“Shit! Oh shit. Oh shit!”

I couldn't believe it. I'd lost my keys. Frantically I searched through pocket after pocket as the reality dawned on me – I'd put them down at Luke’s place. Ben looked at me dumbfounded. “What's up with you?”

“I've lost my keys. No, I'm not pissing about – I've really lost them.”

We were on our way back to my place after a long night. Ben was an old mate – we went to university together – and we'd just caught up for a night out clubbing, a kind of old school rave reunion thing. We'd both taken several pills and were tired, confused and just needed a sofa to chill on. And almost home, I'd realised there was no way in. I had a strong feeling I’d left my keys at my friend Luke’s flat we'd gone back to after the club. We’d got a taxi from there with another friend Lucy to her house, then walked the last five minutes to mine.

“Maybe you dropped them at Lucy’s?” Ben said hopefully. “Maybe”, I replied, but I knew I hadn’t. It was far too late to get hold of another taxi out here in the sticks and I really didn’t want to have to break in.  

We retraced our steps to Lucy’s and explained the situation. Unfortunately she had a bit of a full house - two old friends staying in her spare room - but we could have the living room. But it wouldn’t be exactly comfortable...

So in the end that was all we’d got: a couple of cushions from the sofa and a double duvet. Ben raised his eyebrows. “Lucky we’re old friends, eh?”.

We’d known each other for years, since we were on the same course at university. At 18, Ben was a fairly naive student from a rural village, floppy dark Madchester hair, big nose, goofy grin, slim build. We’d hit it off straight away and always stayed friends. He’d grown up though, and now in his mid-30s he was married to a bossy woman called Rachel, several kids, and while his hair had thinned a bit his body had become more muscular and hairy. I’d come out as gay at university and he was always cool with that. I’d always fancied him a bit - he was a good looking guy - but really he was a mate and I would never cross lines.

We had a final spliff and stripped down to our boxers and t-shirts, I turned the light off and we got under the duvet.  

I know as soon as we laid down that I was going to struggle to sleep. I was still pretty high from the pill and it was a hot sweaty night. Ben was lying on his side facing away from me.  I tried lying one way and then the other but my mind was racing and I was distracted by the closeness of his body. Plus, whenever I did this sort of thing - take ecstasy or other drugs - I usually liked a marathon wanking session as I came down. Nothing like getting lost in a sexual fantasy, pulling your knob in a monged-out state. In fact I knew Ben loved that too, because we’d discussed it in the past, and once when he’d stayed at mine I’d heard him going for it in the room underneath me, both of us wanking loudly at the same time and not caring who heard.  

My cock started getting half hard. I knew it would need a bit of coaxing - the drugs tended to shrink things a bit - but I really needed to play with it for a bit. I slipped my hands down my pants and started massaging it gently. Ben’s breathing was kind of regular - maybe he’d fallen asleep already? I turned onto my side facing away from Ben and gently slid my boxers down to my knees. Slowly I pulled my foreskin back and forth, squeezing my cock to fullness. Images flashed through my mind - the time I got fucked under a railway arch by a stunningly good looking Irish lad; me and my old mate Neil rimming each other’s arses; fucking my current boyfriend’s gloriously tight smooth arse… I tried to take it all very slow, just gently massaging rather than a full-on wank, but god it was hard not to just let rip.  

I dunno how long I was wanking for, but I was kinda drifting in and out of reality in a sort of sexual drug-induced trance. I must have started pulling it a lot harder because I was suddenly pulled out of my horny fantasy by Ben’s voice.  


I froze mid stroke. Shit. Had he heard me?

“Err.. yeah?”

“Are you having a wank?”

Fuck. He had. I decided it better to admit it. “Oh, err… sorry.. yeah suppose I was. I’ll stop… sort of forgot where I was.” I said, still holding my stiff cock.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s ok. Well it’s a bit weird I spose. I can’t sleep either really.”

