly, and sexy. I wanted to please him and give him a show worth remembering, so I put on my very best display of deep-throating cocksucking. I drew Matt's cock in to the very hilt, so deep Mike could see nothing but my face pressed against Matt's fine abs, then pulling back to the very tip, almost letting the cock pop out of my mouth before sucking it back down to the hilt again. And again. And again. Over and over. Joining with Matt in a wonderfully steady, full stroked connection. It was great!

"Jesus!" Mike sighed, "What a sight. Look at this cocksucker handle Matt's big meat with such ease. Fuck! It looks so sexy, I think I'm gonna cream my jockstrap!"

I glanced sideways at him, quickly, not diminishing my efforts on Matt's cock. His squatting figure with his knees spread wide showed a bulging jock-pouch pushed halfway down an incredibly thick cockshaft. It was a heart-stopping sight. For a moment, I thought I'd come just looking at it. I don't know what I had been expecting from this slim, handsome fellow, but such a broad, big tool was a surprise. I had to concentrate on relaxing. I had not been jacking off, knowing I'd shoot too quickly, but my cock was so stiff and strained that it almost hurt. My reactions must have caused an increase in my suction, because Matt started to groan.

"Oh. Oh. Oh," he began repeating over and over. With each "Oh" he humped his hips at me, forcing himself into me completely.

"Wow!" Mike said softly, and he reached out and slid his hand up the back of Matt's thigh and onto his buttocks. Matt stiffened. The touch of Mike's hand put him over the brink and he came. After the first two deep spurts, I backed off, aimed the cock at my mouth, flattened my tongue and let two more spurts fly from Matt's cock directly onto my tongue. It gave the three on-lookers, but especially Mike, a terrific look at Matt's erupting cock and gooey white cum, before I sucked the cock back in and swallowed it and the cum down my throat.

"Fuck!" Mike said. "Did you guys see that?" He looked up at Andy and Walt. Walt's reinvigorated cock was inches from his face and he looked startled to find it so close. He quickly glanced back at me. His face flushed. I raised and lowered my eyebrows a couple of times as I continued to milk Matt dry, letting Mike know I liked what I saw. He grinned at me, but he watched Matt with eyes that grew wide as his spent but still stiff large cock was slowly withdrawn.

As Matt backed away with a sigh on contentment, I stood up and stretched. My erection pulsated in front of Mike's still squatting figure. He stared at it in fascination. It was almost as large as Andy's, was oozing precum, and looked ready to explode. I had a feeling Mike might like to take a few laps at it but we both got diverted when Andy asked, "What about you, Mike?" The question hung in the air. Did Andy sense Mike's interest in my cock, too, I wondered, or was he just suggesting that Mike fuck my mouth next.

Mike rose up next to me. His jockstrap got pushed down even further on the cockshaft as he stood. The sight of him was very appealing. He glanced at Andy and then said to me, "I'm gonna shoot, man. This is about the sexiest scene I've ever witnessed, and it got me so hot to trot."

I turned towards him and squatted down, tugging on both sides of his jock as I did, uncovering his big balls in the process. For a slim man, he had a very thick cock. It appeared disproportional to his fine body, but delightfully so. I glanced up at Andy. His cock was still as stiff as ever. He's very patient, I thought.

I sniffed at Mike's crotch as I leaned in, expecting some rank smells from the sweaty athlete, but was surprised and pleased to discover those heady, rich odors of healthy, fresh sweat and hot cock - masculine, appealing and tantalizing. My saliva glands set off a heavy flow at the smell - a true aphrodisiac! I cupped his heavy balls and tugged him towards my mouth. He leaned in cooperatively and jabbed his hips at me. I spend time lapping at the salty sac with a deep appreciation of his delicious taste. I bobbed upwards to capture the head of his cock and sucked a good portion of the organ into my eager mouth. The thickness of the weapon stretched my lips. He humped and pumped his whole body at me, trying to get the entire cock into me all at once, shuffling his feet to move in even closer. He was enthusiastic in his efforts. I loved it!

"That's it," Walt whispered huskily, watching the action, "fuck that cocksucker's mouth, man."

"Yeah," Matt agreed, "pound it to 'im."

But, to me, Andy said, excitedly, "Suck that cock!"

Mike picked up on that and hissed, "Yessss," drawing out the word in obvious sexual ecstasy, "Suck my cock! Suck it good, man. That's it. That's it, take all of it down your fuckin' throat. Oooh, man, that feels so good."

