The morning after the park adventure, Brad was checking his email and recognized the email address flashing at him. Opening the email, he read the text, 'You fucking nerd, I hate you. I left that park, drove home in my stinking piss soaked clothes and rubbed my clit off 5 times through the night. How did you do this to me? That was the last time asshole. You got yours, now fuck off and leave me alone. You're a fucking faggot nerd and this jock is done.'

Brad read the email, smiled slightly and hit return. 'Don't know too many real jocks who refer to their cocks as clits. You're a slut and always will be one. Meet me online at 9 and you'll get further instructions then. Oh, and by the way, gaydemon has your story for everyone to see. Go check it out.'

The day was filled with a steady stream of texts from Matt, repeating the same insults and bluffing anger. Brad responded to a few, and was always gratified by an instant response that told him that Matt would be online at exactly 9, and ready to respond as Linnea. Sure enough, when he signed on there was Matt.

'how's it going slut?'

'Fuck off nerd. I told u I'm done.'

'then why ru here? need to be used.'

'whatever geek'

'u rubbed yr clit off 5 x last night?'


'must have loved every minute of that piss n cum'

There was a long pause. Brad knew what was coming next 'yes'

'then you're this nerd's slut?'

Another pause, not quite as long 'yes'

'those are all the clothes u have slut?'


'won't get far with that. u need to go shopping.'

'what, fuck off, no way'

'tomorrow ur going to buy pr white lace panties and bra, red crotchless panties, slip and matching panties, bikini, pink flip flops, short school girl skirt, purple glitter nail polish, pink sparkle lip balm'


Brad watched as Matt disappeared and continued to work on his programming problem. About ten minutes later, up popped Matt again. Brad ignored the alert and kept on working. A minute later, 'and what happens if I do this'

'u show up at my apartment Friday night with a cucumber, some whipped cream, some bananas'


'and u show up with your legs shaved, wearing your skirt and flip flops, your toe nails painted purple and white lace panties'

'ur fucking sick and I'm not playing this fucking game'

Again Matt disappeared. Brad went back to what he had been doing. About five minutes later Matt reappeared. 'oh, and no rubbing yr clit bitch'

'what. y not'

'cuz yr going to be slutty and horny for this nerd cock of mine'

Again the window disappeared ... and then in about 2 minutes it reappeared. 'won't show up before 10'

Brad felt his cock get hard in his shorts and that he would have a very satisfying load of cum to drop later that night thinking about the humiliation of the jock slut. 'and tomorrow u will text me every time u make a purchase'

'look u faggot nerd, I'm popular, people know me, I can't get caught buying this shit'

'yr choice ... but if u don't u don't get more of this cock, and u get to see the whole history of these texts posted on the school's website'

'u fucking asshole. anyway, no one will believe it'

'some won't, but some will'

'asshole, asshole, asshole' Matt disappeared again. Ten minutes later a text came through 'already have bananas'. Brad smiled, pulled his thick seven inches out of his shorts and texted back,'then ur part way there.'

The next morning as Brad sat in the library, his phone buzzed. 'shaved my legs and that's it, not doing any more' Brad smirked and continued working. Throughout the rest of the day he got regular updates, and by the end of the day everything had been acquired. He texted, 'vid call 9 pm'

At the stroke of 9, Matt was on Brad's computer screen. 'Show me what u purchased bitch.' The resolution wasn't great but he saw Matt's face turn red. Matt picked up a couple of bags. 'What do you want to see?'

'Everything of course. But there's something u have to do first.'

'What?' Brad heard the tone of anger in Matt's voice. 'Strip down, I want to see how your little clit reacts as you show me shaved legs and your new slut clothes.'

'Fuck off faggot. Never going to happen.' Brad sent through a web address. 'What the fuck is that nerd boy?' Matt sneered.

'Click on it and find out' A few seconds later he heard Matt say 'FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK' He had obviously seen the website that Brad had worked on that day, full text session and some carefully chosen stills from the original cam session.

'That site's still hidden linnea, but one click of my mouse and everyone at school ... your team mates, the cheer leaders, they'll all see it.'

