It was my sophomore year in high school, and i knew I had a thing for guys. In my opinion I was attractive, well fit guy. I knew many girls that liked me, but for some reason they never gave me the excitement I looked for. I fooled around with both girls and guys, nothing more than blow jobs exchanged. And it was fact; guys did it way better than girls.

Being in high school, I loved the locker room. So I took every opportunity to be in there with the guys. This year I planned to do something different and go out for baseball. To be honest I had a thing for most of the guys on the team from last year. I made the team, and enjoyed the long earned showers at the end of each practice.

I was held after class one day, which made me extremely late to practice. Running to the locker room praying the coach wouldn't chew me out, I ran into a familiar face. Elijah Johnson, quarterback of the football team and leading point guard of the basketball team. During school I normally keep to myself, not talking to many people. So I came to a shock when Elijah spoke to me.

'sup, you on the track team' Elijah questioned me.

'naw, baseball' I responded.

'baseball, black people don't play that'

I laughed and started to changed. I could feel his eyes watching me as I pulled down my shorts, but when I turned to look at him he would pretend like he wasn't watching me. I smirked and continued to change. He mumbled something but all I got out of it was 'head'. I looked at him with confusion and he repeated his statement.

'heard you give good head'

This was strange to me because I had never given head, or missed around with anyone he knew. I didn't answer him and bent over to tie my shoe. Instantly Elijah was behind me and pulled my shorts down. I pushed him in a playful manner, like most jocks do when joking around. He moved like he had the intention to hit me but instead he kissed me. At discomfort I move back, he smirked and with a cocky tone said:

'bitch I know you want it'

He pulled his shirt off, to show a perfect body. As he came closer I could see the hardon through his basketball shorts. Of course he saw where my eyes were attracted to and he moved in closer and dropped his shorts. He stated that he hated to wear underwear, and he jerked his perfect nine inch cock. As he expected I could not resist, I reached out to grab it when pulled me to my knees. As I tried to explain to him, I didn't give blow jobs. He simply didn't except the excuse, and push my head to the head of his penis. As I put my mouth around the nine inch cock tasting the warm meat sent static throughout my body. After about ten minutes Elijah started to tense up and moan. His white liquid shot to my face and drip to my mouth. Without letting a second pass, Elijah told me to drop the shorts and bend over.

What he did next came as a total shock to me. He opened my ass up, and gave me the best rimming ever. The technique he used with his tongue, showed previous experience. His fat juicy tongue left no area untouched, licking in and out; up and down my crack, Elijah was a professional. After a couple of bites, Elijah removed his mouth and inserted his dick. Fully hard he entered me slowly and whispered in my ear:

'promise I won't hurt you.'

I nodded as he continued; I felt the 'static' shot throughout my body again. With that I let out an extremely loud moan. He laughed and pushed even harder. Minutes later Elijah pulled out and shot on my back. He ran his tongue along the cum, gripped my dick and gave me the most passionate kiss I've ever had. He got and realized that practice was over, soon the locker room would be filled and we would have to address each other as if nothing happened. But before that we managed to clean up and shower together.

That day was amazing; having to set out the game was totally worth it. Throughout the season we continued to have these interactions and soon we became close friends without anyone suspecting our relationship.



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