"Dylan! Sean! Get over here!" Coach yelled!

we both came over to our cross country coach.

"whats up?" we asked

"You both did awful today, GO RUN THE COURSE" i guess that was a punishment, the course wasn't hard but it was long. We started running and we just started talking. Talking about randoms stuff. When we turned around to go back to the school we started talking about some sexual fantasies that we've thought of. I lied of course because I didn't want Sean to think that I was bisexual because it might have freaked him out. We weren't really close friends we talked every once in a while about school stuff but thats really it. So we finally got back to the school and we walked into the gym. Everyone.already.fucking.left.

Even coach! WTF? We checked the locker rooms, nobody and nobody was in the coaches office either. The lights were off in the locker room, the Janitor must have thought everyone went home.

"There's a switch in coach's office come here" Sean said. He went into the small office and started looking through the desk drawers. "DUDE WTF come look at this!" he said

He showed me a stack of magazines and pictures from the bottom drawer. THEY WERE NAKED MEN. SOME OF THE BOYS IN THE LOCKER ROOM!

"Why would he be so stupid and keep them here?" he asked. I thought he would get freaked out and just throw them back in the desk but he kept looking through and made comments like "oh" and the occasional "Wow" I could see that his dick was getting harder. Could he be gay? I hoped so.

He put them back in the desk and turned the switch on for the locker room lights. We went in to the showers. He took the stall 2 down from me. All of a sudden the lights went out again. I didn't say anything though. I kind of just waited for Sean to say something. But i didn't hear anything. Just the sound of the water hitting the floor and down the drain. But shortly after they went off I felt something against me. "don't say anything" he said he turned me around spread my ass open and shoved his hard dick in my ass. He kept pushing it in and out. after a while he asked "Do you like my big dick?" I could only respond with a big

"FUCK YES" he pulled out, took off the condom he was wearing (i don't know why he was wearing one in the shower w.e) and got me on my knees then shoved his big shaft in my mouth. I loved it. It was throbbing warm. I could feel it start to throb more and more I could tell he was ready to release his load. "Wait, not yet" i said pushing him down to his knees. I made him suck my dick until i was ready to cum. "are you ready?" I asked

He just looked up with a sexy look and i could tell he was. I got him on his back on the hard floor and jizzed all over his chest and some in his face. He kept stroking his dick and BOOM he ejaculated all over himself too. I mixed the jizz together with my fingers and put them in his mouth. He kept sucking on my fingers. We layed there on the floor panting on each other. I drove him to my house where he stayed the night and we only stopped fucking when we had to eat.

High school is amazing.




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