Having already sucked two big cocks, I was able to accommodate Mike's thick meat with less difficulty than I had anticipated. No doubt, the semen in my mouth and throat made the difference. The drinks I'd had were having their effects, too, freeing me of my usual constraints and fears, and allowing me to enjoy thoroughly the unreserved, public sexuality of these men. In the back of my mind, sure, I may have felt I was being used, overwhelmed, and maybe being taken advantage of by the four of them, but their spirit of open friendliness and frank enjoyment of my talents for cocksucking put me at ease. I was having the time of my life, although, idly, I wondered what it would have been like had I not been a willing participant in this group sex. The thought of being forced to perform for them wasn't exactly the turn off I might have once expected it to be.

As I was taking care of Mike, Walt slowly moved around us to stand, first at my side, and then behind me, looking over my shoulder as it were. He seemed particularly fascinated by the action. I felt his knee press against my buttocks as I squatted before Mike, then felt his hand on my shoulder as he leaned in over me to watch. Then I felt his head next to mine as he moved in to get a really good look. The pressures he exerted on me were stimulating. I worked harder to give Mike a terrific time and to display to Walt the finer techniques of deep-throated cocksucking. I bobbed on the large cock and on upward movements, felt Walt's fat weapon slid against my back erotically. Walt seemed to appreciate the enjoyment of the intimate contact and began to press against me more sensuously. His other hand moved to his cock and he pressed it against me more urgently, sliding the big organ back and forth as I moved up and down. I pushed back against him. It felt wonderful.

Mike groaned, directly watching the loving contact between Walt and me below his very eyes. "Look at these two fuck around," he whispered huskily. Suddenly, every muscle on his finely developed frame tensed. He fucked cock into my face with a final thrust, and he came. I rose up to hold the spewing cockhead in my mouth, tasting his terrific semen and, as I did so, Walt slid his cock downward and poked it between the cheeks of my ass. I would have said something had I been able to open my mouth at that moment. But I was too busy handling Mike's extremely heavy load, swallowing as fast as I could. It was great!

As soon as Mike withdrew, and before I could compose myself and move free of Walt's probing, hot meat, Andy stepped into my face. There it was. The one cock I really loved. Vibrating solidly, rigidly, eagerly in front of me. Without thinking I moved towards it. But Andy backed a step or two away. I leaned further, still supporting Walt's weight with his hand on my shoulder, but Andy took yet another step back. I straightened up from the squat, leaning over in order to reach Andy's cock, feeling Walt almost lying on top of me, his sticky cockhead poking at my asshole, when suddenly Walt realized what was happening. He straightened his arm, pushing himself off of my back, grabbed my hips and thrust his stiff erection at me.

I looked up at Andy's face. He was intently watching Walt's action. He caught my look and grinned, grabbed his cock and pointed it at my mouth. "Want it?" he asked tauntingly. I realized his question included both my wanting his cock in my mouth and Walt's cock in my ass.

"Yes!" I agreed quickly.

He pressed forward and the smooth, thick prick slid easily into my eager mouth. At last, I sighed to myself, recognizing the wonderful contours of the familiar organ, tasting its clean flavors over the tastes of semen in my mouth, and remembering how easily suckable it was. During such a complete divergence of my attention, Walt thrust his fat cockhead into me past my sphincter. I reacted to the unexpected fullness by trying to stand up, but Andy put both hands on my shoulders, holding me down, and humped more of his fine cock into me. I calmed down.

"Fuck! Is he tight!" Walt announced. "Oooh, is he hot!"

"Look at that!" Matt said in awe, standing to one side of us slowly beating his meat.

"Yeah!" Mike sighed in agreement, "What a fuckin' sight!" He was on the other side of us and had squatted down to get a closer look at the action. I was able to take a quick glance at him and noticed he was eyeing my straining, leaking erection with interest. I took my left hand from Andy's hip and tried to point my stiff cock at Mike, waggling it enticingly. I saw his eyes open with surprise.

"Go for it!" Andy encouraged from above, seeing the interest in Mike's face.

Walt had been waiting for me to adjust to the penetration and accommodate his fat cock, and realized what was happening. "Right on," he agreed. "Take it, man. If I wasn't so preoccupied, I'd lap it up, myself."

"You would?" two of them asked in unison.

"Fuck, yes," Walt answered immediately, "he's as hot to trot as we are, can't you see that? He's gonna bust a nut any second now. No harm in helpin' him out. Is there?"

