This is a work of fiction. So needles to say that all characters and places a fictitious.

This is a gay erotic writing so if you are offended by such reading go no further. You must be of legal age to read this in your country.

This is my first attempt to write an erotic story in English language, so be kind and constructive.


So I decided that I shall write down what happened in my small house in the suburbs of a small city. I'm John Carter and I'm 38 years old. My life is a struggle as long as I can remember. I work hard, I play hard and I love hard. But hey, what is my legacy? Most of all I think is what a man is worth is the result of ones decisions and actions. Everything I have is a sort of legacy I'll live for my son Daniel.

In my world there is no such a ting as luck. Well luck exists of that I'm sure, but that does not mean I will let thing be, just because I'm to lazy or too stubborn to change them. Well sometimes there are also some things that are too big to change. Every mistake, every sin if you will, can be redeemed if one puts enough energy, discipline and will to it.

So I was 17 years old when I met my wife Marcy. We dated, we played, we were happy. I guess because of her I've become the man I am. She was tender, she was fragile and she loved me with every fibre of her body. OK we had a fight once and again, but hey life is not a cupcake. Trough 10 years we were together I've become more observant, more in touch with myself than before.

But I guess life trials for me were not just that simple. Our story ended because of her cancer and she died 10 years ago. After six months of illness and hospitals she died and I was alone with my son Daniel who was 8 at the time. I do my best to make an honest man out of him. Ok I'm hard on him sometimes, I know that, but deep down I know he doesn't have it easy. But hey, what is easy if not excuse to not reach for excellence. Well most of the time I try to live by those standards. That is what I was thought from my toddler years from my father and older brother.

Well lately I have some troubles of my own. I try not to dwell on such thoughts, but hey here they are and it seems much will change because of that. Well let me start by stating I do however judge myself by the same standards as everyone else, but life is more complicated than that. I keep myself in top physical condition and I do mean top, that is just the way I am. But for some time now the main motivation for that is not so much my zeal for excellence but something rather more vain. I try to exorcise those thoughts with more strenuous working out, but it is not so simple. I get aroused when I watch myself in the mirror or in the bath. I try to refrain from idolising my own body, but I do like what I see.

So for the last half year I have this ritual while I'm naked and on my own. I look myself in a mirror and just look at my body. Well there is much to see. I'm 6,1 and solid 210 pounds of muscle. All hard work had paid off. I have full head of black wavy hair and deep penetrating black eyes. My beard grows strong so most of the time I have 5 o'clock shadow on my face. I have hairy prominent pectorals with nice sized nipples sticking out of chest hair, 6 pack abs covered in dust of dark hair. Happy trail of dark colour is leading to 7 inch stocky uncut soft dick on top of heavy low hanging balls. I don't believe in shaving so there is a tick bush of pubic hair everywhere. Ok, so it is not a jungle because I do trim it. Heavy muscled legs whit defined muscles and nice ass. I have what you would call a bubble butt, but it is firm and all masculine, covered with hair. My arms are big and strong with veins to accentuate strength. I'm not a muscle bear but I have a lot of body hair.

After admiration of my hard work I start to glide my hands over my chest and I flick my nipples to become very hard and sensitive. By now I have a full hard on. So I abuse my nipples some more that really floes my juices and I get really sensitive. Sometimes I moan doing this, sometimes I just let my left arm drop to my balls and squeeze them, not to hard but enough to feel this tension in the back of my gut. I slide my right arm down my abs to feel the curvature. I flex them. By this time pre come is flowing down my shaft and on the floor. I guess I'm a heavy licker. Usually I lift my right leg on the counter in my bathroom or on the bed in my bedroom and just watch my balls and leaking penis. By now I'm so aroused that I can hardly breath. So I start to glide my hand on the inside of my thigh and around my balls back to the perineum and back again. So I'm delirious with need by that time and I still won't touch my now erect thick veiny 10 inch cock which is a mess by now from cock juices. It looks so masculine and ripe by now. Sometimes I wonder how long would I last if someone would orally service it. Nobody have done it in 8 years. So I glide with my hand back to the ass crack and around my anus which I find very stimulating and arousing. I tap on it with my fingers. By now I put both my hands on my hard ass cheeks and pull them apart so I feel a nice tension. My cock bounces and twitches by now and I'm a wanton mess. I lightly touch my aching cock and I moan. I feel alive and frustrated at once so my right hand is rubbing hard on my penis and with the other one I collect some of pre cum on my fingers and I taste it. Well it is something that I do since I began masturbatory self exploration all that years ago. Well I taste it and some times I use it to lube mas rosy butcrack. When it is nice and slick I glide one finger up there and massage my prostate. This brings me on the edge. I guess I could come just by massaging my prostate. That is something I must confirm one of this days. This just feels so good I can't stop myself: the burn and the stimulation back there and the frantic masturbation brings me to a mighty orgasm. My whole body is locked in an orgasmic bliss. And them I shudder and volleys of cum erupt from my red and engorged cock, seven or eight strong spurs of thick cum fly to the mirror and the last one just dribbles down my spasmodic cock. I'm all sweaty and worn out by now. I pull myself to the bathroom and take a steamy shower and than I lay on my bed just resting and enjoining the tingling on my skin.

