Liar vs. Liar

by Laura S. Fox

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Chapter Two

Not Like Other Boys

The cutie in his arms moaned softly and turned his face away. Jamie was about to go for his secret move and lick the perfect little shell-shaped ear presenting itself so prettily but stopped abruptly. Did he always do that? His secret move was not a secret anymore, as the creepo who wrote Xpress had offered a detailed description of Jamie’s seduction techniques. Also, didn’t that make him boring?

“What’s the matter?” the college boy in his arms asked. “Don’t tell me you’re not in the mood anymore.”

“I’m always in the mood, baby,” he said with a smile, but the way his facial muscles cramped told him that he wasn’t making a very good impression right now.

“That’s all right,” the cutie said with a sigh. “I don’t think I’m over my ex, anyway.”

Sometimes, Jamie’s mission to get college boys in his bed got a little complicated as it seemed that guys who were barely out of a relationship flocked to him, determined to have a little bit of rebound sex. And Jamie was great at offering just that.

Tonight, he had talked with his date for two hours straight, offering the pretty boy all the reasons in the world why he had to forget about his scumbag of an ex-boyfriend and enjoy college life to the fullest. Although he enjoyed that part, too, in this case, it had gotten just a little bit strenuous.

And now, because he hesitated for… what? Two fractions of a second? Damn, he was thinking way too much about the crap that gossip rag was spewing about him.

“Hey,” he said softly while trying to bring the guy around by wrapping his arms around him and pressing him against the bed. “I know just the remedy for that.” He pushed his pelvis against the other’s, pleased to see that there was an immediate reaction.

However, it looked like the guy’s other head was, after all, in control, because even after a long kiss, Jamie found himself pushed gently away.

“Everything you’ve told me tonight has really helped me, Jamie. It made me wonder if I was in the wrong, too--”

--when exactly had he said that?

“—and that maybe I was too harsh and wanted too much--”

--what the actual fuck?

“—and I should really think about giving him a second chance.”

Jamie bit his bottom lip to stop himself from shouting in frustration. He was affable, well-mannered, you name it, but when his little friend wanted some action, it was better if nothing stood in his way. Right now, it looked like he needed to push that cat back in the bag, while said feline was in no mood to be mistreated in that manner.

“You really think so?” he asked, forcing himself to smile again. He moved his fingers slowly along the guy’s collarbone – another of his signature moves, one that Xpress didn’t know about – but it looked like the soft lips enticing him from up close were no longer in the mood to dance with Jamie’s skilled tongue.

“Yeah.” The cutie grabbed his cheeks and kissed him loudly on the lips. “You know, I think you might make it big if you ever decide to become a sex and relationship therapist.”

“I don’t think I’m cut out for that.” I’d probably die of a severe case of blue balls if every patient of mine ended up like this. “I mean, I’d have to give up the sex since every guy I’d meet would lie on my sofa with no thought of getting freaky with me.”

Had he just said all of that out loud?

The pretty college boy gave him a long look. “So are you into this only for the sex?” he asked slowly, as if he needed to tread carefully.

Jamie shrugged. “I like sex and I can’t deny it.”

“So you weren’t only interested in making me feel better?”

“I don’t see a contradiction between the two,” Jamie replied truthfully, although he was beginning to feel apprehensive about this line of questioning and where it was going.

His host got up from the bed with precise, deliberate moves. “See you around, Jamie?”

The nice equivalent of ‘fuck off’.

“Sure,” he said, ignoring his bruised ego for a moment – that would come later – and pushed himself up. He sauntered to the door, all the while pretending that he didn’t care that he was being given the cold shoulder for a change. “Are you sure?” he asked, offering his winning smile.

“Yes,” the guy replied. “Jamie, if you don’t mind my telling you this, you seem a bit callous to me.”

“Callous? Me? How so?”

“Yeah.” The cutie bit on his bottom lip hard. “This whole routine you’re doing. It feels rehearsed.”

“Really? Only earlier, you told me I could be a sex therapist.”

“Yes, as long as you’re not doing it with the sole intention of sleeping with your clients.”

“Patients,” Jamie corrected him.

The slanting look thrown his way did nothing good for his nerves. “You know what I mean. You’re having soulless sex.”

“For real,” Jamie said, while one corner of his lips twisted into a grimace. “You can’t be serious.”