I turned round to face him. There was a kind of half-light thanks to the street light outside the thin curtains so I could see Ben leaning on his elbow. “Yeah, I just thought I might sleep after a wank… but it’s always a bit hard to cum after a pill…”

“Yeah but good fun trying though I bet”

“Damn good fun, sleep you bastard!”. I made an exaggerated wanking movement with my hand under the duvet. “Think I was nearly there…”

“Well finish if you want, don’t mind me. Don’t fucking cum on me though!”

I laughed. “Well I spose if you really don’t mind… I’m so horny.”

I resumed my position lying on my side, facing away from Ben, and gripped my cock. It all felt a bit awkward, wanking while he was awake, but I really needed to cum and go to sleep. I slipped back into my fantasy and tugged on my dick. It had softened a bit while we were talking but soon started to lengthen in my hand.  

I tried to get on with the business in hand quietly but I was totally aware that Ben was wide awake next to me. He moved around a couple of times as I was wanking, adjusting his pillows, trying to get comfortable. After a few minutes he interrupted my wank again.  

“This just isn’t working. I’m not sure whether to roll another spliff or have a wank myself.”

I turned onto my back. He was lying on his back, hands obviously groping his crotch under the covers. “Maybe both would be a good idea? I think I need to pause this for a piss anyway.”

“Yeah, I think you’re right. Spliff and a wank… the best nightcap in the world.”

He sat up. “You gonna put the light on then?”

I pulled up my boxers which were round my ankles and bent my cock inside. Often after a pill my boner was pretty weak but the sexually charged atmosphere had really got to me. I staggered to the door and felt around for the light switch. I clicked it on and felt almost blinded by the bright light. I looked over at Ben who was sat up bare-chested in the bed, rubbing his eyes. He looked over, and I noticed him glance at the obvious tent in my boxers. 

“Can you pass me the tobacco and lighter? Think they’re on the table” asked Ben.

I walked over to the table and found them, and leaned over the bed to pass them to Ben. As I did, my cock popped out of my boxer flies, the helmet pointing straight at Ben’s face. “Oops. Sorry…” I mumbled, quickly shoving it back inside. “Christ, you’ll have my eye out with that” grinned Ben. “Go and have a piss and calm down a bit”.  

When I came back down for a piss my erection had subsided a bit. I found a lamp in the corner of the room, which gave just enough light for Ben to skin up and got back into bed.  

We shared the spliff, chatting about the night and the fuck-up I’d made with the keys. I was feeling horny again and absent mindedly played with my dick under the duvet while we talked and passed the joint.  

“Think you might sleep now then?” asked Ben “Or do you still need a wank?”

“I dunno… I might sleep I spose… but I would really like a wank if I’m honest…”

“Yeah, so would I… dunno though, it’s a bit odd… I spose one of us could go to the bathroom.”  

I really didn’t want to do that. “Nah it’s really cold up there. You go if you want.”

Ben sighed. “I thought you might say that. I don’t want to go up there either. It’s not a big deal I guess. Lights out, quick wank, sleep.”

“It’s just scratching an itch.” I said, “I’m not going to make a move or anything.”  

“Oh I didn’t think you would. Sorry, I’m not being homophobic or anything. It’s just been a long time since I’ve wanked with someone else like this.”

My cock was really hard now, anticipating wanking next to Ben. He sighed. “OK, well let’s get it over with. Turn the light off then.”

I felt a bit awkward getting up with an erection again. “Nah, your turn to get up.”

“Oh c’mon… I haven’t got any pants on…” Ben said stubbing out the spliff.  

He must have taken them off while I went upstairs for a piss. He was totally up for wanking then no matter what his reticence.  

“Well I’ve seen it all before.” I said, grinning.  