As I cool down I ususally start thinking about how I feel alone even more now than before I came. Butt still I play with my now exhausted cock reminiscing the good times I had with my late wife. Sometimes I cry sometimes I just look at the picture of my dear Marcy. It is not that I couldn't get another woman to lay with me it is just the sense of obligation and devotion to my kid. Ok he is not so much a kid, he is becoming a men before my eyes. I get frustrated by this but my son has to come first and that is it. I can not be distracted if I want him to achieve excellence. He does so in spades if I may say so. He is a good athlete and good student. He visits the local college and he is successful or so I'm told. In a way he is so much like me but his face and eyes are just like Marcy's.

He is a healthy kid and does not need to be ashamed for many things. He has a good solid athletic body a nice package in his pants, a good personality. He is 5, 8 and weights 183 pounds all muscle. He has this nice olive tan and good musculature for his age I would say better than most his peers. He had two girlfriends but not since last fall. His body is that of a man, but his face reminds me of Marcy and therefore I find it attractive bot not feminine. His upper body is covered in light fur but he has not much facial hair or is not really as prominent as mine. I try to bring the best out of him, butt still I want him to be respective to people and obedient towards me. He does as he is told most of the time and I don't usually use force to do so. I find other tasks that sets him in his place when that is something that he needs.

As I think of him I get the felling that there is something about him that is not right, but he wont speak of it. I implored him to talk about it but he just says he is ok and that it will pass.

In my house modesty is not something that I encourage because I think a man must be proud of what he is and how he looks. It is also a stimulant for regular exercise and hygiene. We usually walk in white briefs around the house when we are alone. It is something we always did since my wife passed. It gives as both comfort and a sense of freedom. We have but one bathroom in our little house so we are perfectly comfortable with our bodies and bodily contact. So nothing phases me any more. Not his or mine hard on nor other vital functions of our body. When one shower other can piss or whatever. Just two men living together.

Well I am what you would call a tough guy and he is more touchy feely guy. But I don't mind him hugging me nor do I mind rubbing his back or head (that is something he really likes). When he is really stressed he comes to me for a foot or back rub. Over the years I've become a real expert in that regard. And he is a generous guy and returns the favour when I need it most. But lately he avoids this contact. I cant say I miss it much but I see in his eyes that he needs some attention which he would get, but I wont offer it. He has to be a man enough to ask for it. That is just the way things has always been. He has this very responsive body and he gets goose bums all over when he likes something very much. And he gets aroused rather quickly and I mostly ignore it as not to suppress his natural ability to enjoy this sensations on his skin. I guess he is the lucky one. When he gives me a massage he has to work the muscles for me to get any release from tension but he achieves this also trough nice light touch over the skin of his pectorals, abdomen... I could say we are really close as a father and son.

Lately however this is not the case. He gets jumpy when I'm around and he spends most of his time in his room or out with his friends. He stays longer in gym. We haven't had a good father son talk in almost three months. And before we had them almost every week. I sense a change in him and I think he hides something from me. That pains me, however, as much I don't want to admit it.

It is getting late and I grow ever so tense so I put on my running shorts and my old t-shirt and go for a run.


Dainel's thinkig

O Jesus would he stop yammering about that algebra. This is what it must be like in hell. Just sitting here and doing nothing and listening to this boring stuff over and over again. I must be going crazy. And that stupid Mark and his big eyes looking at me as I couldn't see. I'll just give him the finger. Ha ha his black eyes like saucers right now. That will teach him the lesson.

"Mr. Carter that is unacceptable. I won't tolerate that kind of behaviour in my classroom. Leave the classroom and I'll be talking to the dean."

