I don't know how it got to this. There were totally hot guys all around me. Naked. They were desperately fucking each other in all positions. Moans fill the room. And then I see him. His sharp blue eyes are filled with surprise, and he quickly pulls his 9 inch fully erect cock out of some guys ass.

"Alex! What are you doing here? I'm so so sorr-" he tries to explain. I push past him and run out of the house.

3 Months Earlier:

Today is the first day of swim practice. I'm a freshman, and just recently moved to Webber College. My name is Alex Wayne and i'm about 5'10" and I have a relatively tan, lean body. I have brown hair and deep brown eyes. I'm not built super muscular, but I do have small pecs and my abs are starting to become visible.

Anyways, I walk into the locker room. Nobody's in here. Shit. I'm late for the first practice. I quickly throw my drag suit on and head to the pool. Thats when I saw him for the first time. He's standing on the starting block in a very confident manner. He has a chiseled chest and completely beautiful abs. His arms above his head are super muscular. He wears nothing but a skimpy little speedo. I can see the outline of what looks like a monster penis bulging against the fabric. I gawk and my eyes move to his face. He has beautiful features and his blonde, messy hair compliments his white skin perfectly.

The whistle blows and I lose my perfect view as he dives gracefully into the pool. I walk over to the coach and apologize for being late and jump into the pool. Throughout the whole practice, I can't get his beautiful image out of my head. After a tough practice, everyone gets out of the pool and walks to the locker room.

I have always been extremely skittish when it comes to showing off my body. I mean, I look good and my dick is actually a pretty good size, but being naked in front of people just makes me uncomfortable. I wait until I'm almost positive everyone is gone and I try to change as quickly as possible. As I strip down naked, and attempt to pull my boxers on, I feel a hand slap my ass cheek. I quickly pull my boxers up and turn around. I nearly faint. It's him. And he is completely naked.

"Hey, my name is Jake," said the gorgeous guy. It was the same guy I was checking out earlier at the pool. I stare longingly into his beautiful blue eyes. "I'm a senior here, I guess your new? A freshman? Or a transfer?"

I try to keep my eyes from flitting down to his beautiful dick as a reply "Oh, I'm a freshman. But its nice to meet you I'm Alex."

"Nice to meet you too, Alex." He extends his hand out for a shake, and I grab his hand. And then my self control fails. My eyes dart down to his penis, and I am baffled. It had to be at least 6 inches long flaccid!

"Oh, you like what you see?" Jake asks. 'Oh, no,' I think to myself 'I've ruined it.'

"Errhm, well I just... you see..." I stutter. He still has a hold of my hand and smirks. He pulls me in close and places his my hand on his perfectly sculpted stomach. I gasp and hold my breath. He slowly moves my hand down his stomach and his pubic hair tickles my fingers. He wraps my hand around the middle of his cock and lets my hand go. I am in shock. He leans closer, and presses his chest into mine.

"You're cute. I guess I'll see you around," he whispers in my ear, his breath tickling my cheek. He turns, and his hand brushes against the tent thats protruding from my boxers. It sends shivers up my spine. I stare at his bubble ass as he struts away.

I finish pulling on all my clothes and dash out of the locker room. I sit on a a park bench with my head propped up by my hands. I've never really thought about being gay before, but after meeting Jake, I'm sure I am.

To Be Continued...

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