That much was true. We’d started going to the gym together quite regularly a few years before. At the beginning, we were both really shy about getting changed - at first picking lockers well away from each other, then getting changed together but stripping off under our  towels. Gradually I got more brave and kinda proud of my body, so one day leisurely took myself drying off, fully naked in front of Ben. He rapidly copied my lead so before long we’d chat together in front of the lockers naked, our cocks flopping about as we dried off.  We even went to another gym a few times that had an old fashioned communal shower (god I miss those! Hardly seem to be any left in the north of England) and soaped up in neighbouring showers. I think Ben enjoyed being naked as much as me. I’ve always enjoyed it in a way beyond just being sexual anyway - it feels so fucking good and liberating to be nude.  

“Yeah I know… but I’ve got a hardon now… go on, do the light.”

“I’ve got one too and you’ve already seen that. Not exactly fair is it?”

“OK, I’ll do it… oh just shut your eyes will you?”

“No way, you saw mine.”

“Yeah but I’m not gay am I?”

“Oh c’mon Ben, it’s just a cock, I’ve seen lots. I’m not going to jump on you, you should know that by now”

“OK, OK, yeah I know it’s my hangup…”

With that Ben pulled back the duvet and leapt out of bed jumping over me and running for the lamp. I just got a flash of his hairy body, his cock jutting out obscenely from his bushy pubes. It looked like an average sized cock - much like mine - but darker, almost purplish. Ben squatted down fiddling with the lamp, his hairy rounded arse pointing at me and his balls dangling. Click, the light went off and Ben came back to bed. There was some light from the streetlight coming through the curtains so I could just make out his outlline and his cock bobbing as he moved.  

“Get a good look then?”  

“No not really. Spoilsport. Looked like you have nothing to be ashamed of though.”

“Well you neither. Reckon we’re well matched. Similar, you know.”

“Probably. I’m glad you’ve not got a ten incher that would well piss me off”

“I fucking wish. Or though maybe not, you can have too much of a good thing.”

We both lay in silence on our backs in bed under the duvet. There was suddenly a feeling of immense awkwardness.  

“Better do this then?” I asked, starting to pull my dick.  

“Yeah, let’s do it.”

I started to wank under the duvet, and Ben joined in. Little mounds of duvet formed over our crotches, and the steady beat of masturbation began.  

“Oh fuck this is nice…” muttered Ben, as he began to beat faster. Soon we were in sync, beating together, up-down, up-down, making a drum beat as our fists mashed into the duvet. It seemed suddenly hilarious and we both started to laugh.  

“Oh this is mental.” said Ben, “I don’t think I can do this. It just doesn’t feel right”.  

“You never did this when you were a kid?”  

“Course I did - you know I told you about what me and Andy Bennett got up to”. Andy was a childhood friend of Ben’s I’d met a few times, they’d had a wild teenagedom of drugs and wanking and Ben had told me snippets many years ago when we were drunk.  

“And well, at uni with Bill”.  

“You wanked with Bill? You never told me that.”

Bill and Ben had been inseparable at university, almost like a couple. Bill had a girlfriend though who visited regularly, and always claimed to be straight even though he was a bit camp. Then… well he got a bit experimental in his final year. Spent too much time in the local gay village. People started to get suspicious and in the end it all came out that he’d been shagging blokes on the side. Including me, once, after drunken night out when I shared a room with him. I remembered his thick eight inch cock and his boyish excitement.  

“Well you know what he was like. Always talking about sex, always getting his cock out. He just convinced me to do it, that it would be a laugh. He could talk anyone into anything.”

“Yeah, too right..” I remembered my sore arse dripping with cum after he’d shafted it bareback, much to my initial protestation.  

“So you did it lots of times?”  

“Just a few. Then, you know, I found out he might have other motives…”

“Well I haven’t wanked like this since uni either. Had sex with men obviously, but not this… this is kinda like male bonding, not sex.”

“Yeah no worries, I know what you mean, I know you’re not gonna bum me or anything… who did you do it with then?”

“That guy Mike I lived with in the first year. You know we all used to watch porn in the kitchen? When there was just me and him we jerked off to it a few times. Shot our loads all over that big kitchen table!”

“Really? He was a bit of a dirty sod I remember.”