I know it is pointless to argue at this point. "Yes mister Karlson." I get my things and leave the premisses. Before I exit the classroom I turn on my heals and say: "Excuse me Mr. Karlson I didn't want to disrespect you. I hope I can make it up to you. Good afternoon"

"Just go and meet me at my cabinet sharply at 13:30"

What the fuck has just happened. I newer was so hotheaded my entire life. Why can't I cope with my temper at least at that stupid algebra class. But that slime of Mark had it coming. So what should I do for another hour. Ok I'll just go grab a coffee and go sit in a park.

So I sat on a deserted bench in park. I put my seekers of and my t shirt of and I just sat in my cargo pants on the park bench drinking coffee and drifting with my mind.

What has me riled so. I know what has, but I won't admit it to myself much less to someone else. Well for the sake of sanity I will go trough it.

It was eight days ago. I was home early from practise I guess it was around 18:30. I was tired and beaten from pumping iron in gym. I really needed a back rub. Well that would not be a problem my dad is a terrific masseuse. Well al good but I have a feeling that I'm enjoying it too much. Fuck I get a hardon just thinking about it. My dad and I are really close. We do each other this small favours. Most of the times we both get a boner but he doesn't mind it. Well me on the other hand I do mind it. I would just love that he would masturbate me on the end and than cuddle with me. How sick is that? But hey we get pretty intimate dooring those sessions. He just knows what to do to my body for me to relax completely. I'm not sure if he does it intentionally or he is just that good.

Well because of that rile in my mind I have put some distance between us last months. Well at least since that horrible break up with Dolores. Lack of sex and monotony of masturbation just gets to me. It must be something related to those basic human touches I crave so much. My dad did spoiled me rotten in that regard. Modesty is not something I know. We are always almost naked around each other so touches, hugs and playful punches are almost like hello and goodbye in our house.

Well all good and ok but since last November I'm really deprived from those things. I don't really know what happened and why. Ok the break up was ugly but still. I was so depressed and wanted to tell my dad everything but I didn't. I saw in his eyes he suffered with me and waited for me to come forward and tell him everything in and out. But I didn't for a month. Well we hardly talked at all as if he was the bad guy and somehow responsible for what happened. I really hated that. So what happened one night he just came into my room without knocking and he caught me with my pants down and hard cock in my right hand.

"Dad" I cried in surprise and I stood up

As he didn't notice he came to me and locked me in a bear hug. That caught me of guard and I couldn't protest if I wanted to. He just held me one arm on my lower back and the other soothing me on the upper back in circular motions. And than it happened flood gates opened and I cried like a baby.

"O, dad" I cried "o, dad I'm so sorry"

"I know it hurts son"

And than it happened I relaxed against his hairy muscular chest and just drank his warmth and manly scent. The rhythm and the sound of his heart awoke something inside me and I got aroused more than I could remember. My dick was throbbing like mad, all 8 inches of engorged meat, and all I could think was how much I love this man, not just the father, but also a man who gave up everything for me. I know he stayed single just because he wants me to excel in all thing and he is sort of a control freak and wants to see everything trough with his famous determination I so adore.

And than he did something that pushed me trough the cliff of orgasm and sanity. He unlocked his bear hug in with both his palms held my head just inches from his face. With dose penetrating eyes he looked me in the eyes for the longest times. All I could see and smell was my dad. On the brink of delirium he did something so natural but at the same time so sensual that I lost it.

"I love you son, I love you more than life itself" and than he kissed me on the forehead and on both crying eyes and I came like never before. I sprayed hiss belly and his white briefs. I was so ashamed but he just smiled at me and picked up my t shirt and wiped himself and than he turned to leave and sad: "Talk to me soon, and don't let her torment you like that, she does not deserve you"

It wasn't the first time that I came like this while he touched me, but it was so intimate to me. But I guess he didn't even noticed it nor acknowledged it.

Hey don't get me wrong, he is not that much of a cuddle bear. He plays hard and when mad he is very much inventive. He doesn't get violent with me. But his punishment are harsh to say the least. Well but the message gets trough, if you know what I mean. I remember when I got in a fight with my friend and I broke his nose he didn't say much just looked me with such disappointment. He did not say a thing he did not jell he just ordered me to my room. But the next day was horrible. I had to get naked in front of him and he put leather cuffs around my ankles and wrists and than he spoke really slow:

"well you don't leave yourself and others much choices while breaking noses and exhibiting your male proves like that. You leave me with no choices to help you and guide you. For that you must learn this lesson. Your body will be without choices, you will be rendered immobile so you can think upon how you have failed me and yourself" I was crying mes by that time I know he was disappointed and he continued, "so give thought what is it like to be without choices" and with that he secured me on the hooks he must have preprepared for this in our home gym.

