So I got chatting to this guy online who was into the same kinky shit that I was. He called himself Leon. I found him in a chat room which has long since disappeared from the internet and after a tentative introduction where we each talked about our interest in bondage, S&M, and all that stuff, we discovered that we also shared some darker, more 'particular' turn-ons.

Leon told me about some of his fantasies, where he would imagine kidnapping a guy and sexually abusing him. He went into great detail about everything he would like to do to an unwilling straight victim. He'd obviously given it a lot of thought. In truth, so had I. I told Leon about some of my own fantasies, which were remarkably similar to his and eventually he asked if there was anyone in particular that I liked to fantasise about. I told him there was and began to share details about a friend of mine, Scott, a guy I'd known since college. I had fantasised about him ever since, and we were now both in our mid-twenties.

Scott and I weren't necessarily the closest of friends, but we confided in each other occasionally and met up fairly regularly for a drink or a night out at a club. He felt comfortable enough to not worry about making an ass of himself in my company. He might not have felt so relaxed if he had known the kind of explicit thoughts I often had about him; mental images of him tied up and stripped naked, being gang-raped by a group of horny gay guys, getting used against his will. How did Scott feel about queers? Well, he knew I was gay, but it wasn't something we ever really talked about. I got the sense that he was perfectly okay with it as long as I kept it to myself, or at least didn't venture to share any lurid details of my sex life with him. I think he preferred more 'effeminate' gay guys, guys who were camp and perceived as somehow 'non-threatening'. Guys like me, who might pass for straight, generally seemed to make Scott uneasy.

Urged on by Leon, I ended up sharing more details about Scott and my fantasies involving him. I probably shared more personal information about my straight friend than I intended, but I was so horny talking to Leon about my dark desires that I didn't worry about it. I was too aroused by the fact that I was able to discuss these thoughts and feelings with a complete stranger who happened to feel the same way. I learned that Leon even found Scott as sexy as I did, after I sent him a few photos of my friend. Scott was one of those guys who doesn't realise how good-looking they are, perhaps because he was a bit self-conscious and more of a 'boy next door' type than a typical hunk.

I told Leon about all the things I imagined happening to my friend, from being kidnapped to being mercilessly raped. But I confessed there were two things which particularly fascinated me: tickle torture and milking. I was genuinely curious as to how Scott would react to being tied up and tickle tortured – I had no idea how ticklish he was, if at all – and especially what it would be like to forcibly milk him. I had read porn stories of straight guys kidnapped and milked, but I wondered what it would be like to actually do it for real. Could a straight guy even be milked like that? And, if they could, what would it be like to milk Scott? How difficult would it be to make him hard against his will? How long would it take to make him cum? And how many times could he be forced to cum?

I explained to Leon, only half-jokingly, that I was desperate for answers to these questions. It wasn't enough to try and imagine the scenario – I actually had to see it for real. But, of course, I knew that was impossible. Apart from being insanely immoral and illegal, how on Earth would I even manage to do something like that to my friend? Don't get me wrong, I've no doubt that I could potentially be capable of such an act. But, realistically, there was no way I would ever be able to get Scott in that kind of situation.

It was shortly after this that my online chats with Leon came to an end. I assumed that I had gone too far and scared him off. Or maybe he simply lost interest. Either way, I missed our intense chats and went back to amusing myself with my filthy fantasies: watching an unsuspecting guy on the train and imaging what it would be like to follow him home, pounce on him in some dark alleyway and have my way with him. Or taking a sneaky photo on my phone of that cute guy who worked in the supermarket so I could go home and masturbate to thoughts of tying him up and torturing him. And of course I still had my fantasies about Scott, although I was seeing a lot less of him these days. In fact, one weekend it occurred to me that I hadn't seen or heard from him in over a week. But, as we were both busy with work, I thought nothing of it.

Then, a day later, I received an email from Leon. I hadn't heard from him in a couple of months, so I was excited to see the notification in my inbox and wondered what horny stories he had returned with. The email itself was disappointingly short. It simply read: 'Mate, sorry I've been quiet, but I've been busy with a project. I think it will interest you.' The email finished with a private download link to a video file. I clicked on it and started downloading a video titled 'Leon's Project'. It was a pretty large file, so I left it to download for a while and went to have something to eat.

