I would go to the library on Tuesday's mainly because I was

attracted to the librarian. I never really slept with women but for some reason she really

turned me on. I guess it was her age, but I love older men and women (sometimes.) A few

weeks ago I struck up a conversation and found out her name was Alice. Alice lived alone

and spent most of her time at the library working and reading. I was determined to have

those muscular lips around my cock no matter what I had to do. The funny thing was

that there was something different about Alice, something I could not quite figure out.

She seemed so strong and so powerful, her voice was slightly lower then most women

I had met. She had beautiful legs and strong hands, I noticed this every time she

got up to walk across the library. I would always find some question or problem that

would require her assistance. Once her hand brushed mine and I got an instant


After weeks of conversation and light flirting she finally agreed to

go for coffee with me. I actually went home that afternoon and masturbated with just

the thought of her powerful lips around my cock. I took a shower and just rubbed my

hot cock in anticipation. We met at a local restaurant and chose some Margarita's

instead of coffee. Alice suggested that the alcohol would loosen us up and make for

better conversation and a more relaxing time. It took about two drinks for Alice to

start talking about how lonely she was, and how horny she had been. She complained

that most men did not find her attractive and she was never asked out. It was then I

know that I was going to get what I wanted. We played footsy under the table and touched

each others hands. Alice finally invited me over to her apartment, which was nearby. Once

inside we headed straight for the bed and began hugging and kissing each other. I felt

something against my thigh and looked down and saw the biggest cock I have ever seen! I

was so hot and excited I just kept kissing Alice. Alice asked if I were open-minded and I

replied Extremely, and we laughed. I knelt down and pulled out all of Al's rocket cock and

started sucking on it. He exploded immediately into my mouth and it felt like a big gulp

going down. One thing for sure, it had been a long time for Al. We moved on the bed and I

stripped my pants off and pulled Al's head into my cock. Al licked my swollen balls and

stroked on my cock with both of his hands. He wrapped his strong mouth around my

cock, his tongue massaging my entire shaft. He started biting while sucking and the

sensation was unbelievable, the slight pain of his teeth along with his hot strong oral

hole going up and down my pole. I could not help it and started contracting into

orgasm. I must have squirted a few pints of hot cum in his mouth because he

swallowed for a few minutes. My cock was still swollen and hot and Al kept on

sucking me until I was rock hard once again. Al started moaning and asked me what I

wanted, what I needed right then and there. He said he would do anything to please

me, of course that got me really hot and excited.

I told Al I want to plug his love hole, and he quickly turned over

and pulled his tight ass apart. I could tell it had been a while for Al and slowly slid

the tip of my cock in. I got the whole enchilada inside and started pumping for oil. It

was not long before I struck gold and squirted my load inside Al's warm walls. We spent

the rest of the night playing with each other and massaging each other to orgasm. I

really enjoy my visits to the library, and in fact I now go three times a week.



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