Brad stood in the darkened park, wearing his khaki shorts and polo. He knew that behind his back he was called a nerd and a geek, but tonight it was going to be different. He was going to be in control. Houses surrounded him on two sides, and the lights of the street glowed from the far side of the park, but he knew that unless someone was specially looking they would never see him.

From across the park he could see another shadowy figure approaching. He felt a smug sense of satisfaction because he knew who it was. For two years Matt, the jock stud, had been teasing him, pissing him off but never giving Brad the chance to have the upper hand. But then Matt had screwed up ... an 'anonymous' recorded cam session gone wrong involving whipped cream, panties, and a banana had given Brad all the ammunition he needed to make Matt beg. He had forced Matt to admit that he had another side to his jock personality ... a side called Linnea. And Linnea didn't just own one pair of panties and a can of whipped cream. She owned a baby pink thong, her black panties, a red sports bra and matching spandex shorts, and deep down she longed to be humiliated and used like a slut. And what Matt didn't realize was that Brandon was just the nerd to use and humiliate him.

Matt stood in front of Brad, defiantly holding a plastic bag. 'You have it all?' Even if the dark Brad could sense the embarrassment rising in his jock victim.


'What's in the bag?'

Brad could swear he almost heard Matt gulp. 'My black panties, my spandex stuff.'

'Take off your sweatshirt bitch.'

'Umm ... right here? People could see?'

'It's dark and no one is looking to see if they can see a slut. Take it off.'

Brad felt his cock stir in his shorts as Matt bared his chest. 'Now the pants bitch.' Matt nervously looked around, slipped off his sneakers and dropped his jeans.

'What are you wearing slut.'

Matt hung his head, and quietly said, 'My pink panties.'

'Sorry bitch, couldn't quite hear you ... What are you wearing?'

The head sunk even lower, but the voice was stronger, 'My pink panties.'

'Pull out your spandex and put it on.'

Matt bent over, exposing his jock ass to the road and pulled out the sports bra and shorts. 'Put them on,' Brad commanded.

Matt slipped the bra over his head, and put his muscular arms through the straps. Instinctively he pulled the bra down snugly under his pecs and gently pushed his tits together like the slut he was. Then he slipped on the shorts, pulling them carefully over his thong, spread his legs and stood in front of Brad. Even in the dark Brad could sense the confused anger, embarrassment and barely concealed excitement radiating from the jock slut standing in front of him.

'Put on your sneakers slut. You're going to run 50 feet out and then back again, doing wind sprints until I tell you to stop.'

Four times the Matt ran out 50 feet, and returned. After the fourth sprint they heard a car on the far road. As the headlights came into view Brad told Matt to get on his knees and stay still. The car passed by without even slowing down.

'Get down on your stomach, and do five girl push ups. And each time you come up, say 'I'm slut Linnea' loud enough that I can hear.'

'I'm slut Linnea ; I'm slut Linnea ; I'm slut Linnea ; I'm slut Linnea ; I'm slut Linnea.'

Each time it was said, Brad could tell that Matt was losing his embarrassment and embracing the slut within.

'Back on your feet, Linnea', Brad sneered. 'Another set of sprints.' After this round the push ups and confessing to be Linnea slut were repeated. Brad said, 'Get out your black panties, Linnea.' Linnea found the bag, and pulled out the panties that had started it all. 'Turn around, pull down your shorts, and show me your cunt.'

Without hesitating, Linnea did exactly as she was told. 'Get those panties inside your cunt.' With barely a second thought, Linnea did as instructed. When she was done, Brad reached out and could feel the bit of panty strap protruding from Matt's puckered hole. 'Such a fucking slut. Now pull up your shorts and sprint again till told to stop.' Each time as Linnea returned, Brad held up his arm and said again until 8 sets had been done. 'Get on your knees slut.' Brad's thick seven incher was fully hard and tenting out his shorts, and he was pretty sure that Linnea thought she was going to get to suck it. He pulled down his zipper and fished out his cock. Linnea moved forward in anticipation, but stopped the moment the first stream of piss hit her chest. 'Take it slut.'

As the piss hit her bra and ran down her stomach, Brad had an even better idea. Closing off the stream he commanded, 'Get on your hands and knees facing away from me.' Linnea quickly obeyed. Brad kicked her legs apart and moved closer, released his stream and directed it from her cunt to her neck. He had quite a load of piss, and he could tell that the bitch was getting soaked. 'Piss on me for two years, ' he thought, 'and you get pissed on for real.'

When he was done, he heard Linnea say, 'I have to piss too.'

'Don't care. Back on your feet. Start the sprints again slut.' Brad's cock had gone down a little during the piss, but got fully hard again as he watched Linnea run back and forth, wet spots on her spandex showing up in the moonlight. After ten sets, he told her to stop. When she was standing in front of him, hands clasped behind her back like a good submissive slut he reached forward and grabbed her clit. He could feel Matt's dick responding to his touch and the situation. 'Piss yourself Linnea, show me what a dirty slut you really are.' Almost without hesitation, Linnea released her own load of piss from her clit and soaked her shorts and Brad's hand, piss running down her leg and into her sneakers. When the last drop was finished Brad told her to turn around, pull down her shorts and bend over. 'Now push those dirty panties out of your cunt Linnea.' As Brad reached forward to grab the strap he could feel Linnea pushing out the panties. 'Some jock stud,' thought Brad. 'Pushing a pair of soaking panties out of his ass and loving every minute.'

When the wet panties were in his hands, Brad instructed Linnea to do another set of sprints. After these final ten sprints, Linnea was put back on her knees in front of Brad.

'Hold these panties out in front of you.'

While Linnea held the panties out like an offering, Brad jerked his rock hard cock. Again Linnea leaned forward with anticipation.

'Not tonight bitch. You're not getting my cock yet. But we've only just begun,' Brad thought.

With that, he unloaded a huge load in the black panties. He could sense the disappointment of the slut kneeling in front of him, but he wasn't done yet.

'Put the panties in your mouth, slut Linnea, and chew the cum out of them.'

Greedily Linnea filled her mouth the panties that had been in her cunt, pissed on, and now filled with cum.

'Get your jeans and sweatshirt on.' Without missing a beat, Matt put his clothes on over top of his soaking, stinking slut wear while continuing to chew his used panties.

'Stand up. You're nothing but a slut, and now we both know it. And this is only the first of many times that you are going to get to prove it to me in person.'

Brad could feel the shock, the embarrassment, and the anger at being found out and used emanating from the jock slut standing in front of him. But he also knew that Linnea would head home and rub off her clit repeatedly thinking about what had just happened and what would happen in the future. With that he turned, and walked off into the dark leaving Matt standing in the park, fully appreciating what it meant to be a nerd's bitch slut - soaked in piss and chewing a pair of cum filled panties.


Brandon S

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