It was a good life for Lee Goddard. As good as it gets for an eighteen-year-old high school senior. Having it good came natural for Lee. He was a jock; football, baseball, wrestling and boxing, and weightlifting to bring it all together. His hot drop-dead good looks were the crowning touch to his terrific body. He was getting head from the quarterback and fucking a guy on the gymnastics team. That was besides all the sex he wanted from girls. He had even noticed older women checking him out; hell, even some older guys, he thought.

The only thing about being an eighteen-year-old high school senior was, everybody expected you to know what you were going to do with your life and where you were going to college. As far as he was concerned, he was doing it. It was October. Graduation was seven months away. He was looking forward to the summer. Meanwhile there were seven months left to enjoy being a stud-senior. He had just finished working out, alone. There were two other guys in the workout room when he got there, pretty average guys who obviously hadn't spent much time in the gym. They eyed him when he came into the locker room wearing his old freshman gym shorts that fit too snug, and no shirt. They didn't stay long. He was sorry he'd intimidated them. He wanted to say something, tell them to stay and work their muscles, they could look like him, but it would have sounded like he was bragging. And besides, he didn't really believe it. Not many guys looked like him at his age.

After his workout he was walking past the glass partition along one end of the pool. There were swimsuits tossed on the deck. 'How could you forget your swim-suit?' he wondered. But then he saw the ripple in the water. There was someone in the pool and they were swimming naked. He stepped back into the shadows. A head and shoulders broke the surface. He didn't recognize the guy. Something made him turn around and go back. He made his way through the locker room to the door leading to the underwater observation box. The corridor was dark as was the tiny room, so he had a perfect view of the lighted pool without being seen. One of them swam right up to the window and didn't see him. It was Todd Glover. Todd was a gymnast with a tight, hard muscular body, and hung, and gay all get out. Lee didn't think many people knew that about Todd but he knew first hand. He had a hard, tight butt, too, and Lee was plowing it regularly. The other boy looked like a swimmer but he wasn't from Harrison High. Lee knew all the jocks at school--unless he was a new kid in school. He watched the two boys swimming and playing grab-ass. It looked pretty normal and harmless at first, till he saw Todd make a grab for the other guy's manhood. The boy's mouth flew open with a gush of bubbles as he shot to the surface to finish his yelp of surprise. Todd followed him up, still grabbing for his cock. When the boy sank back into the water and began treading water, Todd took his cock in his mouth. Lee wondered again who the other kid was. He lay parallel under the surface and began stroking through the water. Todd was pulled along under him by his cock.

Lee's hand found his own manhood. He mauled his jock inside his shorts, bringing his cock to life; not that it needed that much help. As he watched the two guys in the pool he shoved his shorts down and pulled his cock out the side of his jockstrap. It felt good in his hand. It felt good in both hands. He looked down at it with great pride. Big cock--HUGE cock. Two hands wouldn't handle it. It took three or two hands and a mouth. He thought about going up and joining them in the pool, show the other kid what a real cock looked like, and choke Todd on his ten inches of thick meat. But there was something exciting about being in the darkened observation room watching two guys who didn't know he was there. He began pumping his cock with his fists. His ass twitched. Dam, he wished Brian Courter was there to slide his tongue in his ass while he jacked off. The two boys swam right up to the window several times. If they had looked close enough they might have seen him standing there jacking off. As they swam away Lee reached over and found the light switch. He was going to give them the surprise of their life.

He waited and watched and jacked his cock as the two athletes frolicked in the pool. Close to the window again, the other boy broke his stroke and suspended his body straight down in the water. Todd dove down for his cock again and together, they sank to the bottom of the pool, right in front of the window. Lee flipped the light switch and it was as if he had flipped the switch to their eyes. They popped open with shock at seeing Lee standing there jacking off and watching them. The other guy got a mouthful of water when he gasped and had to go up for air. Todd never let go of the guy's cock and was pulled upward with him A half dozen times they came down to the window to display themselves for Lee's hungry eyes. Lee was amazed how long they could stay under water. He was getting hot. His asshole was twitching with excitement. Todd waved for him to come join them but he didn't. It was Todd's moment and he was satisfied to watch. Besides, he figured he was giving them plenty of thrills right where he was.

On the next lunge downward he saw the anguished look on the boy's face and he was clawing at Todd's hair as he frantically pumped his cock in and out of his mouth. Suddenly his body began to spasm and Lee could tell that Todd was getting a mouthful of come. He wished he would move off of the guy's cock. He wanted to see him shoot in the water. His own climax was getting close. He grabbed his balls and squeezed and pulled them down. Todd was jacking himself off furiously as he gobbled the other boy's cock. Suddenly Lee could hold it no longer. He jutted his hips forward and let it fly. Great globs of thick come shot out of his cock and splattered against the glass window. Todd saw it and released his own load. It was really something to see; thick globs of come shooting out of his cock like tiny torpedoes and floating off like small fish.

Todd swam to the window and began lapping his tongue on the glass as if he could lick off the thick ropes of Lee's come. It was over in that short moment. Lee's legs trembled and he had to lean with one hand against the window to finished pulling the come out of his cock. Then he smashed the head against the window at Todd's mouth but the boy had to go up for air.

What a mess. He had white-washed the window. Fuck it. He stuffed his rubbery cock back inside his jockstrap and left. Somebody's gonna wonder what the hell happened down here, he thought, laughing.

Walking to his car, he half-wished he hadn't jacked off. He was heading over to Brian Courter's house and that meant he needed a full head of steam. Brian was the quarterback, hungry for cock. Especially Lee's cock. ONLY Lee's cock as far as he knew. Brian said he was the only guy he was doing; he didn't have the nerve to try anything with anyone else. At Brian's house Lee let himself in. The door was unlocked like always which meant that Brian's folks were gone, hopefully for the weekend. He made his way upstairs. Brian was in bed, stretched out on his back with his arms folded under his head.

'Hey, stud,' Lee said.

'Hey, stud,' Brian said. 'Look, I already shot a load,' he said apologetically.

'Watching yourself work out and you got hot for your own body?' Brian said.

'Something like that.' He wished he could tell Brian how he had shot his load, but he couldn't reveal Todd's secret, no more than he would reveal Brian's secret.

'If I had a body like that I would be hot for it too. And shit, with a cock like that, I wouldn't ever have to leave the house.'

'You're built plenty big,' Lee said. 'But you don't have to leave the house. I'm here.'

'Yeah, bring it here, stud, I'm starving for some red meat.'

'Okay, I just wanted you to know I already jacked off.'

'Since when did that phase you? I've got you off as many as five times and those balls were still pumping out the come. By the way, I got the camera.'

'Okay, if you're still sure you want to do it,' Lee said.

'Hell, yes, I want to do it. Don't you?'

'Yeah, but I'm not gonna be the one on the end of a big, stiff cock and you can't tell where a video like that might end up.' He was undressing all this time. He stepped one foot on the bed and straddled Brian's chest to feed him his cock.

'Aww, yesss, mmmmmm, that is good,' Brian moaned as he slobbered on the bulbous head of his teammate's cock.

'Aww, fuck, it sure is,' Lee moaned as he pumped his cock in and out of his teammate's mouth. Brian had his hand full of Lee's butt and that felt good too. His hands felt good all over his body. Brian got off his cock and nuzzled his face under to mouth his balls. He could only get one in his mouth at a time. Lee put his hands on the top of his head to smash his face into his crotch. Brian lapped his tongue under his balls along the hard root of his cock, back close to his ass .

'You want that? You want my ass?' Lee asked.


Lee hunkered his crotch up into his face but Brian's tongue wouldn't reach all the way back. He stood up and spread his hands against the wall and squatted down on his face. Brian pulled his butt apart and buried his face in the warm crevice. His tongue lashed out at his hole but barely satisfied the itch. It only made it better; or worse. Lee reached back and pulled his butt apart for his teammate's lashing tongue.

'Aawwhwhnnnnn,' he cried. But soon it wasn't enough. 'Wait,' he said. He turned around and bent over with his butt in Brian's face.

'Aw, yeah, now I can get at it!' Brian said as he stretched Lee's hole with his fingertips.

'OOOHHHHH!' Lee cried out as Brian drove his tongue deep into his asshole. Bent over, he found himself face to face with Brian's hard cock. He watched the stiff cock buck and quiver out over his stomach. He wondered what another guy's felt like. Probably like any other cock. Not that he knew, except for his own. He humped his butt up and down in Brian's face, dragging his asshole back and forth over his lashing tongue. Brian stopped him to pull his asshole wide open and bury his tongue deeper.

'AAAAAwwwwhhhhh, Fuck, you're gonna make me cum doing that!'

Suddenly he stopped tonguing his ass and asked, 'Hey, do you want me to set up the camera?'

'That's your call, it's your party,' Lee said.

'We could make some great footage right now,' Brian said.

'We could make great footage any time,' Lee said as he moved out of the way so Brian could get off the bed.

Brian got the tripod out of his closet and set it up then got the camera from the top shelf and positioned it to the tripod. He plugged it in and turned on the lamps on each side of the bed for more light. Lee saw the camera start moving back and forth, following Brian's movements.

'That's a damned fancy camera. It's following you around.'

'Yeah, my uncle rigged it together like a security camera. It'll follow our movements on the bed,' Brian said.

'Does your uncle know what you're doing with his camera?' Lee asked.

'Fuck, no.'

'I was just wondering if he was one of those funny uncles you hear about.'

'He's funny as hell, but not the way you mean it--at least not that I know of. I wish he was.'

'Leave the video in the camera when you give it back to him and you'll find out,' Lee said, laughing. He sat down and bounced back on the bed. His cock swayed around like an oak in a windstorm. 'You wanta get back on this thing?' he asked, holding it up with his fist around the base.

'Yeah, but I want some more of your ass first. Get on your hands and knees,' Brian said.

Lee got on his hands and knees and set his knees wide apart, which pulled his butt muscles apart. Brian dug his fingers into his asshole and stretched it open again and drove his tongue in. 'Oohhh! Ohhhhhhh, Godddddd! Shit, that feels great!' he gasped. 'What the hell does an asshole taste like, anyway?' he asked.

'Savory. You wanta find out?'

'No, thanks.'

Brian had sort of worked into it before, using his fingers in Lee's ass but he was smart enough not to take it too far. Lee felt his fingertips at his asshole again, massaging, probing gently. If he tried it again, Lee was going to let him do it this time. Brian spit on his fingers to keep them slick and probed and massaged and probed harder till he had the tip of his finger though the tight hole. Lee held his breath, waiting for more. Brian had big, long thick fingers that wrapped around a football like talons. His middle finger would reach in a long way if he used it.

'UUhnnn,' Lee moaned softly as Brian shoved his finger deeper. When he didn't protest, Brian shoved it in to the last knuckle. 'Aaahhhh,' Lee moaned again.

'That feel okay?' Brian asked him as he moved his finger around.

'Aww, fuck yeah,' Lee replied. 'Awww, yeah, especially when you do that.'

'Now you've got a good idea what a cock feels like,' Brian said.

Lee didn't respond to his remark. He knew Brian was suggesting that he let him fuck him and Lee wasn't having any part of it. He wasn't gay, he just like making it with gay guys. It was easier than having to coddle a girl and it was usually better sex than a girl was willing to put out.

'You wanta find out for yourself what it'd feel like?' Brian asked him.

'No.' He moved away before it could go any farther. 'You got it backwards,' he said as he moved over and pulled Brian up on the bed. He shoved him back easy-like and got between his legs. Brian lifted his legs eagerly and Lee positioned himself on his knees. He spat on his cock and set the head of his cock squarely over the puckered muscle and shoved. It slipped in without a hitch.

'Awwhhhhhhh!' Brian cried out, wincing with pain.

'That's the reason I don't wanta find out for myself. I'm a wimp when it comes to pain,' Lee said as he buried his cock to the hilt.

'It hurts, but it don't last that long,' Brian said, his voice tremoring.

'I know, you get over it pretty quick,' Lee said. 'You ready?'

'Yeah...yeah, give it to me,' Brian said.

'Shit, you've already got it,' Lee said, laughing.

'I mean give it to me....fuck me.'

'Goddam, I love to hear you say that, the most beautiful words in the English language.' Lee said.

'Naw, the most beautiful words I like to hear you say are, I'm cumming when you've got your cock in my mouth.'

Brian's parents were, indeed, gone for the weekend so Lee stayed all night. He fucked Brian four more times; he didn't know how many times they shot off, and he didn't know how long the camera ran before it shut itself off. In fact he forgot all about the camera till much later.

The phone was ringing when he walked in the door on Sunday morning. It was Todd. 'I've been trying to get hold of you,' Todd said.

'All you gotta do is reach out,' Lee joked.

'That was hotter than hell at the pool Friday,' Todd said.

'Yeah, my view was pretty hot, too,' Lee said.

'You wanta get together?' Todd asked.

'Yeah, we can drive somewhere,' Lee said. It was a way of telling Todd that he couldn't come to his house.

'I'll pick you up in ten minutes,' Todd said.

Lee changed into a pair of onion-skin running shorts with a built in jock that showed a lot of thigh, right up to his butt when he sat down. He knew that would turn Todd on, and it would be convenient.

'Fuck, you look hot!' Todd said as Lee walked toward the Jeep.

'I like to keep it interesting, and convenient,' Lee said casually. His shorts pulled up high on his thigh, revealing the side of his butt when he sat down.

Todd took the back streets to the edge of town and took the gravel pit road. When they were out of town he reached over and put his hand between Lee's legs. 'Fuck, you must get tired carrying all of that around,' he said.

'You better keep both hands on the wheel,' Lee warned him.

'Why don't you drive and I can get started,' Todd suggested as he pulled to the side of the road. It wasn't the first time. They got out and walked around the Jeep. Lee shoved his running shorts down before he got in so he was naked for Todd.

'Whew! Bring that big fucker to me,' Todd moaned, and Lee didn't get the Jeep in gear before Todd's head was buried in his crotch.

'Awwwhhh,' he moaned as Todd's mouth enveloped his growing cock. 'Shit, I ain't gonna be able to drive with you doing that.'

'It never bothered you before,' Todd said and went back down on his cock. It was eight miles to the falls. They made it barely half way before Lee had to pull off. His legs were shaking so bad he couldn't control his foot on the gas pedal, let alone the brake, and Todd wasn't letting up. He swerved into the entrance to a bean field, took the Jeep out of gear and pressed himself back in the seat to hunker his cock up into Todd's eager mouth. 'Shit, man, suck it!' he gasped. 'Awwwhhhh, yeah, suck it, man .....I'm gonna cum.'

Todd choked but kept sucking as his mouth was flooded with his teammate's load of hot come. He didn't have any choice with Lee's hand on the back of his head. Lee didn't like to have his come wasted. That was a stipulation from the very first time Todd sucked him off; that he had to take his load in his mouth and he couldn't spit it out. After a moment of sucking and cleaning Lee's cock, Todd raised up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. 'Shit, I still can't believe how much you come,' he said.

'It's partly your fault,' Lee said. 'The way you suck my cock it kicks my balls into overdrive. Do you still want to go to the falls?'

'Fuck, yeah. You're good for more than once.'

Lee had mixed emotions about graduation. In a way, he wished he had another year of school. He was going to miss school. But there was a whole new world out there for him now. Since he would no longer have access to the gym at school, he joined a gym down-town; Cory's Gym. It was clean, well lighted and well-equipped, with ceiling to floor mirrors on all the walls. There were even mirrors in the locker room so a guy could admire himself while he was getting dressed or undressed or drying off after a shower. Cory understood the psyche of a bodybuilder.

But for his already muscular physique, Lee would have felt intimidated walking into a strange gym. The place wasn't full of bodybuilders. There were a lot of very well built guys, but there were a lot more average looking guys just trying to stay in shape, or get in shape. He was thankful for all the work he had put in on his body; he was proud to walk out into the gym for his workout. It wasn't like at school. There were only a handful of other guys in school that were built at all. In the gym there were a LOT of guys who were built, and they were bigger and more mature .....they were men. And Lee found himself looking at them with great admiration. He found it hard to keep his eyes off of a couple of them and that bothered him a little. He was used to being the one admired. One big bruiser sauntered over to him, unsmiling, but not unfriendly.

'You wanta come and spot me?' he asked.

'Sure,' Lee said. He followed the guy over to the weight bench where there was a barbell on the rack loaded with plates. He watched the guy's bubble butt muscles flex and churn inside his tight workout shorts, and the way his massive thighs flared out from the legs of his shorts when he walked. When the guy stretched out on the bench and set his feet out wide, Lee stole another look at the front of his shorts, the way they bulged with his manhood. He liked the way they fit. He would have to get him a pair of shorts like that, instead of wearing his old gym shorts.

The man's chest heaved and bulged mightily as the two heaps of muscle powered the heavy barbell up and down. His pecs were so thick, Lee imagined he could lay a finger between them and the muscles would squeeze it. He had nice tits, too, plus nice big abs. Lee stood at the head of the bench at the ready with his hands lightly around the bar but didn't offer any assistance till the last two reps and then he made the guy struggle through the motion mostly by himself. He helped him rack the barbell and the guy sat up.


'No problem. Do you need me to spot you on another set?'

'Yeah, if you don't mind.'

'No problem. Come and get me,' Lee said. He went back to the leg press where he'd loaded a dozen plates on the bar for warm-ups. He did a set then went back over to the weight bench to spot the guy.

'My name's Lee, by the way. This is my first time here,' he said, putting out his hand.

The guy took his hand in a vise-like grip. 'Tuck Kelly. Glad to have you here.'

'Tuck,' Lee said. 'Hell, your name is seventy-five percent vulgar,' he said, laughing. It brought an easy smile to Tuck's handsome face but he didn't laugh. Lee got the impression that he didn't laugh easy.

Lee spotted him on the last sets of a couple more exercises while he managed to get his own sets done in between. It felt good to be a part of the gym. It was important to him, a guy who was used to being the main attraction at school. Fate crossed their paths in the locker room again. Lee finished his workout a moment after Tuck did and he walked into the locker room just in time to see Tuck pulling off his jockstrap. He straightened and laid his jockstrap on the end of the bench and you could tell that he was modestly proud of his massive physique. Lee would have been proud of a build like that, too, but he was surprised at his cock. It was pretty average. In fact, on Tuck's body, it looked small. Lee kicked his gym shorts off and peeled his jockstrap down with great pride. He straightened with all the modesty he could muster with his bigger cock swinging out like a radiator hose. He saw Tuck take notice then look away, rather quickly. Lee reached down and scratched his balls, making his cock jiggle and swing some more. It was long and heavy from being curled up nice and warm in his jockstrap. He made sure Tuck got another glance at it as he was turning on his shower.