When I returned to the computer, the file had finished downloading. I opened it up – a black screen. I clicked play. A few seconds of nothing. Then suddenly it cut to a shot of a man, standing directly in front of the camera, wearing a black balaclava with only his eyes and mouth visible. I wondered if this man was Leon. He didn't speak, but I could hear something quiet in the background, a sort of low-level groaning. Then the man stepped aside to reveal my friend, Scott, chained spread-eagle against a wall, completely naked, gagged and blindfolded. His wrists and ankles were shackled so tightly to the stone wall that he could barely move an inch, and his body was stretched taut. He was groaning and trying to say something, but it was muffled by the big black ballgag in his mouth. Although I couldn't make out the exact words, the tone of his voice was angry but weak, as if he'd been shouting for so long that his voice had worn out. I think they were words to the effect of 'Who the fuck are you?' or 'What the fuck are you doing?'

Within seconds of seeing the footage of my straight friend bound and gagged, my cock was already hard and pressing against my pants. I paused the video and stared at the frozen image on my computer screen. Was this real? Was this actually happening? I studied the image closely while rubbing my dick through my trousers. It was definitely Scott, I was certain of it. I could hardly believe what I was seeing, but there was no doubt that this was genuine. How the hell had this lunatic managed to kidnap my friend like this? Had he done this kind of thing before? I thought back to our early chats and was suddenly aware of certain clues, things Leon had said, which suggested that perhaps he had. And then I thought about everything I had told him about Scott, the photos I had sent…

The photos. I quickly searched my computer for the photos I had sent Leon and sure enough, visible in the background of one of them was the small row of shops near Scott's flat, a clearly identifiable local area. In our initial chats I had told Leon the name of my town. I was now beginning to piece together some idea of how Leon might have tracked Scott down. Combined with certain other things I had told him, it was not inconceivable that he had used the last couple of months to go hunting for my friend. The very notion was so incredible, and yet I was staring at the proof with my own eyes.

I couldn't deny that secretly I had always wanted to see this. Leon, whoever he was, had made it happen. He had done what I had so often fantasised about – even dreamed of doing myself. I clicked play again and instantly the scene came back to life: Scott struggling in vain against his chains, while he groaned and grunted and protested through his gag. I had to unzip my trousers and slip my hard cock out of my boxer shorts so I could stroke it while watching the scene unfold. My heart was beating faster. I turned the volume up, leaned back in my chair and anxiously waited to see what would happen.

Leon, if indeed it was him, stepped back into the frame next to Scott. With a knowing look at the camera – at me – he started lightly running his fingers up and down Scott's sides. Scott's lean body started twisting and contorting as much as was possible – which was hardly at all – and he started to protest louder. As Leon's fingers fluttered under Scott's armpits Scott began hissing through his nose, trying to stifle his laughter. He shook his head violently – it was about the only part of his body that he could move freely – and growled through his gag. My cock was totally rigid and as I stroked it I started to leak a little precum, completely turned-on by the sight of my helpless straight friend tied up and tickled. I never imagined that I would actually get to see him tickle tortured like this, one of my ultimate fantasies come true.

The man, Leon, continued tickling Scott's upper body, running his fingers up and down Scott's sides and ribs, around his belly button and nipples, and constantly returning to his armpits where it appeared Scott was most ticklish. After just several minutes of this routine Scott could not control himself any longer and suddenly burst into a fit of laughter – muffled, of course, through the gag – as Leon really went to work on his armpits. He seemed particularly sensitive around his belly button as well, as he kept sucking in his stomach every time Leon's fingers brushed against it.

Scott was laughing himself silly and his whole body was shuddering, his muscles tensing up and pulling against the shackles which held him tight against the wall. He was utterly exposed and vulnerable, with no way to defend himself, no way to fight off the groping hands of his attacker. He was shaking his head so much that Leon had to pause for just a second to readjust his blindfold. But apart from that, the tickling was relentless and continued uninterrupted for nearly thirty minutes. By the end of it Scott was clearly struggling to breathe, his chest jerking up and down as he tried to gasp for air through his nose. He was dripping with sweat, his arms were trembling, and as he got some air back in his lungs he shouted something angry at Leon which sounded like 'sick fuck' or 'pervert'.