"dad I'm sorry don't live me like that, please I will never do it again"

He just looked me in the eyes and left. On the way out he switched of the lights and I guess the heating because all became dark and cold and I shivered and cried.

After what had to be 3 hours he came back unhooked me and hold me for what seamed like an hour and sad "this lesson was harder for me than for you, remember that"

"I'm sorry it wont happen again."

he held me and we both cried that time I guess.

So you see he is this stubborn bull of a man whit I gigantic heart. And I love him more that it would be good in all fairness.

So let me get back at my initial story. I really needed a massage that day. I thought what the hell, he will comfort me so I went to the kitchen and he wasn't there. I was a bit disappointed so I decided to take a really long and hot shower. Well just before I came to the bathroom I saw him. He was worshipping his body in a most sensual way. Immediately I got totally hard and aroused like a dog in heat. And he started ministering his body and o my god what a body, he must have just finished his work out. His cock is huge, like the ones you see in porno flicks. He was a dripping mess and still he didn't jack himself. And than he put his mighty leg on the counter top and started to massage hiss balls and I was in ave. when he started jacking himself and eating his own pre-cum I lost it in my pants. And he didn't stop and my pecker didn't go down either. And than he did the most erotic thing. He showed his finger in his ass. Fuck I started rubbing my dick trough my wet pants and he moaned like I never heard before. Loud and masculine and proud. Fuck it got me going. And than he came and as soon as the first spray of cum hit the mirror I lost it again. I sneaked back and into my room as not to get caught.

So you see what bothers me. I'm totally hot for my dad. And that is wrong in so many ways. When I'm near him I get like an ordinary schoolgirl with the first crush on a gym teacher. I get it I might be bisexual but fuck not for my father. And than this damn Mark. I hate him for his black eyes.

Now I'm angry again and I have only 20 minutes to rid myself of this humongous hard-on I cant hide. So nobody is around and I beat my 8 inch meat right there in a secluded part of the park. It is just the right girth, all the girls loved it so far. A hand full one could say. I'm not circumcised so I play with my skin and my piss slit which is all moist from my cock juices. I start tu pump it in earnest now. I pull down my cargo shorts and start playing with my balls. Than I wet my finger in shove it up my ass. I feel like a wanton whore right now and the possibility of someone watching gets me even hotter. The burning in my ass and pleasure I get from this. And than I think I see something it sets me over the top and something cracks. I loose it right there and someone saw me and I feel humiliated and sated at the same time. I tidy myself and I live the place of shame. And for a moment there I don't feel like a proud jock that I am but just like some peace of crap. My father taught me better than that. I feel shame now.

Now I'm at the door to professor's Karlton's office and I knock.


He doesn't even look my way and he points to a chair in the corner of his small office. I feel like such a looser right now.

"you have disappointed me dearly today. Not so much with the rude gesture you made but with the fact that you have been off your game for half of semester and on top of that you decide to disrespect me and my work."

"Sorry sir, I have a lot on my mind lately. And Mark really annoys me on purpose. I didn't have the intention to disrespect you just" I stammered.


I stunned by his reaction. His whole presence was commanding and intimidating. See he is 6'2 and very masculine with broad shoulders and this manly moustache. I just lost my words and started trembling. Where is my dad now when I need him most.

As he saw my reaction he softened a little and got this malicious smile on his face and he continued in a more moderate tone:

"So as it seems I won't get a straight answer as to why this happened and as the apology was full of excuses I only see two choices. First, we go to the dean office and see what kind of repercussions he sees fit to deliver upon you. He is a mean bastard if I may say so. And the other one, you come here and drop your pants and I give you 20 spanks on your bare ass cheeks. Either way you get to learn your lesson. The only difference is in the second option leaves your untarnished. But I'm not an evil man. I will let you decide in a weeks time. Till than you are prohibited to enter my classroom. Until you know your answer, don't come near me. Now get lost!"

My mount was agape after that and I ran out of his office to hide myself in shame. I ran to a dark corner and I cried my eyes out.

"What do we have here? A cry baby? Shouldn't your finger still be in your ass?"

Stunned and angry I pushed the janitor of my space and shouted "get your faking face of my case you sick fuck or I'll beat you to a pulp" and I ran away with the deadly intention to brake something.

"This is not over, not by a long shot" I heard.

"Could this day get any more fucked up" I jelled in the air. I quickly decided that I need to let out some steam and I hit the gym with vigour of a man with a mission.