The showers were individual, with thick, frosted glass doors. Tuck turned his shower on to warm up while he took his clean clothes and a towel and deodorant and lotion out of his gym bag. Lee stepped around him to get to a shower. He turned it on and waited for the water to get warmer. Again, he saw Tuck looking at him--just a glance--a very casual glance. But he was looking. Can this guy be gay? Shit, wouldn't that be great!

Lee's curiosity got the best of him. He had to know, and he knew how to find out. He stepped into his shower but didn't close the door right away. Standing out of sight, it gave Tuck a good, open view without being obvious to anyone who might walk in. Lee soaped up his manhood right away, to draw attention to it. Tuck looked again, a second or two longer than before. When he glanced up from where he was looking, Lee met his gaze and their eyes held for a second, long enough for a message to pass between them. Lee let the water spray rinse the soap off and soaped up again. Tuck watched again, and when he looked up again he didn't glance away but looked right into Lee's eyes. The message became stronger; even unmistakable. Lee let a slight grin form on his lips.

Tuck looked all around then quickly stepped into Lee's shower and closed the door. Lee was shocked. Tuck maneuvered himself around so he had his back to the wall, with Lee's body between him and the frosted door. Then without any hesitation, he squatted down on his haunches and took Lee's cock in his mouth. It all happened so fast that Lee nearly let his surprised outcry come out full force. He managed to stifle it to a quick, husky groan as he tilted his face up and let the water run in his mouth to drown it. He couldn't believe this was happening. His first day at the gym and this big muscle hunk was down there eating his cock, right in the shower. He stood with his hands gripping the man's thick shoulder muscles, and enjoyed it to the fullest. He didn't try to hold back. Tuck surely didn't expect him to. It wasn't a place for a long, easy blowjob. This was a quickie, where the chance of being caught was the biggest part of the thrill. He pumped his cock in and out of Tuck's mouth and was pleasantly surprised to find the guy gradually taking more and more of it. By the time he was able to swallow it whole, Lee was getting close. He tapped him on the shoulders to try to warn him and Tuck nodded and kept sucking. Shit, I need to warn him! But there was no way. He tried to keep his legs under him as his climax overtook him. Suddenly his hips lurched out of control and he was losing his load. Like a cannon, his cock belched out great spurts that didn't have the room to become ropes as the stuff splattered all over Tuck's mouth.

Tuck took most of his load then let the rest of it shoot all over his face. As Lee's cock began to drop and come to rest on top of Tuck's buzz cut, Tuck leaned aside and spit the come out of his mouth to be washed down the drain. He tried to do it quietly. Then he made a swipe across his face as he stood up to let the water wash the come off his face. He milked his own cock and flipped the come off his hand, for he had shot off too. He nodded for Lee to take a look in the locker room. Lee cracked the shower door and peeked out. There was no one else in the locker room. He pressed himself back against the side of the shower to let Tuck slide past him. It felt good, having their bodies slide against each other like that. It even felt sort of good, feeling Tuck's cock against him.

Tuck quickly slipped out of the shower and Lee heard the shower next to him close. He stood there in a mild state of shock. He definitely wanted this to happen again. He prolonged his shower to match Tuck's and he stepped out when he heard Tuck turning his shower off. Just as Lee stepped out someone came into the locker room--but only to take a piss. Tuck exited his shower and the two of them dried off in silence, without looking at each other, as if nothing had happened. As they were dressing, the silence became uncomfortable for Lee. He wanted to say something; he wanted Tuck to say something. He didn't want it to end this way, as if it'd never happened. When he was dressed, Tuck gathered up his stuff and put it in his back. He zipped it up and looked at Lee. 'Hey, thanks for spotting me,' he said.

'Yeah, thanks for.....' Lee cut himself short with a shrug. Tuck nodded and walked out.

The way the next turn in his life happened was a fluke. Maybe the result of unrecognized, long-suppressed desire, but on Lee's part, it was a fluke. They were accustomed to his dad being away for weeks at a time. He was a troubleshooter for an oil company, and he might be in Houston one week and Alaska the next. He had even been sent overseas a couple of times. Lee had been part of a mixed family for the past six years, when his dad married Alicia. He didn't see his own mother and he had come to consider Alicia his mother and her twelve-year-old son, Adam, as his own and only brother. Adam practically worshipped Lee. There were times when he was a nuisance, but he was there only on alternating Wednesdays and weekends so he wasn't all that hard to put up with.

Alicia was a knockout of a woman, not at all the type of woman one would expect to end up with as a stepmother. Lee heard all the time from his friends how hot his mother was, and he took it in stride, although he wondered if he would have if she had been his real mother. His dad was away again and it was just Lee and Alicia in the house. Adam had been there over Wednesday night so he wouldn't be there till the weekend. Attractive as she was, Lee never thought of her as anything but his mother. Till that fateful Saturday night when he was showering to go out with the guys to a movie, and pick up some girls afterwards. Lee's dad had laid down a code of conduct for him before he married Alicia and moved her in. He, Lee, was getting to be a big boy, his dad pointed out, and he had to show some modesty with Alicia around. Lee dutifully honored that code. He ran around without his shirt and sometimes in a pair of gym shorts, but he was always careful that the door of his room was closed when he was getting dressed or undressed, and he always wore his jeans, or had a towel around him when he went down the hall to shower. Actually, he thought he was more modest than Alicia.

That particular morning, he thought Alicia had gone to get her hair done, then to the grocery store, which was her usual Saturday morning routine. He had the house to himself, and it felt good to run around naked, like he used to for that short span of time when he and his dad had the house to themselves, and have the music blaring from his stereo. He turned the music up so it blared all the way from his room to the bathroom. He finished showering and dried off and tossed the towel in the hamper. No need to wear it today. He walked out of the bathroom and was headed down the hallway when Alicia suddenly appeared on the stairs. Lee froze. Alicia paused for a second but them moved on up the stairs.

'Oh....Sorry,' Lee gasped, but he was still immobile. It was like his feet were glued to the floor. He was half way down the hall and he didn't know whether to rush back to the shower or go on to his room. Either way, it was too late, she had already seen him, and was still seeing him while he stood there like an immovable fool. Finally, he strode toward his room. 'Sorry, I thought you were gone for your errands,' he mumbled as he found the sanctuary of his room and closed the door. He could feel his face grow warm all the way down his neck. He jumped at the light knock on the door.


'Yeah.' What did she want?

Without being invited in, she pushed the door open a crack. He jumped and grabbed up his shorts where he'd left them on the foot of the bed. He was struggling to get them on when she appeared fully in his doorway. 'Lee, there's no need to be embarrassed,' Alicia said in a quiet tone.

'Not for you, maybe,' he said as he stuffed his manhood down inside his shorts and smoothed the bulge down as much as he could. 'I'm sorry, Alicia,' he said, flinging his arms out in a helpless gesture, 'I thought you were gone to the beauty shop and the store,' he said.

'The alternator went out on the car. I had it towed and brought a cab home. You'll have to take me to get groceries.'

'All right, whenever you want to go.'

'Oh, it's not urgent,' she said. 'It looks like you have plans right now. We can go tomorrow. I wouldn't want that lucky girl to be kept waiting.'

'Actually, there is no girl, lucky or otherwise,' he said. 'I was going to see a movie with some guys and maybe.....' He stopped and blushed. 'Maybe there'll be a lucky girl afterwards.'

Alicia laughed her husky, throaty laugh and reached out for the door. 'Have fun, Lee,' she said. She backed out of his room without closing the door. He was still so shaken that he couldn't move, or think, for a moment. He stood and watched her go to her and his dad's room. Part of it was fear that his dad would find out that he had been so careless, that Alicia had seen him naked. Maybe she wouldn't tell him. But they were man and wife, and he supposed they shared about everything with each other. He got a clean pair of jeans out but was still numb in the head and his brain didn't prompt him to put them on. He laid them on the bed and walked out of his room towards their room. He knocked lightly.



His rattled brain registered the 'Yes' as an okay to come in and he pushed the door open to see Alicia standing there totally naked! He froze again. Even his speech was dead. His eyes felt bugged out and his throat was dry, all in that instant.

'Oh, Geezusss!' he swore quietly, 'I'm sorry....'

'No, it's all right, Lee,' she said as he picked up a towel and held it in front of her. He was desperately relieved that she was so calm in her tone and demeanor. 'What did you want?'

'I was just g-going to ask you, if you...if you wouldn't tell know...about seeing me--and now, about me seeing you. He would kill me if he knew.'

'He will never know,' she assured him with a warm smile. 'Your behavior around me has always been impeccable. I only wish we had come together when you were much younger so you would've been more comfortable with me calling you son. I wanted to, but I could never get you to be comfortable with calling me mom so I didn't think you wanted me to call you son.'

'I just couldn't do that, especially now, you being not that much older than me,' he said.

'That could be taken as a compliment,' she said with a smile.

'Well, you're only twenty something. I know you're not thirty,' he said. It was a strange conversation, certainly one that shouldn't have been happening in his dad's bedroom with his wife standing there with a strip of a towel in front of her and him wearing just a pair of shorts.

'Twenty something will do fine,' she said, laughing. 'Has it been difficult for you, Lee?'


'Having a woman around so near your own age?'

'No, not at all.'

'But it will be now,' she suggested.

'No, I.....' He swallowed hard. 'I was only twelve when you married dad, you seemed old to me, then.'

'And now?'

'No. No, not at all,' he said quickly. He was scared where things might be headed. Or more correctly, where HE was thinking they might be headed. Or was he jus hoping. God forgive him for the thought! She was his dad's wife.

'Have you ever thought of me as anything but your stepmother?' she asked.

Where was she going with this! It wasn't just hopeful anymore; she was opening up a can of worms. 'Yeah, I've thought of you as my dad's wife and Adam's mom, of course.' His voice cracked and he imagined his hand was shaking. She was just standing there with the damned towel that didn't cover anything but a four or five inch strip straight down her body, which left the outer curves of her tits and her hips quite visible. If she moved the towel just inches to either side he could see everything. He started/tried to take a step backwards to leave but the message from his brain didn't reach his legs. They felt numb and he felt so vulnerable and helpless.

'How about now?' she said, as she suddenly let the towel slip from her fingers. Lee watched the towel drop to the floor, unveiling her perfectly gorgeous body. His eyes naturally fell immediately to her womanhood before modesty kicked in and he raised them to stare at her tits but not before he saw that she was perfectly smooth down there.

'W-what about now?' he asked, barely able to get his words out.

'How do you see me now, right this minute?' she asked.

He gulped and made a quick swipe at sweat that he thought was breaking out on his forehead. A sudden jolt shot down to his nuts, as if his brain had suddenly decided to wake up his body.

'Oh, Shit....Honestly? I see you right this minute as a very beautiful woman. But I always have.' Suddenly his voice was steady and strong, and he imagined that the jolt was the testosterone kicking in, which was going to have far-reaching effects if he didn't get the hell out of there, for it was clearly obvious now where she was taking it.

'Have you?' she cooed.

'Not just me. All of my friends think you're.....' He stopped and shrugged with an embarrassed grin.

'Think I'm what?' she asked.

'They think you',' he said.

She laughed softly. 'And what about you, Lee, do you think I'm hot?'

'I can easily understand why my dad married you but I don't think we should be having this conversation, Alicia,' he said bravely.

'Do you think that's the only reason he married me?'

'I don't know but it would be enough for me,' he said, laughing softly. 'That had to have lot to do with it. O know I have to keep reminding myself, lately, that you're my dad's wife.'

She laughed with him. 'Well, I've always thought you were an extremely handsome boy,' she said. 'But I'm going to have to amend that to man. Yes, you've grown into a true specimen of manhood--much like your father.'

'But not quite,' he said.

'No, not quite. You have surpassed your father.'

He felt a guilty kind of embarrassment. She shouldn't be comparing him with his dad like that. 'I won't even take that as a compliment,' he said, 'but I thank you for your flattery.'

'Oh, I don't flatter you, Lee,' she said. She paused and let her eyes rake up and down his body, falling on the bulge in his shorts. 'I only speak the truth, based on what I've seen, only I don't know what the whole truth is, in your case.'

Oh, God, she was talking about his manhood! Comparing him to his dad, and she had everything she needed for that comparison. Was she saying he was bigger than his dad? Maybe he was, but he doubted it, and even if he was, she shouldn't be saying that to him, and she didn't know for sure anyway because she only saw his cock hanging. Oh God, get me out of here! The power of the testosterone had charged his muscles so that he could move them but everything else in him was rebelling. It was barely tolerable, standing there talking to her when she stood still, like a statue, but then she moved! Just one step--one foot placed in front of the other, one hip rolling to the side, one perfectly-shaped thigh sort of crossed over the other, and that slight jiggle of her all added up to another freeze frame and he was unable to move again and in that instant, being in her presence became intolerable and dangerous.

'I think I need to.....' He took a step back.

'There's no need to go, Lee.''Yes, there is. This could get dangerous, real quick,' He said bravely.

'I'm your stepmother, Lee, not your real mother,' she said softly. 'That could make all the difference in the world if we let it....if we want it to. That could remove the danger.'

'If we w-want it t-to what?' he stammered.

She laughed softly again and sat down on the foot of the bed. His eyes darted again to that spot between her legs that attracted him like a magnet but he lifted them again to her tits. Geezuss, few of the girls he knew had tits that nice! And he had never seen or heard of a girl being so baby smooth between her legs.

'Come here, Lee,' she said, holding out her hands.

Her brain took command of his, giving commands to his muscles, and he found himself moving toward the bed. As he approached the edge of the bed she lay back on it. His eyes fell on the exquisite, smoothly-shaved V of her womanhood. He again forced his eyes back up to her tits. Even lying down, her tits stood up, taut and form. 'When I saw you out there in the hallway, Lee, it hit me that I could no longer think of you as the little boy you were when I married your father, or even the young teenager you grew into. You're a man, Lee. A teenager, perhaps, still, but my, God, you're a man. Can't you look at me and see me as a mere woman, instead of your stepmother?'

'Oh, yeah,' he said in a nervous tone. 'Not just as a MERE woman, either. I told you, you're beautiful.'

'I don't feel beautiful, lying here with a gorgeous hunk like you just standing there beside my bed. I feel like maybe you think I'm too old for you. I know I'm not one of those perky teenage girls that you have climbing all over you, but.....'

'No, you're sure, not,' he cut in. 'None of them look like you.' His hand found its way to brush down over the front of his shorts. To smooth the bulge, or check it, he wasn't sure which; he hadn't told his hand to go down there. Alicia watched his hand.

'Take them off,' she said softly.

Lee felt like he was having an anxiety attack. He couldn't draw air into his lungs and he hurt across his chest. He had to leave before it was too late; before he desecrated his dad's bed, for even though it was fast becoming easy not to see her as his stepmother, she was still his dad's wife, and he couldn't get that out of his head. But again, his hands responded to commands that they had not been given and he was shoving his shorts down off his hips. He was pleased at Alicia's little gasp.

'Oh, My Lord!' she gasped louder when he straightened and his big cock swung back and forth as he stepped out of his shorts then hung out over the bed in a wide arch. Her outcry and her eyes told him that he was indeed bigger than his dad. But, then, he was bigger than about anybody else he'd seen. Still, he wondered how much bigger than his dad.

Alicia reached out to him. He was past resisting her. His conscious was dead. He leaned his knees into the side of the bed so she could reach him. He let out a gush of air as her hand wrapped around his stiffening cock.

'My goodness, I can't get my hand around it!' she said.

Couldn't she get her hand around his dad's cock, he wondered? She worked her hand up and down the shaft a few times then she was tugging on his cock, trying to pull him to her. He didn't like being led around by his cock; scared as he was, he still wanted to be in charge. It was in his nature. And at the moment he was so mesmerized by her shaven pussy that he couldn't think straight. He put his hand over hers then backed away from the edge of the bed. Her thighs parted and drew his attention back to the prize he coveted so badly. This wasn't just another girl whimpering to be fucked and scared at the same time to let it happen. This was a woman willing and unafraid; a worldly woman with a pussy like none he had ever seen or imagined. And he was about to do something that he had always dreamed of in his daydreams but had never dared or hoped to try.

'We shouldn't be doing this,' he said hoarsely as he moved around to the foot of the bed. There was something in her eyes that agreed with him but neither of them cared. He wondered if anyone else had ever done what he was about to do to her. He reached down and lifted her legs up and spread them out wide. Her pussy spread only a little and he could see the pouting lips palpitating eagerly. As he shoved her legs out wider he knelt down. The scent of womanhood and a sweet fragrance sent his head in a spin. He was close enough that he knew she could feel his hot breath.

'Lee?' she whined. 'Yeah.' It wasn't a question and it wasn't an answer. It was just the sound of communication between them. Her cunt lips palpitated aparte a little more. He wet his lips, his heart racing, pounding in his chest. Then he bent down and bravely buried his face against her pussy, lavering the pouting lips with his tongue. \

'Ohhhh, LEEEEEEEE!' she cried. It was like a battle cry. He let go of her legs and cupped his hands under her firm butt and lifted her up like a feast on a platter. His mouth was full of her cunt lips and he sucked them gently as he drove his tongue between them. The taste, the velvety texture was awesome to him. Alicia was holding her legs out on her own, spread amost straight out from her hips, leaving his hands free. He had only to devour and enjoy the feast she offered to him. He pulled her cunt lips apart and gazed at the soft pink palpitating deep between them. He sampled it with his tongue and found it to be like velvet.

'Oh, Goddd!' she whimpered, her voice tremoring. He lapped his tongue around inside the soft, pink cavern, forcing the tip deeper and deeper between the folds of soft velvet. 'Oh, My Goddd! Leeeee!' He smashed his face into her pussy and drove his tongue in as deep as he could and lashed it around. 'AAAHHHHEEEEEEEEEEE!'

He loved it. He loved making the woman scream. He smashed mouth inside her pussy lips and found something with his nose--a tiny, firm protrusion hidden up in the folds of her cunt lips. He explored it with his tongue and suddenly realized that he had discovered the sacred clit that he'd heard so much about.

