It had been a long time since Brad had heard from Matt, better known as Linnea. Matt had craved and thrived on the humiliation Brad delivered, but couldn't reconcile his jock boy exterior and public life with his overwhelming need to be a slut bitch for Brad's cock.

Matt had been gone for almost seven months – the last Brad had heard was that Matt had a girlfriend and there were rumours that they had a kinky sexy life, with her acting as his slave in the bedroom and sometimes outside of it.

All of that just made Brad smirk. "You can try and prove what a real man you are by dominating a woman. But we both know that not so deep down, you're wishing you were collared and in panties and begging to be fucked," thought Brad.

So it was with some surprise when Brad saw the email in his inbox – "Can you be online at 9 tonight?" was all it said. Brad chuckled and decided he'd find out what the dirty little slut wanted or needed this time.

Just past nine, Brad signed on and sure enough, there was Linnea patiently waiting. As soon as he came online, a window popped up.

"How are you?"

"Not bad, but I'm assuming you didn't just want to say hello and see how my Master's degree is going"

"How is it going?"

"Lol, fine ... but like I said I'm sure there's something you need or want?


"Look, I've got a lot of things I could be doing and talking to a bitch who won't admit what she is isn't one of them"

"Ok, yes ... I'm a dirty bitch"

"Ya, we both know that. Is there something more specific you're looking for tonight?"


"look, I don't have time for this ... either get to the point or I'll head off"

"Ok, ok ... so I kind of need it again"

"Need what?"

"Stop being a dick ... you know what I need"

"Oh, right, dick ... my dick"

"It kills me to say this, but yes ... I need your dick"

"That's great, but what's in it for me?"

"What do you mean ... you get to use me"

"Ya, that was ok a few months ago. I'm not sure it's enough since you stopped begging for my cock"

"Look man, this is really difficult for me ... I hate that I'm online. People look up to me, I mean I'm on the football team. There's lots of girls who would like to have what I offer"

"lol, they want a slut who leaks in her panties?"

"you know what I mean"

"ok, I'll use you again on one condition ... you bring some pictures"

"what kind of pictures"

"your family, your ex-gf and your best friend at his wedding"

"wtf? What do you need those for?"

"Never mind ... also, before you show up you need to get a cucumber, a carrot, some whipped cream, and bring your stockings and garters, your white panties and your black and white top"

"I don't have any of my old shit left"

"really lnnea, now isn't the time to start lying"

"ok, I'll bring them ... but what are the pictures for?

"you'll just have to wait"

Promptly at 9 on Saturday morning, there was a knock on Brad's apartment door. He opened it to see Matt, red faced and holding two bags.

"Come on in bitch"

"Shhh, nobody else needs to know about this"

"Not my problem"

Once inside, Brad threw a towel to Matt. "Spread it out and then strip off your clothes."

Brad sat down on the couch facing the jock as he self-consciously undressed. Even through the embarrassment, Brad could see Matt's little clit stirring as he said "Lay out your clothes and the things you bought."

"Now, put on your bra top, your panties, and your stockings and garter linnea"

"What about the pictures?"

"All in good time"

Even though he tried to hide it, Brad could see the excitement rising as Matt transformed himself into Linnea. Once dressed, Linnea's clit was obviously rock hard and pushing the panties straight out.

"Crawl over here slut." Linnea obediently worked her way over to the couch. "Rub your tits and lick your lips."

Brad felt his dick start to harden as Linnea proved just how much of a little slut bitch she could be. But there was something he had to do before feeding his 7 inches to Linnea. "Give me the pics I asked for." Linnea got her phone and reluctantly handed it over, "They're on there."

Brad quickly flipped through the pictures, and felt his cock get harder as he looked at Linnea's best friend Derick and his new wife Jamie at their wedding. "Hey slut, work your tongue over my jeans and get my dick nice and hard." As Linnea started to run her tongue over the denim, Brad flipped the phone around ... "Hey Linnea, how about we get Derrick here in on this action. Bet you would like that football stud to see you on your knees in your panties and bra, ass in the air and tongue on my cock."

Linnea's cheeks turned a bright crimson, but the increased pressure on his covered dick proved to Brad that he had hit paydirt.

"Pull my dick out bitch." Linnea fumbled with the jeans as she kept sneaking a look at the picture on the phone. Once his cock was out, Brad said "Kiss it." Linnea hesitated, but then leaned forward and pressed her lips against Brad's hard seven inches. "Now suck it, slut." Brad smiled as Linnea put her lips on his dick, and smiled more when he saw her sneaking a look at the picture on the phone.

"Ok, bitch ... over to the towel." Linnea crawled back and Brad walked over and placed the phone in front of the degraded football stud. "Get out the whipped cream and squirt some in your cunt bitch."

Linnea took the can, squatted down and pulled her panties to the side. Brad's cock jumped as he heard the fizz of whipped cream disappearing up into Linnea's cunt. Even more rewarding was the wet spot that was growing rapidly on the front of Linnea's panties. Linnea's clit was obviously hard and leaking.

"Pull down your panties Linnea, and show me your cunt." As the slutty girl turned her ass towards Brad, he could see that she was a hard as he had ever seen, and there was a steady stream of pre cum leaking onto the towel. "Now finger fuck yourself bitch." As Linnea lifted her ass into the air and started fingering her cunt, Brad placed the phone in front of her. "Derrick likes watching you finger yourself bitch." Linnea's clit jumped violently, and a thick stream of clear pre-cum dripped onto the towel. "Now lick that finger bitch." Staring at the phone, Linnea removed her finger from her cunt and sensuously licked it like it was a dick ... Brad could see that she was almost in a trance thinking about being used in front of her best friend.

"Now take the carrot Linnea ... cover it with whipped cream ... and then start fucking your hungry cunt with it." Linnea took the carrot, and without even being directed started to deep throat it while getting the can of whipped cream. Brad's own cock started to leak pre-cum as he watched his bitch slut cover the carrot with the cream and then start slowly fucking her cunt. Picking up the phone, Brad pushed his cock into Linnea's face. She hungrily swallowed his cock. "This is what you want isn't it Linnea ... My cock down your throat, Derrick's in your cunt". Linnea greedily swallowed his hard dick, and started riding violently up and down on the carrot. Looking down, Brad could see Linnea's clit jerking violently as the pre-cum almost gushed onto the carpet.

Feeling himself getting close to exploding, Brad pulled his cock out of Linnea's hungry mouth. He knew that there was one more humiliation the sissy girl needed. "Get to the bathroom bitch." Linnea crawled down the hallway. "Into the tub slut." Linnea lay on her back, looking up at Brad. "Start finger fucking yourself again Linnea." As the football jock placed her finger in her cunt, Brad started to piss on Linnea. As she looked between the phone and Brad, he could see her clit getting harder and harder under the panties that were turning yellow. Spraying his piss all over her bra and clit, Brad felt his dick get harder. As soon as he was done, he grabbed Linnea's head and pushed his fat cock down her hungry throat. He face fucked the slut until he felt his cum boiling up. Pulling out, he held Linnea's face in place and shot ropy shots of cum all over her face. When he was done, he stood back and looked at the dripping, hard slut in front of him. Her face was flushed ... no longer embarrassed but over-excited from all that had happened.

Throwing Linnea her phone, Brad said "Get dressed and get out." The used slut quickly slipped her jeans and sweat shirt over her sopping bra and panties. Just before she left the house, wet and face covered in cum she turned and said, "Thank you sir. I needed this."


Brandon S

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