Les is more than just a classmate, he's one hot package of pulsating masculinity. The first time our eyes met and held in a moment of sexual understanding was when he was regaling a group of his friends with some randy talk. I was standing nearby and watched him act out a movement that made my pulse race. He put a hand up to his thick, wrestler's neck and stroked up and down like it was his hard cock. Then, after a moment, he produced a large, white, frothy glob of spittle on his lips, theatrically dramatizing, for all who watched, a complete jack off. His buddies laughed, but for me it was heart stopping in its arousing impact.

At that moment of "orgasm," his eyes met mine. Time stood still. My face flushed deeply crimson. Then, he winked at me! A flash of understanding passed between us like a jolt of electrical current. I had never before felt such a strong physical attraction. He knew I was a jack off enthusiast, just as I knew he was one, too. But there was even more to it than that. He had recognized sexual interest highlighted in my embarrassment. My expression couldn't hide it.

Sure enough, later that morning, he found me, alone, in the seniors-only toilet. I was standing at a urinal in the solid row of four-foot high, old-fashioned, white porcelain urinals that completely lined one wall, when he sidled up to me, bumping the arm of the hand with which I held my dick. He took the urinal right next to me, a very bold move. As he unzipped and reached inside his trousers, he bumped me again. It felt very intimate. His closeness caused my urine flow to stop. I felt my dick begin to engorge. I couldn't control myself. I felt light-headed. He was turning me on! There was no denying it.

The meat he hosed out was spectacular! He was leaning back, away from the porcelain, allowing me an easy view. He was encouraging me to look. In fact he was showing off his equipment to me. I was unable to look away. And unwilling to!

"Hear you're goin' to that faggot college up state, next year," he said gruffly, startling me. We were both eighteen-year-olds planning to go to college in the fall.

"Faggot college?" I repeated, hardly able to get the words out.

"Yeah. Faggot college. I went up there to look around, thinking I might apply. Within the first hour and a half, I discovered six glory holes!"

"Glory holes!" I repeated, surprised. Inwardly, I was delighted to hear such good news, to tell the truth.

He took my surprise for ignorance and explained, "You know, holes you put your dick through to get it sucked. Haven't you ever heard of 'em?"

And vice versa, I thought to myself, but said out loud, playing to his passion, "Get it sucked?"

"You have heard of cocksucking, haven't you? Ain't that why you're going to go to that college?"

"Uh... Well... Yes and no," I admitted haltingly. I was desperate to camouflage the swelling interest in my hand, but the open urinals offered no cover. I glanced down at his crotch and was startled to see that he was not peeing. He was holding and even playing with a growing, moving, swelling, elongating, simply perfect penis! It stretched out even longer as I stared. Breathlessly!

Wordlessly he began stroking the gigantic organ. He shifted towards me to offer an even better view. I glanced up at his thick neck, remembering the faux-jack-off, and then looked into his face. He was grinning from ear to ear.

"I like it when you look at me," he said softly. "Do you like lookin' at it?"

He had not said "at me?" as I was expecting. He waggled the "it" at me, lewdly. A gut-wrenching wave of passion surged through my abdomen into my balls.

It was an epiphanous moment in my life. Nod my head, admit I am interested, and he'd probably call me a faggot and leave in a huff. Deny my feelings, act dumb, and probably disappoint him and certainly disappoint myself, cutting off any possibility of making it with him. The decision, while life altering, was made instantaneously.

I took a deep breath and nodded my head.

"Looks good, doesn't it?" he whispered in sexual tones as I watched "it" stiffen to complete engorgement, looking spectacular, as great an organ as I have ever seen, and, like mine, in its natural state, uncut!

"It looks spectacular!" I sighed enthusiastically. We were among the few in school with intact cocks. His had thick folds of foreskin turtle-necked behind the immensely fat cockhead.

"Wanna suck it?" he asked.

I nodded, again, inhaling the manly odors rising from his cock.

"Com'on, Fucker, I know just the place." He grabbed my elbow and tugged, and we both left the toilet trying to stuff our erections back into our pants.

He led me silently into the deserted basketball court of the main gym and guided me into the darkness under the bleacher-style seating. He found and opened a door and whispered, "Get in!"