'Ohh...OHH, Ohh, Godd.....Ohhh, Godd, Leee..... AAhh, Awwwhhhh...Ohhh, Lee...!!' She gasped and cried out like a mad woman as she thrashed her butt around on the bed. She was clawing the sheets, tearing them off the mattress. Having found it, Lee pulled her cunt lips apart with his fingertips to explore further. He kissed the tiny was like a tiny cock, he thought...and sucked it between his lips. Alicia screamed so loud that she choked on it even before it came out. Her hands clasped around his head, pushing his face harder between her legs as she thrashed about, grinding her pussy against his mouth. Her breath come in short, violent gasps, like she was hyperventilating. She attempted several more screams then trembled violently then slowly went limp.

Lee slowed his pace to a stop as her legs folded heavily over his shoulders. Geezuss, what have I done to her? He raised up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and sat back on his haunches. She lay limp across the bed and he wasn't sure she was even breathing. In a panic he let her legs down and rushed to the bathroom for a wet washcloth and a glass of cool water. She looked like she was dead. Dam! She was too young to have a heart attack. He set the glass down and sat on the side of the bed and laid the cool cloth over her forehead. He put his fingers in the glass of water and rubbed some over her chest. He couldn't help noticing what beautiful tits she had, and he hadn't even gotten to them. He went to the bathroom to wet the cloth again and when he returned, she had begun to stir. He laid the cloth over her forehead and she put her hand up to his.

'What happened?' he asked. She tried to laugh but she was too weak. 'When you're able to talk, I gotta know what the hell happened,' he said.

She caught her breath. 'Only the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to me,' she said, putting her hand on his on her tits.

'I didn't mean to do that to you...make you pass out, or whatever,' he said.

'What you did to me was incredible,' she said. 'I didn't pass out, I just floated off for a second.'

'It was a lot longer than a second,' he told her.

'My God, Lee, where and when did you learn to do that?'

'Just now,' he said with an innocent look.

'This was your first time!' she exclaimed.

'Yeah. It just came over me that I had to do it, seeing you lying here like that smooth.'

'In the six years we've been married, you dad has never done that to me.'

Lee glanced away. 'I'd rather not talk about my dad right now.'

'All right.'

'I'd like to know what the hell I did,' he said in all his innocence. 'I never seen a girl so smooth down there, and I suddenly want to kiss you there. I found a spot that you seemed to like and the next thing I know, you were screaming and then you went limp.'

'You gave me an orgasm, you wonderful stud,' she said. 'Only the second and the best orgasm I've had in my whole life, that's what you did.'

Only the second? And the other one wasn't from his dad. He wondered who he had bested. 'I'm glad I did, whatever I did,' he said.

'The last time, and only other time that happened was with a boy in high school. He was the captain of the football team from another school and we were on our first date and I knew I shouldn't let him but he was so handsome and muscular and irresistible that I quickly found myself in the back seat of his car and it was happening--only not what I expected to be happening.

'I guess I'm sorry it was only your second time,' Lee said. 'A beautiful woman like you, any guy oughta be willing and eager to do that for you. For himself, even.'

'You are such a man already,' she said.

'You don't have to keep telling me that,' he said.

'Of course. You can't have carried around all those muscles and that wonderfully big cock without realizing what a man you are.'

'I, uh...I could do it again, if you want me to,' he offered timidly. 'Just tell me, should I have the cold wash cloth and a glass of water handy?' he asked.

She laughed. 'You don't have to take me that far,' she said. 'I love for you to do it, but then stop and get your own pleasure.'

'Oh, I was getting my pleasure,' he said, motioning to his stiff cock.

'Then give it to me,' she said.

'Can I...go down on you first, though?' he asked.

'Oh, yes.'

He didn't know what it was about it but he felt like such a stud kneeling down at the foot of the bed again with the woman's legs lifted to welcome him. He had to gauge himself this time; he had to stop before she went over the brink. He wanted to take her over the brink again, but with his cock instead of his tongue. He lapped and sucked and titillated her clit till she was squirming and clawing the sheets and moaning and gasping, but before she got to screaming he stopped and rose up. He brought her legs up and spread them wider and hunkered down so his cock was on target. It was easy to do; his cock was so big and her pussy made such a small target.

'Be easy, please,' she whispered when she felt his cock pressing and parting her cunt.

'Yeah, I will. You tell me if you need me to stop,' he said. He eased down at an angle and his cockhead separated her wet cunt lips, causing her to take in a tiny gasp of anticipation. He knew somehow that this was going to be different from any girl he'd ever fucked.

'Ohh,' she moaned softly as the head of his cock entered her.

Lee looked down to see how his thick cock had spread her pussy. He gave her a little more.

'Ohh, Lee, you're so big!'

'Tell me if you want me to stop,' he told her again.

'No, don't stop, I want you all the way,' she said, her voice begging.

He wanted to give it to her too, but he didn't want to rush it and hurt her, which sometime happened with the other girls. He looked down again and gauged that he was about as far inside her as he'd ever when with a girl. He nudged another inch or so into her to see if she could take it. She did, with nothing more than a soft moan. Wouldn't it be great if she could take him all the way! He stopped and twisted his hips around in circles, as if to drill her hole wider. She gasped and hunkered up at him, wanting more.

'You want more?' he asked.

'Yesss! Oh, Yesss, give me all of it!' She was so anxious, and so was he, that he gave her the rest of his cock...about five more one long shove. He hit something about three inches in but quickly maneuvered around it, almost before she winced, and then he sank deeper. He felt the head of his cock slide through another snug opening, almost as if she had another secret pussy hidden deep inside her.

'OHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!' she cried, tossing her head back in the mattress.

'Okay?' he asked. 'Yessss! Ohhh, Yessss!' He lodged his cock in tight and deep and held it there, making it throb and buck inside her. 'Ohhhh, Goddd, that feels so wonderful! Your cock is so big and alive!'

Yeah, no shit, he thought. No fuckin' doubt that it was alive, and big. He twisted his hips around again, causing his cock to lob around inside her and he imagined he could feel the head of it stretching her deep secret pussy. She was gasping and moaning and reached to grab the sheets to hold onto. He held in as long as he could then slowly drew back about half way and slid it into her again.

'Oohhhnnnnn.' He eased back more than half way and gave it all back to her again. 'OOOhhhhhhhhhhhh!' The third time he pulled back till her pussy was squeezing tightly around the head of his cock, held it for second while she squirmed expectantly, then he drove it all the way in her again. 'AAAWWwwwhhhhhhhm, Leeeee!' She was tested and ready. She could take him. He started fucking her. She kept on gasping and yelling and moaning and going nuts under him. He liked it that he could make her go crazy. With the girls he fucked, it was mostly them whimpering and telling him to be careful. Alicia wasn't worried about that.

He fucked her with everything he had, every move, every technique he had developed in his young life. It was wonderful to put it all into practice. He wanted to give her another orgasm but he wanted to try to do it with is cock. He wondered if his dad could do that. Funny, the way he kept thinking about his dad after he'd told her he didn't want to talk about him. But he couldn't help it. He was in his dad's space; in his bedroom, hell, he was inside his dad's wife, and he even had the audacity to wonder how he stacked up against the old man.

He pulled back too far one time and his cock slipped out. Alicia cried out for him to give it back to her but he decided not to. He looked down at his cock throbbing and bucking and twitching angrily at her gaping pussy. He nudged the head of it against her wet cunt lips and let it bob up and down, massaging her pussy with the head. She squirmed and hunkered up at him, trying to take it back but he kept his distance.

'Oh, please...don't tease me...please, give it to me. Fuck me, Lee!'

Yeah, he was going to fuck her but in his own way. Having discovered that it drove her nuts, he developed the new technique that he had become known for with the girls he dated. He let his cockhead rub against her cunt lips for a moment then shoved the head through. Instead of going deeper he fucked her with short jabs with just the head of his cock, back and forth through her hungry pussy a dozen times before he shoved all the way in again. After a few long strokes, he pulled back and did it all over again. After awhile, when she realized that he was going to be the one in charge, he got down to some serious fucking, the old fashioned way. He slipped one arm under her waist to hold her tighter to him and bent over on top of her and began snapping his hips back and forth like a jackhammer. It was a good position; one to always fall back on. It felt wonderful, using his entire cock on her. He got so tired of having to be so damned careful with the younger girls.

'Damn, I didn't use a condom,' he said as he suddenly stopped and started to rise up.

Alicia wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders to hold him in place. 'It's all right, that was taken care of years ago, after I had Adam.'

'Good, because I was getting awfully close.'

'Don't hold it back. Give it to me.'

'Oh, that's great; I can cum in you, then.'

'Oh, yes, I want to you to make me feel it.'

'Oh, you'll feel it,' he promised. God, it was going to be wonderful, fucking her right on through to the end. No pulling out at the crucial moment, as he'd done the only two times he'd fucked girls without using a condom. He fucked her with the stamina of a stallion and the precision of a surgeon. To excite her more, he reached down and spread her cunt lips apart so he could smash his hairy loins against her exposed clit. He pressed himself hard against her and moved his butt around in circles. He not only rubbed her clit that way but he probed deep inside her, touching everywhere. It was one of those probe and touch sessions that triggered his climax. It was as much her excitement under him that set him off.

He didn't announce his approaching climax. He just kept fucking her and rubbing and using his cock as a probe deep insider her pussy, letting it build up. When it happened, his body tensed and lurched on top of her then he came. God did he cum! It swirled around in his balls and boiled over and surged up through his cock like the flood gates had burst and then he felt it spurting into her pussy. She felt it, too.

'Ohhhh...OHhhhh...Ohhh, you're comming! Ohh, Lee, Goddd...Godd, Lee, I can FEEL it...shooting inside me! Ohh, yess...ohhhhh, give it to me...give it to me...!'

He gave her everything he had--every drop! And her pussy kept milking his cock to make sure of it. He tried to hold his weight up off of her yet when he tried to rise up she held him tight. 'Don't move yet.'

'I thought I might be getting heavy,' he said.

'No, all of those young muscles feel good,' she said.

'I should have held off,' he said.

'No, it was wonderful, Lee.'

'I wanted to make you have another orgasm,' he said.

'It was so close, the whole time. You're a wonderful lover.'

Better than his dad, he wondered? He was filled with guilt and remorse afterwards. He couldn't even go back home after the night out with his friends. He arranged to spend the night at Brian Courter's house. It was nice to lie back for the rest of the night and let Brian unhurriedly suck his cock and munch on his balls. The way Brian could make him feel totally relaxed helped relieve the guilt for the moment.

His dad called to say he would be gone for two more weeks; he was being sent to another site. Lee was glad in a way, because he wouldn't have to face him. He vowed that it wouldn't happen again with Alicia but he wanted to tell the man not to go; not to leave him alone with his wife. He was strong in his resolve but life in the house with Alicia had to go on and she tempted him at every turn. When he was cutting the grass she came out with iced tea wearing criminally short shorts and a tiny halter top that barely contained her tits. His mouth watered at the sight of her in those shorts. Less than an inch up the cut-off legs, he well knew, was her smooth, shaved pussy; probably freshly shaven just that morning. True to his vow, he managed to keep things under control for the first few days; till Sunday morning when he came downstairs.

Alicia was in the kitchen cleaning up the pizza mess from the night before. She was naked! Lee stopped, frozen in his tracks, when he came into the kitchen and he saw her. His first instinct was to turn and leave but she was aware of his presence and looked over her shoulder with a smile.

'Oh, I thought you would be sleeping late after being out all night,' she said.

'It is late,' he said, after gulping down the frog in his throat. He saw the way her eyes raked up and down his shorts-clad body. He stood in the doorway, trying to decide whether to stay or turn go back to his room. His vow flashed across his brain, that he would not lay hands on his father's wife again, but his nuts hadn't taken any vow and just as Alicia bent over to wipe off the kitchen table, it was his balls that began giving the orders, powered by a jolting dose of testosterone that propelled him into the kitchen. It was as if his legs were moving of their own volition, without any order from his brain. He moved up behind her, still bent over the kitchen table.

'I wish you wouldn't do that,' he said hoarsely as he smashed the bulge of his shorts against her butt.

'I'm only cleaning up the kitchen and wiping off the table,' she cooed.

'Yeah, just like you were only bringing me iced tea when you come out in those shorts and that skimpy top,' he said. 'Just like you brought me out a cold beer when I was cleaning the garage, and when you yelled for me to bring you clean towels when you were in the shower. Only a crazy woman does that stuff and runs around naked in front of her teenage step-son.' All the while, he was twisting the bulge of his shorts against her backside.

She smiled over her shoulder. 'Why, Lee, I think that's the first time you've ever referred to yourself as my step-son.'

' came out, that's all,' he mumbled. His cock was growing fast and hard and he boldly rubbed his bulge against her, damming his vow to oblivion. He felt her pressure back and she set her feet wider apart. Without even a respectable hint of hesitation, he hauled his manhood out of his shorts, tucking the waistband under his balls. She let out a little gasping moan when she felt the heat and weight of his bare cock against her butt. Ignoring his cock, he dropped to his haunches and buried his face in her pussy. She squealed with delight and spread her legs as far as she could to give him room as she bent over the table. He lavered his tongue up and down her pussy, pulling the lips apart to tongue deeper. She cried out and groaned with pleasure and humped her pussy up and down in his face. When he had her hot and wet and trembling he stood up again. This wasn't about making her have an orgasm, or her pleasure at all, although he knew he would deliver that in spades. It was about fucking her, pure and simple, giving her what she wanted and getting his rocks off. He aimed the head of his cock against her warm, wet pussy and shoved, sending his cock straight in to the hilt.

'OOOOowwwwaaaahhh!' she cried out, tossing her head back.

'Don't try to tell me that hurt,' he said.

'No! Oh no. God, it doesn't hurt at all.'

He got a good hold on her hipbones and began to fuck her. Back and forth, in and out, slosh-slosh....Damn, she was wet and so ready for him. Within minutes he had her choking back her screams as she clung to the corners of the table. He fucked her unmercifully. She wanted it so bad--well, he was going to give it to her. After a few more minutes she was begging him to stop. He gave her another two dozen strokes before he stopped and pulled out. His cock popped free of her pussy with a soft suctioning sound and bucked upward and quivered like an arrow.

'Why'd you want me to stop' he asked, stroking his pussy-slick cock.

Alicia stood up and lay back across the table on her back. 'I want to see your muscles ripple and bulge when you fuck me,' she said. 'I want to see your face. And I want to see you come this time. I want you to pull out so I can watch you shoot.'

He was happy to oblige. He moved up between her legs and drove his cock back inside her. She whimpered and lay back across the table, her legs held high in the air. He resumed his relentless pounding of her ass. She had to clasp her hands over the edge of the table and hold on so he wouldn't fuck her right off the table. Lee suddenly realized that he was fucking her right at his dad's place at the table. It sent a shiver down his spine, thinking of his dad sitting down to eat where he had fucked his wife, where her pussy juice had wet the table. He didn't know if he could face the man at the table. He made no attempt to fight down his climax. She wanted to see him come. He wanted to show her some fireworks. He worked it up gradually, making sure there was plenty of explosive power behind it. He knew how to do that. Fuck hard, back off, fuck harder, back off again, till the pressure built up to be unbearable. Then fuck her hard till he shot off. It went like clockwork. He bent over her, laying his weight on top of her as he pumped his cock in and out of her hot pussy, working up to the critical point when he would pull out and jack his load all over her. The table creaked under their weight. His only announcement was a hard groan when his body lurched with the force of it coming on and a gutteral gasp, 'It's cumming!'

He could tell it was going to be geyser just from the tight pressure in his balls and the painful stiffness of his cock. Suddenly the trigger tripped and at the same time the table collapsed! 'Oh, Shit!' he swore as the table buckled outward and they fell to the floor.

'OOHHh,' she cried under his full weight.

Despite the fall, Lee didn't miss a stroke. He was to far into it to be disrupted by something like the kitchen table collapsing under them. They barely hit the floor when he was cumming! He felt the stuff gushing through his cock and quickly pulled out just as a huge blast of come spurted out of his cock in a long rope, about three feet long. He could almost hear it gushing out. Alicia rose up, wide-eyed, just in time to receive the powerful blast squarely in her face. She gasped in disbelief, just in time to get the second rope in her mouth. She squealed with surprised delight. A third salvo fired even stronger and shot across her face to splatter against the door of the refrigerator. Another and another, rope after rope shot out of his cock, each one a little shorter, streaking her neck and tits and her stomach till finally the stuff was boiling out of his cock into a big pool where her patch of hair used to be.

Lee's body was lurching and he was trembling with the aftershocks. He let go of his cock and the head dipped down into the pool of come and deposited even more semen, till the stuff began to run down over her pussy lips. In an instant of raging uncontrolled lust he drew her legs up and crouched down to eat her pussy again.

'AAwwwhhhhh! Ohhhh....OHhhhhhh.....Ohhhhh, what're you doing to me! Ohhh, you stud!'

He lapped at her pussy and tongued deep inside her. The powerful, acrid-sweet taste of his own come, mixed with Alicia's pussy juices, drove him crazy. He licked all around her pussy, lapping up his warm, thick come till she begged him to stop. He rose up, sweat dripping off his forehead and his chest heaved to take in enough air, his nostrils flared. His face was covered with cum.

'My God,' Alicia gasped softly, swiping one hand across her face. 'I've never seen anything like it!'

'Yeah, it does get...pretty phenomenal...sometimes,' Lee said between breaths.

'You cum like a stallion!' she exclaimed. 'Enough for four men!'

'Wheew!' he gasped as he shoved himself up and got to his feet. He stood and steadied himself on his legs and put his hand down to pull Alicia to her feet from the rubble of the collapsed table. He grabbed up a dishtowel to wipe his cock off then handed the towel to Alicia. 'How the hell am I going to explain this,' he said, shoving one side of the table away.

'We'll get a new one,' she said.

'How're we going to explain a new kitchen table and chairs?'

'I don't have to explain; I'll just tell your dad I wanted a new table and chairs and that'll be the end of it.'

Lee pulled on his cock. 'Thanks, despite the table, that was just what I needed, and I know how bad you needed it,' he said, and turned and went upstairs to shower. When he was showered and dressed he went over to Brian Courter's house to escape the tension in his own house. He was surprised to find Brian was still in bed. His mother told Lee to go on upstairs. Lee knocked on his door and walked on in. Brian was lying naked, on his stomach. 'Shit, you're ready for me,' Lee joked in a low tone.

