I met Derrick in Denver. I was on a 5 day business trip and checked into my hotel about 8pm on a Monday night. I took a shower, and being that I wasn't tired, I thought I'd go down to the hotel bar for a few drinks. I really didn't want to go very far because the weather was a little cold. The bar was fairly empty, being that it was Monday, but I remember a Denver Nuggets NBA game was playing on the TV behind the bar.

There were about 5 people spaced all along the bar, so I sat down and just watched the game. I ordered a beer and began to woof down the bar munchies. Then I heard a voice from about 3 chairs down say, "Hey, man. You a Nuggets fan?" It was Derrick. I said, no, not really, I don't live in Denver. "Where you from?" he asked.

"I live near DC..."

"Then you're a Wizards fan?"

Well, no not really. Lakers fan.

Gradually he moved to the vacant seat next to me. We just talked, drank a few beers, ate the bar munchies, and talked basketball.

I guess I must have had about 5 beers, and was getting a little drunk. I found out that Derrick lived not too far from the hotel, but it was the first time ever in that hotel, thought he'd check out the bar. Cool.

Derrick is about 6'2" or 6'3" and about 220 lbs. At that time I was 5'10" and about 180 lbs. He was very neatly dressed, and looked very strong. He told me he worked in a local hospital as an operating room tech and spent 4 yrs in the army as a medic in Special Forces. He was about 30 yrs old, which made him about 8 years younger than me. So here we were just two guys talking shit, and I asked what was there to do in that town. Any clubs? Where to find women?

He kinda stopped right then when I asked about finding women. I remember he just kind of sat there looking like he was deep in thought. I thought he was thinking about where to find women.

Then slowly he leaned close to me and said, "Man I have to tell you something. I don't know where to find women. I'm gay."

Freezing that moment in time, all I could think was "wow." And he smelled very clean. It's hard to describe why "smelling clean" like fresh soap was what popped into my mind at that particular instant. I think that was a major turning point. My senses began to react with his revelation of being gay.

I guess that's when we just sat there. A "pregnant pause" I think they call it.

Finally he said, "Does that bother you?"

"No! That's cool..." was all I could say.

But I do know he was studying me... I mean I didn't expect to be told by a guy that big and athletic he was gay. My stereotypical image of a gay guy was somebody wimpy and feminine. I will say the alcohol had its effect, not that I was overly drunk but just enough that hey, what the fuck. I think being in a dry spell, not having been laid in about 3 months may have added to my breakdown in will power.

We sat there for maybe 15 minutes saying nonsensical shit to each other. Until he finally said, "Hey, lets get out of here. What room you in?"

Maybe if I was completely sober I would have said, hey.. no... I'm not interested in you coming back to my room ... but I just got up and we left the bar. Then at the elevator, I was like in a trance... I was trying to come to grips with the fact I was heading to a hotel room with a big athletic gay black guy.

The elevator opened. We got in. I pressed 7. And as the elevator doors closed he made his move.

In a blink of an eye he gently but firmly pressed me against the elevator wall with his weight and his mouth meeting mine and his tongue in my mouth. I was shocked but couldn't move. This man was big. And instantly I felt this was all perfectly natural. And I kissed him back. And I can still remember how clean he smelled. And I also remembered he leaned his crotch into me so I could feel the swelling.

I could hear the elevator going "ding ding ding" as it passed floors. Finally the doors opened and a sense of panic... what if somebody was on the other side waiting to get on and here I was pressed against the elevator wall with this big black man French kissing me. Wow.

As we got off the elevator I looked down at his crotch and the bulge looked like he gained 25 lbs in weight. I got the room entry card out of my pocket, and we were like 5 rooms down the hall. My heart was beating like crazy, I thought it was going to leap out of my chest. I opened the door, the electronic click of door unlocking seemed like I was entering into a zone of no return.

Again I was pressed against the wall, his pants down, he led my hand down to his cock so I could feel how massive it was. Oh god, what am I supposed to do with this huge black cock. I felt a little inadequate because I'm a mere 6 inches. But my cock wasn't important. His was.

He took me by the hand led me to the bed and took off his clothes, undressing for me while I watched mesmerized. The curtains were open so the lights from the street below came into the dark room, just a glow, so I could see him undress. Soon he was completely naked. I could see in the glow this big man with glowing brown skin and fully erect penis. I think that was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I was trembling as he let me stare for a few seconds. He knew I was his for the taking.

I was fumbling with my shirt buttons until he came over to help... unbuttoning me one button at a time, then reaching for the belt buckle of my pants.... I knew what to do and kicked them off.


He led me to the bed, guided me down onto it, rested my head down on the pillow and mounted me.

I remember, through the glow of street lights coming through the window how massive that cock looked up close. His strong inner thighs were about even with my biceps and he took my head his large strong hands.... And....he ..... put........ His...... Cock.... In...... my......mouth.

My moment had arrived.

I was about to have gay sex for the first time.

But I couldn't move my head. His hands held it perfectly still. Wow. He's about to fuck me in my mouth. And I'm helpless. I tried to move my head but he held my head tighter. It was a message from him to me not to move. He's in control.

And he smelled good. He put some musk cologne on his abs so he smelled just right. I looked down the length of his cock, and it looked like it was 3 feet long, A big cock looks even bigger when its in your mouth, that I learned. Then I think he was measuring my mouth judging my tolerance level to see how much cock I could take. At that moment my mind was racing... a million thoughts.... Oh, god he's going to fuck my mouth... and he's going to cum.... What will happen when he cums... will I gag, will I spit, will I swallow it, how will it taste..... it was a mixture of pure terror and anticipation, the eventual orgasm I was going to experience.

Then the mouth fucking began.

It seemed so natural, like this was what my role in life is, to have this black cock doing what it was doing.

As I became educated with cock, the texture of the skin, the spongy head, the occasional throb, it was like I could sense deep inside the cock all the way into his body,...it tasted soooooo good. Musky taste. I decided I liked the taste of big black cock.... but I was still filled with major anxiety about the orgasm.. I was planning my strategy... when he cums, start swallowing....

My senses were at a peak like they never was before... I breathed him in... I wanted him... his entire being.

Soon I was mesmerized by the rhythm and watching his abs and pelvis pumping towards me... in and out.... I was totally engulfed by this black man. He knew it was my first time and that really turned him the fuck on.

To be continued



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