"No, but we've never really gone much beyond just jackin' off together," Matt announced. It gave me a mental picture of these four in a circle jerk together that almost made me shoot my load right then and there.

"Well, tonight's the night, then, fellows," Walt told them, "and I can't think of a better way to begin than takin' this sexy guy's hot load. Look what he's been doin' for us. Go to it Mike. It might choke you, but it won't hurt. And I do believe you'll find it interestin'."

"Yeah," Andy agreed enthusiastically, "do it and tell us what you think of it."

"Yeah," Matt added, "see how much you'll like it." Something in his voice indicated envy, a kindred spirit. Getting any of these four alone for lovemaking would prove liberating, I was certain.

The brief conversation about it didn't relax my efforts to give complete enjoyment to Andy and Walt. By now, Andy was deep within my throat and Walt had slowly inched himself into my rectum. As they saw Mike lean down at my waist to move closer to my cockhead, they stiffened and thrust deeper.

"That's it," Andy encouraged.

"Do it!" Walt commanded.

"Oh!" Matt sighed with feeling. He was beating his meat near my shoulder, leaning in to watch Mike's approach from the other side of my body. I released my cock and slid my left hand up his thigh till it slid onto his balls. He stopped pumping and dropped his fist from his cock. I took over the masturbation, blindly but caressingly, noting that the organ was slick with oozing precum. It felt marvelous in my hand and I liked the fact that Matt was not being left out of the group.

Mike's stiff, butch haircut tickled exotically against my belly as he leaned in to reach my erection. He suctioned in the plump glans in one movement and with great pressure. If he were inexperienced, I wouldn't have known it from the pleasures that enveloped me. His hot, moist, rough tongue swirled a couple of times around the extremely sensitive cockhead. My body rose to those peaks of unforgettable ecstasy where my sucking becomes so frenzied no cock is able to withstand the attack without unloading its juices and where my rectal control exerts such delightful pressures no cock can withhold delivering its prize. My orgasm was just beginning to churn through my body when I felt a splat of semen on my back from the thick weapon in my hand and I blasted off into Mike's mouth.

The sight of Matt's cum on my back also lifted both Andy and Walt to complete fulfillment. Andy was in so deep that I couldn't taste his cum. Walt was humping so deeply I thought I felt his cum fill my chest. It was wonderful! One of the best orgasms of my life, enhanced by an understanding that I had been a catalyst for the expansion of the sexual horizons of these four sexy men. And Mike was taking my entire load without hesitation, swallowing between spurts. If it were really his first load, I knew he wouldn't want it to be his last.

Amid the huffing and puffing, the bumping and grinding, the stretching and relaxing, the eventual wind-down from orgasm, I sensed changes had occurred. All of us seemed more at ease with one another. We disconnected slowly, talking excitedly about the heady pleasures of our group sex. An aura of deep friendliness permeated the easy banter. At their suggestion, and with fresh drinks in hand, we all went into an unusually large master bathroom to shower together. Two or even three of us at a time crowded into the shower stall as the others watched. The room was mirrored and well lit and we studied one another as we cleaned up, soaping each other's backs, while continually expressing our pleasure at the evening's developments.

Once again, though, it occurred to me that this could have turned out much differently had I been an unwilling partner to their demanding young hormonal drives. What would have happened, I wondered, had Andy picked up someone less willing to go along with the high-spirited sex play? The question intrigued me. I had to admit to myself that, somehow, I felt a certain fascination for the fantasy of being forced to service these big sexy bruisers.

But the evening wasn't over. The showers were not meant to be a conclusion to our sexual activity, I realized, just a pause, a refresher. I still wanted to see if Andy's earlier comment that Walt "outlasts" everyone would prove true. After two orgasms, he was still flaunting a strong erection in the shower. Mike was hard, too. So was Matt, and, well, so was I! The night was young and I figured I'd be lucky to get out of there by daybreak. Andy smiled at me through the mirror, his beautiful cock back on the rise again, and I knew I didn't give a damn when I got out of there. This is where I wanted to be. This is where we ALL wanted to be.

We toweled off and, at my request, formed a circle in the bright, mirrored room. We had the stirrings of a circle-jerk - just long enough to burn into my memory the scene of the five of us jacking off together - before someone else decided to test the tightness of my ass and another wanted to experience once again the strength of my suctioning throat. I was delighted to oblige and was fascinated to see how even more lascivious it all seemed reflected in the mirrors where I could observe the action from every angle. Although baseball has always been my game, lacrosse began to look very interesting that night.


Jack Sofelot


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