'Hey, I wish I was,' Brian said, 'but as you can see, my folks are home.'

'Yeah...hey, get showered and dressed, let's go get some breakfast.'

'I think that's the first time you've ever put food before sex,' Brian said as he stretched and rose up.

'Only because I don't have any other choice right now,' Lee said.

Brian flung his muscular legs over the edge the bed and stood up to stretch his powerful body.

'You showing off for me?' Lee joked.

'If it turns you on,' Brian said as he headed for the bathroom.

Lee sat on the stool in the bathroom and watched Brian shower. The guy was hot and sexy. He wished he could fuck him right there in the shower. He handed him a towel when he got out and the temptation grew greater; and even worse when Brian stepped around him to get his deodorant and some body-splash. But it was too risky.

They went to Bob Evans, sat in a booth in the far corner of the place. When they had ordered, Lee was lifting his water glass and sitting it down, making circles on table.

'You didn't ask me here to make water art on the table,' Brian said.

'I wanted to get something to eat,' Lee said.

'Right. Why do I have the feeling you're going to take me someplace after we eat and fuck my eyeballs out?'

'How could you say such a thing, such a thought never entered my mind,' Lee said, laughing.

'Okay, what's up?' Brian said.

Lee kept making circles on the table. Finally, he said, 'You can't breathe a word of this to a soul.'

'You know I wouldn't,' Brian said.

Lee hesitated for a moment then said it. 'I'm fucking my step-mom.'

'What!!' Brian nearly dropped his water glass. He looked all around to see if anyone was sitting close enough to hear. 'What did you say?'

'You heard what I said.'

'Geezuss, Lee, how'd that happen? How long?'

'It's only happened twice. So far. She initiated it the first time. Well, the second time, too, more or less.'

'That's lame as hell,' Brian said.

I know. I should've been man enough to walk away.'

'The looks of your step-mom, it would take a hell of a man to do that, but you're right, you should've walked away,' Brian said.

'I made a vow that it wouldn't happen again after the first time. She came on to me pretty strong several times and I managed to resist. Then bang....I come downstairs this morning to find her in the kitchen, naked, except for pair of high heeled shoes.'

'You're a big boy now, Lee, you're old enough to walk away from your dad's wife,' Brian said.

'I know, but....You know what my stop-mom looks like!'

'Yes, she's gorgeous, but...'

'And, Geezuss, have you ever seen a woman naked in a pair of high heels?'

Brian just smiled.

'Okay, I guess it wouldn't affect you like it does me,' Lee said. 'But seeing her like that, it was like I went brain-dead and my balls took over. Shit, I could almost feel the testosterone shooting through my veins.'

'You've got enough testosterone for ten men,' Brian said. 'What're you going to do when your dad comes home? How're you going to face him? And what're you going to do now every time he leaves?'

'I know it's gonna happen again. It's bound to,' Lee said. 'Shit, the idea is already stuck in my head. If I go back there tonight, I know I'm gonna crawl into bed with her and spend the whole night.'

'Did she ask you to?' Brain asked.

'No. But if I walk into her bedroom, trust me, she's gonna welcome me with open arms. And legs.'

'Goddam, Lee, you fucking your dad's wife!' Brian exclaimed.

'Not so damned loud,' Lee said.

'You can stay with me,' Brian said.

'I can't just move in here,' Lee said.

'You could stay for awhile, till things cool down, or you get your balls under control.'

'What excuse do we give your parents for that? How do I explain it to my dad?'

'I don't know, we'll think of something.' Brian said.

Lee laughed softly. 'It wouldn't work anyway,' he said. 'You and me couldn't sleep in the same bed, or even in the same room, without your folks hearing something and getting suspicious.'

'Well, you are eighteen, old enough to move out on your own,' Brian suggested.

'I thought about that, too, but shit, I can't afford it. Hey, maybe we could get a place together.'

'My parents wouldn't hear of it. All my money is going for college, and if I moved out, they would leave me to pay all of my college expense,' Brian said.

'What am I going to do?' Lee said.

'Yeah, how does a guy run away from a willing, gorgeous piece of disrespect intended. It sounds ludicrous on the surface, but you do have a problem,' Brian said. 'What are you going to do?'

'Well, for now...that idea you had about going someplace...if you're still in the mood.'

'When have I not been in the mood for that big cock of yours, and all those rippling muscles?' Brian said.

Lee had no idea where they were going but he found himself heading for the State Park; someplace under the cover of wilderness. They hiked deep into the woods, up steep hills and down gullies and back up steeper hills till they were atop the highest hill in the park.

'This is as good a place as any,' Lee said as he began taking off his clothes.

'We're going to strip down?' Brian asked.

'Yeah, why not? The chance of getting caught is half the fun,' Lee said.

They hadn't brought a blanket so they laid their shirts and T-shirts across a big log where Brian stretched out on his stomach with his legs spread wide apart. Lee straddled the log and hesitated. He looked down at his team-mate's perfectly shaped, tight butt. The guy had a hot ass, and Lee always liked the shape of it and the feel, but this was like the first time he'd ever really looked at it. He swallowed, bewildered and surprised that his mouth was watering. Why not, he asked himself. He was clean; just out of the shower, and he smelled wouldn't be all that different from what he did to Alicia. He sat down between Brian's legs and began squeezing and playing with his butt.

After a few minutes, Brian said, 'I love what you're doing, buddy, but is this the time and place to linger?'

'It's as good a place as any for what I've got in mind,' Lee said. Then he leaned down and got his shorts, or Brian's shorts, and tossed them to him. 'Just to be safe, here's something to bite down on,' he said.

Brian grabbed the shorts and half raised up to say something but before he could, Lee leaned down, pulled his butt apart and buried his face between them. Brian barely managed to stifle his scream to a gasp. 'Oh, Geezuss!.....Ohhh...Ohhh, Man.....Fuck, Lee, w-what're you d-doing!'

'Just getting you ready,' Lee said as he rose up. Then he went back down to tonguing his friend's sweet-smelling ass. It sent his testosterone surging through his veins, and numbed his senses. He couldn't believe what he was doing because he couldn't grasp it in his mind. But his body grasped it and he sucked and tongued Brian's ass hungrily. He loved that it was driving him nuts. His own cock was bolting painfully up between his legs, as if it were angry for being denied what was rightfully his. After a few minutes, he rose up, scooted up and bore his cock into the hot, wet asshole.

'Ohhhhh,' Brian groaned softly. 'Awww, you big stud, fuck me. Ohhh, mann, nobody fucks like you do.'

Lee paused. 'I thought I was the only one doing this,' he said.

'You were till a few weeks ago,' Brian said.

'Who?' Lee asked.

'My uncle.'

'Your uncle? I'm not enough for you? You have to resort to your uncle?' Lee said, sounding somewhat angry.

'He's not your ordinary run-of-the-mill uncle,' Brian said. 'He's only four years older than me, and he's just out of the Marines.'


'I think you would like him.'

'Why, did he get out on the don't-ask-don't-tell policy?' Lee asked.

'Something like that,' Brian said. 'No really. Actually, he just decided not to reenlist because of the policy.'

'Talk to me, dude,' Lee said as he began slamming his cock hard into Brian's ass. 'Are you telling me I could be fucking a big stud Marine right along beside you?'

'I knew I shouldn't have told you about him,' Brian joked.

Lee's dad was home. They were eating dinner and Lee was having a hard time getting his food down. At least Alicia was dressed modestly, but Lee couldn't get past his dad sitting there eating his breakfast on the same spot where his wife's pussy had been spread out for his own son's cock. Except that it was his spot at a different table. And Alicia was right; his dad never said a word when she told him she just wanted a new kitchen table and chairs.

'Hey, let's take a quiet weekend up in the mountains,' Alicia suggested.

'Next time, I promise. I need to spend some time with Lee,' Ted said. He looked at Lee. 'That is if a teenager wants to spend time with his old man.'

'Why wouldn't I?'

'Okay, come on, I'll buy you a beer.' Ted said.

'I can't get served anywhere,' Lee said.

'I know a place where you can.'

Lee was nervous as hell as they drove out of town to the Black Horse Inn. He'd heard about it. It was a rough and tough place where the roughest and toughest men hung out. It was famous for brawls. Lee had never been nervous around his dad before, and it wasn't because they were going to the Black Horse. He just hoped it didn't show now.

Nobody questioned them when they walked into the place. His dad strode in like he knew his way around, nodding to a couple of guys who recognized him. They took a table back in the corner. When the bartender came back, Ted ordered two beers. The bartender hesitated.

'Don't,' Ted told him. 'Don't ask questions you don't wanta know the answers to. He's my son and he's old enough.'

The bartender looked at Lee. 'Shit, I wouldn't ask questions of him anyway, if he came in on his own,' he declared. 'I just never met your son before.'

'Jeremy, this is Lee. Lee, Jeremy.'

The two shook hands and the man winced and rubbed his hand when he pulled it back. 'Nice fuckin' grip,' he said as he walked away.

'I didn't know you went to the Black Horse,' Lee said.

'It's a place where everybody knows your name and your business but nobody gives a damn,' Ted said. 'And now you know you can get in by yourself. But to make it easier on Jeremy, get yourself a fake ID.'

Lee couldn't believe the way his dad was talking to him; in his gut, there was something very unusual about this get-together. The bartender brought their beers and they held them up in a salute and Ted emptied half of his in one gulp. Lee took a healthy gulp but couldn't handle that much at a time.

'It's great to have you home, Dad. How long before you have to leave again?'

Ted paused, a thin smile creasing his lips that curved over his square jaw. He set his beer bottle down and made wet circles on the table. It must be a trait, Lee thought. Suddenly, he set the bottle aside and reached across the table and grabbed Lee by the front of his shirt.

'You little son-of-a-bitch!' he swore, jerking him up off his chair. Lee was so shocked he reared back, almost tipping his chair but for his dad's grip on his shirt. 'You can't wait, can you?' Ted snarled.

Lee felt the blood drain from his face and he knew he must be pale as a ghost. He could feel his strength draining right out through his toes. He had never been so scare din his life. God, how did he find out! Surely, Alicia hadn't told him.

'W-what the hell dad?' he stammered, his voice shaking with fear.

'Cut the bullshit! You know what I'm talking about. You can't wait for me to leave so you can crawl into bed with my wife!'

'Oh, Geezusss,' he gasped softly, his stomach turning sick.

'Oh, Geezuss is right!' Ted bellowed.

Lee could see guys looking at them. The bartender came down to stand at the end of the bar, as if to be ready if there was any real trouble. Lee wondered, too, if there would be any real trouble. His dad had never hit him. If he did...Geezusss, he could knock his head off. But his dad let go of his shirt and let him back down in his chair. Lee felt his stomach churn and he thought he was going to be sick. He wished his dad would say something instead of sitting there glaring at him. He wished he would hit him.

'I won't even try to say I'm sorry, dad; it wouldn't be enough.'

'Damn right it wouldn't,' Ted growled as he tipped his beer up again. He downed it and held the empty bottle out toward the bartender for another. The bartender rushed over with two more beers. Ted shoved one back at him, without taking his eyes off of his son.

'H-how d-did you....?' Lee began.

'How did I find out?' Ted finished for him. 'You think a man can't tell when his wife is getting dicked? Shit, I see that look on her face every time I make love to her. Only I haven't been around to make love to her and I still come home and find that look on her face. How did I know it was you? You never could lie good. Shit, you couldn't even look me in the eye when I came home. You were nervous as a whore in church when we sat down at the table, couldn't hardly be in the same room with me.'

Lee swallowed hard, remembering; shit, his dad had sat down to eat on the very spot that he had fucked Alicia. Lee could feel the wet in his eyes. He'd never felt such shame and guilt and remorse in his life, and it hurt all the way through. 'God, dad, I would cut my balls off if I thought it would change things,' he said.

Ted dug in his pocket and took out his knife and shoved it across the table. 'Be my guest!'

The bartender walked up and put one hand over the knife and his other hand on Ted's shoulder. 'I don't know what's going on, but take it outside. Take it home,' he said.

Ted shrugged the hand off his shoulder, glaring across the table at Lee. He shoved the knife across the table at him and stood up and walked out. Lee sat fighting back the tears. He heard his dad's truck start up, then the sound of gravel being thrown against the building as he roared out of the parking lot. Everyone in the place was looking at him. God, he hoped they hadn't heard. He could only imagine what a bunch of roughnecks would do to a guy who was fucking his dad's wife. Finally, he stood up and shoved the knife in his pocket.

'That's seven-fifty for the beer,' the bartender said.

Lee pulled out a ten dollar bill and laid it on the bar on his way out. Outside, he stopped to think which way he would go. It was six miles back to town. He could walk it, no sweat, but what was the point? He couldn't go home when he got there. Maybe he would call Brian to come pick him up. The mere thought of Brian sent a jolt right down to his balls.

'Goddamit, I'll do the thinking!' he swore as he walked off in the opposite direction. He fingered the knife in his pocket. Maybe he would walk out into the woods and cut off his balls, and his cock. That would cure the problem once and for all, and maybe his dad would forgive him. But it never got past the initial thoughts that sent chills of horror down his spine.

He didn't know how long he walked along the narrow road winding through the wooded hills. He was oblivious to the cars that zipped by, till one of them stopped, coming up behind him. He turned to see his dad's pickup. He kept walking till his dad pulled in front of him to block his way.

'Get in.' Lee paused then started walking again. 'Get in!' his dad barked. The man's tone bellowed out from the past, from Lee's childhood. How THAT tone could make him wilt. He hadn't heard it for years, but it still had the same effect. He wilted inside and climbed into the truck. He wondered where they were headed as his dad roared off. Probably out in the wilderness where his dad would beat him to a bloody pulp. He was ready for it. He deserved it.

'Look, dad, you can hit me. You can take me out and beat the living hell out of and I won't lift a hand against you. I deserve it.'

'I'm not going to hit you,' Lee said. 'And I would like to have my knife back.'

Lee dug in his pocket for the knife. 'Here, you can do the job yourself,' he said, handing it back to him.

'Actually, I ought to thank you,' Ted said.

Lee did a double-take. 'Thank me!'

'Yeah, for taking care of things while I was gone,' Lee said.

Uh-Oh, what's he leading up to, Lee wondered. What's he going to do now? After the sudden outburst of anger back at the tavern, Lee was afraid of his dad's mood.

'Alicia is a very beautiful and sexy woman,' Ted said. He chuckled. 'But, hell, you know that as well as I do.' Lee cringed inside. 'I know it's my job that takes me away, but a man oughta know better than leave a woman like that for weeks at a time. She deserves better than that. She needs more than that; it just so happened that you were there to give it to her.'

Lee couldn't believe his ears. Not only had he fucked his dad's wife, his dad was thanking him for it! Despite the perverted logic, there was something perversely wrong with the picture. What was he supposed to say? 'Sure, dad, any time?' He swallowed hard, audibly hard.

'That doesn't make me feel any better about what I did,' he said.

'I'm not trying to make you feel better,' Ted said. 'You shouldn't have done it. No matter how she might have come on to you, you should have been man enough to walk away.'

'I know. I let you down.'

'Yeah, you did,' Ted agreed. 'And you let yourself down. But it's done. You can't un-ring a bell. You can't un-fuck a pussy.'

Lee was shocked to hear his dad talk that way Alicia.

'Who knows how long Alicia would be able to handle being left alone, anyway without you there? Who knows when some stud might come along who could see in her eyes what she needed? She's got that look, you know. It's one of the things I noticed about her right off. I was the fool, marrying her, with kind of job I've got.' He paused for a mile or so. 'I guess I'm saying...better you, son, than some stranger.'

Lee was dumbstruck. What was he supposed to say now?

'Alicia being the woman she is, and you being the young stud you are, living by yourselves under the same roof, I'm not going to kid myself. I shouldn't have been so stupid in the first place.'

'Dad, I'll move out,' Lee said. 'I'll find someplace else to stay, and get a job. Brian and I were talking about it.'

'And leave Alicia to the wolves? That's not doing me any favor,' Ted said.

Lee's head was spinning. His dad was asking him to stay and fuck his wife! 'I....I'll stay if you want me to,' he said meekly.

'Some ground rules, though,' Ted went on. 'Alicia can't ever know that I know, or that you know that I know. She might tell me herself one of these days, and that'll be okay.'

'I promise I won't say anything,' Lee promised meekly.

'And you don't do it in my bed.'

Lee cringed inside with a hot flush of guilt and embarrassment. 'How about the table, where you eat?' he wondered to himself, since they had already done it in his bed, but not exactly. He had fucked her ON the bed but he'd never actually crawled INTO bed with her. It was feeble but he let himself off the hook with that.

'Dad, I...I think I know w-what you're saying, but...I don't feel right about this.'

Ted looked around at him. 'You felt right about it before...I won't even ask you how many times.'

'No!' he replied. 'No, I didn't feel right about it. It's different, you knowing, and telling me it's...I mean, how many guys have their dads ask them to...tell them, it's okay to.....'

'To fuck their wives?' Ted finished. 'Not many, I suspect. But Alicia's not your real mom, and it's only been six years, and you never did call her mom. She's always been more your dad's wife.'

'She's been a good mother, but yeah, that's true, I could never bring myself to call her mom,' Lee said.

'You're a big boy, you don't need a mother now,' Ted said. 'Not as much as Alicia needs a man.'

'I...I'll...I guess I'll do it, dad, but... Geezusss, it's going to take some getting used to, knowing that you know what's going on,' Lee said.

'Yeah, for me, too. Being out there in the ass end of nowhere, knowing my son is taking care of my wife... That ‘s going to take some getting used to!'

There was a weird feeling between them for the rest of the time his dad was home. His dad treated him like an old buddy, and Lee had never felt closer to the man. It was a bit awkward when he left. Alicia said her goodbyes in the house and stood out on the porch to let the two men have a moment to themselves. She was always good about respecting their relationship When they were shaking hands, Lee had trouble looking at his dad.

'Hey,' Ted said. Lee looked up at him, squarely into his eyes. 'Take care of things while I'm gone,' Ted said.

'Yes, sir,' Lee said. Then he added. 'I'll do my best.' God, what a dumb thing to say.

'I'm sure your best will be outstanding,' Ted said. Then he laughed, lowering his head a little. 'Shit, son, let's not kid ourselves. I've seen you in the shower. If you know how to use that equipment you're carrying around, your best is phenomenal.'

'I know how to use it,' he assured him.

