It was saturday night, nooone had any specific plans. A friend, Elisa, invited my other friends Teresa, Matt and my self over. We were planning on just hanging out, maybe watch a little movies. Whatever happens. We were all outside, dark sky and humidity, when one of Elizas neighbors came over. Elisa and Terry were pretty much distracted by him so me and Matt decide to go inside.

We sat on the couch and began to have small talk. We got to the subject of girls, and like normal guys, we talked about our experiences with them. He told me about the times he would lie naked in bed with his girlfriend, and how he let her give him a blow. He was bragging about the size of his dick. I couldnt help but picture him, naked, his rock hard body. That firm ass. I was definitley getting hard, but I tried my best to hide it.

He was sitting opposite of the room from me, with his legs open. I closed my eyes and imagined i could see through his pants. I was gone for a few seconds till i heard him say, 'what the fuck!' i jumped up, just realizing that my dick was very noticibly pushing against my pants. I tried covering and apologized to Matt for the uncomfort. he said nothing. He got up and slowly sat next to me. We looked at eachother for what seemed like hours, till finally he attacked me. he jumped on me, leaving us in a position where i was on my back and he was on top of me.

He quickly kissed me passionatly, slipping his tounge in my mouth. I wasnt fighting it. I could fel the swelling of his pants against my leg. he pulled of his shirt and mine right after. His beautiful body. I sat up and sucked on his nipples. From the way he was moaning quietly, i could tell he liked it. he layed on his back, signaling for me to take off his pants.

I quickly pulled them off, and the most beautiful thing right in front of me, this incredibly sexy guy wearing nothing but boxers that barely hid his bulge. I took off my shorts and underwear and sat next to him. I sat on his face and placed my head near his lap. I began teasing his cock. I licked it up and down, barely sucking the head. I wanted it all. I took it in my mouth and he moaned louder. He soon began to thrust it into my mouth, fucking it. all nine inches of his cock were in my mouth, while he began to finger and lick my asshole.

I couldnt take it. I got up from his body and bent over, exposing my tight asshole. He stood up and rubbed his cock around it. I was impatient. I screamed, 'fuck me already' and before i knew it he was going in. Slowly he started, as I let out a cry here and there. as time progrressed, he got into the rythm and started fucking me faster and harder. It hurt so much but in the best way possible. i screamed and souted with pleasure, as did he. his facials were enough to make me cum.

He shoved his cock all the way in, balls deep. my ass squeezed his cock as it we nt in. before i knew it, he let out the biggest load of cum possible, all over my tight asshole. He cleaned it up with his tounge, and spit it out on my body, he sat me on the couch, and to my surprise, sucked my rock heard dick.

My body clenche and i pulled his soft brown hair as i began to fuck his mouth. he was excellent at deep throating. i shot my wad of cum all over his face. he seemeed to enjoy that. we got cleaned up and dressed and sat back down casually.

Elisa and teresa finally came back in. she asked what we've been doing and i smirked at matt. he winked at me. it was getting late, i lived on the other side of town. matt lives almost a street away. he announced that he was gonna go home and to my surprise, invited me to stay over cause 'i lived too far' i knew what his intentions were. i agreed to stay and promised him i would repay his thoughtfulness in anyway he wanted. and i always keep my promises!



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