I folded my arms on my desk, lowered my forehead and prayed for a reason to live. There had to be one out there. All I had to do was find it. I turned my head sideways and looked at the plaque on the wall. 'Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.' My students thought it was a comment on the courses I taught. It wasn't. It was an acidic comment from a friend who'd grown tired of my relentlessly stupid choices in men. I turned my head again, this time toward the sound of a soft cough. The young man sat rigidly and in total concentration, as always. I sometimes thought a bomb could go off and Bryan would just go on grading papers. He was my TA, teacher's assistant, and excellent at what he did. He graded like I did: leniently if obvious effort had been made, like a shark on a feeding frenzy if it had not. He was pleasant to have around, and frankly, a doll.

I looked down at my lap in annoyance. Great. A hardon. I sighed heavily, and sensed Bryan shoot a glance at me. I kept my head down on my arms. Shit. I'm really in horrible shape. I'm sitting here getting a boner over a student. A graduate student, sure, but still a student. Twenty-five, the little voice said. He's twenty-five. Shut the fuck up, I said back to the little voice. I expelled a heavy sigh again. It wasn't the first time I'd gotten the sudden hots for Bryan, and probably wouldn't be the last. I hadn't gotten laid in a long time, and frankly, didn't anticipate my status to change anytime soon. A shadow fell over me, and I looked up. Bryan put a stack of papers on my desk. He gave me a hesitant smile. 'They were better this time,' he said softly. I gave him a weak smile. 'They'd almost have to be, wouldn't they?'

The arrangement was I drove Bryan home when he stayed late. I like it. The short time together wasn't exactly overflowing with intimacy, but it was nice to be alone with him away from the academic world. He slid into my car, popped in a jazz tape, and belted up. I looked through the windshield at the sky. It looked like shit. 'Rain coming,' I muttered. My little prophecy was a big understatement. Lightening sliced the sky and somebody set off a cannon to celebrate. Water thudded down in thick, gray sheets. Visibility shrunk to almost zero in seconds. I squinted out through the hysterically flapping wipers and swore in a repetitive monotone. Bryan kept a white knuckled grip on the seat. We made it to his place, and he more or less demanded I come in. It wasn't safe to drive. It had been a long time since anyone had worried about me, and my cock got hard again. Apparently, a hard cock makes one clumsy, because the minute I got out of the car to dash to the porch, my feet went out from under me and I landed flat on my back in the yard in the largest puddle I personally have every seen. Especially from the inside.

About half an hour later, I was showered, naked and wrapped in a blanket in Bryan's kitchen, drinking cocoa and listening to the swoosh-thwack of my clothes going around in the washer. Bryan entered, rubbing a towel against his hair. He wasn't wearing anything but sweatpants. He had the mind of an academic, the face of an aesthetic and the body of a jock. My balls hurt. As he moved, the sweatpants pulled tightly across his crotch, and his cock was plainly outlined. A big cock. A...hard cock. I stared at him, but he wouldn't meet my eyes. He busied himself making more cocoa. I looked at his round, firm ass and his naked back. I got up like I was pulled and walked up behind him, taking the blanket in my hands like wings and wrapping it around him. I lowered my mouth to his neck and kissed him gently. He groaned loudly and trembled, then pushed his ass back against my cock. 'Oh,' he breathed. 'Oh, yes.' He turned in my arms, eyes full of fire, and found my mouth with his. He was hungry, and thrust his tongue in hard, his hands sliding down my back to my ass and pulling me to him. He writhed against me, rubbing our hard shafts together, sucking my tongue and nibbling my lips. Desperate need radiated from him. He moved his hips against me faster and faster. Part of me wanted to slow him down, part wanted him to cum and make the pain stop. He wrapped his arms around my chest and lowered his mouth to my neck. He stood and humped me as he tasted my skin. He was out of control, and I just held him and let him go. His movements became more rapid and forceful until he stiffened and let out a shuddering groan. His back arched, and I saw his face, wearing a look of stunned bliss.

I maneuvered him into his neat bedroom and dumped him into bed. I slid in next to him, and he came at me fast and eager. Cumming hadn't taken the edge off. If anything, it had made him hotter. He tongued my mouth, then slid his lips down my chest and fastened them around my left nipple. He sucked ferociously, the nipple throbbing into a hard bullet in his mouth. He pulled his head back slightly, so that I could see my tiny rosy hardon and flicked it with the tip of his tongue. 'Damn,' I breathed. He smiled at me, then leaped like a cat for the other nipple. He alternated, greedy mouth going back and forth until I was so aroused my cock was pouring precum. He slid his lips down my body, then tongue fucked my belly button hard, making deep growling noises in his throat. He slid down further and rubbed his mouth through my pubic hair, then licked over my hip, tilted his head, and took one of my balls in his mouth. He sucked very, very gently. I spread my legs wide and ran my fingers through his hair. He carefully let one ball go, and gently sucked in the other, his hands running up and down my thighs. Wave after wave of that incredible fear/thrill feeling swept over me as he mouthed my balls. Finally the pink tongue flicked back and forth at the base of my cock, then slid straight up the underside to the head. He swirled his tongue around the head, lapping up precum, then lowered his head, taking me deep in his mouth. He got my shaft wet and his tight lips slid easily.