'One thing. I don't ever want to have Alicia tell me that my son was better at it than I am,' he said with a chuckle. 'Get that across to her, somehow.'

'She would never say that to you, dad,' he said. 'Even it were true, which I seriously doubt.'

'Don't underestimate yourself. Maybe someday we'll sit down and talk about it, see if you've got any tricks that I should know about,' he said with a wide grin.

'One condition,' Lee said. 'If we ever sit down and talk again, you leave your knife at home.' They laughed and shook hands and pulled each other in a tight bear hug. Alicia stood on the porch smiling.

It was the weirdest thing that Lee had ever experienced. He was in a mild stupor for the rest of the day and that night. He stayed in his room that night with the door shut, to let Alicia know that he wanted to be alone. It was the first time he had ever gone to bed that sex didn't dominate his thoughts. But this was something deeper and more important, even, than sex. This was his relationship with his dad that he had to reassess. It was going to take some getting used to, and it was going to take some control on his part. He wasn't going to be a well-oiled sex machine, there for the sole purpose of keeping Alicia satisfied. He was going to have a life outside of home. Fucking his dad's wife was one thing, even with his dad's permission. It was something his dad had asked him to do. Letting it become a singular obsession bordered too close to being perverted.

He made it a point of going out on dates and being with his friends, to demonstrate that he did, indeed, have a life outside of being the personal stud to his dad's wife. But more often than not, when he came home, he left his door open and Alicia would find her way into his bed. She tried to get him to sleep in her bed but he refused. 'No, I don't feel right about that,' he said.

He didn't denying himself anything for her sake. When he wasn't fucking Alicia he was fucking some other girl, or Todd Glover, or getting head from Brian Courter. Nothing could diminish his insatiable need for sex. In that respect, he was a sex machine. He had to have it every day, sometimes more than once. It wasn't unusual to fuck Alicia and Todd in the same day. Sometimes he even returned to his old habit of jacking off just to remember how his hand felt. In all, though, he spent more time with Brian and Todd than with Alicia or on a date. Sometimes that worried him, that he was spending so much time on the other side of the fence, but not enough to stop.

His worries increased when he met Rick Smith. Cindy McCabe was probably the hottest girl in the county. She was a cheerleader at another school and Lee hadn't dated her but it was never out of his mind. The opportunity came with a chance meeting at the mall. He was in American Eagle looking for new T-shirts, when he saw her in the woman's side of the store. She looked up and saw him and their eyes met for that split second that either causes you to be uncomfortable, or sends a message. This was definitely a message. He made his way through the men's section, casually looking at the racks on the way till he was close enough to speak. She was standing at a mirror, holding up a sporty dress in front of her.

'That would look great on you,' he said. She looked at him and smiled. It was the first time he'd seen her up this close and she had a smile that made you melt and run down in your shoes. 'Hell, that would look good on me,' he joked.

She broke out laughing. 'I hardly think so,' she said.

'I'm Lee Goddard,' he said, holding out one hand rather limply. He didn't feel right taking her hand in a man's grip.

'I've heard the name,' she said with a sly, knowing grin. Lee figured everybody in the state knew his name. 'I'm...'

'Everybody knows who you are,' he cut in. 'Hey, are you here with anyone?'


'Wanta go down to the food court and get a coke or something?'

She smiled and nodded with her head cocked. 'A coke would be good.'

They hit it off beautifully and Lee was delighted at the prospect that lay before him. Shit, he was talking to Cindy McCabe! 'Would you like to go out sometime? Or are you dating someone?' he asked.

'Yes, actually, I am seeing someone,' she said, with a twinge of disappointment in her tone.

'It don't matter to me if don't to you,' Lee said flippantly.

'I might matter to him,' she said.

'He don't count.'

She laughed again. She had an easy laugh.

'I'm not asking you to marry me. I'm just asking you to go out with me--just once. See how things might work out.' He wanted to convey that he was vying for sex without being too blatantly obvious. He really wasn't asking her into anything serious, like going steady or anything. He just wanted to fuck Cindy McCabe. He'd heard some guys talking one time and one of them was telling how it felt to have her long hair brushing over his chest when she was on top. On top, for chrissakes!

'So, how about it,' he pressed. 'If its no, you gotta tell me no, otherwise I won't give up.'

'All right, one time won't hurt. I'm not exactly going steady with this's not any kind of commitment or anything, we're just dating regularly.'

'Maybe I can do something about that,' Lee said.

They set it up for the next night. She said she needed to keep her weekend open for her current boyfriend. Lee went prepared. He showered and powdered the right places and put on some mild aftershave that other girls had told him they liked. Then he slipped a couple of small, black foil packets in his pocket; the X-Large sized condoms. It was a casual date...they hadn't made plans to go anywhere or do anything in particular, which gave Lee hope that she might be expecting the same thing he was. Cindy wore a pair of nice-fitting shorts that showed the right amount of thigh, up high, especially when she sat next to him in the car. Shorts that would be easy to get into; or take off. He wore his button-down jeans, because buttons were easier to get open with one hand than a zipper. They went for hamburgers then went for a drive. Hearing no objections to his suggestion to go for a drive, he drove deep in the countryside, up the winding roads in the state wilderness forest preserve. Lee soon found a place to park. He pulled into the grove of trees at the end of a dead-end road under the pretense of turning around, which he did. But when he was turned around he stopped and turned off the lights.

'It's nice here,' he said as he killed the engine.

'Yes, it is.'

Was that permission? It sure didn't sound like an objection. He didn't waste any time putting his arm across the seat, around her shoulder and moving over next to her. She snuggled into his arm and up against him. It was going to be easier than he thought. He kissed her a couple of times, those long, passionate kisses that a girl likes, and let his hand rest on her bare thigh. When she didn't move it, he made his way up her thigh, in under the leg of her shorts. He couldn't tell for sure if she was wearing any panties but if she was, his fingers were under them, exploring bare, warm, smooth flesh--very smooth, all the way. She was shaved, like Alicia! His heart leapt in his chest. She parted her legs a little when he found her pussy. She wanted this as much as he did! He didn't go too far. He rubbed his fingers around over her pussy without trying to go between the lips. He wanted her to want it. She was wanting it quicker than he expected. She began squirming around against his fingertips and suddenly reached down and pressed his hand harder into her crotch. He still didn't go between her cunt lips. He was going to make her really want it.

Her hands were all over his upper body, clawing at his shirt as they kissed and when she tugged it out of his jeans he stopped and peeled it off. She laid her head against his bare chest and nibbled on his nipple.

'Awwwhhhhh,' he moaned softly.

'You never had anyone do that for you?' she cooed.

'No,' he lied. It was only partly a lie. He hadn't ever had a girl do it to him. Todd liked to suck on his tits. He kept working his fingers over her pussy till she finally reached back and undid her own shorts. He didn't need a diagram. He took over and quickly had her shorts tossed up on the dashboard. He took the opportunity to get a quick whiff of his fingers for the 'taste test.' She smelled sweet and clean. Like Alicia always smelled. It must be because they shaved their pussies, he thought. And he knew Alicia used a flower-scented douche.

Cindy fumbled with his jeans and he straightened his body more so she could get the buttons undone. He let her...made her...undo the buttons herself. It was only after she had his fly open and her hand was groping down inside his jeans that he broke away from her, stepped out of the car and pulled them off. He stayed standing outside the car. He reached in and flipped the steering wheel up then reached in to urge her to lie across the seat.

'Do you have a condom?' she asked.

'Yeah, but we don't need one just yet,' he said.

She looked at him funny, with a slack, curious smile. He raised her legs up and hooked one over the back of the seat and the other one on the dashboard. 'Ohhhhh,' she whimpered in anticipation as she saw him bend down beween her legs.

'Have you ever had anybody do this for you?' he asked.

'No, but I know what you're going to do,' she said.

'No, you don't, if nobody's ever done it,' he said. With that he leaned down with his face between her legs. He breathed in the sweet aroma of her womanhood and blew his hot breath on her pussy. He stuck his tongue out and licked up and down her pussy lips.

'Ohhhnnn, God!' she whispered.

He took his time, working her up gradually, lapping her outer pussy till she was squirming around then he darted his tongue between the pouting lips and flicked the warm wetness there. He smiled when she groaned again. He explored till he found the tiny protrusion of her clit nestled in the folds of her pussy. He flicked it gently which sent tremors through her body.

'Ohh, My!' she gasped.

He alternated between tonguing her pussy and her clit till she was practically bouncing on the seat and squirming around so bad he was having trouble keeping his mouth on target. Finally, he dropped to his knees half out of the car and buried his face hard in her pussy. He pulled her lips apart and drove his tongue in as deep as it would reach.

'AAAWWHHHHMmmmmppphhhh!' she cried out, but quickly stifled her cry with her hands over her mouth.

Lee reached up and got his T-shirt for her to put over her mouth then went back down on her. He sucked her clit and lapped her pussy and fucked her with his tongue and ate her pussy till she was a screaming, whimpering, sobbing, quivering mass of flesh.

'Please! Please stop!' she gasped, putting her hands around his head. 'Ohh, God, please stop, I can't take anymore.'

He didn't stop. He couldn't. She was too delicious, and making her so hot made him hot and excited. He slowed down and went back to lapping her pussy like a kitten lapping up milk. That seemed to be okay with her. She lay back and relaxed and enjoyed it.

'You know, Cindy, if this is the first time anybody's ever done this for you, you've been dating the wrong guys,' he said.

'You've made your point quite clearly,' she said.

'Does that mean you want me to do it some more?'

'No,' she replied. 'Oh, I want you to, but I can't stand it. It feels like you're going to drive me out of my mind.'

'Okay.' He rose up and positioned himself to fuck her. He ripped open one of the little black packets with his teeth and rolled the condom down over his cock. 'I gotta tell you though, it's not going to be much different this way,' he warned. He was sure she thought he was bragging but she would soon learn that he could deliver the goods.

He went in easy, but all the way, which surprised him. He fucked her easy but relentlessly and he heard only moans and whimpers of pleasure. He had to wonder how many other guys she'd fucked, and how big they were. Or was it that a woman who shaved her pussy could take a guy's cock, any size?

He fucked her like he suspected she had not been fucked before. She didn't ask him to stop but he could tell he was wearing her down. But he wanted to make her have an orgasm, like he had Alicia. Now that he discovered what that was all about, he felt the need to do his duty as a man. He pulled out.

'I'm going back down,' he told her.

'Ohh, God,' she whimpered in a shaky voice.

'Just long enough to build you up to the brink, and then I'll come back to this.' It wasn't a question, he wasn't asking permission, and he didn't wait for an answer. He knelt down to eat her pussy again. It took only a few minutes once he started working on her clit. When she was thrashing around wildly on the seat he stopped and rose up and fed her his cock again in one long, gentle thrust.

She yelled into his shirt. This was it. This was the home stretch. To make sure he accomplished his mission, he reached down and found her clit. As he pumped his cock in and out of her hungry pussy he rubbed her clit gently with is fingertip. The combination sent her over the top in no time. She started trembling and groaning and it sounded like she was sobbing. He moved his hand and concentrated on fucking her to the finish. It took less than a dozen strokes before she had her arms and legs wrapped around him, holding him tight against her as she shook and lurched under him in a convulsive orgasm. During the last moment or two, he worked up his own load and deposited it safely in the large condom.

When they were both finished, Lee raised up enough to take his heavy weight off of her so she could breathe easier. He waited till she caught her breath before he rose up all the way and pulled his cock out. He lifted her legs and let them down gently. She pulled herself up to a sitting position and leaned against the opposite door, still gasping weakly. As he was unrolling the condom he had an idea. He removed it carefully and tied off the end. He held it up. Geezuss, it was about a quarter full! He laid it behind the seat.

Lee got dressed. When she was able to get dressed, he helped Cindy on with her clothes. 'Well, I hope I made you happy,' he said in a shy, modest tone as he started the car. She only laughed, softly, weakly. 'I wasn't fishing for a compliment, I really meant it,' he said.

'You made me happier than any boy has ever made me. God, I never even imagined I could be made to feel like that.'

'I guess nobody's ever made you have an orgasm, then,' he said. He was surprised how easily he was talking about it. It would become a passion with him; a duty he would have for every woman he was with.

'No, I don't think anyone has ever tried as hard as you.'

'It's not like it was some great chore,' he said. 'Believe me; I got as much out of it as I hope you did.'

'No, you didn't. That's impossible, because you can't know how you made me feel.'

'Okay. Just tell me this...did I make it good enough that you would consider going out with me again?'

'What a strange way to ask for a date,' she said with a smile.

'And your answer is?' he said.

'Yes. A definite yes,' she said.

He took her home and headed for Brian's house. His mother let him in. It was late but knew he was always welcome at any hour.

'Hey, Mrs. Courter,' he greeted her.

'Brian's upstairs. I think he's already gone to bed,' she said.

'That's okay, I'll wake him up if he's asleep,' Lee said.

He went upstairs and tapped on Brian's door and went on in.

'Who says prayers don't get answered,' Brian said. He was in bed, watching television. He lay back against the headboard with his hand behind his head.

'Hey, stud,' Lee greeted him.

'Who's the stud?'

Lee noticed, then, that Brian wasn't just watching television; he was watching the video they had made. 'I forgot all about this,' he said as he sat on the bed. 'Fuck, you're watching it with your parents right downstairs?'

Brian held up the remote, close at hand. They lay together and watched themselves performing on the screen. 'Shit, this is making me get a hardon,' Lee said.

Brian laughed. 'You don't know how many times I've jacked off watching this,' he said.

'Shit, we could be porn stars,' Lee said. 'Here, I brought you something,' he said as he carefully pulled his handkerchief from his pocket.

'You brought me a handkerchief. How thoughtful,' Brian said.

Lee opened the handkerchief and held up the condom.

'Damn!' Brian swore softly.

'I wanted to get this to you right away, while it was still fresh,' Lee said. The X-Large sized condom was stretched even more from the weight of Lee's load. Brain was obviously delighted with it.

'Damn!' he swore again. 'Were the hell do get condoms that size?'

'At the drugstore,' Lee said. 'It's a little bigger than it was when I put it on. I sort of stretched it out.'

'No doubt,' Brian said as he took the condom. He squeezed the end of it, ballooned with the volume of cum. 'It's still warm,' he said with a smile. 'Did you just shoot this load?'

'Yeah. I don't know what the fuck you're gonna do with it,' Lee said, 'the idea just came to me, to save it and bring it to you.'

'Where's it been?' Brian asked with a knowing grin.

'In Cindy McCabe's pussy,' Lee said with pride.

'No shit! You fucked Cindy McCabe?'

'Yeah, and it won't be the last time, I can tell you,' Lee said.

Brian played with the come-filled condom. 'I wanta jack off,' he said.

'It's your house, your room, you don't need my permission,' Lee said.

'I wanta do it right now, while you hold this in my mouth.'

'Me hold don't take two hands to jack off,' Lee said.

'Yeah, but I like to squeeze my balls with my other hand.'

Lee almost offered to squeeze his balls for him but he thought better of it. He glanced at the door. It was shut but it wasn't locked and he didn't know if it would be a good idea to lock the door behind them and possibly have Brian's parents ask questions. It would raise suspicions.

'It won't take me long, I can work it up fast,' Brian said.

Lee took the condom. Brian shoved the front of his shorts down and began working his cock to a full hardon. He opened his mouth for Lee to drop the condom in his mouth, then closed his lips against it and began mauling the cum-filled balloon with his tongue. It excited him beyond belief.

'Are you gonna bite the end out of it?' Lee asked.

Brian shook his head ‘no' then freed his mouth so he could speak. 'When I get ready to cum I want you to turn the condom end-up and dump your load in my mouth.'

'That sounds hot as hell,' Lee said. 'Sick, but hot.'

'Does it?'

'For you,' Lee said. 'But I don't think I can get the knot untied. Why don't you just bite through it when you're ready.'

'I hate to ruin it,' Brian said.

'I can get you another one,' Lee said. 'I can get you all the cum-filled condoms you want.'

Watching his buddy jack off and chew on his cum-filled condom turned Lee on, too. He began working on the knot. He had the end of the condom open in no time. He mauled his own manhood through his jeans with his free hand. Lee worked it up fast, like he said. His legs stiffened and his muscles tensed and he was snorting and gasping around the condom then he was nodding his head with a frantic look in his eyes. Lee lifted the condom up out of his mouth and held it at the ready over his face.

'Now,' Brian whispered. 'Now! Give it to me!'

Lee turned the condom upside down and dumped the load of cum into Brian's waiting mouth. The stuff slid down the thin, latex chute in one long glob and spread across his tongue.

'Aaawwwnnnnhhhhhh!' Brian moaned as he wallowed the stuff around in his mouth and pumped his cock like a jackhammer. Suddenly he began to convulse and his cock exploded. He damn near choked on his groans as he shot off. The stuff sailed up over his chest and hit his face then streaked across his chest and stomach. As his climax subsided, he gulped down his team-mate's warm load from the condom. He lay back with his head against the headboard, gasping for his breath. 'Ohhh, Mannnn, that was great!'

'It was pretty fuckin' hot, watching you, and seeing you all a mess with your own cum. You got it all over your face,' Lee said with a grin as he used his finger to push the glob of cum from Brian's cheek to his mouth. He wondered what Brian's cum tasted like; it the stuff all tasted alike. Some tiny part of him wanted to find out, but he didn't have the guts to try it, which was strange, because he had ate his ass for him.

Brian accepted it and licked his finger. Lee scooped up a rope of cum off his chest and fed it to him and Brian licked his finger again. 'Finger-lickin' good,' he joked as he scooped up more. When he'd fed him all of his own cum, Lee asked, 'What do you want to do with this?' as he held up the cum-streaked condom. 'I can toss it on my way home.'

'No, I'll take it,' Lee said, reaching for it.

'What're you going to do with it?' Lee asked.

'Wash it out and dry it good and keep it.'

'What the fuck for?' Lee asked, laughing.

Brian fondled and stretched the condom. 'I want to keep it as a memento. I don't have a condom that you've used, let alone one that you filled up with cum for me.'

Lee laughed, shaking his head. 'Whatever turns you on,' he said.

'Can you do it again?' Brian asked.

'What, you mean, bring you another condom that I've used? Sure, all you want.'

'Yes, I want to collect them. Bring them full if you can; you know, if you can get them to me while it's still fresh.'

'Hey, I've got an idea. How about I use a condom next time I fuck you. You can get fucked AND eat my load, and have a condom to add to your collection.'