“And then Jon - remember I stayed with him in Nottingham that summer? We were sharing a room and it was just impossible, we had to agree to toss off together in the end cos we were both so frustrated by the lack of privacy.”

“Wow. I never thought Jon would be up for that. It just goes to show…”

“Well it shouldn’t be a big deal should it? Look - I think it’s the duvet that’s making it awkward. The beating sound. It’s probably making too much noise anyway, we don’t want Lucy to hear.”

“You mean do it cocks out?”

“Yeah. Or I could lie on my side facing away…”

“Then I’ll just see your arse - sorry Mark but that’s not going to make me cum. Oh… I dunno, let’s give it a go then.”

I pulled the duvet down to below my waist, Ben following my lead, and lay back and started wanking again. I think it was starting to get light outside by this point, or perhaps my eyes had properly adjusted to the dark, but the darkness wasn’t hiding much. His cock looked bigger than before, pointing to the sky gripped in his fist. We wanked slowly, that unmistakeable sound of foreskins sliding. Suddenly it felt much more erotic, the smell of cock - unwashed cock after a night’s dancing - and the palm on cock sound of us pulling on our dicks. We carried on beating slowly, speeding up - always pretty much in time, both of us moaning softly, muttering in ecstasy.  

“Fucking great this is” moaned Ben, “Really fucking nice.”

“Yeah… best feeling in the world.” I answered. Wanking coming down off a pill is really nice - you get lost in the feeling and you can do it for hours. That’s the problem - reaching orgasm. 

“Not sure if I’m gonna cum though. But we can try for a bit I guess”

“Yeah till they get sore.”

“Oh, I might have something for that”. I reached over to my bag and rummaged around. I usually had an emergency stash of lube on me, just in case. It was a long time since I’d slept around - I was always faithful to my current boyfriend - but somehow I’d not stopped the habit of always carrying lube and a condom.  

“Here you go - bit of lube” I said passing him the dispenser.

“What? Really? Never really used that. You don’t really need it with women.”

“Well it jazzes up a wank too.”. Ben ripped open the packet. “OK let’s try this.”

He started to lube up his cock. “Oh wow…. ah yeah that’s really the business. Here…”. He passed me the lube and I lubed up my shaft too.

“Oh this is gotta be one of the best wanks I’ve ever had. Ooh that’s...that’s just exquisite.”

“Tell me about it…”

The squishy sounds of us wanking with the lube sounded really quite obscene. Ben looked over at me. “You are bigger than me you bastard. About an inch I’d say.”

“I don’t reckon so. Other people’s cocks always look longer.”

“Just hold it there a minute. If you don’t mind”

“Ben sat up and studied my cock. It was still pretty dark. “I reckon it’s bigger. What do you think?

I moved closer to his peering at his stiff penis in the dim light. Maybe mine is fatter but probably the same length? Not really sure without the light on.”

To my surprise he got up and turned the lamp on. “Just stand up a minute” he said, stood in the middle of the room, hand on his meaty cock. This was all going in a bit of an unexpected direction. I stood up and faced him, looking him up and down. Ben had a good body for his age, thanks to our gym work. Broad shoulders - broader than mine, hairy full pecs - a bit of a paunch but kinda attractive hairy stomach. And that glistening lubed-up cock - slightly curving up, six to seven inches, with a beautiful fat mushroom head poking out of his foreskin.  

“Just stand next to me. We stood side by side, looking down at our erections. As I suspected, they looked really similar. Maybe mine looked longer because it stuck straight out rather than curved slightly.  

“Dunno. Think it’s a draw.” I said, pulling my foreskin right back to expose my full shiny glans. Ben copied me. “I reckon I’ve got the biggest helmet anyway” he said, wanking slowly. “Maybe if we put them side by side?”

Ben moved to face me and we moved closer. It was strange being so close to a naked guy I wasn’t actually having sex with. He manoevered his penis so it was next to mine, just an inch or so apart. “Bend yours down a bit” I said, “Then if we move forward, whoever hits pubes first is the winner”

“OK” said Ben, bending his cock down to 90 degrees. “Ready, set, Go!”

