I've always thought that Daniel was somewhat cute, but I've just never liked him. He just looks like a little bitch. A little bitch that you just want to take advantage of while you're fucking the shit out of him. The one that you just want to make your sex slave.

It was like any other day at church. Sunday, that is, where you have to act like a goody-goody to gain the trust and respect of the adults and elderly and use it to your advantage. But I wasn't like that today. I was sitting in the back, this time, trying my best not to look at the pastor's gorgeous body. If I would ever be found out, my church persona would be tarnished.

As I looked down at floor, I felt someone come towards my seat and sit next to me. It was Daniel, wearing his same old wannabe gangster/pretty boy clothes. I looked at him, wondering why he was sitting next to me when all of the youth of the church were sitting in the first three rows with plenty of free seats for him to sit in.

'Why are you sitting next to me?'

'Because I'm getting tired of sitting in the front.'

'Okay, but why next to me?'

'Because I know you. You got a problem?'

I smiled at him a little and pretended to be paying attention to the pastor when I was looking at Daniel's body through the corner of my eye. I just really wanted to fuck him so fucking badly, but I just couldn't. I need not to explain why. Isn't it so obvious?

As the sermon continued, Daniel got up to go use the bathroom. I watched as his taut yet big ass hung out of his baggy jeans as he walked away from me, making sure that no one was looking at me looking at his ass. I wanted him so badly. I just had to contain myself.

While he was in the bathroom, my mind drifted off and I began to imagine Daniel being fucked, moaning and grunting while a huge hairy bodybuilder covered in chains and leather pounded the hell out of him. I hid my fantasy well, making sure that the people on my other side weren't aware of my obsession with Daniel.

When he came back, I looked at him and he looked at me without smiling, and that just made him even sexier. He sat down and relaxed in his chair, watching the pastor the whole time.

After church, I walked outside the church as he followed. I was a bit confused on why he was following me, but he followed me outside. Once I got outside, he began to talk to me.

'Hey, Ramon, why do you look at me like that?'

'Like what?'

'You know. Like you want to kill me or something.'

'I do?'

'Yeah! You do it all the time to me. It's really scary.'

'Don't worry. I do that to everybody. Don't take it personally.'

He smiled at me for the first time. His smile was actually beautiful for once, not like his usual expressionless face. I smiled back at him to bewilder him that I was no threat.

'You want to go to my house? My parents are taking my brothers and sisters out to eat for going to middle school, so we could go and then we could sneak out.'

'I guess I'd want to. I mean there's nothing else to do at my house.'

He walked me to his house, which is right next to the church. I was a bit skeptical about going to his house, but like I always say: 'If the opportunity ever comes up, then I'm gonna take it.' He walked really close to me as we walked to his house, happily looking right at me every time I spoke and was really excited to talk to me.

When we finally got into his house, he led me to his room and sat down on his bed. He looked at me in his old enticing way and patted the space next to him.

'Sit down with me.'


I sat next to him and looked in his eyes in my evil way, almost letting out all of my forbidden obligations for him through my eyes. We didn't say anything for a long time, just looking into each other's eyes, sitting still. It was like we were frozen. Until he spoke.

'What do you want to do?'

Oh, he knew what I wanted to do, but I didn't mention it.

'I don't know.'

'Why don't we do something fun, huh?'

'Like what?'

'Like this:'

He began to kiss me, hard and forceful with A LOT of tongue, as if he wanted me to want to do it. He wasn't shy at all. He got right to the point. He began to touch me as I forced my hand up his shirt and began to grab and touch his chest. I saw him grab a condom as I pulled down his baggy pants that seemed as if they needed to pulled down no more than an inch.

I pulled down his boxers and put on his condom. I shoved him in my mouth, stroking him aggressively with my tongue. He moaned a little, his head back and his eyes closed. I stopped and ripped off his shirt. I began to kiss and bite all over his mini muscular body, wanting him to squirm and ache in pain, but only making him moan and want more.

'Do you have any duct tape?'

'Why *moan* would you want *oh* duct tape?'

'Can you just get it for me?'

He got up and ran to get it. I waited patiently and he came back in with a whole bunch of stuff: 2 thongs, handcuffs, a paddle, a dildo, a blindfold, clear duct tape, a riding crop, and edible lubricating oil. I smiled at him, wondering why a person like him would want all of those things. He put on the thong and walked over to me.

'I got all of this from my mom's room.'

'Wow, I never knew that Santos was such a freak.'

He looked at me in some dangerous way as he sat next to me and grabbed my hands. I guess he thought that the things were meant to use for me.

'Hold still.'

'Wait! Let me show you something.'

'What is it?'

I snuck the handcuffs in my hands and cuffed him to the bedpost, making him lay flat on his stomach.

'What are you doing, Ramon? You're not supposed to do this right now!'

'Well, I am. Now, shut up!'

I stuck duct tape over his mouth, making him shut up just like I wanted him to. I wanted to hear him scream and beg for mercy, but he was too loud to leave out in the open. He tried to get up, but he only got on his knees, which made him bend over in a doggy style position. His ass looked so much bigger when he bent over. I grabbed the oil and poured some on his back and rubbed it down to his ass, where I firmly gripped onto his cheeks and massaged the oil in. The oil was so slippery and wet. It felt good against my skin while I began to rub myself in-between Daniel's ass cheeks. He continued to moan, though, making me angrier and angrier.