If Scott thought being tickle tortured was bad, he certainly wasn't prepared for what was to come. I watched, still stroking my hard cock, cum dribbling down my hand, as Leon started caressing Scott's thighs. Scott tensed up again, clenching his fists and protesting loudly. His legs quivered as Leon's fingers tickled the inside of his groin and underneath his low-hanging balls. I noticed how Scott's limp cock flopped from side-to-side as he squirmed in his shackles, his balls swinging. He didn't have a huge cock, just average sized, but I liked that. That was Scott all over, just an average kind of guy – tall, lean, with a hint of muscle but not too much, very much the sort of guy you see every day around town. And that was what made the video so hot. I wasn't watching a porn star or a model getting used and abused – just my ordinary, unassuming friend.

Now Leon turned his attention to Scott's cock. I could feel my own cock throbbing and I was trembling with anticipation. Finally, it looked like I was going to get the answers to my questions about Scott being milked. I had dreamed of seeing this for so many years, but the fantasy was never quite enough to satisfy me. I needed to see it happen and now it was, right in front of my eyes. Leon was playing with Scott's cock, stroking it and gently rolling the soft foreskin back and forwards over the head. Scott was still fighting and protesting, desperately trying to yank his wrists out of the shackles. He was trying to shout 'Stop!' or 'Don't!' but obviously Leon ignored him and continued slowly working on that cock.

I had no doubt that Scott was doing everything he could to resist getting hard. It probably helped that he was shit-scared as well. This wasn't like one of those porn films where a model is tied up and milked, and has to act all reluctant and resistant. Scott was a genuine straight guy and a totally unwilling captive; it would be a challenge to get his cock hard. But the challenge was what excited me. The more effort required to make him cum would mean more time to savour the sight of him helplessly trying to fight the inevitable, and make the final result all the more rewarding for both me and Leon. And it was inevitable. Sure, it would take a little work, but Scott was only human. His body, like any human body, couldn't help but react to the right kind of stimulation. The flesh is weak, as they say. I had often wondered if it would be easier with some constantly horny, hormonal teenager. Maybe I could suggest that for Leon's next project.

As I expected, Scott didn't get hard straight away. He continued to thrash about as much as he was able while Leon, undeterred, continued stroking and teasing the straight boy's cock; tickling his balls, molesting his thighs, easing the foreskin back and rubbing the head in a circular motion with the tip of his forefinger, and so on. As he struggled Scott alternated between angry muffled shouts and tortured moaning. After a while the shouting gave way to more moaning and pathetic whimpering. It was coming. There was nothing he could do about it. Leon was exploiting all of Scott's most sensitive, and most private, areas. He was patient and determined, licking his lips in anticipation, quietly confident that his straight captive was doomed.

And so he was. I had noticed over the last few minutes that Scott's cock was beginning to grow. After all the stroking and teasing, Leon now wrapped his fist around Scott's barely semi-erect dick and started to pump – very, very slowly. I found myself unconsciously mirroring his action, slowly wanking my own cock as I watched in silence. Scott was growling and grunting through his gag, throwing his head from side-to-side, clenching his fists and still trying to break away from the wall. His cock was now poking directly out in front of him, pointing straight at the camera. I watched Leon jerk that dick nice and slow, watched as the foreskin hypnotically slid back and forth over the head. The bare bulb that lit the room caught something glistening on the tip of Scott's dick. Fuck, yes. After all that time and effort, there was a dribble of precum leaking from the end of my straight mate's dick. It may not have been much, but it was a sign. Now I was certain that Scott was going to cum. Sooner or later he was going to cum and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

That last thought was enough to tip me over the edge, and I blew a load all over my hand. I was annoyed as I was trying to save myself for the main event. But I shrugged it off. I knew it wouldn't be the last time I would cum tonight. I grabbed a tissue from the desk and wiped myself clean, while keeping my eyes on the screen. Scott was clearly beginning to panic, screaming 'NO!' and 'HELP!' through his gag. I really wished I could remove his blindfold to see the horrified look in his eyes.