I was a mass of sexual excitement, and the dangerous atmosphere of a hidden nest for sexual liaisons was adding to my excitement. A shiver ran through my body.

His hand was grasping my arm and he felt the shiver pass through me.

"Don't be afraid. This ain't gonna hurt either of us." His low growl of a voice was extremely arousing.

He closed the door behind us. We were cramped together, pressed against each other's body, feeling muscle and heat, in total darkness.

"How about some light on the subject," he whispered, and he pulled a cord above us. A dim light cast a warm glow. We were in a broom closet. There was more space than I had imagined.

"I want light on THIS subject!" he announced with a grin as he hauled out his still erect penis. He leaned back and flaunted the big thing at me, pointing it at my crotch so, as I looked down I saw the entire length of it. "Now you can see it, up close!" he hissed though teeth clenched with excitement. The "up close" part was said very invitingly.

I slowly sank into a squat, looking up into his face as I lowered myself. He nodded, encouragingly, and smiled with pleasure.

"That's it," he sighed, releasing his cock, letting it rise rapidly to stand and vibrate between us as we both watched it. "Take it in your..." he paused, "...your hand," he instructed. I think we both wanted him to say "your mouth," but he didn't seem to want to push me too far too fast.

I didn't oblige, immediately, but rather reached out with both hands, undid his belt, unfastened his pants, and let them fall to the floor. I then unsnapped the boxer shorts his dick was thrusting out of and slid them down, too. As he pulled up his shirt, I was facing the most incredibly sexy sight I had ever seen. His giant cock pulsated with lust and his full, almost hairless, nut-sac seemed alive with movement as his balls tightened up against the base of the stiff erection in anticipation of sexual frenzy. His strong abdomen, decorated with a sexy pattern of male hair, highlighted his complete arousal. Everything about the sight of him told me he meant business. He wanted me to suck his cock!

Finally, I wrapped a fist around his big balls, gave them a gentle tug as he hissed with pleasure, and then slid my hand up the strong shaft to begin a firm pumping. I sighed with pleasure. He shuddered with ecstasy.

"Yeah, jack it, man," he sighed softly. The cockskin moved smoothly as I continued the strong masturbatory movement up and down, up and down on the wonderfully long, steel-hard member.

"Yeah, that's it," he sighed, leaning back against a wall and humping his hips forward, thrusting cock through my fist.

I looked up at him. His eyes were closed and his face looked enraptured. He was enjoying this.

"Were there really glory holes at the college?" I asked quietly.

He opened his eyes, looked down at me with a friendly gaze, smiled, and said, "I found three in the library building, two in the athletic facilities, two in a dorm building, and one in the administration building, eight in all, and I sure didn't look everywhere. You're gonna have fun at that school, man."

"What were they like?" I asked, still looking up at him while maintaining a steady pumping rhythm on his cock.

"Big, well-made, smooth, and, I'd say, obviously well-used."

"What do you mean," I asked hesitantly. I loved talking about it.

"I saw cum-stains on the walls below the holes, telling me guys had been getting their rocks off in there, and, in four of them, there were guys sitting there, waiting, at the other side of the holes."

"Oh!" I said with a start. I hadn't expected him to include that bit of information in his report.

"Yeah! It's a busy campus, all right." His hips humped even more diligently into my pumping hand.

"Did you... uh... you know... um..." I wondered haltingly.

"If you're wondering whether or not I sucked a cock, I'm not sayin', but if you're wondering if I slipped my dick into one or two of those holes, well..." He paused, letting me draw my own conclusions.

"Did you like it?" I asked naively. This talk was really getting me hot.

"It feels so much better than jacking off," he sighed emphatically, then, as I watched, he closed his eyes. Once again, his words sounded invitational.

I raised up slightly, pointed the mammoth head of his cock at my mouth and slid my lips over it, sucking the entire meaty glans into myself. The erotic feeling of the cockhead slipping into my mouth, filling it completely, swelling to extreme stiffness as it sensed the heat and moisture, was awesome. I sucked, still pumping the shaft with a knowing fist, swirling my tongue around the well-flanged head of the wonderfully stiff, hot meat, getting in between the abundant folds of foreskin, tasting his delicious maleness.

