I sneaked into the Boy's Locker Room, after gym, in the hopes of stealing one of their jock-straps... or to at least see one of them naked.

Then I saw it... Clay's used, dirty jock-strap. I quickly picked it up, and shoved it into my face; smelling the sweet sweat. Another guy's jock is a gay gay's paradise.

Then Clay walked out of the shower, soaked and completely hard.Water glistened off his hard abs, as he smiled at me.

'Hey guys!' he called, still smiling, 'We have company!'

Dozens of hot, dripping guys walked out of the showers, some of them totally stiff.

'Looks like we have a gay pervert on our hands,' Matt said with a grin.

'What do you suppose we do with him?' Will asked, rubbing his hard 8in cock.

'If your thinking what I'm thinking...' Keith said, glancing at Will's perfect cock. Keith's own cock started to stiffed.

'T say we teach him a lesson,' Jake said, walking toward me, cock in hand.

Clay bent me over, pulling down my pants. He spat on my tight asshole, before shoving his whole 9 inches into my ass. He pulled my head back by my hair, going at it even harder.

Jake stood in front of me pressing his head into my semi-open mouth. I took his 8in cock gladly. Keith stepped next to Jake, shoving in, along with Jake's, 9 inches of pure manhood.

Matt grabbed one of my hands, and made me jerk off his 8 1/2in cock. Will took the other hand.

I was so fucking happy.

Here I was, bending over a locker room bench, 5 of the schools hotted guy's fucking me. 2 in my mouth, 2 jerking them off, and one in my ass... Tears sprang into my eyes; tears of pure gay joy.

Someone, one of the dozens of other hot guy's circled around us, cheered, 'Yeah! Make that gay, fag cry!' Everyone cheered Will, Clay, Matt, Jake, and Keith on, as they fucked the shit out of me.

I was so fucking happy.

Clay's huge 9in cock pounded my ass; oh boy, was he huge, and hung like a son of a bitch. His ball sack hung almost to the center of his thighs. Every time he would jam his dick in me, his balls swung and hit mine.

Everyone of those awesome cocks felt like the beginning of life...

Soon, Will's lovely dick sprang forward thick, creamy ropes of cum. Most of in hit my face, some went on the bench I was bent over on.

Keith and Jake pulled out, and covered their cocks with Will's enormous amount of jiz, from my face and from the bench... I licked off any of the remainders. Then Keith and Jake shoved their cum-covered cocks back into my mouth.

Will's creamy, warm cum tasted wonderful in my mouth, along with the two mammoth cocks.

I started to pull away from Will's dick, but he said, ' What the fuck are you doing fag? Keep jerking me off!' So I did a I was commanded. Then Keith's cock unloaded into my hungry mouth, but he still kept going,driving harder into my mouth. Soon Jake came, then Matt. All making me lick it all off their cocks, and where it landed.

Then Clay's massive load shot into my ass filling it up to the brim. He pulled out his dripping dick.

'Have you learned you lesson now, fag? No? Answer me!'

'No, I haven't learned my lesson!' I said, panting, my mouth and ass full of warm jiz.

'Really...alright then, guys form a line!'

The dozens of guys watching lined up behind me, taking turns in my ass...





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