There was a long silence on the other end, then slowly the jock dropped his clothes and stood naked in front of the web cam, his hard clit standing at attention. 'Now show me everything you bought for me bitch.' Linnea slowly picked up each purchase, held it towards the camera and displayed for Brad. At the end, Brad said, 'Thought you were supposed to get some nail polish bitch?' He watched as Linnea hung her head. 'Where is it slut? Don't tell me you forgot it?' Linnea slowly shook her head. 'Then where is it.'


'What is it doing there?' Linnea's head hung even lower, and Brad could hear him draw in a deep breath.

'Shaved my legs.'

'Yes, I already know that bitch.'

'And ... and .. and then I couldn't help myself. I painted my toe nails.' Brad's laugh echoed through the microphone. 'Show me, linnea, show me how much of a slut you have become.'

Linnea sat on the bed, raised his feet and modeled the purple toe nails. 'Looks like it is flaking off.'

There was almost a tinge of excitement in Linnea's voice when she answered,'Yes, I think I need to do a double coat.'

'Just make sure it's done before you show up tomorrow night and remember to keep your hands off your clit bitch.'

All day Friday Brad received a variety of texts from Linnea. Some were excited. Some were angry name calling. Some were pleading. And some were the words of a very horny, very slutty bitch. As the day wore on, Brad realized that things might not go quite as planned. So far Linnea had done as she was told, but this was a big step for the jock slut. Brad needed to have a plan in place in case Linnea backed out.

Brad got home at 5:30 and switched on the computer. Linnea was waiting. 'This is the only time I'll do this nerd.'

'Not the first time I've heard that.'

'Whatever. And I have some demands before I show up.'

'I don't think you're in any position to make demands, slut'

'I watch you delete every image of me, every record of every text, and every email when we're done and then you watch me destroy every piece of clothing I bought.'

'Doesn't really sound like what I had planned bitch'

'Don't care. That's the deal nerd'

'No, here's the deal linnea. You're a slut. You're a bitch. And you're my slut bitch. I know your secret, I know what you need, and what really makes you mad is that you know that you want to get on your knees in front of me and be used. You haven't stopped thinking about my cock since I shot off into your panties. You can't wait until you are standing in front of me, dressed in panties, humiliated, and begging for more. And you know what bitch, you need me, but I don't need you slut. You don't get to make demands. You don't get to decide what happens. You get to show me your clit, and show me your cunt, and beg to be used. And if you're too much bother, I'll find some other slut and you can explain to your jock friends what exactly you were doing with that banana.'

With that, Brad ended the connection.

For the next four hours he watched as his mail box filled up, his phone buzzed with unanswered texts. Linnea was begging to be used and Brad was going to teach the snotty bitch a lesson. He went to bed and stroked off thinking about how desperate Linnea was for his cock and how desperate she was to be humiliated.

The next morning Brad turned on the computer. Matt was still there, and there was a request for a vid call. Brad accepted. 'You fucker. You fucking asshole, I sat here all night waiting for you.'

'You look a little worse for wear linnea, rough night.'

'I need it'

'Need what?'

'I need you to use me. I need your cock. I need to be your bitch. I hate it, but I haven't been able to think about anything else all night. I'm a wreck, but if I don't taste your cock I'm going to lose it. Let me have it.'

'Fuck bitch, you had your chance last night. I'm not wasting my time with you anymore.'

'I'm not playing games. I need your nerd cock. I need to hear you tell me to show you my cunt. I need to rub my clit so you can see. I fucking need you. I can be at your place in 10 minutes. I give up. You can do what you want.'

Brad laughed, 'You're too late. I have a programming clinic to give in an hour and a half. No chance.'

'I'm fucking begging. I fucking begging a nerd to use me and you're going to walk out.'

'Fine I'll use you. But it has to be on cam today. Don't have time to use you properly.'

'Anything you want sir'

'Strip down bitch, show me your clit.' Linnea quickly did as she was told, her clit standing straight out. 'Now get your crotchless panties. Put them on.' The jock bitch disappeared from view and quickly returned holding her red panties. She held them up to the camera, then slipped them on. 'Model them for me bitch.' Linnea put her hands on her tits, rubbed them as she slowly turned in front of the camera. When her back was to the camera, Brad told her to bend and show her cunt. Linnea reached back, pulled the filmy fabric apart, and spread the cheeks of her ass to show her hole. 'You're hungry aren't you slut?'

