Less than Nothing 

The first time I ever had any kind of physical contact with a man sexually was when I was 21.  I’d just moved to the city right out of college where I was a practicing heterosexual…but with a secret that I hid from everyone, including myself.

After I moved into my apartment and got settled, I joined a fitness center.  The Metro-Plex Health club up on 96 and West End Avenue.  I liked the place and enjoyed working out there mostly because it was so clean and the clientele was very good looking.

After my workout one afternoon, I went to the locker room and removed my sweaty workout clothes and wrapped a towel around my naked body and headed to the showers.  The stalls there are individual and have smoked glass doors on them.  I showered.  Grabbed my towel and went to the bench in the shower area and proceeded to dry myself off.  

I sat down to dry my legs and feet when a handsome almost to the point of being beautiful man emerged from one of the shower stalls and headed over towards me.  He was tall, dark haired, emerald green eyes, very tan and around 35 and he looked French.  He had his towel wrapped around his lean waist. When he got over to the bench he removed the towel and started to dry off his tight body.  

I continued to linger over drying my legs.  

Then he put his foot on the bench near me and started to dry his thighs and calf.  This put his swinging uncut cock was about a foot away from my face.

I tried not to stare but I couldn't take my eyes off of his dick. It was so thick and beautiful.  His balls were perfectly shaped and hung low.  

As he dried his leg his big semi-hard cock and balls swayed teasingly back and forth in my face. I was dying.  I started to get hard and I hoped he didn't notice. I quickly covered myself with my towel and looked around.  There was no one in the showers or the immediate area. No one was watching.   

He hadn't put his leg down so I looked again at his dick.  

Nervously I looked up at his face.  He didn't smile, he just stared back.  My heart was beating a mile a minute.  I knew that no truly straight man would stand this close to another man with his cock only inches away from his face.  

I decided this guy had to be gay and he wanted me to do something.  I made a split second decision and reached over and took his cock in my hand.  He didn't move.  

I looked in his eyes and they told me nothing.  

I figured it was ok so I started to slowly stroke his dick.  My stroking pulled his foreskin back from the big reddish-purple head of his dick.  He was already dripping some pre-cum.  He started to get hard and I desperately wanted to suck him.  It was then that we heard someone coming and we both quickly wrapped our towels around ourselves and headed to the locker area.

I went to my locker and him to his. His was in the back three rows from mine.  I watched him as he ambled towards his row with towel in hand and body completely exposed.  I stared at his ass as the tight hairless cheeks moved against each other as he walked.  He turned and looked back at me. His look was different somehow as if he were beckoning me.

I closed my locker and headed furtively towards the last row and out of sight of anyone in the locker room.  When I got behind the lockers he was standing there with his cock in his hand. It was already completely hard and truly a sight to behold.  I had no experience with a guy and his cock looked huge to me.  It was thick and long, at least 8-nches and his balls hung like 2 big heavy steel marbles.  

When I sat down on the bench, he put his cock close to my face.  Wrapping my fingers around his thick shaft, I started stroking him as I put my mouth on his balls.  I sucked first one then the other into my mouth, gently rolling them around with my tongue. It felt so natural and yet so forbidden at the same time. Then I tried to get both of them in at once but couldn't because they were that big. 

I started kissing and nipping at his shaft, running my tongue across the veins on the underside. His cock was hard and throbbing, jumping and bouncing against my lips as I continued to revel in his readily apparent enjoyment.

With a grunt, he took me by the shoulders and pushed me off the bench and down onto knees. His cock still in my hand, as I continued to stroke him, a moan, “Uuuuuuugh,” slipped from his lips prompting me to get started. As I brought my lips to the tip of his cock, I could see his pee-slit glistening with a bead of pre-cum. 

I hesitated for a moment. This would be my first taste of another man's cum. A move not to be taken lightly. 

Tentatively I touched it with the tip of my tongue and found the taste tolerable and the texture kind of nice. It was very slippery on my tongue.
 Like getting into a pool, if I was going to do this the best way is to dive in. mentally gritting my teeth, I slid my mouth over his cock and down the shaft in one smooth movement. As the head hit the back of my throat I heard him moan, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” with pleasure.

I'd had blowjobs and I knew what felt really good. I resolved to do my best so I didn't tease him. Tightening my lips, I started moving my mouth up and down the length of his shaft. Going faster and deeper until my lips and nose a crushing his pubic hair on each down stroke. 

Because of the chance of exposure I knew I had to get him off quickly. Renewing my efforts I bobbed quicker. I felt his thigh muscles tighten up and his hips thrust forward, forcing him deeper into my mouth. Sensing rather than seeing his balls clinch up and his cock swell as he tensed up, I heard him grunt, "Oh shit, here it is. I'm cumming," as his cock blasted the back of my mouth with cum. 

It was warm, salty with an acrid peppery taste that kind of burned my tongue. But I swallowed anyway. And I kept swallowing as long as he was still pumping my mouth full.

 Just for a second, the head cock slipped down my throat and I felt his pelvic bone press hard against my lips.
 My first blowjob, I thought to myself, and I was deep-throating the guy. In less than five minutes, I'd gone from never having touched another man's cock to taking his cock down my throat as he shot off in my mouth.
 To my horror, I felt my own cock shoot off into the air. I'd been so focused on what was happening in my mouth that I hadn't even noticed that I had gotten hard. But I had. Now that my attention was drawn to my own cock, I realized that it was hard to the point of bursting. Well, I guess it did burst in a sense.
 So I guess part of me got off on this scene but my throat didn't like his cock buried deep in it. I couldn't breath and I could barely control my gag reflex. For a second, I thought I was going to throw up all over his cock. 

It was a weird scene…my own hips thrusting my cock against nothing air as I shot my load. Me gagging down his cum while my throat tried to throw everything, cock, cum and all, back up. Shame, pleasure, embarrassment, fear all mixed together.
 I managed, with effort, to control my retching and pulled back enough that his cock was out of my throat. I would have pulled off of him completely but his hands were on the back of my head keeping my mouth around his cock. He moved slowly in and out of my mouth for a minute or so, I guess extending the afterglow of his orgasm.
 When he removed his hands, I pulled away from him. He was looking down at me with a contented look on his face. 

I backed away, turning as quickly as possible so that he wouldn't see that I still had an erection.

Taking my towel and slink back to my locker, I took a quick peek down each row to be sure we were still alone. Dazed I stood there for a couple of minutes thinking about what had just happened.  I got dressed and saw that he was still getting dressed.  I gathered up my courage, or at least a façade that might look like courage then I naively went over to him and asked, “Would you like to go get a coke or something?”

He said, “I don't think so,” real coldly and turned as if he didn't know me.

After that, whenever I saw him at the gym, it was as if he’d never seen me before.

I was devastated. My first man and he treated me like I was nothing, less than nothing. 

I had a lot to learn.

The end…



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