Forest Gump's mother was right, life is indeed like a box of chocolates you really don't know what your going to get! Its not like i planned on liking men sexually, it just sort of happend. 

My name is Chris, Chris Whitehorn  in the last few months before my twenty first birthday, after reading a book about a marine whos girlfriend left him for another guy and how he got over it and moved on i looked back and reflected on the events that had happened in the short life that i had lived.

I always felt out of place at primary school and i didnt fit in when i got to secondry school either, i slowly found my feet and had a good circle of friends. I was looked at as the leader of the pack and that set me up as the target for the bullies, see in school, i was in the middle i knew almost everybody in my year and they all knew me, you had your popular people and the not so popular and i was in the middle of the two, i wouldnt say people were jelous bu more intimidated, i knew how to talk to girls and had a lot of real close friends that were female and their boyfriends didnt like that, at all. They would bully me but i wouldnt show that it upset me, they all knew i could get their girlfriends to dump them in a instance so they were intimidated big time. 

Half way through secodry school i entered a relationship with my first true live Kayley Weaver, she was curvy in all the right places nice bum, nice breasts and a wining smile, ill never forget how we met, i had slagged of a friend of hers an she came storming up to me and had a huge row with me, we got over it and in time we strated hanging out in school i got her number from a friend and started to text her one day we text for hours wasting all of our credit -as contract phones wernt big back then- she sent me a text that said who do you fancy? i said another girl from our school an asked her the same question she said another guy from our school. Soon after i had no credit so i rang her we chatted for hours and then i just said "i lied" she kept nagging me to eplain more so i did, i said that i fancied her and not the girl i text her saying that i did and she confessed the same thing saying that she fancied me and not who she text about. 

Monday morning came and i saw her she flashed me her smile and i melted inside, i walked right up to her took her in my arms, and said "i need you in my life, will you be my girlfriend?" she accepted and the relationship went on from there.

 Ater a year things started going wrong and i invited my two best friends over, Joe and Kyle, we began drinking cider and watching films an then decided to play spin the bottle, i dared my friend to set light to his arm pit hair and he did, my god did that stink! After another hour of drinking and stupidness with spin the bottle it landed on me, joe dared kyle and i to kiss for ten seconds and we did, it meant nothing it was just a dare but when we pulled apart our eyes met, it felt like a lifetime and thoughts started to rush around my head, a strange feeling came over me and my stomach longed for us to kiss again.

The following weekend i just invited kyle to stay this time we were alone.

"last weekend was pretty neat." i said wishing for a reply that meant he enjoyed it too

"yeah was well good, how about that kiss" he said laughing 

"oh my god i had completly forgotten about that" i lied hoping for a signal to try it again

"well ill have to jog your memory." with that he leaned over and pressed his lips against mine, his tongue searching for my lips. I was stunned, i opened my mouth and our tongues met lashing against each other exploring his mouth as we parted he smiled and said 

"do you remember now?"

"im not sure, might have to have another go" i said sarcastically and i leaned back in pressing my lips against his.

He pulled back and said 

"have you ever ha a blow job?"

"no, have you?" i queried  

I hadnt got to that stage with Kayley. With that he laid me back on the bed and began unbuttining my jeans then realising i had a blet on "fucking belt" he shouts after he had undone my jeans and faffed with my belt he went down and took m cock in his mouth, it was warm and moist and felt fucking amazing, he tried to deep thoat me but gagged alot coming up for air he said "how fucking big are you?" i wasnt that big only about seven and a half eight inches at best but it made me smile and he webt back down he sucked me for ages and i was in heaven with pleasure he rose up and said "I'm not doing any more until you have had ago on my cock!" so i laid him back and started pulling his trackie bottoms down out popped this beautiful cock it wasn't buge only about five and a half,six inches long but mighty thick, i cupped and playdd with his balls and gently kissed the end of his cock his pre-cum so good and then i took his cock in my mouth, it was my first ever blowjob and it was wonderful he was moaning softly and all of a sudden his cock throbbed and my tongue lashed around the head of his cock in my mouth and all of the sudden his he threw his head back, lifted his hips forcing his cock deeper into my throat and what seemed a bucket load of cum filled my mouth, he held his hands on the back of head forcing me to keep on his cock and to swallow and i happily did, my god it tasted wonderful and i wanted more! 



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