We moved forward and the end of my cock bashed into his pube covered lower stomach. “I win”. I said, laughing. “No way!” said Ben, “I wasn’t ready.” Giggling, he thrust forward with his cock into my pubes and I thrust back. Then it happened - our cocks touched. Electricity seemed to jolt down my spine. Ben didn’t back off as I expected. “Yeah, press them together then we’ll be able to tell...” he said, slightly lamely I thought, like he knew it was just an excuse.

We pushed our cocks right up next to each other. It was clear there was really nothing in it, size-wise. Maybe mine was a bit fatter. Then Ben moved my hand away and took both our cocks in his hand pressing them tightly together.

“That feels fucking amazing…”

He massaged both our cocks, rolling them around reach other. Slippery with lube, it was like two fat eels writhing around. “Jesus, that’s so fucking nice” exclaimed Ben, clearly surprised by the sensation.

“Yeah, go on, wank me…” I said, as Ben explored my penis, pulling the foreskin right back. I reached down and took his cock into my hand too, slowly rubbing up and down the shaft.

“Let’s lie back down and properly enjoy this” said Ben, moving back to the bed. We lay side by side, him wanking me with his right hand and me wanking him with my left. Our bodies touched as we built up a rhythm, and we both moaned our appreciation as we pleasured each other.

“It’s like you’re wanking yourself… but you’re not… like you’ve got two cocks but one’s numb… what the fuck am I on about? God it feels nice though…”

Ben had quite a loose floppy foreskin, and it made that distinctive fap-fap-fap sound as it moved over his helmet. His cock was so hot in my hand, I could feel every vein pulsing. I pulled the foreskin right back and gently stroked my palm over his glans, squeezing and stroking it. Ben almost went into convulsions. “Jesus! Ahh fuck, god that’s, that’s so sensitive…”. Bits of precum ooozed out of his cock as he flailed around. I so, so wanted to take him in my mouth but I really didn’t want to freak him out.  

“Let’s put them together again” said Ben, moving onto his side. I turned onto my side and let him squash our cocks together. “That’s… just really weird. Nice weird”. He wanked our cocks together then pulled back and pushed them helmet to helmet.  

“Sword fight!” I said, whacking his cock with mine. He laughed, fencing back. “It’s all gone a bit Game of Thrones” he said, giggling.  

We lay back and carried on wanking each other, his slippery glans pulsing in my palm. “I might cum…” Ben said. “Go for it then!” I replied, increasing my rhythm. We started wanking each other’s cocks to a frenzy, faster and faster. It was so horny, it felt so good… but I just couldn’t cum. I had to push Ben off. “Slow down, slow down… think I might have a heart attack or something!”

“Yeah… getting a bit carried away. Really close to cumming but not quite.”

“Me too. Lets just take it slow a minute. And let’s swap round, my arm is knackered”

We moved round in the bed so I was wanking him with my right hand instead of left. As I got my breath back I had an idea. I needed something up my arse. A quick poke up my arse and I’d be cumming in no time. I stared at Ben’s cock, fuck, it would be a lovely fit, but the chances were zero. If I pushed this beyond two mates having a wank it would all go wrong.  

I’d just need to do it myself, a quick finger. “Pass us the lube mate” I said. He passed me the bottle. I squeezed a bit out on both of our cocks and made sure I got plenty on my left middle finger. I lifted up my left knee up and reached around to my arse. “Need to hurry things along a bit” I muttered, easing my finger inside my arse.  

“What do you mean… sticking your finger up your arse? Oh I can’t believe you’re doing that.”

“Look, it’ll make me cum, it’s the quickest way. You must have tried it.”

“Not really my thing. Can’t see the attraction really.”

