I was frightened, arrested for just a little weed. I have never been

to jail and of course did not look forward to it. The cops were quite pleasant and I

actually enjoyed the comfort of the conversation riding to lock-up. Once inside things

changed, there were strange noises and people crying and yelling obscenities. The

smell was really bad, like an old urinal or something. I noticed a few scared

looking faces and a couple people looking like they had been through a war. My knees

were shaking and I could not hide my fear of this horrible place to be, even though it was

just the local lock-up.

After some paper work, and a very unpleasant strip search I was

placed in a cell with four other men. Only one of them took notice of me and nodded his

head as a greeting. I soon realized that they were all friends because of the way they

were dressed. They were looking right through me and could tell it was my first time

locked-up. I was fresh meat!! And I knew it. Their eyes pierced my body like big sharp

lawn darts. I had the sensation that I was deep into some shit, well over my head. The bad

news was that I was going to be there for a while, I would not be able to see a judge

until the morning. As the cell door was locked behind me I just stood there against

one of the walls, trying not to be noticed.

They left me alone for the first twenty minutes and then two of the

smaller men came up to me and finally spoke. After some small talk, they asked me if I

wanted to sit on the only bench in the cell. I sat and began to feel a little better with

my new found friends. We all talked about why we were there, and how hot it was in the

cell. The four of them removed their shirts and loosened their pants, I naturally followed

suit and removed my shirt. I did at that time not think anything of this. I used my shirt

to wipe the perspiration off my face and upper body and noticed that the rest of them just

kept looking at me like I was some kind of prime steak. I did feel the sexual

tension in the stale air of the cell, and was both excited and worried.

Now three of us were sitting on the bench and I felt excited having

some hot guys shirtless and leaning against me. The oldest and biggest of the bunch Ben

reached over and just placed his massive hand on my cock. I had an instant erection and

was so startled, I pulled back quickly, and my shoulders met with the bare back of one of

the guys. I was so hot at this time I just stood up and stripped my pants off, I knew what

was going to happen and wanted it. All of them began placing their hands on me and roughly

pulling on my flesh. My cock was so swollen and in need of relief I started stroking it

through my pants. They all watched with pleasure and began rubbing down their own meat.

The self-masturbation continued for a few minutes in total silence, the cell

started to smell like sex.

The guys all stripped and we began pulling and stroking each other

wildly, I laid on my back on the bench. They all took turns sucking on my cock. I squirted

all over two of them and turned over on the bench. With my ass spread wide open they all

took turns dipping their hot meaty lust sticks. Plunge after plunge, pump after pump, they

filled me with enough meat that I would last all winter!!! They all took turns cumming

inside me and then having me lick off the excess juices. This cell sex party continued

through the night, mutual masturbation, gang banging each other and more. I would not want

to be the one to have to clean up that cell, it was full of cum and sweat. Lock-up was not

so bad after all.





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