*** I don't know Ashton Kutcher, nor have I had sex with the actor, nor do I know anything about his life, or his sexual orientation. This is a work of fiction only. ***

Ashton Kutcher is one of Hollywood's biggest stars, but before he became famous he was my best friend and roommate. I wrote this story for the millions of Ashton fans out there who fantasize about hooking up with him the way I did back in college.

One of my earliest memories of Ashton was a night we partied together at a gay bar. I was surprised to see Ashton flirt with me and other guys at the bar that night. After spending most of his night drinking heavily, Ashton entered himself into the bar's Best Ass contest... and won!

Later on the next morning, back inside our dorm room, when I woke up at 3 AM, I found Ashton passed out laying naked next to me in bed. Seeing Ashton that way was unexpected... and incredibly hot: Ashton's cock was at least 9 inches, massively thick, and uncut too!

While he was still sleeping, I began jacking him off. He stirred and moaned a little as I continued stroking his cock slowly, expressing to me how much he enjoyed it. He looked down at me groggily, disoriented, wondering where he was for a moment before I leaned over to raised his leg a little to lick at his balls and ass -- enjoying the feel of his huge balls pushed up against my face. I started blowing him and eventually he blew his massive down my throat, moments before I shot my own load of jizz onto the bed.

To be continued...




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