The morning following getting my ass drilled by Jorge and Levi at the same time, I went to work at the bank, Jorge went to his college classes and Levi went to the college that morning to register for his classes for the following semester. I met Levi after work and we headed straight to the rugby field where the sexy hard body rugby players were still practicing. I became horny as hell with a growing erection as I watched those hard athletic bodies and muscled legs collide fighting for the ball. I noticed that Levi had also grown a stiff tent in his pants. We both were lusting for these hot jocks and hoped that Jorge's invitation for us to meet him and the team would pay great dividends. It had been months since I'd had a free range of cock since I'd been in this monogamous relationship with Jorge. Well we were now free to return to being gay sluts.

At the end of practice, Jorge brought 35-year-old sexy Coach Leo over to the sidelines and introduced us. I knew Jorge had informed Coach Leo what we were up to when I noticed the Coach's eyes were lustful as he stared at our  crotches.

Coach Leo greeted us with a big smile and said: Hey Levi and Jett, why don't you join us in the locker room?"

When we arrived in the locker room, shit the place was filled with at least 100 Fucking gorgeous sweaty athletes from several teams at the college who had just finished practice. Although I was so turned on by the most large number of naked jocks I'd ever been with, I knew no sex would take place under these conditions. But Coach Leo and Jorge had a plan. As the room was filled with talk and laughter, Coach Leo yelled: "Attention rugby players; I want to see in my office Jorge, Johnny, Brandon, Logan, Colby, Eli, Felix, Sonny, Max, and Chris. Levi and Jett why don't you join us?'

Holy shit six of the guys were butt naked and the other guys only had on their briefs and were so well hung. The guys were so hot in their sweaty condition and all that locker room odor of hot men. I felt my ass lips puckering just thinking about what might happen to my ass with all this cock in the room.

Coach Leo led us to his big conference room. As we sat around the table with all these sweaty bodies, the Coach used the pretense of reviewing the day's practice for pluses and minuses. Then Coach Leo excused himself to make a telephone call. Soon Jorge led us back to the locker room that was now vacant.

After the guys had all showered, all hell broke loose as the guys began to smack each other's butts with their towels. Man those bubble asses began to get red and my cock got stiff. Then Jorge grabbed Johnny; threw him on a wrestling mat; had Levi and I to undress; Jorge put me down on the mat beside naked Johnny, the only other bottom in the room; and Coach Leo entered the room totally naked. Man was he a big dude. He stood 6-feet and 3-inches; weighed 190 muscled pounds; had a huge 11-inch cock that was rock hard and bobbing up and down; a herculean stud; and he headed straight to me. My ass began to pucker as Coach Leo got down by me. Johnny and I had been put on our stomachs with our legs spread exposing our asses. Could I take that policeman-like nightstick up my ass? Man I wanted to try.

The games began, as I got lucky with Caoch Leo. He got between my legs and soon he beagn to lick and suck on my wet ass. He sucked my ass lips and used two fingers to open me up and he took two fingers and gave my prostate an awesome massage. I moaned and begged him not to stop.

I looked over at fucking bottom Johnny and there was my buddy Levi getting the first crack at that hot ass. I heard Johnny moan and beg: "Oh Fuck Yea, eat my ass. suck my ass, yea that is it put that hot tongue in my pussy."

As I looked at that hot ass of Johnny and Levi's tongue at work, Oh hell, I felt Coach Leo's big cock press hard against my ass. He pushed hard and the first try was not successful as my ass muscles closed. He lubed my ass some more and used his whole body to thrust his big missile into my ass with a hard thrust widening my sphineter letting Daddy in me. I felt his warm shaft thrust against my ass walls pushing them outward. I became wild with lust as his big hard body laid down on my back and he began to wildly fuck me. He fucked me with total abandonment for a long time. I moaned and grunted with pure pleasure.

"Oh Coach, fuck yea, give me all that baby making dick of yours. Give it to me like you give it to your wife's pussy that makes all those babies. Harder and harder."

I became even more turned on when I heard the sounds from Johnny and Levi as Levi's cock had invaded that man pussy and he was using his entire body to pound that ass with no mercy.

In the meantime, all the other guys were standing around and above us watching the show and all the fucking as they masturbated and stroked their big cocks with gobs of pre-cum formed on their piss slits that dropped on Johnny and my backs.

Then I heard Levi grunt like a pig and he shot his semen deep in Johnny's ass. As Coach Leo saw Levi pull his dripping spent cock out of Johnny's drenched pussy, it sent shivers all through Leo's body; he pounded my ass harder three more times driving his massive cock deep in my pussy. I felt his cock stiffen, his body became rigid and holy shit he dumped a mother load of his baby making semen in me. My ass was swimming in this large pool of of cum as Coach Leo pulled out his horse-like cock.