“Yes, I am. You’re nice to talk to, and maybe you’re nice in bed to. But outside of all that, not so nice. I’ve heard people talking.”

“What people?” This was all news to him. His hookups always said he was the best.

The cutie shrugged his shoulders. “Everyone.”

Jamie groaned and ran one hand over his face. “Is this about the stupid shit Xpress keeps on peddling about me? That rag should just shut the fuck up.”

“What it says is on point. I mean, you’re a heartbreaker by definition.” His host snapped his fingers as if a brilliant idea had just come to him. “Maybe that’s why you know how to give the best advice about others.”

“Other heartbreakers? By the way, you just told me you want to get back together with that asshole.”

“Well, what’s the difference?” Another indifferent shrug that was starting to get on his nerves. “Besides, do you even remember my name?”

Jamie wracked his brain for a moment. Fuck, he hadn’t paid attention, had he?

“Okay, you got me there. What’s your name?”

The cutie gave him a long judgmental look. “It’s Mitch.”

Jamie threw his arms in the air. “That’s it. I’m out of here.”

He didn’t even look back to check if his date for tonight was taking the time to stare longingly after him. By how fast he closed the door, that was probably just wishful thinking.


When his ego took a beating, there was one thing that always worked wonders. Sure, it worked plenty of wonders for his slim bank account, too, but there were other awesome perks that came with the territory.

Such as having his ego caressed and stroked to the point of no return. He took a short shower and opted for marching in front of the camera with nothing but a towel on. After the moment he needed to collect himself, he turned the camera on and logged into his account.

“Hey, hey, hey,” he began, throwing a dazzling smile at the camera’s lens, “I bet you guys weren’t expecting me tonight, but my plans fell through, so tonight I’m all yours.”

He leaned back in his chair and began to fiddle with his towel. The secret was to offer them very little at first, until they became hungry for more and began throwing money at him. Unlike other people on the platform, he preferred livestreams to other sorts of content meant for monetization. They gave him the chance to connect with his audience and also give them what they liked. He was a giver, no matter what that Mitch was talking about.

Some of his followers usually lurked around even on the days he wasn’t supposed to stream, and he was counting on them. They were people who always said the nicest things to him, like—

“Oh, darling, you’re kinky,” Jamie said and laughed. “What else would you like me to do to you?”

He took pride in offering his followers enough one-on-one conversation that they all felt equally valued. And that guy had dared to call him a heartbreaker. He was as far as he could be from a heartbreaker.

Jamie flaunted his towel a smidge to get the interest higher.

“Sure, why not?” Jamie hooked one thumb into the rolled towel around his waist. “How about you guys show me a little more love first?”

“Nah, play nice,” Jamie scolded the impatient – and permanent – asshole playfully. “You know how this works.”

“Do you want me all to yourself?” Jamie teased while leaning toward the camera and offering his signature smile again.

Did that feel rehearsed to his followers? The thought made him wince for a moment.

Of course, stuff like that was only in his head. Well, it was in other people’s heads, too, but why did he have to care about them? He couldn’t control what they wanted to be delusional about. He was Zen like that.

“I suppose it’s time to show you something, boys,” he said cheerfully and lifted his towel enough to offer a direct view of the goods.

Some people were really good at giving themselves orgasms with very little input from Jamie. However, they weren’t his favorite people. The ones he liked best were those with a little more staying power.

“Show me some love, honey, and we’ll put that to the test,” Jamie said and winked at the camera.

“Let me tell you about what I’d do to you if you were my boyfriend,” Jamie began as he slowly removed his towel to let all his glory present itself to the public.

From time to time, there were guys who were trying to get a rise out of him, but Jamie brushed them off. They didn’t mean anything to him, nor their comments. But tonight, he was in a funk, and, for a change, he didn’t want to let it go.

“Why do you think I’m not boyfriend material?” he asked, his smile never failing to be charming.

All right, Jamie had a policy never to let one person donate too much in one night because it made him feel like he was taking advantage of that someone’s generosity.

“Get ready for the show, boys,” he said, choosing to ignore the naysayer for the time being. He began caressing his chest, playing with his nipples. One of the things he enjoyed about his side hustle was that he could get as verbal as he wanted, and the others enjoyed it, too. He bit his bottom lip and winked. His cock had no trouble getting up, as long as he knew there were so many pairs of eyes on him. It did feel good to know he was so appreciated. Too many people considered what he was doing dirty, but he had never felt that way. He was an entertainer through and through.