I stroked his cheek gently as he pleasured me. It was incredible. His concentration was total. Mouth and tongue kept in motion, and he gripped my shaft with a circle of fingers that milked in rhythm with his mouth. He rose up on his hands and knees, kneed my legs together, kept sucking and rubbed his hard cock between my legs. I tilted my head to watch. He fucked my legs as he sucked me. I felt his sticky cum, and the hot burst of his precum. His face was dreamy, eyes closed, mouth working on my cock. Nothing existed for him but the joy of sucking my cock and fucking my legs. He was a complete sensualist, his left hand moving over my hip to my chest and back again. He suddenly began to hump harder, making helpless sounds deep in his throat that I felt vibrate against my cock. He sucked even harder, his hand pumping me hard. My balls felt as if they'd burst. Before I could say anything, my back arched, my hips thrust, and I shot pulse after pulse of hot cum into his mouth. He swallowed it all, still humping, trying to suck even more cum from me. I couldn't take anymore and begged him to stop. He rose up on his knees, put his hand on his swollen purple shaft and pumped it as he howled. He aimed it at my balls and shot his hot cum all over me. I watched the pure white jets shoot out of the dark swollen head in fascination. He kept pumping his cock until he'd emptied...and then kept going. He was torturing himself with pleasure. His eyes rolled in his head and he gasped. 'Uh, uh, uh,' he said, his hand working furiously. I slid my legs free, moved to him, took his hand away and took him in my mouth.

His cock was still hard and I sucked him brutally, one hand working the shaft, the other massaging his balls. He was euphoric with his mixture of pleasure and pain, dominance and submission. His hands clamped on either side of my head and his hips pumped. He fucked my mouth like a demon, going in hard and deep, sliding over my tongue and to the top of my throat. He fucked my mouth hard and long, until I just couldn't take it anymore. I pulled myself free, and put his hand on his cock. He jacked off for me, eyes burning at me, wanting to know I was watching every move. I sat back and stroked my stiff cock. When he started to peak, I lowered my head and opened my mouth. He gasped, pumped harder and aimed his cockhead at my mouth. He erupted in and around my mouth. I licked at his cum, and he dropped down to lick and suck my mouth. We kissed for a while, then he lay on his side and pulled up his right leg.

He stroked his ass cheeks and smiled at me. 'Fuck my ass,' he said softly. 'Put your big cock in me and just fuck it hard. I want it. I want you to fuck the hell out of my tight pink hole. I've wanted it for so long.'

My head swam for a second, and I lowered my mouth to his ass and bit him. He yelped, then made a purring sound. I bit him again and again until he was shaking. 'Eat me!' he howled. 'Eat my ass!' I buried my face between his luscious cheeks and tongued his hole until he was squirming. I shoved his thigh up to make room, then tongue fucked him hard and deep. His hole twitched and his muscles spasmed.

I got a tube of lubricant out of the bedside table and made my index finger nice and slick. I teased his hole until he shook and begged me to stick it in. I shoved it in hard, and he howled. His hole was so tight. I fingered him hard and deep and he humped his ass back at me, riding the waves of sensation that washed over him. I put a second finger in, hard, and used them both to fuck his ass. 'Yes, yes, yes!' he howled. 'Do it to me!' I couldn't take it anymore, and slammed my quickly coated cock into his ass. He screamed as my cock forced its way in, then immediately begged for me to fuck him hard. I braced myself and pumped as hard and fast as I could. My hips pounded his ass. My balls swung and smacked against him. The bed shook and slammed into the wall. His ring was so fucking tight as I pounded into the hot space behind it. I rode him as hard and as long as I could, concentrating to make it last and give his tight ass all it wanted. Finally, he gasped repeatedly and his cock poured cum. I watched it, fucking him hard, and he just kept cumming. I kept stroking, knowing that any second I'd explode, but I wanted to see how long he could take it. He lay, eyes wide and glassy, making garbled noises, still humping his ass, and still in ecstasy. I fucked him savagely, forcing myself into a state of nasty arousal I'd never felt before. When I came, it damn near killed me. It felt as if I'd shot all my internal organs out my cock. The top of my head felt cracked by a swollen brain, and my pulse thudded through me. I collapsed and my cock slid out of his overflowing ass. I managed to raise my head to make sure he was all right. He was peacefully asleep, a smile playing on his lips. I put my head down and passed out.

I found out later that Bryan also liked gentle lovemaking. In fact, I found out all the ways Bryan likes it. And that's a hell of a lot of ways.


Morgan Grayson

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