I love cock. I don't care about the size, cut or not or shape of it; they're all tasty in their own way. I started perfecting my oral skills when I was younger with my playmates but really did not know what I was doing. After my high school graduation I was off to college. I couldn't wait. Campus life was great. I would just sit and watch all the yummy guys walk by or stare at them in class.

It was gossiped that the third-floor bathroom in the library was used for hot student on student sex. One afternoon I decided to see if it was true so scribbled a note on the wall just above the urinals. The note read something like - 'Clean, discreet guy will suck your cock or anything else you want if you're horny. Last stall'. Nervous as hell, I went to the last stall, sat down next to a small hole from which I could peer inside the adjoining stall, took my cock out and played with it while waiting to see what would happen.

Nothing happened that first day; it was slow. I must have waited for an hour, but no one wanted to get off with me. I was becoming discouraged. Maybe these jocks had enough cunt to take care of their young dicks. But, then again, from personal experience I knew most guys can't get enough head.

So I took up my vigil again the following Friday. I was sitting on the toilet and a young man walked into the restroom. After peeing in the urinal, reading my message and washing his hands, he came into the stall next to mine and sat down. I glanced through the glory hole. He dropped his nylon basketball shorts so that they bunched up around his ankles. I didn't say a word until I saw both of his feet come up off the floor. The guy was jerking off! I started feeling bold because I was so horny so I whispered to him.

'Let me suck it for you.' The guy's feet hit the floor and for a second I expected him to run like hell out of the bathroom. Instead, he walked out of his stall and pushed on the door to mine. I quickly unlatched the door and let him in.

What a dream come true! This sweaty young jock must have been 6'2' or better. He had pulled up his nylon shorts, but the bulge in them told me that the boy was really packed! His hair was a dark brown and had a buzz cut. His eyes were a nice dark brown. He looked like the paperboy next door to my home. I always wanted to get together with him. But never did, so here was my chance to live out the fantasy that played in my head as I saw him on his route. I pulled this kid's shorts and jockstrap down and was greeted with a rapidly hardening cock. I slipped his meat into my mouth and started giving him my best blow job I knew how to give. The guy's cock swelled up to about seven inches. His balls were plump and they smelled like young, hot sweat. My perfect wonderful experience only lasted about a minute or so because as he leaned back against the stall he shot into my ready mouth.

He apologized for shooting so quickly but he couldn't help it. 'I almost got off when I read your note.' He thanked me for the blowjob and told me that his name was Chad. Chad also warned me that this time was not really a safe one to hang out in. Some jocks on campus were real homophobes, hated gays and were very vocal about it. He was afraid that someone would see him and rat him out. He said the best time to meet was late morning because everyone would be in class and we'd have the place to ourselves. He promised me that he would be back and let some of his buddies know that I'd be more than happy to help them get their dicks sucked. For safety's sake, I erased the message by the urinal.

The following day provided me with a smorgasbord of dicks. I got there right about the same time that Chad had told me. There were a lot of both jock and nerd types milling around the stacks of books. I looked around and then sauntered into the john and took my usual seat. It wasn't long before someone came into the bathroom. I heard a knock on my stall door and I opened it. A computer geek type entered. I was disappointed with my first customer that is until he unzipped and pulled out a nice juicy big thick cock. Neither of us said a word. He pulled his pulled his shorts down and started playing with his dick. That monster must have been at least eight inches long and it was still growing. I started to suck on the massive organ, but could only fit about half of it into my mouth because it was so fat. His hands went on the back of my head and we got a good rhythm going. It wasn't long before my mouth was overflowing with hot young cum.

'Hey, man. Thanks! Sorry I have to go but I got a class in twenty minutes'. My jaw hurt from the stretching that stud had given me. I was just sitting back to relax and stretching my mouth when the next guy sat down in the stall next to mine and didn't say a word. He slipped a note under the partition that read 'Will you give me head?'. I answered him out loud.

'You bet, get your cock in here.'

'No, you come in here. If I like the way you look, I will let you in.'

I got up and walked over to the next stall. He must have liked my looks because he let me in. He was your average preppy looking guy, with long bangs and the looks of a model. He had already pulled his pants off and was completely hard. His cock was not overly big, about five inches. I sucked him dry in a couple of minutes and he thanked me pulled up his pants and left.

I went back to my little cell and sat down to catch my breath. Another guy came in and pounded on my door. The way he banged on the door scared the shit out of me. I thought he might be wanting to beat me up. I peeked out through the crack.

'You really want to suck my dick? Let me in!'

Nervously, I opened the door. This guy was built like a brick shithouse. I recognized him as one of the school's wrestlers. He had muscles coming out of everywhere. I started to pull down his sweatpants, but he interrupted me.

'I'll pull them down for you, faggot. Hands off.'

I figured that he was a mouthy guy who was on a power trip. I knew the type so I complied. He slid down his sweats and underwear and I was presented with a pretty healthy looking cock. It was long and thick and nestled in a bed of reddish brown pubic hair.

'Suck me, faggot and you'd better do a damn good job of it or I'll knock the shit out of you.'

I slid his boner into my mouth and started giving him my best blow job. The jock had a nice piece of meat. As I worked on his fuck pole, I held tightly onto his hard muscular buns for better leverage. I must have squeezed one too many times because he yanked his meat from my mouth.

'Seems like you are in love with my ass, faggot. Well here. Lick it'. With that, he turned around and bent over, exposing a nice white ass with a cute little rosebud. I couldn't help myself. I rimmed his ass for what seemed like an eternity. The red head was beating his meat as I was licking around his hole. Just before he came he stood up and turned around. That monster pole was shoved into my ready mouth and he came in buckets!

By then, I was exhausted. Chad came in just as I was about to leave and I found enough energy for one more good blow job. I left with cum all over my clothes, but it was worth it. I had a few more tearoom encounters after that. But with the semester coming to an end, my regulars were taking different courses and were on different schedules. So I gave myself the assignment of finding new fuck buddies and new place to offer my services. This was one assignment that I was looking forward to completing as soon as possible.



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