As Scott's cock grew Leon gradually increased the pace of his pumping, bringing Scott ever closer to the fatal orgasm. I could imagine him desperately trying to conjure up the least erotic, most mundane thoughts possible, anything to try and reduce the blood-flow to his dick. If he was, then it wasn't working. His cock was now sticking up in the air at an angle, and Leon was masturbating him as intently as a horny teenager masturbates while looking at a porn mag. Scott was leaking more precum, a long sticky thread of it hanging down from the head. 'No' and 'Help' turned to 'Please!' and 'Stop!' as a single teardrop trickled out from behind the blindfold and ran down his cheek. But Leon wasn't about to stop now. He pumped and pumped, and Scott's cock was soon fully erect, pointing straight up in the air.

The muffled words falling out of Scott's mouth now were a jumble of threats, insults, pleas, and cries for help. He was being wanked by another guy, ironically probably the wank of his life, and he was powerless to stop it. I knew for a fact he had never been in such a vulnerable position before. He was sweating and trembling, exhausted from struggling, and moaning loudly. And then – oh, fuck – there it was. He shot a string of translucent semen into the air, the first drop of fresh straight boy milk, followed by another and another and another. Leon jerked him off vigorously, pumping hard, and all Scott could do was surrender while grunting and moaning and crying out 'No, no, no!' over and over again as he shot load after load all over the floor.

As I watched my friend ejaculating against his will, I blew my own load all over the desk and my hand. Scott had given all he had to give, for now. Leon finally released his cock and took a step back. Scott was still erect and a final droplet of milk seeped out and trickled down the shaft of his cock. I wondered if it was over. Scott had been forced to cum, but hardly milked. Thankfully, the video kept playing. There was more. Leon walked off-screen leaving a degraded Scott, hanging his head in shame and disgust, gasping for air, with a few lingering strands of cum hanging from the tip of his dick which was now poking straight out in front of him again.

Leon returned immediately with a toy in his hand. It was an electric massage wand. I'd mentioned in our chats that the thought of kidnapping a straight guy and forcing him to orgasm by using one of these wands on him was a major turn-on for me. I was glad Leon had remembered it and the sight of him stepping back into shot with the wand in his hand instantly aroused me. Scott, of course, had no idea what was about to happen. Leon switched the device on and it began to vibrate vigorously, emitting a loud ominous buzzing sound. Scott picked his head up quick and cried out something like 'What's that?' or 'What the fuck?' as Leon tauntingly waved the vibrator past his ear.

Scott's question was soon answered as Leon gently pressed the wand against his inner thigh. These wands are serious pieces of kit. They're not like your standard, off-the-shelf vibrators. I hadn't used one personally, but I knew they delivered an intense, even dangerous, amount of stimulation. As soon as the end of the wand touched Scott's skin he flinched and tensed up, crying out ' Oh God, no!' and taking a deep breath through his nose, as if caught by surprise. Holding the wand against Scott's skin Leon slowly dragged it up his thigh, rubbing it around his groin and finally letting it rest underneath Scott's balls. Scott was whimpering and moaning like crazy, his whole body shaking and squirming in sexual agony.

Leon held the vibrator against the underside of Scott's balls for a while, letting the intense vibrations pulsate through his genitals. Scott couldn't even manage whole words any more, resorting instead to muffled grunting and crying. As the wand buzzed away under his balls, his cock began to react and grow again until it was standing to attention once more. There was no way Scott could control himself this time. When he was fully erect again, Leon took the vibrator away for a second. Just as Scott relaxed his muscles and caught his breath Leon pressed the wand against his cock, running it up and down the shaft and stopping in-between to rest it against the exposed, moist head. Scott flinched, squirmed, groaned and grunted, shook his head, cried out, and tugged at his shackles as his hard cock was subjected to the relentless pulsating of the vibrator.