'That's a great idea!'

'Would you listen to us,' Lee said, laughing. 'We're a couple of perverts!'

As Lee's world expanded he became more insatiable, till soon, his teammates, Brian and Todd, and his stepmother weren't enough. Sex was on his mind almost every minute of his waking hours, and with it came a peak in his curiosity and desire to try new things. Finally, he crossed the line and he had to talk to somebody. It couldn't be his father. He turned to his old high school coach.

He sat in the old couch across from the coach's desk, trying to find the words. Shit, he couldn't start crying. He had to start talking or he was going to; or he had to leave. He took in a short breath. 'You've always been easy to talk to, coach, because you always listened. You're the only one in the world I could talk to about this.'

'I would believe that if you were talking, but you've been sitting here for over five minutes, now, without saying anything,' Coach said.

'Coach, have you...have you ever...done anything....' He lifted his head to look at the man. '...with another guy?' he blurted out.

Coach Bennett's expression became suddenly dead-pan, unreadable. Then he chuckled softly. 'Hell, Lee, we've all played around with another kid sometime in our lives. Anyone who told me otherwise, I would have to call a liar, or I'd worry about him.'

The response was typical of Coach Bennett. It made Lee feel better, but he didn't think the coach got the picture. 'This wasn''s not something that happened back in grade school wasn't another kid,' he said.

The man's expression didn't change, except the chuckling smile slowly vanished. He stood up and walked around to rest his butt on the edge of his desk with his ankles crossed. 'Wanta tell me about it?' he asked.

But Lee couldn't speak. How could he tell Coach Bennett that he had sucked another guy's cock? He didn't have to; the coach guessed.

'You had sex with an older man,' Coach said matter-of-factly.

'He wasn't any older than you,' Lee said.

'But older than you.'

'Yeah, they were older than me.'

'They? There were two of them?' Coach asked.

'Only one guy. And his wife,' Lee said.

'Whew! This is getting heavy,' Coach said in an easy tone. 'Look, this isn't going to be anything I can't handle, so why don't you start from the beginning and get the whole story out.'

Lee started at the beginning, where he'd stopped at the truck stop for supper, and walked Coach through the whole story, detail by detail, right down to the awful feelings he had about the man's sperm swimming around in his stomach. It was all he could do to keep from breaking out crying.

'It's gotta help, getting it out in the open, but I've got the feeling it goes deeper than what you've told me. I'm going to go up to the gym and get us a coke out of the machine, give you time to decide if there's any more you want to tell me.'

There was a lot more. The worst part, maybe, but he didn't know if he could say it. Coach Bennett returned with two cokes and handed one to Lee.

'Is my gut feeling right?' Coach asked when he returned.

'When was your gut feeling every wrong?'

Coach Bennett went to the cabinet and took out a bottle that looked like liniment. He poured some into each of the cokes and handed one to Lee.

'What's this?' Lee asked.

'Bourbon. Don't tell anybody,' Coach said, sipping his coke unhurriedly. 'Is there anything else you want to tell me?' he asked.

'Yeah, there's more,' Lee said finally. He told about his dates with Cindy McCabe, leaving out the part about Brian...he could never expose that secret, about him and Brian, or him and Todd.

'So you're making love to.....'

'No, I didn't make love to her. I don't love her. It was just sex. Like everything else in my life.'

'Maybe we should explore that remark,' Coach said.

'Okay, let's explore it,' Lee said, almost defiantly. 'My entire life is wrapped up in sex. Sex IS my life. I never stop thinking about it; I gotta have it every day, some-times several times a day.'

'What you're describing is the life of just about every boy your age,' Coach said.

'No. No, you're wrong, Coach,' Lee said, shaking his head.

'Well, I'm sure you have far more opportunities than most boys your age, or even most men, with your looks and the way you're built but that doesn't mean all those other boys out there aren't thinking about it, and wishing.'

'My looks and my body...all these muscles...and my oversized's like a curse. Shit, Coach, I'm fucking my own step-mother! My dad's wife!'

The coach didn't remain expressionless now. His mouth dropped and his eyes popped wider. He had to take a moment to compose himself. 'Now that is heavy,' he said. 'I can see why that might get to you, weigh heavy on your mind.'

'That's not what brought me here, Coach, although it should have. It''s the trucker and his wife that brought me here to talk to you...the trucker, mainly. I...I sucked the guy's cock, Coach,' he blurted. 'Granted, I didn't have much choice after I put myself in that situation, but that wasn't the end of it. I'm thinking about them...him...when I'm screwing a girl! God, Coach, I've even thought about going back out to the truck stop to meet up with them again. I know the days they'll be there.'

'Not that it makes that much difference, but remember, there is a woman involved here,' Coach reminded him.

'I'm not sure I would care if...if she didn't show up,' Lee said. 'Coach, am I gay?'

Coach Bennett held his composure. 'Only you can answer that,' he said. 'Is it just this one fantasy about this trucker? Or do you fantasize about...have there been others, other males?'

Lee dropped his head, nodding.

'Men? Or boys?'

'Guys my own age,' Lee replied. 'I'm not...doing them, like I did the trucker, but I'm having sex with them,' he said.

Coach Bennett set his coke down. 'Uh, just a minute.'

'Where're you going?' Lee asked as the coach was walking out of his office.

'I'll be right back.'

Lee sat and waited, bewildered and drained from his confession. He began to wonder if it was a good idea, coming and opening up to the coach. He guessed so; he felt better. But would he later, knowing that someone else knew his deepest, darkest secrets. Then Coach Bennett walked back in. All he had on was a jockstrap. Lee's eyes popped open and his mouth dropped. What the hell was he doing?

Coach Bennett resumed his stance at his desk, sat back against it and picked up his coke. Lee looked at him, up and down. Coach Bennett was a stud of a man. Not forty, he was built like a tank with hair on his chest like the trucker and light-sun-bleached hair on his legs contrasted with the dark hair sticking out around his jockstrap. Everybody admired his muscles; especially the girls. Lee had never seen him naked. He'd never seen him in a jockstrap before either, but looking at the way the bulge hung so big and heavy, he was a man in all respects. He wondered why he was doing this. What did he expect him to do?

'I'm not a bad looking guy,' Coach said.

'You're a great looking guy,' Lee said.

'Does this turn you on, seeing me like this? Or maybe your younger team-mates, does it turn you on to see them in their jockstraps, or naked in the showers?'

'I never thought about it till...yeah, I'm man enough to say that I admire your build, coach,' he said.

Coach stood sipping his cock for a moment longer. Then he brushed his hand down over the front of his jockstrap. Lee saw it and glanced up to see Coach looking right at him, and he knew he had done on purpose it to get his reaction. Lee didn't know what to say.

'Okay, you don't come to me. I guess that's good,' Coach said as he sat the pop can down. 'What if I come to you?' With that he shoved himself away from the desk and walked over to Lee sitting on the couch. He stood squarely in front of him with one hand on his hip, the other down at his side. Sitting leaned over with his arms on his thighs; Lee was face-to-face with the man's bulging jockstrap.

'This is man-to-man, you can tell me to get the hell away from you,' Coach said.

Lee felt the emotions choking off his breath. He was scared to speak, afraid that the thoughts whirling around in his head would come out into words that he didn't want hear, especially from his own mouth. He wished he had some more bourbon in his coke. But it wasn't the bourbon that was causing the thoughts, or the feelings he was having. 'W-what if I...d-don't want to?' Lee stammered huskily.

'It's not the first time, and it won't be the last time that a guy's woke up and found himself having the thoughts and feelings you're having,' Coach said.

'Shit, I don't know what I'm thinking anymore,' Lee said, shaking his head wearily.

'Yes, you do,' Coach said. 'You might not understand your feelings, but you can't deny what you're thinking.'

'No. No, I can't,' he admitted, hanging his head. Then he looked up again, his eyes wet. 'What's gonna happen if I...w-what're you gonna think of me, Coach if I reached out and....?' he asked, his voice cracking.

'Nothing more or less than I always have,' Coach replied.

Lee sat with his gaze lowered to the coach's knees. He stared for a long time as a strange calm slowly came over him. It was a weird feeling, as if the calm made everything okay. He reached out and placed his hand on the side of the coach's thigh. The muscles flexed, as if he had jumped with surprise. He ran his hand up and down the rock-hard muscles. 'You really are gonna let me do this?'

'Yes, if you want to, and I'm not going to condemn you for it,' Coach said.

Lee slipped his fingers under the elastic band that wrapped around the coach's hard butt. His butt muscles were solid as a rock, just like the rest of him. It was one of those rare times when he wished he had some poppers. He did the next best thing; he downed the rest of his bourbon-laced coke then leaned in and brushed his face lightly against the pouch of coach's jockstrap. It was warm and he could feel the life inside it. He opened his mouth around that life, soaking the mesh-like material with his spit. It all seemed so okay, maybe because it was Coach Bennett and the coach was letting him do it, without recrimination. He brought his tongue in motion and felt the heavy cock coming to life through the mesh material. He wondered how big he would be; if he would be as big as the trucker. Only one way to find out, he thought. He tugged the waistband down in front, slowly exposing the big cock. It was thick at the root. He pulled the jock down farther, then farther, exposing the long, meaty shaft with its network of big, bluish veins. It was a long way before he head popped free and his cock swung out with relief. Lee tucked the jock under his balls and his entire manhood hung out over the waistband. Yeah, he was BIG. Maybe bigger than the trucker, he couldn't tell yet. He had big balls, too--beautiful, big balls. And a beautiful cock. Shit--where did that come from? When did he start thinking a guy's cock and balls were beautiful?

There was a warm, musky-sweet aroma that intoxicated him. He felt the heat of the man's cock so close to his mouth. In a minute or so the head of it was going to be against his lips if he didn't move back. He didn't move and he didn't wait. He wet his lips and opened them wide and scooped up the bulbous head with his tongue and sucked it into his mouth.

'OOuuhhnnnn,' Coach moaned softly.

Yeah, make him feel good. He liked it. He wondered if he did this with any of the other guys; if any of the other guys had the same problem; if he listened to their problems then let them suck his cock. Maybe he was making it with Todd and Brian. The big cock grew even bigger inside his mouth, the head pressing against the opening of his throat. He'd taken the trucker in his throat; he could take the coach. He pressed forward and opened his throat as best he could and sucked hard so he forced the head through the opening. Then he gulped and swallowed it down.

'AAAwwwhhhnnnnn!' Coach moaned louder.

Lee sucked it all the way up and down several times then moved off to get his breath. 'Aawww, Coach, I think I've wanted to do this always,' he whispered as he went back down on the big cock. He smashed his face hard in coach's pubes. His balls felt good against his chin and his cock felt good deep in his throat. It continued to grow and snake deeper and expand till his throat was stretched something awful. It felt like it was stiffening so hard and straight that it might straighten his throat. Lee held on for a moment before he had to get off of it again. 'Geezuss,' he swore softly as he let it go and hung his head.

'That was damned okay,' Coach Bennett said.

Lee kept his head down for a minute, trying to gather enough thoughts whirling around in his head to make some sense of what was happening. But his brain was still muddled from the bourbon and he couldn't think straight. But if his brain wasn't muddled would he be doing this?

'That all you want?' Coach asked quietly as he took his cock in his hand and started to put it back inside his jock.

Lee stopped him with his own hand around his cock and Coach moved his hand away. He swallowed so he could speak. 'No,' he said huskily. 'No, I wanta finish it. I want to suck your cock, coach, and get you off.'

'All right. But you don't have to. This isn't one of those things you have to finish.'

'I want to,' Lee confirmed.


There was no urgency in his tone. It was as if he were doing Lee a favor by letting him suck his cock. Lee sucked it. He half wished the coach was forcing him, like the trucker did, but that was just a psycho-ego thing. He didn't need to be forced. He did it willingly, almost lovingly, a way of showing his deep admiration and respect for the man. He couldn't get the big cock all the way in his throat now that it was so big and so hard...about eight or nine inches, he guessed....but he could tell he was doing okay with his mouth around the head, the way coach was moaning. He hoped he wasn't trying to hold off. He wanted to finish him off. He wanted him to come in his mouth. Actually, he didn't want him to, but he'd done it for the trucker and he owed Coach Bennett that same pleasure.

Coach wrapped his hands around his head. 'Lee,' he said softly. 'Lee, I'm getting close, in case you want to change your mind.

Lee didn't let up. If anything, he sucked all the harder and he could feel the coach giving in; giving himself up to him. He braced himself as the coach's legs began to tremble in his hands and his hips lurched uncontrollably and his breathing became ragged. It was a strange thing to feel and see and hear. You think of your teachers and your coach as just your teachers and your coach, not as real human beings. Coach was as human as any other guy--studly and hot and horny and his balls were about to explode.

Suddenly a powerful salvo of hot cum shot out of the end of his cock and blasted against the back of Lee's mouth. Geezusss, he shot like a power hose. It was followed by another and another and Lee started counting them. Six in all that spurted out, then he could feel the stuff still boiling out of his cock, filling his mouth. When Coach was finished, maybe before he was completely done, he twisted around to get a towel off the corner of the table. 'Here, I'll get something to...' But before he could finish, Lee was swallowing his cum. 'Oh, Shit!' Coach swore softly under his breath.

Lee gulped and swallowed and sucked the rest of coach's come out of his cock and swallowed that too. For good measure he pulled his cock down into his throat and milked it even more with his throat muscles. Then he pulled back till the big cock fell free and smacked softly against coach's thigh. Eyeing it, he thought, Dam, he couldn't believe he had all of that in his throat!

'My God!' Coach swore as he stumbled backwards to rest his butt against the desk. Lee smiled and laughed softly. 'You said you've done that only one time before?' Coach asked.

'Yes, far.' Coach Bennett shook his head in disbelief. 'I guess I'm good at it, huh?' Lee said.

'No--not just good. I've had my share, I guess, but never anything that even approached that,' Coach said.

'That's what bothers me, coach, that I'm evidently so good at it,' Lee said.

Coach took the towel and wiped the end of his cock off then wiped up a small pool of cum that had drained out of his cock onto the floor. Then he went over to his desk and sat down in his chair. 'You're going to have to forgive me, but I need a minute to recoup my thoughts,' he said.

Lee laughed again. 'Yeah, I guess it's not every day you get hit with this kind of a problem.'

'Let's be up front, Lee, it's not necessarily a problem, unless that's what you make it out to be,' Coach said.

'What do you mean?'

'You asked me if I thought you were gay. Maybe you are. Maybe you're not. Maybe you're just a horny teenager who's got the balls to take his sex whenever and wherever he can, which is not all that uncommon.'

'The problem is what kind of sex I'm taking,' Lee said. 'I crossed the line from being just another horny teenager, didn't I, when I started sucking cock.'

'You haven't started sucking cock,' Coach said.

'What do you call what I just did?'

'With the trucker, you were forced into it. Granted, you placed yourself in the situation, but then it was pretty much out of your control, from the way you describe what happened with the truck driver and his wife.'

'He was huge. Easily over three hundred pounds and I didn't see any fat,' Lee said.

', with's something that just came up between us and happened as a result of your wanting to let everything out. It's the reason you came to talk to me, isn't it, to find out more about yourself?'

Lee laughed. 'Talking to you and sucking your cock are two different things, coach, wouldn't you say?' he said.

'Are you going to come looking for me again?' Coach asked.

'I doubt it,' Lee said.

'Then you've faced your fears,' Coach said.

'Is that all it was? Like jumping into a lake when you're afraid of water? I did that when I was a kid,' Lee said.

'Something like that.'

'But then I learned how to swim, and I like the water,' Lee said. 'I don't know what I'm supposed to be learning from this, or if I like it.'

'I don't have an answer for that, son,' Coach said. 'I'm sorry if I let you down.'

'You didn't let me down, Coach. You helped me get it all out in the open. And now I know I've got somebody to talk to if I need to. You don't know how much that means to me.'

'I'm always here for you,' Coach said.

'For listening? Or anything?' Lee asked.

Coach swallowed hard to cover his hesitation. 'I shouldn't have let this happen, son, and it shouldn't happen again. But I'm here for you. Enough said?'

'Enough said,' Lee agreed.

Despite his over-the-fence escapades with the coach and the truck driver, Lee tried to remain confident that his manhood was intact. He was sleeping with Alicia on a regular basis, almost every night, now. Despite his dad's admonition, he had pretty much taken over his dad's bedroom and his manly duties, as if he were the husband. He truly was the man of the house. He was almost angry with jealousy when his dad came home and resumed his rightful place in his bed, and he wondered if his dad was servicing Alicia as well as he did. They never spoke of the arrangement. Lee wanted to, but when his dad didn't bring it up, he kept his mouth shut. It was only for a week, and the morning his dad left again, he was barely out of the driveway before Lee was back in his bed with his wife. It was so quick that he could still feel the warmth of the man's body in the sheets. The gnawing in his guts never went away. Not guilt anymore, over fucking his dad's wife. It was about Bruce, the trucker, and his wife, Mendy. More specifically, it was about Bruce.

He found himself watching the calendar, waiting for the month to be over and the beginning of a new month. On the first he drove out to the truck stop, about the same time of day as the time before. He ate supper and watched and waited, but they never showed up. He drove back on the second with no luck. Something inside told him that the no-shows were a chance for him to back out. But something else stronger made him try one more time. They'd said the first, second or third, so this was the night. They were true to their word. He was just getting his order when he saw them walk in the door; Bruce in worn jeans and heavy boots and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up over his bulging biceps and Mendy in tight leather pants and boots and a white top. Lee felt his blood begin to warm up at the sight of them.

They saw him and he waved them over. In the moment it took them to approach his booth the guilt and shame and all the rest vanished, overpowered by the unrelenting lust that dwelled deep in his loins.

'Hey, Lee,' Bruce said with a broad smile and his hand out.

'Hi, Lee, Honey,' Mendy said as she leaned down and kissed him on the cheek.

'Mind if we sit down?' Bruce asked.

'Go ahead. I've been saving this booth for three days now,' Lee said. He wished he hadn't told them he had been there for the two days before but they thought it was wonderful.

'We wondered if you would show up,' Bruce said as they slid into the booth.

'We were certainly hoping so,' Mendy put in.

'She was hoping, that's for damned certain,' Bruce said.

'Oh, so were you,' she said, punching her husband. 'Did you miss us?' she asked Lee.