And definitely not a heartbreaker.

Jamie closed his eyes to focus on his impending orgasm. Although he could hear the chime that signaled each time someone donated tokens, over and over, he didn’t look at the screen anymore. He let sweet nothings pour out of his mouth, with the comforting knowledge that there were ears on the other side listening in and taking his words at face value. Not reading the nasty comments probably coming from that asshole’s fingers as he got close to his climax helped.

He only opened his eyes after the deed. He continued to play with his fresh cum, rubbing it slowly into his skin.

He counted all the tips rapidly. All in all, the night had been far from a loss. His nice guy act really paid off. While other guys were trying to go the extra mile with all sorts of kinks and whatnot, he preferred to keep things simple and wholesome. One after another, his followers left. He frowned as he realized someone had yet to leave.

“What are you still doing here?” he asked.

“If you like it so much, maybe you should pay for the privilege of seeing it.”

“Yeah, I thought so,” Jamie said and turned off the camera.

What a douche. Really raining on his parade and all that.

Oh, well, it didn’t matter. He’d gotten his fair share of love for the night.


“Yeah,” he said, moving his phone from one ear to the other. “I’m running a short survey.”

He always kept the phone numbers the guys he hooked up with gave him. He wasn’t the kind never to kiss the same lips twice or ghost people without a strong reason. Easygoing, fun, a calm port in the storm – he was all that. And until now, a lot of college boys going to Sunny Hill had appreciated him for it. He liked to believe that he was still friends with most of them. Or at least pleasant acquaintances.

“Did you ever think I was a heartbreaker?”

The short hesitation at the other end wasn’t lost on him.

“Well, Jamie, to tell you the truth,” the other began, “during the short time I spent with you, I felt that you were emotionally unavailable. I mean, I loved the sex and the talk, don’t get me wrong, but I knew we wouldn’t move beyond that. And it sort of sucked because I really liked you.”

“You don’t like me anymore, then?” If he remembered correctly, he had hooked up with this guy twice. Or was it three times? If that was the case, it had to be Jamie’s longest relationship to date.

“Are you emotionally available now?” came the direct question.

Jamie had no idea what to say to that. It was too serious a question to downplay it and treat it lightly. At the same time, an honest answer wasn’t in the cards. Because really, he didn’t know what to say.

“I guess you understand what I’m trying to say here,” the guy said. “If it helps, I think you’re awesome. I had the best rebound sex with you.”

“Have you had rebound sex with others?”

A chuckle followed. “I’m not going to answer that. I don’t want you to think I’m a slut.”

“I’d never think that about you.”

“I know. You’re a nice guy, but that’s it. And others in your place would definitely be more arrogant and egotistical compared to you, but it’s not enough for me.”

“You never said anything.” Jamie grunted in frustration as he moved his phone from one ear to the other again.

“It wasn’t worth the trouble. I knew I would get myself into other trouble if I hoped for more. You would have ended up breaking my heart, even if not intentionally.”

Okay, that was bad, Jamie thought as he finished the conversation. It had to be a fluke, and this guy just happened to be a big romantic at heart. Therefore, his strange opinion of Jamie and what their no-strings-attached sex had meant for him.

His contact list was long, and he had time to kill until his shift at the coffee shop started. With a confident smile on his face, he took a look in the mirror. He really was a nice sight shirtless. No wonder his followers were so riveted by his body. He flexed for a moment waiting for the next guy to answer.


“It’s not good enough.”

You don’t say. It’s not like you have to come up with new ideas every day.

“And what the fuck is going on with your grades?”

“You know,” he decided to stand up for himself for a change, “it’s not exactly easy juggling everything. Try being in my place for a second.”

An unpleasant grin was the immediate response. “I don’t have to. I was in your place. And I did my job. Every day, and yes, that included grades and all. Do better.”

Do better, he mimicked in his head just for the sake of having a little comeback to the scolding he was getting for no reason at all.

No one had any idea what it felt like to be him. His older brother the least of all people.


Author's note: Since Derek wondered about a pertinent thing regarding the time when this story takes place, I'll make it clearer now. This is happening during the guys' senior year, which is why everyone is in the picture. It is just post Chasing Rusty Parker (excluding the epilog), with Matty and Rusty as an established couple. 

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