Communication is what makes up the interaction between humans while asking and answering questions is like wood to fire for communication. I'm sure I've been asked tens of thousands of questions, but only two really stuck to my mind: 'What represents my life' and 'What do I want in my life'.

I have always known about the things that represent my life, work, work and work. Lame answer, huh? But that's the truth. I hardly have anything in my life except work. Throughout these years, work has gotten the better of me; and having to work long hours everyday has already drained me off, leaving me not much time for rest.

What really bothers me though is what I want in life, because I don't really know what I wanted. Sometimes, I'm pretty confident I know the answer to that question, but soon enough I'd be put back into confusion. But if you ask for the first thing that come up my mind right now? It'd totally be sex. Even though I'm not a super horny guy, but when you have a whole month without any of that and not even beating off yourself, you'd no doubt need some, and I certainly want some now, because the last time I did it was already two months ago, the night before I broke up with my girlfriend.

That's a saddening story that I don't want to tell, and you probably won't want to listen to, so back to business. My work is totally boring, typing out documents, thinking of innovative ideas for the promotion of products, you know what I mean. But if I have to name one thing that this company impresses me, it is the washroom. The washroom is well-designed and well-equipped; and pretty hard to believe, it is cleaner than our office space. Apart from the impressing washroom, I have to admit that it is a well-paid job, but we have to work overtime quite a lot, just like today. We have a major project that dues this weekend, so everyone is working late at night; in face of this massive project, the company even cut off the tea breaks, so the only time left for us to get some air are the bathroom breaks, and I definitely need one now.

As I get into the washroom, I take the furthest urinal and unzip my pants. Just as I take my half hard penis and aim it at the urinal, the washroom door opens and Jake comes in, taking the second to last urinal, which is the one to my direct right. Jake is one of the junior secretaries in the next department, and junior secretaries seldom have to work this late, so this project is really big and important to have even the junior secretaries work over time.

'Hey how are thing in your department.' He starts a conversation while I am concentrating on aiming my piss.

'Things are going as planned, how about yours?'

'We are on schedule. So I guess we don't have to rush back to work then.'

'Yeah, take your time, but do remember the faster we're done with the tasks for the day, the earlier we can head home.' That's what I want, to head home get a couple hours of precious sleep.

I cleared my bladder and am ready to zip up and head to the sinks; but out of nowhere, Jake turns over and presses his hand on my chest, pushing me to the wall, which I am totally taken aback.

'What are you doing, Jake?'

'You said we can take our time, and the people out there won't notice if we are missing for a couple minutes, will they?'

'What do you mean we can take our time, I said you can take your time pissing, now get your hands off me, I need to get back to work.'

'Relax man, I just saw something that I can help you out with,' indicating the bulge in my pants while saying, 'looks like you haven't gotten off in a long time.'

Then, he pulls me into a stall and locks the door while dragging his pants along the floor the whole time.

'Wait, I'm not gay, let me get out of here.'

'Shut up and let me do all the work.' is his reply to my protest before he gets on his knees facing the bulge in my pants. 'You are not gay, I am. And don't worry; it will not take long, so you can go back to work.'

He unzips my pants, pulls down my boxer, getting my cock in his hands. It feels so cold at first, but then he starts to rub and stroke my cock that it becomes rock hard in no time. And I can tell he is really good at doing this.

'Ready to get a blow job from a guy?'

And before I can answer, he squeezes my cock and sticks his tongue out to tease my piss hole. It feels so amazing that my body gives response to his treatment and I let out a long and deep moan, 'Oh... It feels so great, I love the way your work on my dick, keep going.' I've two months' worth of storage in there and I know I will get over the edge pretty quick.

And he probably knows that too, as he waited no more to get more entire cock in his mouth. Just as I feel my cock hits the back of his throat; I know I am going to cum, so I tries to pull my penis out of his mouth, but he grabs my hips and go back on my hard cock, engulfing the whole of it just before semen starts to ejaculate into his mouth. I shoot jets after jets of cum and you can tell he tries really hard to swallow it all. But in face of two months' worth of cum, there is still some that leaked out between his lips and my penis. After swallowing as hard as he can, he keeps on sucking every drop of cum out of my cock.

'That's so hot, I wish I can last longer though, maybe we should do it again sometime.'

Having to hear me say that, he smiles while licking the cum on his lips 'I have wanted your cock in my mouth since I got in this company, you just so turn me on. We definitely should do it again if you don't mind, I'd like to show you my ropes and give you the best blow job ever.'

Coming soon: the office gets a little messier and life gets more confusing (don't assume I'll turn everyone gay though)

Please feel free to give me good or bad comments Also tell me what you want to see happen next and it may just be what's gonna happen. Names for upcoming characters are also welcome.

And I know some of the contents doesn't suit with what biology tells us, but who the hell cares, right?



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