'Damn, that's a fine ass' I thought to myself, the beautiful bubble butt in front of me was making my mouth water. The white pants he wore were so tight I could see the dark shadow of his crack and the outline of his jockstrap showed perfectly. I was mesmerized.

'Miller! What the hell are you doing!'

Coach Baker's shouting made me come round from my trance to see the other team's running back stride past me and score a touchdown.

'Miller, what the hell is wrong with you! Why didn't you take him down, he was right next to you!'

'I erm.....'

'Fucking good job this wasn't the real thing, now go do 5 laps of the track and the rest of you guys, hit the showers.

Coach was fucking pissed, we had been having a practise game ahead of the state championship, which we hadn't won in 6 years and coach was desperate to win. That's why he was so harsh with me, he never usually gives out punishments, especially to one of his star players.

Not that I minded too much, I was in great shape and the laps gave me time to think more about the handsome quarterback; Jason Young. Now, most of the guys on the team were pretty fine, I couldn't think of anyone who wasn't in great shape but there was something about Jason. He was about 6ft tall, cropped blond hair, about 210 with the most beautiful, defined abs and an ass that looked like it was sculpted from marble. I pictured it in all its glory that I got to see every time in the showers, making me pissed that I wasn't going to get to see it today and cursed to myself. I don't know how I had got so hung up on this guy, I'd never thought about another man like that before and I had an amazingly hot girlfriend, who kept me satisfied in bed but somehow this dude got me all hot and bothered.

I sprinted to finish the final lap, pleased with how easy I found it, and slowly walked back to the locker room, knowing I'd missed my chance to see that fine body and so took the chance to flirt with some of the cheerleaders along the way. I got back to the locker room to find that everyone had already left so I took the chance to have a nice long shower. I got out to find that there weren't any towels left, I guessed I had been there so long they had been tidied away but I knew that coach had some in his office so I walked over to get one. I was just about to open the door when I looked through the glass and was stunned by what I saw

Jason Young, the star quarterback was on his knees sucking on two big cocks; coach Baker's (which was at least 8 inches) and assistant coach Lee's (which at least 7 inches and one of the fattest I had ever seen) and the two coaches were making out with each other.

'Fuuuuck' I said to myself as my dick became instantly hard, I don't know why I was so turned on watching another man suck cock but it made me fucking horny. However, I didn't know what to do, I knew I should probably leave and pretend I never saw anything but something was stopping me from moving – the scene in front of me was so fucking erotic. My dilemma soon ended when coach Lee looked up and saw me, a look of panic spread across his face and came over to the door and pulled me in.

'What the fuck are you doing here!' he shouted at me, I didn't know what to say so I just stood there silently.

'Fuck' said Jason sounding worried, 'You can't tell anyone about this Miller!, Oh fuck' he continued to curse under his breath.

'Relax, everyone' Coach Baker then said calmly 'Look at the huge hard dick he got there, he's wanting to join in'

Coach Lee turned around and smirked at me, 'Well do you?'

'I erm.... I don't know' was all I could manage, though I was so horny my head was screaming yes.

'I'll take that as a yes then' Coach Lee said and with that came over to me,dropped to his knees and took my rock hard 7.5incher into his mouth. Now, many girls had sucked my dick before but none had ever felt as good as this studly man taking it all the way down his throat without even gagging. I started to feel light headed as the coach deep throated my dick, playing with my balls at the same time, as I glanced over to see Jason and coach baker on top of the desk in a 69. The site of these hot muscle guys sucking cock and the feeling of a throat on my dick made be blow my load, I pushed the coach's head down on my dick as I screamed out and shot my load down his throat.

Coach Lee didn't flinch at all and took my whole load, 'Damn, that was a big load' he chuckled as he stood up, cum trickling out the side of his mouth. He stood up straight and looked right into my eyes, I knew what was coming as he leant in but I didn't move a muscle. His lips smashed into mine, I only resisted for a moment but it was so erotic I opened my mouth and let his tongue in and started to kiss him back with just as much force. I could taste my cum in his mouth, but it didn't repulse me, it made me even hornier and I knew my dick wasn't gonna go down for a long time.

'Nice show boys' coach Baker growled

We broke away to see coach Baker on his back, his lightly haired abs and pecks rippled as Jason was crouched down eating his hairy ass. Jason looked over to us, but avoided eye contact with me, I think he was still a little embarrassed I had caught him sucking dick, but I couldn't of been more excited by the find.

'So, you had your first man blowjob, now you wanna fuck your first man ass? Coach Baker said as he beckoned me over.

Jason moved away as coach Baker lifted his toned legs up to reveal his beautiful round ass.

'Put a bit of lube on your dick, Jason has got my ass all ready and waiting' he said, pointing to the lube on his desk. I quickly squirted a bit on and rubbed it on my throbbing dick and lined it up to his hot pink hole.

'Go all the way in stud, I can take it' Coach said, looking lustfully at me.

With one swift thrust, my dick entered his hot ass, we both let out a moan of pleasure as I pushed my dick in balls deep. I had never had anything feel as good as this, it felt so tight and alive, nothing like fucking a girl. I started thrusting harder in and out as I got into a rhythm, blocking out everything else around me, I could occasionally hear the coach moaning telling me to fuck him harder. I wasn't aware of where the others were until I felt something wet and warm, lick my ass.

'Fuuuuuuuck!' I moaned in pleasure.

'Yeah you like that stud?' I turned to see coach Lee spreading my cheeks and sticking his tongue in my ass, now I really was in ecstasy. I turned back to see Jason stood over Coach Baker as I pumped his ass, Jason's beautiful 8 incher stood out in front of me. He looked at me lustfully and I knew what I had to do, I reached forwards and gripped his cock and pulled it towards my mouth.