'I don't know whether it was missing you, but I thought about you a lot,' Lee admitted. Hell, he was there; he might as well admit that he missed them.

Bruce and Mendy ordered and they ate and chattered like old friends. All things considered, they were much more than old friends, but Lee didn't see them as friends. He saw them as a good time, and he knew the feeling was mutual. When they were done eating, Bruce picked up both tickets. Mendy clung close to Lee as her husband paid the bill. She seemed almost jittery with excitement. Lee wondered if others in the place had any suspicion of what was going on, why these two truckers were picking up a teenager. Maybe they thought he was their son or nephew.

In the sleeper, Mendy was almost out of her clothes before Bruce had the doors locked. Bruce didn't waste any time getting naked either. They kidded Lee for being so slow again, but he was watching them undress. He did it slowly, sort of like a strip; he liked their eyes raking over his naked muscles.

'Ohhhh, you're ready,' Mendy cooed when she saw Lee's stiff cock.

'I want to finish what I started,' Lee told her.

'My God, Honey, if you were just starting the last time, we'd better have the paramedics standing by.'

'Might not be a bad idea,' he said. He slipped his work boots back on.

'Oh, you remembered!' Mendy cried gleefully.

It was no different than before. He felt the surge in his nuts as he watched them bare their bodies. Like the first time, there were no pretenses--less, in fact. Mendy stretched out on the bed and spread her legs in welcome and Lee accommodated her with one gentle thrust of his big cock. Her moan was barely out of her throat before Bruce thrust his cock into Lee's waiting mouth.

He wasn't shocked this time, and he didn't recoil a the man's cock. He took the thick cock willingly and sucked it hungrily, his lust fueled even more by Mendy's live pussy around his own cock. Bruce quickly blew his load in his mouth and Lee swallowed it. No surprise there, either. He knew the taste and this time he welcomed it. He kept on fucking Mendy, determined this time to make her have an orgasm. In the end, she did, and Bruce had to stuff his shorts in her mouth to muffle her screams.

Lee didn't go off. He did his job too well and left himself high and dry. It was okay. It was worth seeing the look on Bruce's face as he looked at his wife lying on the bed like a dying fish. 'Geezuss, H. Keerist! What did you do to her, Lee?' he asked.

'I think I made her cum,' he said. 'I don't know exactly how that happens with a woman.'

Bruce laughed, shaking his head. 'Shit, I've never made her do that,' he said. 'Of course, I ain't built like you.' Lee shrugged, trying to hide his smug pride. 'She's gonna throw rocks at me now,' Bruce continued.

'I doubt that,' Lee said. 'Your cock is so thick, you can't leave much untouched.'

'I just don't reach far enough, I guess,' Bruce said.

Lee thought it was neat that the guy was so okay with the fact that a teenager had given his wife more pleasure then he had or ever could.

'There are ways to take care of that,' Lee said.

Bruce gave him a quizzical look. 'On top of everything else, you're going to be a smart-ass. Tell me, what?'

'Buy a big, long dildo,' Lee said. 'She sure likes it when you eat her. You could do that while you're using a dildo that will touch everywhere I do. Get one that vibrates, even.'

Bruce broke out in a broad smile. 'How the fuck did a kid your age get so damned smart about shit like that? Hell, you don't have to answer that. A cock that size carries a certain obligation, that you know everything there is about sex.'

'I never thought of it that way, but I guess you're right, I am expected to know a lot, just because of my cock size.'

'Well, you learned it well, kid.' Then he asked, 'How long have you been sucking cock, along with being the world's greatest cocksman?'

'You were the first time,' Lee said.

'No fuckin' shit!' Bruce exclaimed happily. 'I got a cherry? Damn, I wish I'd known. So, was this just your second time?' he asked with a grin.

'Uhh...not exactly.'

Bruce laughed. 'You tried it and you liked it! Who else?'

Lee decided he could open up with Bruce and Mendy, if she was conscious. They didn't know him or anybody he knew. 'My coach,' he said.

'Goddam, you are awesome,' Bruce said. 'Putting the make on your coach! Shit, how many guys have got the balls to do that!'

'Actually, I wasn't trying to put the make on him. It just happened. I went there to talk to him about...about some things, and he was running around in his jockstrap and it just happened.'

'I'll bet you go talk to the coach pretty often, now, don't you?' Bruce said.

'I haven't gone back,' Lee said.

'But you will,' Bruce said. 'You came back here.'

Bruce was right. Maybe his remark instilled it in Lee, but he did go back to see Coach Bennett. Nothing to talk about this time; he went back for sex, pure and simple. Coach Bennett was glad to oblige.

'What's up?' Coach asked when he came into the locker room.

'Nothing in particular,' Lee replied.

'What's up in general, then?' Coach asked.

Lee shrugged.

'Did you lock the door when you came in?' Coach asked.

'Yeah.' The door locked apparently made it okay and they understood each other.

'Okay, how about right here?' Coach asked as he pulled his T-shirt off.

Even if that wasn't the reason he'd come, or if he would've preferred going into the safety of the office, when he saw the coach's bare, muscular chest and abs, he was ready for anything, anywhere. He pulled off his own shirt and they undressed together. No pretenses with the coach, either. He stretched out on one of the benches between two rows of locker with one arm under his head. He cocked one foot up on the bench and flung the other leg out. His cock hung down over his balls, almost touching the bench. Lee kicked his jockstrap away and knelt down between his leg astraddle the bench.

Lee sensed things were getting out of hand. He was fucking Alicia every night and throwing in a girl or two in between times. He was fucking Todd and getting head from Brian, and fucking him too, and still taking him his used, filled condoms. Brian was collecting them, for what reason, Lee didn't know. He was successful in staying away from the truck stop for two months but he went back to Coach Bennett again. He felt like a snowball at the top of a hill, starting to roll down. And like a snowball getting bigger and picking up speed, it seemed like things kept cropping up, one after another, plummeting him headlong down a very steep hill.

He was at Brian's house one night when Brian's folks were away, little realizing how his horizons would be expanded. He took him two more condoms. The last many times, Brian had taken them down to the refrigerator in the basement, to keep them fresh, he said.

'What do you do with ‘em?' Lee asked. 'Are you keeping every one I give you?'

'Yeah. I've got a collection going.'

'What happens when you forget you put one in the refrigerator and you mom finds it?'

'She don't get in the refrigerator downstairs,' Brian said. Then he smiled. 'What the hell, maybe it's time,' he said as he got up from the bed. He left and came back with a tray of ice cubes. Lee scowled with a grin.

'What the hell is that?'

Brian held the ice cube tray out to him. Nearly three-quarters of the holes were filled, but obviously not with ice. Bruce laughed, and choked on his laughter.

'You're fuckin' freezing it?!'

'Yeah, I keep this tray in a big plastic bag way down on the bottom of the basement freezer under some other stuff,' Brian said.

'Okay,' Lee said, nodding, but still bewildered and curious. 'So, you're starting a sperm bank? Hey, if you've started selling my sperm, I want a cut.'

'Oh, I'm not selling it,' Brian assured him with a little smirk as he dislodged one of the milky cubes. He gave Lee a knowing grin and put it in his mouth.

Lee gaped at his teammate chomping on the cum-cube. 'Geezusss! If I wasn't watching you, I wouldn't believe it,' he said.

Brian swallowed and dislodged another cube. He held the tray out for Lee to take one.

'No, thanks,' he said, holding up one hand.

'Try one. It's your come, and don't TELL me you've never tasted your own cum. It tastes even better frozen.'

Brian was right; he had tasted his own come. And the coach's come and the trucker's come and it suddenly frightened him that he might be developing a taste for the stuff. If it tasted better frozen.....

'Come on, try it, it's not gonna kill you,' Brian urged him. Then he set the tray down and went to his dresser. He dug around in the bottom drawer and brought out a small, brown bottle. Lee recognized it as poppers. 'Here, if you need some courage,' Brian said as he uncapped the bottle. Lee didn't protest when Brian held the bottle up to his nose. He knew he was admitting by his actions that he wanted to do this. He breathed in the acrid aroma several times and watched Brian put the cap back on. Then Brian was taking the cum-cube out of the tray and offering it to him, right close to his mouth. He rubbed it against his lips. All the while the poppers were kicking in and Lee felt his head spinning and the tingling feeling everywhere and him wanting to do this--till he opened his mouth. He held the cube gingerly on his tongue at first, afraid of its taste. It was a cold, good taste. He bravely chomped down on it and the crystals of his own cum spread over his tongue, leaving a bitter-sweet taste as they melted. He chewed and wallowed the stuff around in his mouth and then swallowed it.

'Yeah, that's a stud!' Brian said. 'It takes a stud to eat his own come. How was it?'

'Not...not bad, actually,' he admitted. He laughed. 'You're right, it does taste different frozen.'

'Not just different. Better. Come on; admit tasted better.'

'Well, it's been awhile since I've had a taste of my own stuff, but yeah, as I remember it, it does taste better.'

'Want another one before the poppers wear off?' Brian asked. He was already popping the cube out of the tray and holding it up and Lee let him put the second cum-cube into his mouth. He chomped eagerly, relishing the taste of his own ball-nectar. They each ate two more cubes then Brian took the tray back to the freezer.

Later, while Brian was sucking him off for the third time, Lee kept eyeing the bottle of poppers on the nightstand while trying to dismiss the thoughts that were sneaking into his head. The mere sight of the bottle sitting there made the temptation more difficult to deal with. Once he started to reach out for it but quickly drew his hand back. If he took it, he knew he was doomed. He was drained by the time he left Brian's house, both physically and emotionally. The taste of his own cum lingered in his throat and he was having no luck denying that he liked the stuff. He half wished he'd asked Brian for another cum-cube, which was silly, because he could fill his own ice-cube tray at home, except there wasn't any place to hide it.

Instead, he tried something he'd never done before. Jacking off one night, he slid off the bed and lay on the floor with his legs extended over his upper body. Being an agile athlete, it was easy to bend himself in half so his cock was aimed right down at his mouth, and jack it off. He splattered his face good but managed to get most of it in his mouth. In the process, he made another awesome discovery. As he was flailing around and humping his cock at his mouth, when he lunged at just the right angle, suddenly he had about half of his cock IN his mouth! So deep that the head was nudging against his throat! He squealed and whimpered with delight as he more or less sucked himself to get the last spurts of cum out of his cock.

He lay there, bent in two, gasping and trembling. He was so weak he couldn't raise his heavy thighs up to straighten out. Finally, he rolled to one side and collapsed in a heap. Come ran down his face and he made a swipe at it then grabbed his shorts to wipe the stuff off. His stomach felt queasy. There was so much of it and he had swallowed so much that he felt like he was going to be sick. Yeah, Brian was right, it tasted better frozen. But the experiment wasn't wasted with the discovery that he could suck his own cock! He had heard the jokes about a guy being hung so big he never had to leave the house, and he wondered why he hadn't thought about it before--probably because he hadn't thought about sucking cock before!

His discovery brought a whole new dimension to his sex life. He discovered that he liked sucking his own cock almost as much as having Brian suck it; almost as much as fucking Alicia. Only thing was, he had to wait till she was gone shopping or on errands to do it. Even at night, it wasn't unusual for her to come into his room. But the novelty wore off and he fell back into his normal routine, saving his self-suck sessions as a special occasion. He thought often about Mendy and Bruce. He wished they came through more than once a month. What the hell, he thought; a truck stop was a good place to meet other people. He'd met Bruce and Mendy there; chances were good that he could meet someone else. People came into the truck stop from all directions. Even if he didn't meet up with another couple, he was confident that he could pick up someone new and interesting.

He had a date that night, but he cut it short, without even trying to fuck her. He knew she must be wondering why, but he offered no explanation. He dropped her off and headed out to the truck stop in search of something new and more exciting. He took the corner booth where he always sat. Instead of one of the young, good looking waitresses, he got an old, heavy-set woman with bleached hair, wearing jeans that were two sizes too small. He was glad she didn't come on to him. He ordered then looked around the place. There were some interesting looking people, but he felt there was little chance that anyone would approach him like Bruce and Mendy did. That was probably a one-in-a-million thing. He did finally catch the eye of a well-dressed, good looking woman with a man Lee presumed to be her husband. She had a nice, solid looking butt spreading a little off the chair, and big tits, and a look in her eye. They made eye contact a couple more times; giving him a glimmer of hope that maybe they were a couple out looking for some fun. But then he decided that she was probably just a frustrated wife, out with her husband, wishing she could be there by herself and get picked up.

Two guys came in, obviously truckers by the way they were greeted by the waitresses. They looked around and headed toward the booth right next to where Lee sat. They were both big and good-looking; one with black hair, the other had dark blonde hair. They weren't big like Bruce. Lee judged them to weigh about two hundred pounds but it was all in the right places, some of it showing. They wore short-sleeved knit shirts that hugged their broad, powerful chests and their big biceps. Their jeans hugged their lower body nicely, too. If they weren't bodybuilders, they sure as hell had good genes. Maybe they were brothers. The blonde nodded at Lee as he slid into the booth with his back to him. The other guy slid in on the other side and gave him a quick nod. His initial thought was that they were just being friendly. They ordered and bantered with the waitresses and kept up the banter between each other as they ate. They talked about being on the road, what they'd hauled, and generally confirming to Lee that they were indeed truck drivers. Lee nursed several cups of coffee as he listened. Even though there was obviously nothing there, he enjoyed watching them. The black-haired guy's arm muscles bulging and rippling as he gestured, and the blonde's broad back and shoulder muscles moving under his shirt. The guy had a nice, thick neck, too. When the two were finished eating they stood up and were taking out their wallets.

'Are you a driver?' the blonde guy asked Lee.

'No,' Lee said, almost blushing with embarrassment that they thought a kid his age would be a trucker.

'You waiting to meet someone?' the black-haired guy asked.

'No one in particular,' Lee replied.

'Well, Charlie's got a bottle he wants to break open but if he opens it by himself he'll down it all and get too shit-faced to drive. If you're not waiting on anybody, do you wanta come and help us polish it off?'

Lee's first instinct was guarded skepticism. His parents had warned him about strangers since he was a little boy. But it sounded like they were just being friendly, and he wasn't a little boy and these two guys were funny and interesting as hell, besides being built and good looking, which made him not rule out certain possibilities.

‘Sure, but I'm not old enough to drink,' he said.

'We won't tell if you don't,' one said.

Lee slid out of the booth. They all paid and he followed them out of the restaurant.

'By the way, I'm Rick. This is Charlie.'

'Lee,' he said, shaking their hands in turn. 'Are you guys driving partners?'

'No, we've got our own rigs. We just manage to meet up here every now and then and get caught up on things,' Rick said. 'That's my rig over there, the black one,' he added, pointing to a mean-looking sleeper that shone in the soft lights.

'That's mine, there,' Charlie said. He pointed to a bright red sleeper.

Lee figured they would go to one of their rigs but instead, they started walking across the broad parking lot toward the motel that sat adjacent to the truck stop. He wondered why they would be staying in a motel when they were both driving sleepers.

'We're gotta go over to the motel and get our stuff,' Charlie said.

'How come you're staying at a motel when you're both driving sleepers?' Lee asked.

'We don't stay overnight. We split the cost of a room just so we can shower. If we don't mess up the beds and we're out before six, they make us a special deal.'

Inside they gathered up their stuff and Charlie and Rick paid then they headed back to the rigs. Rick tossed his bag into his cab of the red one and they went to the other rig. Charlie got in first and Rick stepped aside to give Lee a boost up into the sleeper. Lee thought he had a tighter-than-necessary grip on his butt and his thigh. Lee climbed into the sleeper while Rick locked the door. It was similar to Bruce's sleeper except it was classier and there was a set of weights and a weight bench taking up a good amount of space.

'Make yourself at home, and don't trip over the weights,' Charlie said as he tugged his shirt out of his jeans. His upper body fairly exploded out of the waist of his jeans, his muscles rippling beautifully. Rick entered, pulling his shirt off too. Lee was a bit confused. The way they were so unceremoniously undressing he had to wonder what they had in mind besides sharing a bottle. Was it what he was hoping?

'You've got weights!?' Lee remarked.

'Yeah, it's hard to find a place to work out on the road so we came up with the idea of carrying weights with us,' Charlie said.

'You've got a set in your rig, too?' Lee asked.

'Yep,' Rick replied.

'Well, it looks like you don't miss any workouts,' Lee said, eyeing their muscular bodies.

'Take off your shirt if you want to, it gets warm in here with three people, even with the air conditioning,' Charlie said.

Lee took his shirt off, with less doubt about what they had in mind.

'You look like you spend some time in the gym yourself,' Rick said as was taking off his jeans.

Lee waited and watched with baited breath. Charlie had taken his heavy shoes off, then his jeans. Then much to his surprise and delight, they both stripped off their shorts!

'You've got the bottle,' Rick reminded Charlie.

'Yeah, I'll get it,' Charlie said.

Lee was still in his jeans, feeling oddly intimidated by the two big truckers.

'Feel free,' Rick told him, motioning to his jeans.

'Yeah, it sometimes gets REAL warm in here when the whiskey starts flowing....,' Charlie said. His let his voice trail off, as if he expected Lee to pick up on what wasn't said.

Lee swallowed hard and undid his jeans. He sat on the weight bench to take them off, along with his boots.

'Yes, indeed, you don't miss any workouts either,' Rick said, watching him.

Charlie had the bottle open and was gulping it down like iced tea. He passed the bottle to Rick, who did the same. Rick handed the bottle to Lee. 'Do you like whiskey?' he asked.

'It's all I drink,' Lee said. 'When I can get it,' he added.

' old are you, anyway?' Rick asked, pulling the bottle back. 'Eighteen. I'm out of school, just not old enough to drink,' he added, as if that might convince them of his age.

'What the hell,' Rick said, and thrust the bottle back to him. They passed the bottle back and forth several times and Lee was already feeling warm, inside and out. The warmth inside was causing a soft buzz in his head. He was going to get drunk, he knew. He knew, also, that it was by design that they were all three probably going to get drunk. Rick and Charlie sat on the edge of the bed, leaving Lee on the workout bench. Then Rick handed the bottle off to Charlie and set the barbell across the rack. 'Ever work out with a buzz on?' he asked Lee.

'No, I never tried that.'

'Well, don't, unless you've got a workout buddy with you,' Charlie warned.

When Rick had the barbell weighted, he asked, 'Wanta do some bench presses and impress us with those muscles?'