Then I got the surprise of my life when Jorge had me stand up as all that cum begin to drip out of my ass and onto the floor and he said: "Coach Leo has to shower and get home for dinner with his family; Johnny too has to clean up and get to the nightclub where he is the main feature for the male stripper show this evening; and Sergeant Levi is scheduled to meet with some possible college recruits for the U S Army. Now Jett, you are going to be the star performer for the remaining nine horny jocks."

"Jorge, holy fuck, you mean I'm the lone bitch for you nine stable studs? Man, I've never been a slut for that many dudes in one night."

"Relax Jett, we will be gentle but you are going to get sucked and fucked by us. This will be your first real true orgy and you are the bitch."

As  the hunks made a cicle aound me with their purple cock heads shinny from all that pre-cum, I became horny as hell seeing their rock hard athletic bodies showing off their pumped quads and calves, full and hard muscled thighs, muscled laced arms and melon sized biceps, whorls of thick pubic hair surrounding heir proverbial horse like cocks, washer board flat abs, thick red sensuous lips, seductive eyes staring at my bubble ass and beads of sweat forming on their faces and chest lusting after my body. Fuck, they closed the circle around me until their leaking cocks were pressed hard up on my body. I felt a growing wetness as their leaking cocks dripped pre-cum on me that ran down my legs. The smell of the warm cum and body sweat had my cock bouncing on my abs. I'd never been hornier and more in need of man sex.

The action began in  seriousness when I was placed up facing the lockers with my hands placed on the lockers to steady me leaving room for a guy to knell down in front of my crotch as I was ordered to push my ass backward to receive those gifts of hot cocks. The action began when Jorge got down on his knees with his back to the lockers and he took my aching cock deep in his throat while I felt a big hard cock behind me began to run his tool up and down my ass crack (Brandon). He grabbed hold of my shoulders and rammed his wood deep in my ass. I used my hands to pound on the lockers as Jorge gave me an awesome blowjob and Brandon punished my ass with his hot stone hard cock. The room was filled with the smell of testosterone coming from all those horny jocks. It was only a short time when I felt Brandon's cock spasm and he erupted with a thick load of his seed in me.

The guys had lined up behind me waiting for their turn. Next hot dark haired Logan got down and chewed down on my cock as blond heart throb Colby took his huge boner and split my ass wide open as he fucked the life out of me. As he felt the cum already inside me, he went over the edge and blasted his mother load in me and pulled out his cum covered cock. Logan got off my cock and came around and shoved his huge manhood deep in my ass as his cock became drenched in all that spunk in my ass. In the meantime, redheaded smooth body Eli took charge of my purple cock head and sucked my cock as if it was his mother's breast to get milk. My red hot cum filled ass was too much for each of these cocks to last. In less than two minutes, I felt Logan empty his load in my pussy.

Eli the smallest guy on the team with a 6-inch dong, came around and easily thrust his nice cock inside me. At the same time, big tall Felix got down and servcied my aching cock with his large juicy lips and tongue. Eli was known as a fast shooter so he lost his load in about one minute. Next came Felix who man handled my pussy as he fucked the hell out of my ass with his 9-inch missile, while brown haired cutie Sonny sucked my cock with his throat muscles as if my cock was hooked to a vacuum cleaner. His sucking was so powerful that he pulled all my cum from my balls and I flooded his mouth and throat with my huge load of seed. At the same time, I felt a river of cum shoot into my ass by big Felix.

It was then Sonny's turn to plunge his huge 9-incher in my ass. Man he knew how to use that dick to make me see stars while Max used his tongue and hands to satisfy my now soft cock. Sonny had great staying power, as he must have fucked me for at least 7 or 8 minutes before he unloaded that man creme in my ass. Max came around and and slapped my hot ass cheeks making them red before he plunged his 7-incher in me and through all that man cum that had dumped in my ass. The cutest guy on the team, Chris, with those blue eyes and dimples took my cock and swilred his tongue around my cock head in such an arousing way that my cock stiffened again. Max was loud and yelled. He called me a fucking bitch and screamed like some wild animal as he unloaded his juices deep in my pussy. 

I was then so eager to have my favorite looking jock fuck me. Chris eneterred my ass very gently; he put his arms and hands around my chest and humped his hot body into my back. He fucked me for the longest time of any of the guys as he whispered sexy words in my ears and he sucked and licked my ears and neck. He was so different from the other jocks and the neat techniques he used with his cock to explore my ass. When he got close, he surprised me when he pulled his rock hard cock out of my pussy, turned me around, had me get on my knees and he shot his thick ropey cum on my face and in my mouth. His cum was so warm and sweet. We kissed and shared his sweet nectar. I loved the way Chris dealt with me. He did not treat me like I was a slut. Jorge did not fuck me as we had done that trick many times before.

The studs took me to the showers, bent me over and rotated using their fingers to open my ass as loads and loads of all that cum poured out of my ass and ran down the drains. It was a huge pool of all those jocks cum.

We showered and they took me to a nice dinner and later we went to the nightclub and watched Johnny's amazing strip show with five of his hot buddies.



Naughty Eric


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