Daniels sin

So I've been stalking this hunk of a man for some time. Not that I couldn't get some action elsewhere, but this guy was something else. Al masculine, all control. I'm not so sure as if in control or controlled. I certainly hope that it is the latter. Why? Well he is more muscular than me but not as if I'm some weak thing. Well whatever the reasoning I like to fuck men into submission with my 11 inch beer can thick black cock, more so if they are all men and macho. He could take me down if I would be caught off guard, but for some reason I think that will never happen. I watch him closely. He must be the most sensitive and responsive men I have the pleasure of laying my eyes on. But still he refuses me. He even gave me a finger dooring algebra. O boy did that turn out well. I must smile if I think about his premature departure from class. He will get some heat from that prick of the professor. If only I could be present when they have a go at it. His obnoxious always in control act pegged down a little.

Well if I'm totally honest I would much prefer to do it on my own. So who am I? I'm black 5,9 and 180 pounds of solid muscle. I don't care much about bulk but I do like endurance. So on the long run I could beat him if I really set my mind to it. But there is something about him that is different. Usually I just fuck the guy in leave him in his wanton misery. Well his almost elegant features of his face bring something deeper in me. Ok I haven't fucked for two months now, I guess it is that deeper, well whatever it is it is disturbing to say the least.

As I wake up from this daydreaming under the shower half hard I look around myself and you want believe what I see. If that is not my wet dream come true. On the other side of communal showers is Daniel bent at the waist lathering his calves and his pink hole staring at me. In a meter of seconds I get a full blown hard-on. I guess Miss. Fate is good with me, I haven't looked for him and here his is al primed and ready for my cock to plunder. As my mind start to do its thing I almost start to rub my throbbing member when all hell breaks loose.

"Fuck you you sick fucking faggot!" and he storm out of the showers. I get embarrassed by his outburst and my obvious state of arousal while everybody looks at me in silence and I guess same jealous ave. who would not want to have such a club between legs. Let me tell you it is no blessing of that I'm sure. So what am I to do now, I pack my things and get to my locker to change and go home.

So in one hand my bag in the other my protein bar and I head off from the gym with a grin on my face knowing my jerk off session at home will be so much more vivid and real. So I head trough the park to my my house where my mother will give me grief for being late again. She is a good mother, but since the divorce, she is just too bitchy for her own good. Some day she will become the which she now just plays to be.

I munch on my protein bar and think of a way that I could convince Daniel that I'm not the enemy but rather a friend. I start to realise what a pain in the ass I must be for him. Following him around and starring at him, salivating over him and at the same time I don't even know what I want out of him and of my self.

"i will fucking kill you!" and punches started to come as out of nowhere. And I see Daniels face all angry and puffy red eyes full of contempt and he delivers his punches with deadly intent and precision. I'm stunned and I cant even defend myself much less fight back. I just give up mentally and physically.


father finding out

I like to run. I like to listen to the beat of my heart. I like to synchronize my tempo to the monotony of my breathing. Wile I run I don't really pay attention to my surroundings that is why I always go running through the woods and than back trough the park to my house. Basically I want to be alone while I run to unwind and all. I see running as a sort of meditation that help me calm my thoughts and problems.

Well that faithful spring evening I was disturbed during my running. What I saw disturbed me in so many ways that I do not care to recount. I just stood there and watched it all happen.

Daniel was beating the crap out of a black boy, punching him in the face and the gut. He didn't take no quarter. All the time saying derogatory words, which were rasistic as well as emasculatory. All the wile the black kid watched him with big eyes. But I saw no fear in them.

Daniel had him on his back and he was over him. His knees were on his arms and he was yelling at him. "do you want to suck me you black sick faggot, is that it?"

"Daniel stop this, you know I want you"

"so you want to suck me of. Tell me what will it take to live me the fuck alone."

Daniel opened his zipper and got his cock out.

"Daniel it doesn't have to be like this..."

"Just suck it all ready and get it over with you sick fuck"

I could not believe what I saw and what I've heard. No son of mine would do such a thing. Where did I go wrong. I was disappointed. Daniel will have a hard lesson to learn.

I wanted to go there in end this mess but I couldn't. My thin running short were grotesquely stretched around my cock. On one hand I was deeply disturbed on the other hand I was aroused. This whole scene took me back some 20 years. Before I knew it my hand was in my pants and I was squeezing my hard leaking cock. I cant explain why all of a sudden I wanted this to last, I wanted to be there but not to end it as I initially intended but to participate on some level. What and how I didn't know. I was jacking my cock in earnest now.

"Here is my cum you bitch" and he came all over his handsome black face. I couldn't stand it no more. I had to get away and fast.

