This is my first story, and I don't know too much about writing so I'm hoping you guys like it. No sex in this one (don't cry :P ) since it's just a 'prequel' so you guys know the background. Enjoy!


I stood nervously as my dad talked to another adult, laughing and grinning as he chatted about m, the other guy's son and who would win the championship. His son stood next to him, and when he looked at me, he just winked and gave me a grin, obviously used to his dad being overly talkative. I smiled back, taking in his spiked brown hair, blue eyes, and smooth tanned skin. He was thin, but by the look of his arms, which were left bare by his short-sleeved T-Shirt, suggested a much more muscular physique. My dad and I approached Reception, dozens of other families waiting in line to be served behind us, tall, tanned and handsome included.

'Hi there.' Said the young blonde behind the desk. 'I'm Carla and I'm the receptionist. Can I take your name?'

'Ah, Leo. Leo Spence.' Carla tapped at a hidden computer before saying,

'Okay, I've got you on my list. Ensuite, right?'


'Okay, your room number is fifty. One of the reps will show you around. If you need anything, ask them and they'll be glad to help.' She handed me a key and pointed me to a line of bored-looking adults with bright yellow tops on. I walked up to the first rep I could see.

'Hi, I got told you could show me where my room is and stuff?' Her eyes turned to flames as she saw me, and immediately she set to fixing her hair while blushing red.

'Erm... Ah... Yeah, follow me.' She rushed to take my key and lead me to my room. I just smiled. I liked girls as well as guys but she wasn't my type. It took a few minutes to reach my room as it was on the other side of the campus, but it was the first door in a block and had the main doors right next to it, so I didn't mind. Finally, we reached my room and the rep put the key in the lock and turned it. She walked in and we followed, eager to see what it looked like. I was sad to see it was pretty standard: built-in wardrobe, bed with an exposed mattress and desk. There was a door through to the bathroom and I hoped the shower would be decent, as I needed my morning shower to get me going. 'Well.' Said the rep, 'this is it. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Here's my number, just in case.' She pulled a pen from her breast pocket and scribbled a number on my hand, writing her name too.

'Leanne?' I asked, reading the name.

'That's me!' she giggled, 'Um, I'll leave you to unpack.' As soon as she left, my dad gave me a wide grin.

'You getting stuck in already son?' I gave him a grimace and he just laughed. 'Come on, I'll help you unpack and then you can go meet your new neighbours.'

It took half an hour to get everything reasonably sorted, but I knew it would take me weeks to give things their right places in the room and to make them fit. After unpacking, dad had to go so he could get home on time. He gave me a 'dad hug' and told me to be careful. I said I would lock my door and keep an eye out, but then he gave me another grin and said 'I mean the contraceptive kind'. I freaked and practically pushed him out of the campus, much to my relief.

The hall was quite small, but it seemed larger since everyone was stood and not seated so they took up less room. I mingled with as many people as I could, memorising their names and faces, logging them into as many categories as I could. Geeks, popular, okay, unpopular, goths, emos, sluts, and hawwwwwt guys. I made a category for hawwwwwt girls, but that quickly ended up with no members. Oh well, guys it would be. The one I had met in the Reception, whose father my dad had been talking to, wasn't there, but I assumed he was probably still unpacking. I stayed for an hour, then headed back to my room. It was getting dark and I wanted to try get to sleep early. I had lessons the next day and I'd find it difficult to sleep.

I surfed the net on my laptop for a while, but eventually I gave up on that and changed into my nightwear ( a fresh pair of boxers ) and climbed into the bed I had made from my own linen and a bed pack I'd bought from Reception on my way up. Checking my projector clock, which shone the time on the ceiling to satisfy my lazy streak in the morning, I noted the fact it was ten and switched off my phone light, letting the room go dark.

The sound of knocking woke me up. It didn't sound urgent, but it was loud enough to make me hate the person behind it. Grumbling, I checked the time and slid out of bed. Twelve. This guy was up late and was probably some drunk asking if I had any drink. I was glad to notice my dick had decided to sleep as well and all 4' soft were snoozing in my boxers. I gave a silent prayer - I'm atheist - and opened the door slightly, the chain holding it from opening further. Stood there, naked, was the guy I'd met at reception. I looked him up and down as he stared wide-eyed at me.

'Can I come in?' he asked, shocking me.

'Umm... How come you're ah...' I gestured at him, and he turned red.

'Some dickheads ran off with my clothes and towel while I was showering. As if to prove a point, he lifted up his shower bag.

'Okay... Sure, come in.' I closed the door and took off the chain. He hurried in and stood covering himself, though not very well.

'How come you didn't just sneak back to your room?'

'My key was in my jeans.' I nodded. You want something to get dressed into?' He looked down at himself and nodded eagerly.

'Please.' I went to my wardrobe and pulled out an old pair of jeans and a T-Shirt, as well as some boxers and socks. Throwing them on the bed, I turned around and said,

'I won't look.' He laughed nervously and went to the clothes, pulling them on as fast as he could. I gave a subtle look over my shoulder while he was pulling on the boxers and noticed 6' of thick flaccidness. I turned my head around quickly as I felt a boner starting to form. I didn't want to embarrass myself when he was the one who'd been caught naked.

'Finished.' He said after a minute. I turned around, and found myself liking what I was seeing. My top was too small, as were the jeans, so every muscle, and there were many, was outlined as was every bulge. One bulge in particular, stood out prominently.

'So if they have your key,' I asked, 'How can you get in?'

'I'll go to reception and ask them to let me in, then just lock my door with the chain.'

'Will you feel safe though, since they have your key?'

'I'll ask them to change the locks. Better safe than sorry right?' I nodded, picking up a biro from my desk.

'Here's my number in case you have any problems. Call me.' I said it in such a sexual way, I surprised us both. I'd never been flirty with another guy, or girl, and this was NOT my thing.

'Sure,' he managed to stammer. 'Um, do you...' he stopped, going bright red.

'Do I what?'

'Do you want to go out some time?' He rushed out the words and looked scared when he finished. 'I didn't mean as a date, I just meant as a thank you for letting me in and - .'

'Sure.' I gave him a smile. Call me to arrange it.' As he walked out the door, I asked, 'what's you're name?'

'Jake. You?'


'I'll call you.' I nodded and closed the door, falling onto my bed. Almost as if it had been given permission to work again, my dick reared up to its full 6 and a half inches. It wasn't very long, but it sure was thick. I pumped away thinking of Jake and when I came, I kept wishing it was him, but it was no luck. But I decided then I was going to have him.




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