I eased a second finger into my arse as far as I could. Not a cock, but it would do. Ben was wanking me off nicely, and as I felt for my prostate I knew I’d come soon. His cock seemed to be swelling in my hand, and as I pushed my fingers into my arse I was forced onto my side, physically touching Ben, our feet entwined. I remembered a past fuck, an Essex lad bending me over and sticking his cock up my arse in a toilet in a Birmingham pub, the violence of his thrusts as he shot deep inside. My arse felt open, slimy, hot, and I could smell Ben’s musky, sweaty smell, mixed with the acrid tang of our cocks. It was too much, My body buckled, I felt my prostate harden and I saw stars.

“Oh fuck...oh fuck…” I plunged my fingers into my sweaty arse, violently, my cock seemed harder than it had ever been as I erupted, gobs of spunk flying from my cock all over Ben. I was lost in waves of ecstasy as Ben continued to wank my cock, shot after shot of cum spurting out. I’d expected him to pull away, but he carried on holding my cock, now slippery with cum.

“Well I bet that was nice” he observed, wiping spunk from his chest with his boxers. “God I’m covered in your spunk”.  

I laughed. “Bit of an occupational hazard with this kind of thing”.  

“Well, I’m like, acting outside of my normal role.”

“Like a promotion?”

Ben flicked spunk at my face. “No way. More like work experience, shadowing. See if I like it.”

“And do you?” I asked, pulling his cock faster.

“Always good to learn some new skills. But I think I’ll stick with the usual job!”

I carried on wanking him, and he lay back, breathing heavily. My wrist was getting tired, and I must admit I was getting the usual male laziness of being a bit less bothered now I’d cum. I think Ben could tell.

“Let me take over, perhaps I can make it work…” he said, gripping his own cock and wanking furiously. I squeezed his balls while he tugged. His eyes were shut tight as he tried so hard to reach climax.  

After a few minutes his body went rigid and I thought it was done, but no, he stopped out of breath, panting. “I just can’t fucking cum. It’s the drugs.”

“Yeah I know. It’s so hard after MDMA. Nice when you do though.”

“You lucky bastard… but I don’t think I can just wank much longer my cock will be red raw.”

I hesitated. I wasn’t sure whether I should suggest it or not. “I bet I can make you cum.”

“Well you didn’t manage before.”

“Well I didn’t try this” I said, putting up my finger.

“Woah no way… exit only and all that…”

“Look, I don’t want to fuck you or anything. I’m just offering a little bit of help. It works - have you never tried it?”

“Yeah… Clare tried it a few times… I didn’t really get into it though”

Clare was one of his exes from a long way back. A bit of a psycho.  

“I’m not really surprised Clare didn’t have the magic touch. Anyway, up to you… I do know what I’m doing when it comes to arses.”

“I’m sure you do… it’s just… it’s a bit weird. I might be full of poo.”

“I bet you’re not. I’ll stop if it’s at all gross. You do want to cum don’t you?”

“Yeah. Yeah I really really do”. He shifted uncomfortably, and sighed. “OK, a quick go… but if it hurts…”

“...I’ll stop straight away. It won’t hurt, We've got lube.”

“Oh, so you go prepared everywhere? Well come on before I change my mind.”

I felt around for the lube. My heart was beating fast, I was surprised things had taken this turn.  

“So, err, how do we do this. I hope I don’t need to bend over…”

“No, just put your legs apart and your knees up” I instructed. I knelt down between his legs and looked down at my target. His balls flopped around in their sac and beneath in the dim light I could just see a thicket of dark hair. Somewhere in there…

I squeezed some lube onto my fingers and felt up his crack. Hair - loads of it - and there, eventually, skin… his hole, tight, sealed. I rubbed lube around it, not entering yet.

Ben recoiled as I touched him. “Ooh. That’s cold.”

“Relax and wank yourself. Focus on your cock and relax your arse.”

“That’s easier said than done when it’s about to be violated.”

“Not violated. Stimulated!”

Ben laughed. “Well get on with it!”