Now I was sprinting to my home. I knew I should have stopped it. But I didn't. That was my shame and my burden. The arousal on the other hand was something I had to deal with before I administered the punishment to my son. This lesson will change us both my son and me.

Should I start the conversation or should I wait for him to come to me. The more I thought about it the more I was sure I had to do it swiftly and decisively or I would crumble under the love I still felt for my son. I was disappointed with him, but more than that I was sure that I had to teach him this lesson I wanted to be a good father. Sometimes pain because of love is necessary although is bitter for both parties.

While I stood under the shower at my house it was clear to me, that I had to resolve this situation soon, if I wanted to be a father, if I wanted my son to really be a man. What he did that day must not repeat itself. I wowed to myself that would do whatever it takes to ensure that.

As the water cascades down my shoulders I realised another thing. The sexual excitement was not so random. It was something I buried in my subconscious some 20 years ago. With dread I admitted to myself that I would have to make that phone call I avoided for so long.

I knew what I had to do. I also knew at that moment that things would never be the same again. As I would soon come to realize, this lesson for my son, will be the hardest lesson I ever had in my life.


Coming home

"What have I done?" was the only thing that I could think of while walking to my home. Not only was I certain someone saw us back there in the park, but I was sure that what succeeded my orgasm was the most intense moment of my life.

I got distracted by the bliss of my spent cock slipping out of his hot mouth. As I looked down at his face I saw no anger but sadness. That got to me. "I'm sorry Mike, things got out of hand."

He clasped his hands around my face and looked me directly in my eyes "Daniel, I'm not sorry it happened but I am sorry we didn't start it this way" and than he puled my face down and kissed me deeply and passionately. At first I didn't respond but after a moment his sensuous mouth and the taste of my cum overcame me and I started kissing him back. He held me tight and before I knew it I was under him and he got his cock out of his pants and he was rubbing it against my flat abs and my again hard cock. I was no longer in control and I was putty in his hands. It felt so good.

Abruptly he got up on his knees and started jerking our cocks together with one hand while the other roamed on my chest. He twisted my nipples and I moaned. "O Mike" was all I could say over and over again. Than he inserted one finger in my mouth and I started sucking like it was his dick.

"Yes suck my finger, get it all wet and than I will push it in your sweet white ass. I'm going to fuck you with my finger until we both come. You will beg me for my cock but you wont get it, not tonight however. And then when you get mad with desire you will beg me on your knees to fuck you, but I still wont do it. When you beg me with tears in your eyes and grovel at my feet, than I will reconsider it." There was no malice in his voice, just stating the facts. That got me so hot I did not have time to protest. He pulled his finger out of my mouth and pushed it roughly in my ass. He massaging my prostate. We didn't last long . He came first and moment after him I came to. He continued to fuck me with his finger for some time after that.

"that, my sweet cunt, is the way it should have happened" he sad and than he stood up and pissed all over my torso and face. Than he left with no words whatsoever.

I was motionless on the cold wet grass humiliated and conflicted by all that has happened. Some time later I left and washed as best as I could in a small fountain at the edge of the park.

"What have I done!"

As I stepped in the house I immediately knew something was off. There was no food smells and no TV sounds. Just my father in the middle of a small living room, looking angry and disappointed.

"Would you care to explain yourself young man!"

"Leave me the fuck alone, I had a rough day and I'm hungry!" I shouted.

"Go to your room now and don't come out before I call for you if you know what is good for you!"

I didn't move.

"If I have to repeat myself thing will get messy you know that"

I thought to myself, "fuck I'm screwed" and I went to my room.

Later he came to my room and brought me supper.

"What happened son?"

I told him everything. Buy the time I finished eating he ordered me to go wash myself.

When I came back from bathroom he was gone and I crushed in my bed sobbing. All I wanted right than was for him to hug me. I was craving some human contact, but I fell asleep alone in the dark.


Punishment the next day

I wasn't sure I could go on with what I planned. Ok I'm not afraid to touch my son, we are not shy around each other but still this will go way over just occasional touching and hugging. But a lesson must be learned. That was my resolve as I called Alexander Gonzales. He is my friend and he works at a Brazilian spa. He could be described as all male muscle alpha stud. He is not as tall as I am but still an imposing figure. But we've become good friends over the years.

As I still fought my inner daemons the doorbell rang and I knew it was my friend A as I like to call him. So I let him in and I helped by bringing in the portable massage table. He was wearing running slacks and a white tank top. Well it made him look like a porn star. Well his machismo would make him look like that in just about anything.

"So you are sure you want to do this?"

