I was eighteen and over at my friends house when David said 'you want to watch a movie?'. Yes I did and he put in a VHS tape and much to my surprise it was a porno. The girl on the tape was sucking the guys dick. After a few minutes the guy pulled his cock out and ejaculated into her mouth and she swallowed his cum. My own cock was rock hard and I could see Davids bulge in his jeans. I was very turned on. David asked me what I thought about what the girl did and I said I wished I was a girl. He laughed and said ok follow me. We went to his sisters room and he threw a skirt and bra and pantyhose on the bed and told me to dress up. I was kind of scared but very excited and just said fuck it. I stripped off my jeans and t-shirt and slipped on the pantyhose. It felt like electricity was sliding around my skin as I pulled the pantyhose up my legs and over my ass and cock. I had never felt anything like it. When I took my eyes off my own body and looked at david he had stripped naked and his cock was pointing straight up and clear fluid was leaking out. I dropped to my knees and kissed the head of his cock tasting the precum. I wanted his sperm in my mouth like the girl in the video. I swirled my tounge around his cock head and shaft and fondled his balls. I started to pump my mouth up and down his cock, sucking like the girl on the tape when I felt his dick start to throb and twitch. He moaned and I got my first taste of warm sperm in my mouth. His cock sprayed stream after stream of warm cum over my tounge and into my throat. I loved the taste and feeling of his sperm in my mouth and I let the last few spurts land on my lips. I stood up and kissed david while he was still moaning and swirled our tounges and his sperm in our mouths. My cock was straining against the pantyhose and his still hard cock was pressing against mine while we kissed. His cum was mixing with my precum and our boners were shiny with the fluids. He pulled back and said put the skirt and bra on while I use the phone. Ten minutes later there were six naked guys from the neighborhood in his sisters room . One guy smeared some lube on his cock and slowly pushed his cock into my ass through the pantyhose ripping a hole and it sort of hurt at first but then it felt good and filling. He thrusted away in the missionary position kissing me and fucking my ass. The head of his cock was hitting a deep place in me that felt so good I wrapped my legs around him and moaned and grunted with pleasure. David and another guy got on eaither side of my face and stuck their cocks in my mouth. I was sucking two cocks and getting fucked in the ass and loving it. One of the other guys got under me and somehow worked his cock into my ass, so I now had 2 cocks thrusting in and out at the same time. David and the other guy said they were cumming and I felt warm sperm flooding into my mouth from two cocks. I tried to swallow all I could but some was leaking out and down my chin. The guy fucking my ass on top licked the sperm from my mouth and moaned that he was cumming. I felt his cock spurting warm sperm into my ass and the guy underneath me started cumming too. I had sperm in my mouth and two cocks worth of sperm leaking out of my ass. I got onto all fours and one guy licked the sperm out of my ass while I sucked the other guys cock. David said he had an idea and left the room, returning a minute later with a wine glass. I had not noticed but now there were at least 15 guys in the room naked and stroking there cocks. I let each one of them fuck my pantyhosed ass but David told them not to cum. They each took turns slowly pumping and grinding their cocks in and out of my ass. I loved the feeling of each different cock as it slid in and touched bottom. When the guys got close to cumming they pulled out and it was the next guys turn. This went on for twenty or thirty minutes until it was obvious they needed a release. I got on my knees in front of fifteen guys and sucked each cock until they needed to cum and I licked their balls while jerking their cock into the wine glass. Some of them accidentaly sprayed a spurt or two on my lips, and I licked the warm sperm with my tounge. I loved watching each cock ejaculate filling the wine glass a little further with warm sperm. At least 8 of the guys came in the glass twice! When they had all given as much cum as they could the glass was three quarters full of warm white sperm. I licked the cum that had run down the side of the glass and noticed that this made two of the guys start stroking their cocks again. I grabbed their dicks and put them into the glass coating their heads with sperm and then sucked and licked the cum off. Watching me do this got more of the guys hard again and before I knew it fifteen guys were all stroking their cocks toward my face. I could not take it any longer. I tipped the glass and drank most of the sperm letting it fill my mouth and slide down my throat. Some of the cumm slipped over my mouth and down my chin. The taste of all these guys warm sperm in my mouth was incredible. I stroked my cock through the pantyhose while each guy put thier cock in my mouth one at a time and ejaculated. I caught some in my mouth and some in the glass. So much warm sperm shooting into my mouth and the glass. I pulled the pantyhose down and finaly sprayed my own cum into the glass, Before I could think about it I put the wine glass to my lips and drank the mixture of my sperm and the other guys. I kept it in my mouth savoring the flavor before I swallowed the warm beautiful sperm.




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