I was already cumming again, watching the scene in the knowledge that it was all real, nothing faked or acted, nothing scripted or rehearsed. My straight mate, my college friend – a guy I had regularly spent time with over the years, gone drinking with, partied with – kidnapped and tormented for my own sexual gratification. I had never been so horny in my life. On the screen the torture continued as Leon rolled the rounded, vibrating tip of the wand around the sensitive head of Scott's dick. Scott was straining so hard to break out of his shackles that I thought he might burst a blood vessel. And then, once again, without warning, another string of cum shot out of his cock. Leon went back to rubbing the wand along the shaft and Scott shot another load, and another. It was completely involuntary, his overstimulated body reacting like a machine, as if he were little more than a ripe fruit being squeezed of its juice. He shot another load, and another, and another, all accompanied by the loud buzzing of the wand and his own cries of despair. He was ejaculating so much it was almost like someone had turned the tap on. Fuck, I never expected to see him cum so many times in a row. Every time it looked like he was spent and there was no more spunk left in him, Leon would move the vibrator back to the head of his dick and let it rest there for a moment until some fresh cream started to leak out and Scott would start cumming all over again.

I don't know how many times Scott came; I was too busy shooting my own spunk and enjoying the show to keep count. But I can tell you that Leon milked him thoroughly, far beyond my expectations, until he really was spent. Even after the last trickle of cum had dripped onto the floor, Scott was still not spared as Leon continued to torture the raw, sore head of his dick by rubbing and squeezing it between his thumb and forefinger until Scott was wailing for him to stop. Leon finished by licking the cock clean, finally slurping the residual milk out of the foreskin as Scott's erection waned.

The video was nearly finished. Scott was a wreck, out of breath and dripping wet, wheezing and screaming for help. His flaccid cock was hanging between his legs, a piece of meat, swinging to-and-fro as he weakly resumed his futile struggle. The video suddenly stopped, cutting him off mid-sentence as he yelled for someone to help him. It was over.

I went and got myself a glass of water. I was still trembling all over, taking shallow breaths as my heart rate settled down again. I felt a bewildering mix of emotions that I can't even begin to describe. I was tempted to watch the video all over again from the beginning, but I needed to rest. I laid down in bed for a while intending to take a nap, but all I ended up doing was masturbating some more to thoughts of the video and questions about Scott's fate. I wondered what Leon was going to do with him now. Another of my frequent fantasies occurred to me where a straight guy is kidnapped and sold into slavery. Did such things ever occur in the real world, or only in my perverted imagination? More questions. I turned over onto my stomach and humped the mattress as I considered the possibility that Leon might have a buyer in mind for my innocent friend.

Later that night, I returned to the computer. The video player was still open and the final shot of Scott chained to the wall naked and spread out, gagged and blindfolded, was frozen on the screen. I closed the player and realised my inbox was still open in the background. I had received a new email from Leon while I was busy getting-off to the video. I opened it up. There was no text, just a photo attachment. I downloaded the attachment and opened it. It was a dimly-lit photo of Scott hunched-up in a cage, naked, his wrists and ankles bound. He was looking away from the camera. At the edge of the picture I could make out another cage with another naked young man in it. I didn't know exactly what it meant, but I figured I wouldn't be seeing Scott again for a while. I suppose a normal person, someone with a conscience, would feel guilty, but honestly all I felt was aroused. I'd like to say otherwise, but I can't deny how I felt.

I assumed that would be the last I would hear from Leon, but I was wrong. Two days later, and having watched the video some more, I logged-in to the chat room where we had originally met. Maybe it was coincidence or maybe it was fate, but Leon was there too and within seconds he greeted me with a private message.

'Hope you enjoyed the show,' he typed. I replied that I had loved every second of it and watched it several times since. He was pleased. I asked him where Scott was now. The curiosity was killing me. 'Staying with a friend of mine,' he replied. He said no more about it, and I decided to avoid interrogating him further for fear of scaring him off. Then he typed: 'So, is there anyone else you fantasise about?'

I thought about it for a second and my cock started to twitch. 'Well,' I typed, 'there's this cousin of mine…'



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