"well no exactly" I responded "but lets just get it over with"

"Daniel come to the living room!" I jelled.

As Daniel came into the living room he was a picture of misery, that is for sure. My heart just about melted than and I was ready to call everything off, but I knew I couldn't any more because Alexander would not stop to haze me about it. It would show weakness in front of him and that is never good around him. So we stood in silence in my living room and I needed to make a move.

Daniel did not look up to see us, but just stood there with his eyes fixed on the floor, he knew that this punishment will be delivered, he just didn't knew what will it be.

"You shamed me yesterday beyond words Daniel" I started "you disrespected you fellow man and that is not what I taught you. You showed me that you can't control yourself as is expected of a man. You want to be treated as a man, but you just lack discipline to be treated as such." I paused to see some reaction from Daniel.

"Look me in the eye boy" I snapped angry because he was stubbornly silent. And he did. All I saw was sorrow and something else I could not identify.

"Since being a man is to hard for you to handle," I continued, "I will help you find yourself in this mess you call you head. To do that I must teach you this lesson, although it pains me that I must do it. It is not something I want nor need, but your behaviour is unacceptable. Since I think you think you are better than others the lesson will consist of two things." I paused to make my point.

"First I will strip you of your body hair you are so proud of and mister Gonzales will be of much assistance in that manner." Daniel tried to protest and I raised my voice "if you want to mouth of to me right now I will see to it that this will get more humiliating for you that it will already be. Do you really want that Daniel?" he deflated at once. "I thought so."

"As I was saying. Mr. Gonzales here will wax your entire body, so you will have no body hair for a month or so. In this time, I trust, you will find it in yourself to see what you have done wrong yesterday in the park with that boy. If not, we will have to repeat this process all over again."

Alexander looked at me quizzically and Daniel just blushed in a shade of dark red. I guess I hit my mark dead on. I was proud of myself now.

"Because Mr. Gonzales here is a buzzy man you will not give him grief and obey ever order he gives you without question or I will have to gag you. And you damn well know I will. Is that understood?" I waited for his answer.

"Yes dad," he mustered.

So I rested on the couch and put on some music and than I watched with great interest what would happen. Needless to say I was half hard the moment Daniel came into the living room. And it showed on my slacks but who cares. I knew I had nothing to be ashamed of.

I watched A work on my boy and he was doing a good job and judging by the tent in his pants he was enjoying doing it just as much as I enjoyed watching or more. I know he is straight but my boy is sexy as hell. I guess he got a good gene pool from me and my late wife. The more I watched the more I become aware that I lusted about Daniel. I realised than, that for some reason I was mad at him for not telling me that he wanted to be touched by his old man. If it was mildly erotic for me to touch my boy before. Now I knew that I craved to do it. This did not freak me out much.

I did not know where it would lead us both, but I knew I can't be denied any longer. That came as a relief. I knew it would feed my selfish narcissistic daemon inside me, but I had to do it. I was fully hard now as I saw my Daniel totally naked, without any hair to speak of. His muffled cries made we want to jerk off and more than that, made me want to claim my boy totally. I would have to hold this thoughts in check in the future, but now all I knew than was that my aching cocks needed release.

"My job here is done," sad Alexander after some time. He was smooth as the day he was born. "I have to apply some after care crème on him so he wont have to irritated skin."

"Don't pamper him too much A, or he will loose perspective. I'll do it later" I sad.

"So what will be the payment?" I sad to Alexander as I led him to the kitchen. While doing that I barked to Daniel "clean the living room boy" he did so with tears in his eyes.

While in the kitchen A just said to me straight. "my wife is real uptight about blowing me. I want your Boy to suck me off instead of paying me."

I was shocked at first. "i have money you know,but I will consider it if you let me watch."

"you can suck me off too if you want" he teased, "i'm man enough for both of you."

"Do not repeat that again or I will break your face before you can say suck" I retorted "you horny shit."

"Hey, hey,"don't get offended he sad slapping me on the back "you know me."

I knew him all right and I knew that I had to stay strong around him or it would be my downfall and very fast one at that. "so this are the terms, what say you?"

"Done deal" he sad as he took a beer I offered him.

We went back to living room and sat on the couch and watched Daniel put things away and clean. He was so sexy to me like this, hairless and vulnerable. A stood up and went to him. He pinched his hard nipples, Daniel was moaning like a 2 dollar whore now. My pre cum was really flowing now.