I grabbed the riding crop and began to whip his back really hard, making him jolt and screech in pain. I laughed a little, but it wasn't enough. I then grabbed the paddle and pulled up the back of his thong to make his ass look bigger. I slid my fingers down the middle of his ass crack, thinking about pushing them in his ass, but remembering the paddle. I smacked his ass really hard, almost making it turn red even though he was a really dark Mexican. I laughed aloud then.

'Did that hurt? Huh? Did that hurt you?'

He nodded and then I smacked him again, only this time, his ass turned bright red as it jiggled back to place. I smiled and licked his ass. It tasted like strawberry candy. I licked and bit it aggressively as I licked in-between his thighs and up to his crack. I clutched the string in my mouth and pulled it down, exposing his full-blown ass. He stuck his ass back farther, making his cheeks spread. I then began to lick and bite and tear up his ass cheeks, creating marks and scratches and scars on his ass. His hole was small and looked untouched, so I decided to get the dildo that he brought along and shoved it dead in his hole and pierced it. I shoved it in far.

He screamed in pain, making me feel like my job was only a 16th of a whole done. I shoved it in and out at a regular pace, but I shoved it in to just about to the other end of the dildo, which made it hurt badly. His eyes were closed tightly in pain. I then pulled it out.

I pulled off the whole thong, exposing his not so big self and proving that he was nothing. I positioned myself on him, making sure that he was handcuffed and that he wouldn't move anywhere. I then grabbed a mirror from off of his desk (conceited fag), and put it in front of his face so that I could see him in ache with pleading. I put on a condom and plunged myself into him, watching his face cringe every time I drove back into him.

I started fast, making sure that I was hurting him as much as possible. He had a strained face, as if he were trying to get used to the pain, but then I drove myself farther into him, making him moan but squeal at the same time. His legs were wide open as I pushed his back in so that it could curve. That way, his ass would stick up farther and it would be harder for him to breathe. Yep, I hate him that much.

I ripped off the duct tape. I wanted to hear him scream my name. His moaning and pleading was super sexy and the way his mouth was opened was even sexier. I grabbed his not-long-at-all hair and pulled it back, making his breathing cut short again. I then grabbed the belt off his pants and wrapped it around his neck. I pulled it back and made his head come back. I rode him like a cowboy rides a bull, except I was in control.

I held onto the belt with one hand and slapped the side of his ass as I fucked Daniel yelling out words that are so dirty that I can't speak of. Daniel's moaning turned into screeching, and then he went back into moaning, but strained moaning.

'Oh, Ramon! This hurts so bad!'

I hit the side of his head, smacked his cheeks, socked him in the temple, punched him in the side, and bit the top of his head. I just wanted to beat him up so fucking badly. He yelled out in pain.

'Call me 'Daddy', Bitch!'

'Oh Daddy! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Oh!'

'I'll show you harder, Bitch! I'm gonna fuck you like the animal that you are, Danny Boy! Just watch me!'

I began to speed up and fuck deeper, fucking him harder and harder. I know his ass hole was hurting then. I then pulled his back up to my chest and began to fuck him there. I held onto the side of his ass and touch him with the other hand. I jacked him off as he pushed his ass deeper into me. I took off his handcuffs and allowed him to touch himself as I helped. He did, but he bent over all the way, not allowing me to touch him, but allowing me to fuck him. I felt myself about to come.

I began to speed up and I felt the condom break. But I kept fucking him, making Daniel scream aloud and making my own self moan really loud, but then I stopped so that I wouldn't come yet. When it was over, I hit him in the back so that he would fall down on his stomach. I pulled myself out of him, took off my condom, and pulled him up to stick my fingers in his ass as he started to push himself back into my fingers. He continued to moan.

He turned over and sat up on the bedpost, looking at me with his legs wide open and my fingers deep inside his ass. I shoved my fingers deeper and watched as his face cringed with pain again, making me a bit horny again. I slapped him with my other hand and punched him in the chest. He pushed himself up and down with the weight on his arms as I used my other hand to touch him.

I stroked his dick and balls fast so that he could come fast. I then stuck myself into him as he laid on his back with his legs wide open and in the air. He began to moan with pleasure, but I hit him in the mouth. I pushed myself into him hard and violently, making it seem as if I were raping him. He began to touch himself as I fucked him. I looked at him touch himself and that made me want to fuck him even more, so I began to speed up. He started jacking off to the same speed that I was fucking him. I felt as if I was going to come, so I stopped fucking him and I jacked off in his face. I felt myself about to come and I did all over his face and all in his mouth.

I then turned him over and shoved my whole fist into his ass, making him sound as if he was going to cry. I laughed, feeling as if my job was almost complete. I watched his ass hole spread open wide. I grabbed the belt that was still tied to his neck and pulled it back to cut off his breathing so that he wouldn't moan too loud. I continued to jack him off, letting him push his own ass back instead of forcing my whole arm in him. I began to jack him off faster and faster. He began to moan louder until...

Then he came all over his bed. He looked at me in the most enticing way and it just made me lick his all over in his mouth. Our tongues created so much slobber, but it was hot as hell. I bit his tongue on purpose.

I let go of him and wiped my hands on his bed. I smiled as I did so, looking at Daniel and his surprised facial expression. We were dripping with oil and sweat.

'You're really kinky, Ramon, and I like it.'

'Well, I am a Scorpio.'

I put on my clothes and left before anyone could come. I just didn't want to be caught of what I had just did.

All that I know was that there was more than one animal in that room. One of them was Daniel.



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