JT and I get together for some one on one bball at the local gym once a week. Normally he whips my ass. I wasn't gonna let him this week though. The gym was pretty empty save for a few people running, after all it was mid-afternoon. We started off the game pretty neck n neck, but soon it was off to the same thing that happens every week. JT uses his strength and his size to outplay me. I was getting thrown all over the court. Soon enough, he hit 50 points and we were done. We grabbed our stuff and headed for the locker room.

"I whooped your ass once more," he said, laughing as we entered.

"Yeah, yeah, it only because you play rough," I joked back.

The only other guy in the room finished up and walked out as we were unlocking our lockers. "I swear, I'll beat you next week," I told JT. "We were actually pretty close this time."

"I went easy on ya." He shot a smile at me, his pearly whites glistening in contrast to his sweaty, tan skin. We'd been friends for years, goin to the same high school and now goin to the local college as well. I'd always been attracted to him, but we were just great friends. I'd jack off thinking about him, but that's it. I never let him know that, because I didn't want it to ruin anything.

"You're gettin better though. Especially when you knocked me down. I didn't know you had it in ya," He said. He was acting kinda strange today, like everything he said was all a front.

He flashed me another smile as he leaned down and pulled off his baggy shorts and his jockstrap, exposing me to his perfectly muscular, bubble butt. I'd seen it tons of times, but it gets me horny every time. The sweat glistened off his rippling back as he put his clothes in his locker and grabbed his towel. I quickly stripped my sweaty clothes as well and followed.

Now JT is just a hunk of a man. Tan all over, save his underwear line, with white teeth, bulky torso, and prickly 5 o'clock shadow. He was built like a god, a wrestler in high school. His huge thighs framed his perfect ass and his meaty cock swung menacingly between his legs. But, the thing that sent me over the top were his eyes. There's something super sexy about a man with dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes.

I followed his swinging cock into the shower room and hung up my towel. He already had his shower on and was wiping the sweat off his body. There were no dividers between shower heads so I walked up to the one right next to his and grabbed the bar of soap to follow in suit with him.

"It feels good doesn't it," JT said to me, I assumed just about how nice it was to get a shower after a sweaty game. He turned toward me so his full glory was in my sight. Just then the bar slipped out of my hands and fell onto the floor. I bent down to pick it up and when I looked back up, I was face to face with his huge member. My heart beat quickly and I thought to myself 'is this it?'

Just then I felt his hand touch my head and pull me in. I took his giant dick in my mouth, sliding my tongue down the bottom side of his dick. His meat felt so good in there. I felt it start getting hard and I backed up, admiring his manhood. With the water slamming against my back I took a couple more good sucks on it before coming back up to great his lips. They were more than I could handle. They were so plump and his tongue was so strong, we sucked on each other's faces for quite awhile, years of pent up sexual tension being released.

His hands roamed down my chiseled torso and finally found my stiffening cock. He stroked it's length while our tongues danced with each other. He pulled away, shot me another one of those disastrous smiles, and went down on my cock, cupping my balls in his hand.

The pleasure was incredible. Years of weightlifting had made his whole body strong, even his mouth, as his tongue danced around my cockhead and his hands gently fondled my balls.

"Let's go all the way," he grinned up at me, those piercing blue eyes burning with lust.

"Let's move somewhere a little more comfortable first." I grabbed his cock as he got up and walked him back to the changing bench, water dripping from our bodies. We kissed, passionately for a little while longer, before he shoved me down on the bench. He bent down and took my thighs in his huge hands, and licked all the way from my taint up my hairy balls to the head of my cock. The pleasure was incredible.

Just then I felt his tongue start to play with the outside of my asshole. I let out a soft moan as he played around down there. Finally enough was enough. I told him to get on with it and he stood up, leaned over the bench to my face, gave me another hot kiss, and hocked a big spit into his palm. After lathering up his cock and my asshole, he put his huge dick to my ass and began to fuck me.

"Arggghnnnhgh," I moaned in pain as he shoved his dick all the way in. He slowly started going back and forth, but quickly picked up rhythm. I looked up at him, the subject of my desires, finally fucking my ass. His face was of intense enjoyment as more sweat started trickling down his short, buzzed hair. He grabbed my cock and started stroking it too.

"I've been wanting to do this for a while," he confessed to me. I was shocked. Damn! I thought. I could've had this sooner!

"Well now you've got me!" I replied. "Take my ass like the champ you are."

And he did. His pace quickened as he shoved is warm cock in my hole, his balls slapping against my ass. Just then I felt him grab my cock tightly as he tossed his head back. I felt loads of hot juice fill me up. His juice. It was awesome. He leaned forward, grabbing my pecs and twisted my nipples around. That right there was enough to send me over, after all that had happened. I shot my load all over my chest, he deflating dick still inside me. But we weren't done.

"You're turn," He said, a little winded.

He pulled out and leaned over, kissing me again, our lips dancing in the suckfest we were having. Using his brute strength, he picked me off the bench, our faces still locked. We stood there once more, my hard on rubbing up against his chest. We switched places and he sat down on the bench, pulling my dick toward him. He cupped my balls once more, gazed at me with those blue eyes, and started getting me hard again. I rubbed my hands over his head, fucking his face, and before long I was completely hard.

"Take my ass," he ordered me. And I gladly obliged. Pushing him back onto the bench, I knelt between his legs and shot my tongue into his asshole. God! It tasted so good. After tongue punching his hole a couple times, I inserted a finger, turning it gently in his hole. I could hear JT's groans as I inserted a second finger in it, making sure he was nice and loose before I fucked this muscle god.

I backed up, and wiped my cum, still on my chest, into my hands. Then using my own cum as lube, I shot my rod into his tight, bubble hole. He let out a yelp of pleasure and pain as I didn't take him easy, but started fucking like a rabid beast.

I bounced him back and forth as I worshipped his muscles, pulling down close to lick his nipple and suck on some more of his muscular tongue. I fucked his hole nice and hard for some time, jacking off his mushroom-headed dick too. He soon blew his load again, giving me some nice cum to rub around on his hairy chest. The pleasure I was getting from feeling his tight hole close in on my cock was tremendous and soon I was ready to blow my load too. I started to pull out so I could mix my cum with his, but then he shouted, "NO! I've waited for this for two years, no other guy have I wanted the cum inside of me from more than yours."

I shoved my dick back in, rapidly fucking his ass. I grabbed onto his chiseled pec. It was so hot and firm. Staring into his eyes, I reached my climax and let loose 6 loads of sperm inside him. I shuddered, squeezing his pec for support, and finally collapsed on top of him.

"We're not done yet," I grinned up at him. I pulled out, bent down, and started licking his asshole again. I licked up every last bit of cum drooling out. My cum. Then, with a mouth full of my own cum, I snuggled on top of him and let it loose in his mouth. Our passionate kissed seemed to last forever, as our hands explored each others muscles, deflating crotches still grinding against one another.

"I think we know what we'll be doing when we hang out from now on," he smiled up at me.

I gave him a peck on the lips, "Anytime. For you, I could go all night. Come on," I said as I got up, pulling his neck up with me. "We've gotta go take another shower now."

We laughed as we returned back to our still running faucets and in a bout of perfect timing, a man walked in from after work, the first and only person to walk in since we were in the locker room. I looked into his blue eyes once more as we smirked and showered off.

Needless to say, our ball games have continued, weekly, but we now hook up at night 2-3 times a week.



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