I took it down my throat as far as I could, it was so erotic tasting this muscle god's beautiful dick, I really was in heaven as coach Lee began probing at my ass with his fingers. I pushed back on his fingers as it felt so fucking good and I moaned around the dick in my mouth. Suddenly Jason pulled back, releasing his cock from my mouth.

'Right, my turn now, I gotta have that beautiful dick in my ass' Jason announced.

I pulled out of Coach Bakers ass as Jason led me to the couch where got down on all fours, and arched his back, showing me his beautiful hole, my mouth watered and knew what I had to do. I crouched down and licked across his hole, it tasted so fucking good and stuck my face between his cheeks and ate his gorgeous ass. I was leaking a whole load of precum and I couldn't hold back anymore, I stood up, line up my dick and penetrated his hole. Jason moaned as my balls slapped his ass and I started to fuck him.

Coach Baker's hole had felt amazing, but this felt even better, I pounded him as he moaned, I could hear more moans and I turned around to see Coach Lee sat on top of Coach Baker, riding his huge dick. Seeing that hot little coach get his ass plowed made even hornier and I know I couldn't last long, I started fucking even harder, building up to to blowing my load. I felt Jason's ass tighten around my cock and heard him moan, I knew he had just come and this feeling got me right up to climax.

'Awww yeah, cum in my ass' Jason shouted as I unloaded deep in his hole, it felt so fucking good and I knew Jason was loving it as his ring clamped against my dick and I collapsed over his back.

'Fucking hot show boys' Coach Lee shouted, pulling himself off coach Baker's huge dick, 'But I need a go on that ass now'.

I pulled out as he walked over, Jason pushed his ass out again and Coach Lee pushed his dick straight in the hot hole. I looked on at the hot scene, my dick still raging hard, even though I had come twice already. Coach Baker came over and pushed me onto the couch, next to Jason in the same position, all fours and ass up.

'I don't think I can get fucked' I moaned, suddenly worried this might be where it was going.

'I'm only gonna eat that beautiful ass, ya like that don't you?' Coach Baker chuckled.

All I could do was moan in reply as his tongue went straight into my ass, he began stabbing his tongue in my hole and licking around it, making my cock leak precum everywhere. I turned to look at Jason who was getting his ass plowed by Coach Lee, he turned to me and our faces came together as we had one of the hottest kisses I ever had, our tongues exploring each others mouth. I began to feel a finger in my ass, I pushed back to let the coach get more access I loved the feeling of his finger exploring my hole.

Gradually he put another one and I moaned even louder, my cock leaking even more, he then pushed another one in and started finger fucking me with the three fingers he shoved in my ass, it felt so fucking good and I wanted more, when suddenly he pulled them all out.

'Aww fuck, don't stop' I moaned

'I thought you didn't want me to fuck you? All I got left is this' he said swinging his cock.

'I don't know if I can take it' I said, trying to sound like I didn't want to try, but really I was begging for it.

He started rubbing his dick over my hole, sticking his fingers in as he did. I couldn't take it anymore.

'Oh fuck me coach, fuck me' I whispered

'What, I didn't hear you?' He laughed, teasing me now

'Fucking fuck me with that dick!' I shouted

'As you wish' he laughed and lined up his dick to my hole, I arched my back sticking my hole out, preparing for entry. He pushed in hard and fast and it popped through my hole, a shot of pain went through me and I tried to shout but Jason grabbed my head and turned to kiss me to keep me quiet. Coach pushed all the way in and I felt his balls slap my ass, I couldn't believe I had all 8 inches buried in me, and it felt fucking awesome.

He kept it there for a moment to let me adjust and I started to moan, wanting him to fuck me, my cock throbbing, he got the hint and started fucking my tight ass. I had never felt anything so good and I could never imagine getting fucked would make me feel the way it did.

'Oh damn, this tight virgin ass, feels so good, i'm not gonna last' Coach purred as he sped up the pounding, he pushed really hard, I heard a loud moan and then I felt the cum erupt in my ass as he unloaded inside me.

'That was fucking amazing, I need a rest' Coach said as he pulled out my ass and took a seat behind his desk.

'I need to try that hot muscle ass' said Jason as Coach Lee pulled out of him and he came behind me, He pushed in straight away, and there was no pain this time, just pure pleasure and I was glad someone else was now fucking my ass. He pounded hard and fast as coach Lee came round to my face and shoved his hard dick in my mouth. I had a cock in both ends and it felt fucking amazing, sex with a girl was never like this, suddenly I felt Jason lurch forward as cum started shooting in my ass and he let out a large moan. Coach Lee quickly pulled out his dick from my mouth and came round to my ass.

'Great my turn now' he said with glee as Jason moved out the way and pushed his dick in balls deep, his dick was a lot thicker than the others and I let out a large moan. It felt so fucking good, as it stretched my ass, I knew I couldn't hold it in much longer, the fat dick was hitting me in all the right places and I shot my third load all over the couch, without even touching my dick. My orgasm triggered coach Lee's orgasm and he lay on my back as he unloaded deep in my hole.

'Awww fuck' I moaned as he pulled out of me and I lay on the couch, I could feel the cum running out my ass. My head was spinning, I just got sucked off by a dude, fucked a dude, sucked a cock and got fucked in the ass by three men. I had never even imagined doing anything like that but yet I felt so fulfilled and satisfied, knowing I could never go back to sex with a woman. And the sexy muscle stud I had secretly fantasised about was into man sex, I had never felt so satisfied.

'Well boys, great work' Coach Baker bellowed.

'I think you've earned starting positions for the big game, and if you win you have big rewards coming your way' He looked at me and Jason and winked.

'Right, hit the showers' he shouted, as if he was still just the coach and what we just did had never happened.

Me and Justin rushed out, smirking at each other.


Chris Miller

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