"Time to pay up bitch, nothing is for free in this world" he sad to Daniel, "get on your knees and suck me off good and deep like a sissy faggot you look now." Daniel was stunned at first but than he just licked his lips and knelled and started to fish out A's dick out with his hands. "Use your mount cunt!" he sad and Daniel obeyed.

"arghh you really know how to please a man like me," he groaned, "look cunt, your daddy is all horned up and ready for you to service him good to. He leeks like a fucking facet, his pants are soaked with his juices, I bet you dream of his fat cock in your cunt."

I was in another world right now. I was so turned on that I didn't really mind what he was saying. I dipped my fingers in my own pre cum and tasted it. He saw me and he winked as he admired both of our bodies with lust, like we were like some cheap whores just waiting for him. I had to stop this but I couldn't I was mesmerised whit what I saw. His fat 7 inch dick going in and out of Dainel's mouth as he face fucked him. Daniel was hard as a stone and leaking. He didn't gag that much it was all so surreal. I Pulled myself out of this sex crazed state of mind, "Shut your mouth A and let him repay you, you sick fuck."

He winked at me again with glee and arched his back and roared into his climax as he came down Daniels throat.

He finished his beer and he sat next to me on my couch like he owned it and he put his hand on my thigh and he squeezed it. "you have a needy slut cunt in the house John if you ever need help with anything again just call me and I will deliver" he sad leaned into me and puffed in my ear. I nearly came right there and then. Sheer willpower and years of practise held me in one peace before I was undone before him." as much as I would like to stay I have to go home now John, just call me," he sad as I nodded and he left after a heated look he gave both of us.

Everything was still in the house after he left and after I collected myself I sad to still knelling Daniel "Go to the bathroom and wait for me there. He did as he was told.

I took the black bag I had on the kitchen counter and went to the bathroom after my son with my beefs tucked behind my hairy balls with my cock ready to burst pointing the way.

Daniel was a picture of misery right now so I hugged him and he came undone right there with his hard cock pressed to my manhood.

"You can't be trusted with your cock Daniel you know that, that was your downfall yesterday. I get that you have some things to think trough on your own, but we have to talk, we have to interact, because if we don't I can't help you. So the second part of your lesson will be this. You will not touch your dick without my permission until your hair grows back." He did not say anything but sobbed and hugged me tighter.

"I guess you are somewhat submissive, that is nothing bad, so I have to determine to what extent. Your happiness depends on it. You need someone more dominant to guide you. I'll try to be that for you for the next month. I will wash you now and you will give me some release and suck me off like you did Mr. Gonzales" Without preamble he did just that and as he sucked on my swollen prick I came violently in hiss mouth. "I'm sorry but I was really on the edge the whole time" I sad as I tried to collect my self after earth shattering orgasm I just had. He stood up and we kissed on the mouth. I claimed his mouth with my tongue and he let me. Eventually we came up for air. "Let me wash you and give you some release."

I washed him and than applied some salve on his skin that Alexander left me. He was smooth all over it was very appealing to me. I was a hairy man to be worshipped and he was a hairless boy who will do that for me. I did love him more for that.

As I was finishing him off with the salve he just moaned and he craved my caressing. He was ready to come. Than I did something I newer thought I would do. I jammed a finger in his bubble butt and he got goose bumps all over and he moaned. As I touched his cock he came and he was undone in my arms. I held him for a long time. He is so responsive.

"Daniel I don't trust you right now to obey me so I will put this on you." and I showed him a cock cage a bought for him. "You will come to me when you want release and I will decide if you earned it or not. Do you understand?"

"Yes dad," he sad defeated.

I cupped his flaccid cock and balls and put it on. As I locked the thing on his manhood I knew that this hairless boy would be a lot of work. His skin so soft and tender calling me to touch it.

"You can work out at home if you wish, but it is imperative that you do. Since your body is not your to command for a month I want to see improvement. I will want to see results and will help you to achieve this goals." he just nodded. I knew it was hard for him now, but in a long run he needed this.

"I love you son," and I kissed him and held him for a while.

"I will do my best to gain your trust, dad" he sad and than he looked me in the eye "I love you dad"

"I know" I replied as I kissed him on the mouth.

"Now go about your day and don't mind your old man" and I swatted hiss ass on the way out of the bathroom. He yelped and run to his room.

Later on my bicycle I thought about what happened that day. I knew two things for certain. Both men today were turning me on immensely, both for different reasons. And the second thing which will have to take precedence before anything else: my son, his safety and his new lesson has to come first.

After I came home in the afternoon house was empty and I got one message on my mobile phone. It was from Alexander. It sad: Don't be afraid! just call me :).

"You stupid fuck" I murmured. be continued



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