This rather short story is 100% true. It actually happened to me earlier today.

First lets set the scene. I live in a third floor flat in one block of three. The building is L shaped and the front part, onto a very busy main road, is all offices. The two blocks of flats form the bottom of the L and so are somewhat shielded from the road. Under the buildings is a joint underground car park with residents cellars on the same level under the offices. 

For some time I've had a thing about public and risky nudity. It's not that I want to be seen, it's the risk that I might be that gives me a buzz. I've only lived here for six months but already I've done a couple of things in the cellars and car park.

This morning I had gone down to get something from the car and decided to have a bit of fun. So I went over to the cellar, opened it and stripped. I was only thinking of wandering along the cellar corridor while wanking so left the keys in the lock of my cellar room. Then I decided to look out into the car park. "Must remember" I thought as I passed through the door from the cellars to the little lobby. " I can let the first door close but must keep the second one open without the keys. " and with that I let go of the first door and moved towards the second one which has a glass panel in the top half.

I opened the door and went through, stopping in the doorway and not letting the door close. Then I heard a car at the top of the ramp and the roller door starting to open. So I stepped back and let the door close and went to open the inner door. At that point I realised with horror what I had done. The door behind me, into the car park, is the one that doesn't lock. The one in front of me, the one between me and my keys and clothes, the one I had let close, was the door that locks. I was trapped. No way to get to my cellar with my keys and clothes and no way to get back to my flat. 

I turned to look out into the car park and recognised the car driving in. It was a colleague who lives on the ground floor. From where I was I couldn't see his parking place, but I did see his two kids walk to the stairs that lead to the outside of the building, but saw no sign of him. I had decided that if he was alone I would call him over and say that I was doing it to win a bet and had slipped up. But I waited a while and saw no sign of him. Eventually I decided to move out and use the lift shaft  to the first block (there's one to each of the flats blocks) to keep myself out of sight and see if I could see him. I peered round the corner but could see no sign. "He must have had something to take up and have used the lift." I thought.

So there I was . Naked as a new born babe, in the middle of the car park, with no way to get back to either my cellar or my flat. And one thing I haven't told you, there are five ways in and out of the car park. Every second could mean discovery. Then I remembered that sometimes I get to my car to find that I have forgotten to lock it and there is a spare building key in the car. So I went over to my car which in some ways increased my risk. My parking place is in the corner, facing the entry ramp, so anyone driving in would be looking right at me. The door to both lift shafts is on the side facing my car and the little stairway from outside the building comes down right by my parking place. The only silver lining to my very dark cloud was that on Sunday the offices would be empty so there was very little chance anyone would surprise me from that direction, which was the same entrance as the one that leads to the cellars.

Of course, on this occasion, the car was well and truly locked. No way in. I could only see one course of action. Break a window on the car which would mean I had to open the door to get the key whilst trying not to stand on too much broken glass with my bare feet. That decided the only thing left to do was find something to break the window with. After a moment or two I spotted a fire extinguisher hanging on the wall nearby. I had now been in the car park in my vulnerable state for about ten minutes so no more hesitation. I grabbed the extinguisher and smashed the smallest window in the car. Once I had the key I didn't hang around. I can't run, but I walked as fast as I could the 30m back to the cellars and let myself in to get my clothes.

Looking back, it was a stupid way to get trapped, but on reflection, it was exciting.



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