Author's Note: All characters mentioned in sexual activities are 18 or older. Sorry about the long wait for part 3. I have a lot on my plate right now so I'll try not to make you guys wait that long for part 4.



I wake up feeling Nick's breathe on my shoulder as he kisses my neck. I roll over and face him and start to talk.

"Morning Nick." I said groggily

"Morning Levi." Nick said as he kissed me on the lips.

"So what do you want to do today?" I asked casually

"This." Nick said in a seductive tone.

He slid down under the cover and started to suck my dick. I moan and grab his hair gently. First thing in the morning and I'm already getting sucked off. I could get use to that. I bite my lip trying to keep myself from cumming already. His mouth worked wonders on my dick. He knew I was already close and flipped me over onto my stomach with my ass up and face comforted by the pillows. He starts rimming me and I squirm and fight the erge to moan to load. Never thought that something like this would feel good. He started to lick his fingers and started to insert fingers into my virgin hole. It hurt a little bit because he had some length on his fingers. He worked each finger in, one at a time making sure I was well loose when he was going to fuck me. He grabbed some lube from his bedside and put some on my ass and his dick. He held me in his arms in doggie position trying to push his massive cock into my tiny shute.

"Levi you got to relax." Nick said lightly into my ear.

Nick laid one of his hands on my chest and the other on my hip guiding it onto his dick. He pushed forward a little more and then the head popped right in. I felt as if I was going to split just from the head of his dick in my hole. My mouth opens wide trying to let out a loud groan of pain but nothing comes out. Nick pushed further into my hole as I begin to get dizzy with pain trying not to panic with how much pain I was in. I wanted to tell him to stop but I couldn't. I didn't want to disappoint him at this point. He slid his dick till I could feel his pubes against my ass. I lowered my head to calm myself moan in pain when he started to pull back out slowly. Then right back inside of me. Slowly and gingerly. I grip his thigh and try to keep some of his dick from entering me but he would just pull my hips more.

"Nick, p please slow down." I said stuttering.

"Just hang in there a little bit longer." Nick said.

He said that and started to pick of the pace. My ass felt like it was on fire. It was stretched to its max. He started to fuck me at a pace that I wouldn't be able to keep up with for a first timer. Kissing my shoulder while pounding my ass. I could feel his breathing getting heavier with every slap of his thighs against my ass. I could feel his dick get the hardest it's been and him slam his dick deep into me as I felt his hot cum spew into me. His manly grunts filling the room. He takes his dick out and turns me over and sucks me off.

Bobbing his head up and down and swirling his tongue when he would pull his head back up. Several minutes later I shudder and turn my head and arch my back and cum into his mouth. The orgasm completely drained me of the energy I had and fell asleep.

I began to wake up an hour later and it was only 10 in the morning. Nick wasn't in the room. I sniff the air and smelt bacon and sausage.

"He's making breakfast." I said while I smiled to myself.

I walked to the bathroom to get the remaining of Nick's cum out of my ass. I walk out of the bathroom and I see rose waiting for me and I pet her and she does this little playful snort that makes me laugh all the time. I walk down stairs and see two plats set up on the couch with Batman the Dark Night Rises menu. I walk into the living room and Nick sneaks up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist.

"Hey lovely" Nick said sweetly.

"Hello to you too" As I turned around and kissed him.

"Sit, I'll be there in a minute. What do you want to drink?" Nick asked.

"Um, orange juice." I said.

"Sure thing." Nick said opening the refrigerator.

We sat down and watched a morning movie with our breakfast and had another quickie around the end of the movie.

We went out to the mall that afternoon to go Christmas shopping. He bought me $132 worth of clothing. He is just spoiling me, and all I got him was a necklace. What a gift. But hey, it's better than nothing. We went to Spencer's and we bought the sexy Santa clause clothing set. A male thong to hold his huge penis and a little helper's jock strap and elf ears for me. This was going to be a good Christmas. My parents were out to a funeral, my dad's mom died so they went down to say their goodbyes. So I got to spent more time with Nick. It was around 12:32 and we were both in our costumes wrapping up presents that we bought the other one didn't see. I finished wrapping my gift and went down stairs to put the gift under the tree.

I get down on all fours and put it under the tree. Nick unexpectedly came up behind me and got on his knees and started to fuck me. He was already lubed up, he was probably planning on doing this as a surprise. He started fucking my ass like no tomorrow. Me panting and moaning as his dick throbs inside of my ass. There we were fucking like animals under the lights of the Christmas tree in our sexy Christmas costumes. He switched positions and made me ride his dick while he laid on his back. I placed my hands on his chest and bounced on his dick as hard as I could. He obviously wanted to fuck me harder and put his knees undermine and my tippy toes were on the floor. The only thing keeping me up in a crouch position. He started to fuck me at a speed the was too much for me. I close my eyes and lean my head back and start to cum all over one of the or dements. My ass clinching his dick was to much for him and cummed far up into my ass. We got up and headed up stairs and made more love. After we fucked some more we headed to the shower to clean the sweat and cum off of us. Once we got out of the shower we got in bed and went to sleep.

I woke up from a blissful dream as I turn my head and see Nick fucking me from behind. Is he always horny? Fawk. He sees that I'm awake and lays me on my back in eagle spread and fucks me from above. Boy is he a power top. I moan uncontrollably to every push he makes into my ass. Fighting the urge to cum every time. I never thought getting fucked would feel so good. He was getting close and I wanted him to cum in my mouth. He pulls out and fucks my face. I stretch my mouth around his big cock and let him take charge. Soon I feel his dick coating my throat in his cum. His cum was thick, it's like downing eggnog. His cum warms me up. He lays his head on the back board and lets me fuck his face. I look down at Nick wrapping him mouth around my dick. I start to moan loader and cum in his mouth.

"Morning" Nick said.

"Random much?" I said and start to laugh catching my breathe.

"Will you be my boyfriend Levi?" Nick asked.

"Yes, yes I will." I said giving him a big smile.

We go down stairs and open the few presents that is under the tree. He opens his gift and he lights up as bright as the Christmas tree.

"I use to have a necklace just like this when I was little. My dad had got me one just like it, I had lost it. It meant so much to me. It had so many memories. Take to make some more with this one." Nick said happily.

He leaned to his side to kiss me on the cheek. I open my gift. Which were two matching bracelets. The extra one was for nick. Kind of like a promise ring, just a bracelet.

"Thank you so much Nick." I said with a bright smile and kiss him on the lips.

We go to the room around the corner which was called the audio room so we could play Dance central 1, 2, and 3. We finish our dance off and head out to have an early dinner. It was around 6, we decide on going to Chili's and went to the movies to see the movie "Django". We get to his house and I race him to the shower and clean up. We walk out of the bathroom naked and he pushes me onto the bed, grabs my hair roughly and fucks me relentlessly. Does the fun ever end?

-To Be Continued




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