I rubbed the lube around in circular motions, presssing and kneading his pucker without entry. Then I positioned my middle finger against his hole and just teased, feeling his sphincter grip the tip of my finger.  

Ben wanked himself, sighing as I played gently with his arse. He seemed to be relaxing so slowly I pushed, and my finger slipped in as far as the first knuckle. Man, it was tight.

“Oh. I’m not sure…”. His sphincter kind of spasmed around my finger.

“Just relax man. It always feels much better when you’re right inside. When you hit that button.”

“Maybe I don’t have a button”

“Yes you do! I said, plunging my finger inside to the hilt. Ben’s whole body kind of jolted and he gasped.  


I curled my finger up and found what I was looking for, the nub of his prostate. Gently I pushed in and out, pressing him inside.

“That nice?” I asked?

“I don’t know… it’s strange… just not felt that before… ooh… yeah… it’s sort of nice…”

Ben wanked himself harder as I pushed in and out. He was making whimpering noises as I pushed in and out of his arse. The lube was making squelching noises around my finger and it all felt highly erotic. My own penis had rapidly lengthened and was just inches away from Ben’s hole where my finger explored hot, silky depths.

As Ben pounded his cock I decided to go for broke and pushed another finger inside. His arse gripped me like a vice and his hairy legs were pressed against my body as he seemed to be lost helpless in sensation. I could smell his arse - that glorious sweaty, musky anal smell, and I gripped my cock with my left hand and wanked in time with him, plunging my two fingers into that slimy tight chute. Then I felt it - his prostate harden - and I squashed another finger in as he came.

“Fuck, oh, fuck.. Jesus christ!”. Spunk shot from his cock and his arse clenched around my fingers. I gripped hold of his cock and felt the spunk dribbling between my fingers. His eyes tightly shut, he was in another world as his cock jerked time after time.  

Gradually his breathing slowed and gently I withdrew my fingers from his arse. My other hand was covered in his spunk, thick and gelatinous. Carefully and quietly, I licked it off. I was still wanking, but I probably wasn’t going to cum again, frustratingly.  

Eventually he opened his eyes. “Thanks. I guess you were right. It works”

“That’s what friends are for.”

“No, friends are for buying you a pint, not fingering your arse. But wow… if just a finger does that a whole cock must be pretty mindblowing.”

“Three fingers” I muttered.

“Ouch. Really? My arse is gonna be sore in the morning… It certainly did the job anyway.”

“A whole cock does do it better though.” I suggested, grinning, still wanking my cock.

“Well I’ll take your word for it. You can put that thing AWAY now. Think that was my one and only walk on the dark side.”

“It was the drugs”, I suggested grinning.

“Yeah, it was the drugs. Not that I’m complaining, it was fun. Another spliff?”

And then, groping around in my jacket pocket, I found my house keys. I’d been just too off my head to search all my pockets properly. If I’d just been a bit more thorough… we’d have missed out on all this fun. I didn’t tell Ben. Shortly after we both fell asleep and said nothing more about it in the morning.  

I didn’t see Ben for a few weeks, but then we had a pint after work and discussed the night out. “I think we were both a bit muntered” he said, shamefacedly. “Really, sword fighting is not my thing…”

“You seemed to enjoy it for a novice” I said, grinning.  

“Yeah… it was good fun… and I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it again, but, you know, I am straight…”

“Chill out - It wasn’t any big deal. Just two mates helping each other out. Not what I’d call sex as such.”

He visibly relaxed. “I spose. I should be grateful, given Rachel’s lack of interest it’s the most action my cock’s had for months. Let’s just forget about it, yeah?”

And that was how we left it and it hasn’t happened again. He seemed a bit hesitant about getting naked next time we were in the gym, but soon we were in the shower together letting it all hang loose and all went back to normal. I’m actually quite glad really that it didn’t go any further - he’s my best mate, and I wouldn’t want to wreck that for a quick shag followed by guilt and recriminations. It was just helping out a mate - and that’s always a good thing, surely?  

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