"Fuck," he sighed with emotion, humping his hips to drive more cock into me, "this is what I'd hoped you'd do. That's it, suck my cock, man! Oh, suck my big cock!"

I had liberated my own cock and was pumping it, too. I could feel my orgasmic instincts driving me to suck and pump diligently. I knew I wanted him to come in my mouth, and I knew I wanted to come, too, but I hoped, against hope, that I'd somehow get to come in his mouth.

As if reading my mind, and in a moment of extreme passion, he put his hands under my arms and lifted me off his cock.

"Lemme give that a shot, for a moment," he whispered. "If you promise you'll never tell anyone, that is."

"Oh! I promise I'll never tell a soul," I pledged as I stood and thrust my cock at him. He went down on it in a flash.

The sensations I experienced were incredible. His thick lips slid over the crown of my cock, pushing the foreskin back, and began suctioning immediately, before the entire cockhead had penetrated into his wet heat. Waves of passion washed through my entire being. I was raised to orgasmic levels faster than my diligent masturbation sessions had ever carried me. I came! Overwhelmingly! Grabbing onto the back of his head and pumping my jism into him with gut-wrenchingly-powerful spurts of hot juice. I came and came! He just kept swallowing.

"Oh, man!" he sighed, wiping his mouth and chin with the back of a hand as he stood up again. "I didn't expect you to explode into me so quickly and so completely. Man, you really shot a huge load!"

"You swallowed it!" I said, both stating the obvious, and marveling at the wonder of it.

"Now, swallow this," he urged with a grin.

Many men are finished after their first orgasm and immediately lose interest in any more sexual activity. Something in his voice told me he was a bit worried I might be one of those men, but I am not. I wanted his cock back in my mouth even more than before. I could not get it back in me quickly enough.

A groan of pleasure escaped his lips as my mouth dove back down over his cockhead. This time, I wasn't timid or explorative. This time I sucked cock! I forced it to the back of my mouth and, overcoming the sensation that I'd gag, allowed it to stretch my throat in a deep plunge into me. And I really sucked!

"Oh, Gees!" he murmured excitedly. His hips began a tight thrusting, his balls hit my chin erotically, and I was thrilled at the feel of him fucking my mouth. It was astounding.

"Oh! Man! I'm gonna shoot," he warned breathlessly.

I was beyond concern. I would not have stopped sucking his cock had the school principal himself suddenly opened the door and demanded I stop. My concentration was focused on lifting him to orgasm and drinking down every drop of his cum. And his cock was getting into me, deeper and deeper.

Suddenly, I felt an expansion of the tube on the underside of the cock against my lower lip and I knew his first cum-shot was being fired off. I swallowed as it filled my throat, but then raised up to catch his sperm on my tongue. I wanted to get the full taste of it. I wanted to experience an exploding cock unloading on my tongue. I wanted to suck out every drop, swirl it in my mouth, relish the taste and texture, the heat and odor, and drink it all down.

"Yeah," he sighed, humping cock into me as he came, "drink all that cum down, man!"

I couldn't have hoped for a better sex partner.

"You damn well better not tell anyone about this," he said threateningly, as we walked through the gym towards the door.

I stopped in my tracks. He took a step or two further, looked around at me, stopped, and then came back.

"What?" he asked. He looked puzzled.

"Don't be a prick, Les," I said, seriously, "I'm going to remember every second of this, from the time I saw you jacking off your neck, 'til the time you came in my mouth and I swallowed every drop of your load. It's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. I won't tell anyone. Not 'cause you're telling me not to, but because I enjoyed it so completely that I want it to happen again, soon, between us. And often! I want you, man, and I want you to want me. Every time I'll see you, I'll think of this, and I'll want to do it again, and I hope you'll feel the same way. This was perfect, and you can't tell me differently!"

His expression softened.

"Yeah," he said softly, "you're right. You're okay, too, man. I enjoyed myself and I'm already looking forward to the next time. I didn't mean to be a prick about it." He was sincere.

I grabbed him and hugged his strong body to me. After a split-second of surprise at my action, he returned the hug with great affection and enthusiasm. We had become friends. It was more than I had hoped for.

"Maybe I'll even go to that faggot college, too!" he whispered as we left the gym together.

We grinned at one another.


Jack Sofelot


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