'Oh, yes sir,' Linnea moaned.

'Go get a banana linnea.' Again the jock slut disappeared, reappearing momentarily. 'Peel it down to the bottom. Now, show me what a fucking cocksucker you are, take all of that banana down your throat and don't break it off.'

Linnea looked at the banana, then at the camera, then opened her mouth. Brad got rock hard as he watched the bitch swallow the banana whole. She was definitely one talented slut, and he could hardly wait to feed her his cock for real.

'Where's the whipped cream?'

'In the fridge sir'

'Go get it.' When she had returned, Brad told Linnea to kneel on the bed, head down, exposing her ass cunt. 'Shake up the whipped cream.' Linnea held the can up and shook it vigorously. 'Now, stick it in your cunt and fill your hole with cream.' Brad smiled as Linnea valiantly tried to manoeuvre the can into her man pussy. He heard her gasp when the plastic nub invaded her hole. A few seconds later Linnea said, 'I can't get the cream into my cunt sir.'

'Then take off your panties, put them in your mouth and lie on your back like a whore.' Linnea quickly complied. 'Put your knees by your ears like a good little slut, and stick that can back into your pussy.' Linnea got the can positioned and Brad heard the escape of compressed air as the cream shot into her ass cunt. 'Ooooooohhhhhh,' Linnnea moaned loudly and abruptly stopped the flow of cream.

'Did I tell you to stop cunt?'

'No sir'

'Then keep going.' Again, the whoosh of air as more cream disappeared up into Linnea. After a couple of minutes Brad told the bitch to stop. 'Get back on your knees slut.' As Linnea got back up on the bed, Brad told her to take the banana and fuck it into her cunt. There was a brief moment of hesitation. 'Do it slut.'

'Yes, sir'

Linnea began trying to push the fruit inside of her. Even Brad could see that more was being smeared on her man pussy than going inside. 'It's not really working sir.'

'Then get the cucumber.'

Linnea reached over and held up the long, green vegetable, her cunt still exposed to the camera. 'Turn around bitch.' When Linnea was facing the cam, Brad told her to suck the cucumber like it was his nerd cock. Linnea without hesitation started deep throating the cucumber getting it nice and wet. When it was soaking, Brad said, 'Turn around slut. I want to see your cunt again. Now, start fucking that banana inside of you.'

As the cucumber disappeared inside of her, Brad heard the long, sexy moan escape from the jock slut 'oooooooooooooohhhhhh oooooooooooooooohhh'

All of sudden, Linnea stopped. 'Oh my god, sir, oh my god.'

'What bitch'

'I can't hold the cream inside of me, it's leaking out.' Sure enough, the whipped cream started to run from Linnea's cunt, piling up in a nice dollop on the bed spread. When the last of the cream had leaked out, Brad saw Linnea's head drop and heard what sounded like a sob. His cock was hard and leaking as he watched the totally humiliated bitch.

'Turn around slut.'

Slowly Linnea turned to face the camera. She was breathing heavily and in short gasps. She really was close to tears. 'Any problems bitch?'

'.. No ... no .. sir'

'Good to hear. Can't stand a mess Linnea. You need to clean up that cream.'

'I'll get a cloth.'

'Um, no you won't. We already know how much you like a banana cream pie. Just put your face in it and lick it up.' There was a pleading look at the camera. 'Do it slut,' Brad ordered.

Slowly Linnea bent down, and stuck her tongue into the cream. Brad's hand beat furiously at his cock as the cream disappeared down her throat. 'Put your face right into it bitch' Linnea pushed her face into what remained. Brad began to moan. 'Show me cunt' Linnea looked up at the cam and Brad could clearly see the chunks of banana in the cream covering her nose, lips, chin and cheeks.

'Get your panties bitch, wipe your face off. Now, suck all of that from your panties.' As the panties and cream disappeared inside of Linnea's mouth, Brad released a giant load of pent up cum all over his chest and stomach. 'Good work slut, you got me off. But next time, it will have to be in person or its not going to happen.'

With that Brad switched off the screen and headed to the shower, confident in the knowledge that the jock slut linnea had been humiliated, and that she would be back for more.


Brandon S

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