Charlie handed him the bottle and he took another slug of whiskey before he lay back on the bench and realized that it was the first he'd noticed the guy's manhood. It hung down over a pair hefty-looking balls with the head touching the bench. Rick stood at the head of the bench ready to spot him. Oddly it was the first he had really noticed his manhood too. It was big and heavy, suited for his muscular body. Lee gripped the barbell, hoping it wasn't too heavy for he wanted to impress these guys. He hefted it off the rack and felt the terrific weight bearing down on him. He lowered it to his chest and immediately shoved it back up. It was easier than he'd expected. He did eight reps before Rick had to help him.

'Fuck, you've got nice pecs,' Rick said.

'So have you guys,' Lee said. 'You're both really built.'

Charlie stepped up to the head of the bench. 'Do a set for me,' he said.

Lee laid back to do another set and found himself looking right up into Charlie's crotch. He was standing in closer so his legs were astraddle Lee's head. His big balls hung heavily overhead, his thick, meaty cock suspended heavy and dangerously close to Lee's face. Lee only did four reps. He could have done more but Charlie hunkered down with is knees bent, ready to spot him, and his big cock brushed across Lee's face. That made him loose his concentration and he had to rack the barbell. Charlie hunkered lower to help him rack it and his manhood came to rest of Lee's face.

Lee breathed in the sweet male musk of his crotch and opened his mouth to let his balls fall in. He sucked on them and tongued beneath them. Charlie rose up and let his cock fall into his mouth and Lee sucked it hungrily.

'Awwwwhhhhh,' Charlie moaned, his head tossed back. 'Fuck, we were hoping you were up for this...Geezuss, kid, you've got a hot mouth.'

'Look at that cock!' Rick exclaimed as he wrapped his fist around Lee's cock.

'Shit, I can barely get my hand around it!'

'Can you barely get it in your ass?' Charlie asked.

'Shit, man, a cock this size is no joking matter,' Rick said.

'Who's joking?' Charlie said. 'You know you wanta feel that big cock boring up into your ass. Go ahead, sit on it.'

'Fuck, I don't know if I can handle it,' Rick said, but already he was straddling the bench and Lee's loins. He had to stand up on his tip-toes to aim it between his buns then he slowly lowered himself onto the huge cock. Lee moaned around Charlie's cock. 'Ohh, Goddd.....Ohhh, Geezusss, he's huge!' Rick gasped.

'Keep going,' Charlie encouraged him. 'You can take it.'

'That's easy for you to say, you're not sitting on it.'

'Just ask yourself, are you going to be able to face yourself in the mirror if you don't take him?' Charlie said.

'Bastard,' Rick swore. 'Ohhh...OHHHH... Awwwhhhh!' he groaned as he sat all the way down on Lee's huge cock. Lee quickly decided that it was better than with Bruce and Mendy. It frightened him a little that he liked the feel of his cock inside a guy's ass more than in Mendy's pussy. He fucked Rick, or Rick fucked him, till he shot his load all over him, then Charlie took his place and sat on his cock.

'Give me your cock,' Lee told Rick, reaching out for the man's thick, rubbery manhood, still sticky and oozing cum.

'Yeah, suck it dry, clean it off for me,' Rick said as he stepped up to the head of the bench and fed his cock to him. Lee gobbled the meaty cock hungrily, licking it clean and sucking out the last drop of his load. God, he loved the taste of cum! Not only had he developed a voracious appetite for cock and cum, he liked experiencing how each guy tasted a little different.

He went back to the truck stop to see Bruce and Mendy the following month. One of the waitresses recognized him and told him that they were driving another route, down South. He returned, looking for Rick and Charlie but he never met up with them again either. So for a time, he was limited to Coach Bennett; and himself. He went back to see the coach as often as he dared. He thought it might look suspicious, him hanging around the locker room after he had graduated but Coach Bennett told him not to worry about it. Between times, he sucked himself off. He liked swallowing his load warm and fresh.

His workouts had suffered as his obsession grew. Remembering the hunky bodybuilder at the gym who had sucked him off in the shower, Lee went back to the gym. He made several trips to work out before he found him there. They spoke, casually; Lee remembered his name was Tuck.

'I haven't seen you around much,' Tuck said.

'Yeah, I've been slacking off,' Lee said.

'I look for you every day,' Tuck told him.

'Do you need me to spot you?' Lee asked.

'Yeah, thanks.'

'Maybe I want you to spot me too, this time,' Lee said. He glanced sheepishly at the young bodybuilder and he could tell by his look that his message wasn't wasted on him.

'You must be getting into some heavier stuff,' Tuck remarked under his breath.

'Yeah, heavier than last time I was here,' Lee said. It went like a regular workout but they both knew where it would lead after their workout. They finished up and headed to the showers. As before, Lee left his shower door open.

'Listen, instead of here, do you want to come to my room?' Tuck asked.

'Sure.' Lee rushed through his shower. He was on pins and needles as he walked with the big stud to the old Eddington Hotel which had long since been operated as a men's rooming house. The elevator didn't work so they walked up to the fourth floor. Tuck's room was small, overlooking a small, narrow courtyard, looking across to a brick apartment building.

'It's not much, but I don't need much,' Tuck said apologetically. 'My life pretty much consists of work, eating and sleeping and working out so it's just a place to lay my head.'

'Yeah, or whatever else you can find to lay,' Lee joked.

Tuck laughed. 'Yeah, that too.'

Lee watched as the big man took off his clothes. His heart beat a little faster as his smooth, rippling muscles were exposed. When he was down to the tiny briefs, bulging with his manhood, Lee surprised himself and stepped forward and took hold of his wrist. 'Let me...take those off for you,' he said huskily.

'Sure,' Tuck said, with a smile, and held his hands away from his briefs. 'Looks like you are getting into some heavier stuff.'

Lee didn't know where it was coming from, what was bringing him to his knees, but he went willing and found himself face to face with the bulging briefs. He felt strangely at ease, as if it were where he belonged; where anyone belonged in Tuck's presence...on his knees, worshipping the man's muscles.

'You look good down there,' Tuck said with a soft chuckle. 'It's a real turn-on to look down my abs and see a handsome face staring at my bulging shorts.'

'You look good up there, too,' Lee said.

'You're into muscle-worship; I like that,' Tuck said.

Lee reached up and hooked his fingers inside the shorts but then turned Tuck around. He gazed at the twin, hard mounds that strained against the stretch material then clasped his hands against the sides. 'You muscle guys have all got butts like this,' he said hoarsely as he tried to knead the muscles. But they were like rock. He pulled the shorts down and Tuck stepped out of them. God, he had a beautiful ass! It was only in that moment that he realized how much he had always admired guys' butts, and why. He leaned in and kissed one side.

'Wow, you really like my butt, don't you?'

In reply, Lee kissed the other side. He had the terrible urge to explore further but he couldn't do it. He couldn't subject himself to that humiliation; at least not this first time on his knees with the guy. He felt safe, feeling the smooth, tight muscles as long as they were clenched together. But then Tuck bent over; way over, like he was stretching his hamstrings, and his butt muscles spread apart. Lee was surprised to see that his ass was shaved, his hole fully exposed and smooth. The tiny hole clenched and Lee's mouth began to water. Geezusss, No! What the hell am I doing down here on my knees staring at a guy's asshole! He was appalled that Tuck's ass held the same attraction as his cock! He leaned in and kissed the inner slopes of the twin muscles and sucked in the clean, sweet-musk aroma from the shower.

'Ohhhhh,' Tuck moaned softly.

Lee felt good that he could make this huge muscle-hunk moan with pleasure, it gave him the sense of worshipping the big stud as he deserved. The tiny, puckered hole beckoned him; squeezing and winking and drawing him in. He leaned in and flicked his tongue at the hole and followed closely by licking it.

'Ohhhh,' Tuck groaned. He reached back with his hand around Lee's head and smashed his face between his buns. 'Awww, yeah...lick it...fuck, man, tongue it...get your tongue in there.'

Tuck's grip wasn't that hard but Lee told himself that he was helpless but to do the stud's bidding. He smashed his face against the hard muscles and tongued the hot hole eagerly. He wrapped his arms around Tuck's massive thighs to hold and pull himself against his ass and hold the two of them tightly together. He was practically slobbering over the man's asshole. His face was wet with his own spit when he reared back, breathless.

'Ohh,' he gaped with excitement, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Tuck turned around, clasped his hands on Lee's head again and forced him to suck his cock. Lee took it without protest, again convincing himself that he was being forced. It was a lie but he liked the feeling of being a slave to the big muscle-man. Tuck had a nice-sized cock, seven inches or so, thick and meaty. It was a mouthful and it felt good in his mouth, and he was able to take it into his throat as well. Tuck fucked his face till he had to stop to keep from cumming then he pulled Lee to his feet. 'Lie back on the bed,' he told him.

Lee lay crossways on the bed to be serviced by Tuck. Tuck was hungry for his cock. He let his drool run down into the crack of his ass and massaged Lee's asshole with his fingertips. A Tuck's urging, Lee raised his legs up and spread them wide. He winced a little when he probed through his hole but it was his gasp that gave him away.

'That okay?' Tuck asked.

'Oh, Yesss,' Lee replied.

Tuck probed his ass deeper and deeper, till he had one finger inside him all the way. Tuck had big, thick fingers, the size of a small cock and he had Lee squirming around on it. 'Damn, you've got a tight ass,' Tuck said. 'Tightest ass I ever seen except for young twins I had up here one time.'

'How old were they?' Lee asked.

Tuck laughed. 'I shouldn't tell you this, but they were fifteen,' Tuck said.

'Geezusss--that was a hell of risk. Where did you meet them?'

'They hung around outside the gym a lot. They were too young to join and come in and work out but they liked being around bodybuilders. They took a special liking to me and we got friendly and then I took a liking to them. Shit, they were tight.'

'Did you fuck them?' Lee asked, surprised.

'Yeah,' Tuck said as he probed and fingered Lee's asshole. 'You seem to like my fingers; do you want me to fuck you?'

'No, but I wanta suck your cock again,' Lee said. 'You've got a really hot body and I like feeling your muscles. And you've got a nice-sized cock that I can handle.'

'Guys tell me my cock looks smaller because of my overall size. But It's a good size to handle,' Tuck said.

'I'll bet you don't get any complaints,' Lee said.

'Only from the size queens.'


'Guys who are obsessed with huge cocks. You're a size-queen's dream. Hell, you're every gay guy's dream and every straight guy's nightmare.'

'Why do you say that?'

'Would you want to compete with you?' He was fucking him with two fingers now. 'I think you want to get fucked,' he said.

'Tuck...I think you're right...I think I do want to get fucked, but....'

'But what?'

'Don't it hurt?'

'Some, at first, but you can handle my cock okay; hell, I'm using two fingers on you. I've got some stuff to deaden the pain a little till you get used to it. And some wild weed to smoke if you wanta get high.'

'I've never used drugs--only poppers a couple of times.'

'Do you want to try it?'

'No, I don't think so; just the stuff to deaden the pain.'

Tuck stood up and Lee spread his legs out, offering his ass to the man. He was scared; Tuck could tear him up with his thick cock and there was, for real, nothing he could do about it. He didn't stand a chance against all those muscles. Part of him...his common sense...told him to grab his clothes and leave but his body cried out for the feel of cock. Then it was too late. Tuck was pressing his lubed-up cock hard against his hole and a second later, the head popped through. 'AHHH!' Lee gasped. He tried to wrench free but the coach's grip held him in place and he knew there was no escaping this fate that he had invited upon himself.

'Yeah, buddy, I know it hurts,' Tuck said, without stopping. 'But you gottta work through it to get to the good part.' He did pause but he didn't wait for him to get used to it. Then he plowed right in, all the way to the hilt.

'Awwwhhh, Geezussss!' Lee cried.

Tuck leaned over him, pressing his weight down on him. 'Go ahead, yell, I ain't gonna pull it out,' he said in a gentle tone. He squirmed against him. 'You said you like my muscles...does that feel good, having those hard muscles rubbing against you?

'Yessss. That part feels good, but your cock is killing me.'

'It's all gonna feel good in a minute or two; just concentrate on my muscles,' Tuck said.

Tuck was right. The pain lasted barely a minute before the pleasure began to sweep through him. Tuck wasn't doing anything except making his cock throb deep inside him, and it felt wonderful. Lee could hardly wait to feel it moving in and out of his ass.

'Are you ready to try it?' Tuck asked, and without waiting for an answer he took a couple of test strokes, all the way out and back through his clenching hole.

'Oohhhhh,' Lee moaned softly

'Do you want it nice and slow and easy and deep? Or hard and fast and deep?'

'Go slow then work it up,' Lee said. 'I think I want you to fuck me really hard; give my ass a good pounding, but I want to get used to it first.'

Tuck pounded him good. He fucked him unmercifully once he knew he could take it. Lee's first taste of being fucked was something he would never forget. Tuck fucked him three times that day. He left the hotel with mixed, confused emotions. He felt totally satisfied as never before in his life, but his head was still jumbled with guilt and recrimination. It wasn't right and normal for a guy to get fucked in the ass. Guys just weren't built that way. He never thought like that before, when he was doing the fucking, but now he had a whole new perspective. He'd been fucked; used like a woman. Not just once, but three times. And it wasn't rape. He couldn't even hold that Tuck had forced him. Hell, he TOLD him he wanted him to fuck him.

The next day he went to talk to Coach Bennett again. It was late in the afternoon and the coach was getting ready to leave his office. He held the door from coming all the way shut when he saw Lee come into the locker room.

'What's up? You look like you're worried about something,' Coach said.

Lee walked past him, into his office and the coach let the door close and the lock clicked. They stood apart for a long quiet moment, Lee with his back to the coach. Then he turned around and faced him. 'Coach, I think I'm gay,' he said. 'I'm pretty sure of it.'

Coach Bennett showed no reaction. 'We've explored that possibility, but what makes you say that? I mean, we've been having some great times together, and I know I'm not the only one, but it''s sex, Lee. It's not something you need to get all screwed up in the head about.'

'My head has never been so screwed up,' Lee said.

'Maybe we should stop,' Coach said.

'That's not it; it's not what we're doing together,' Lee said. 'I...I can't get enough, Coach. It's like I'm obsessed. I want it all the time, night and day. I think about all the time, having fantasies...shit, about my old teammates.' He cut himself short and looked away. 'Geezuss, Coach, if anybody found life would be over.'

'Now, wait. Don't go overboard. Even if you are gay, Lee, it's not the end of the world and you're not the first boy to discover that about himself. I said maybe we're seeing too much of each other, but if you want it more often, well, I'm here.'

'Do you think you're gay, Coach, having sex with another guy?'

'No. Like I said, it's sex, nothing more, nothing less. You need to think of it like that.'

'How many other guys are you doing it with?' Lee asked.

'None. Just you. You're the only one who's approached me with.....with the problem.'

'Well, you're not the only one for me,' Lee said.

'I assumed that. Have you seen that trucker and his wife again?' Coach asked.

Lee nodded. 'More than them,' Lee said, 'a lot more.' He went on to tell the coach about the other two young truckers, and the bodybuilder. He still didn't tell about Todd and Brian. The more he talked, the more he told, the more it hurt, but the easier it got. 'The bodybuilder...I...I let him fuck me, Coach,' he blurted. 'I told myself he forced me, but he didn't. He didn't cut me any slack once he got started, but it wasn't rape. I...I wanted it to happen...I...I asked him to do it; I wanted to see what it's like.'

Coach paused. 'And?'

'That's not all,' Lee went on. 'I've been making it with a couple of the guys from school for quite awhile now ... old teammates....since last summer.'

'Who?' Coach asked, surprised.

'I can't tell you.'

'Guys on the team, you say?''

'Yeah. But it's always been one-way with them. I mean, I'm the one getting done. The worst part is, I...I don't have much desire in pursuing girls anymore. Not like a guy my age should.'

Coach paused again then went over and put his hand on Lee's shoulder. 'I said I'm here for you, Lee, but I don't know what to say. I'll always be here to listen and tell you what I think, but this is something you have to work out for yourself. Nobody can decide for you whether or not you're gay. I don't know if its even something you can decide. It something that is or isn't. Just don't be afraid of it. Tell me, how do you feel about the two guys you're making it with?'

He shrugged. 'Nothing different, except that they make me feel really good. But that doesn't change how I feel about them as friends or team mates.'

'Okay, do you think they would feel any differently about you if they knew the whole truth about you?'


'Well, you've got two allies right off. That's more than most boys have. Most boys have to face their doubts and fears alone. You've got three allies, actually; including me.'

'Thanks, Coach. I don't know how I could handle this without you.'

'I'm here anytime you need me, Son...any time, any hour of the day or night, for any purpose you want to see me.'

Lee swallowed hard, nearly choking on the emotions that had balled up in his throat. 'How about...tonight, Coach?'

'Tonight? Yes, if you want to talk some more, sure, I'll be home.'

'No...not to talk,' Lee said. 'Could I come over and...if I came over...would you...wanta fuck me?'

Coach Bennett forcefully emptied his lungs with a loud gush. 'God, you know how to put a man on the spot.'

'Why is that putting you on the spot? If you don't want to.....'

'NO. Hell yes, I want to!' Coach Bennett cut in. 'God, how I want to! But I'm supposed to be helping you work through this crucial time in your life. You're vulnerable right now, Lee, and I don't think I should be taking advantage of you, any more than I already have.'

'You wouldn't be taking advantage of, Coach. Not unless...not unless you forced yourself on me...' He let his words linger between them and he could tell from the Coach's eyes that he got his message.

'Yeah, okay,' Coach said softly. 'Come on over...we'll see what develops. If it turns out that all we do is talk, okay. If not...well, you know that'll be okay, too.'

'Thanks, but I don't think it's gonna be all talk, Coach.'

'Okay, whatever you want. Listen, Lee...if...if you think those other two guys might want to, you know, get together...all four of us.....' He cut himself off quickly, angry for his stupidity in letting the words come out of his mouth, and fearful. 'Maybe you'd better not. If they find out I; that you and me are...well, that just broadens my exposure.'

'You can trust them, Coach,' Lee said.

'How old are they?' Coach asked.

'One is the same age as me. The other one is seventeen, but he's almost eighteen. I'll wait till he turns eighteen.'

'No, just forget I said it,' Coach said.

Having Coach Bennett to 'talk to' certainly helped and gradually, Lee became more and more comfortable in his skin. He stopped trying to figure out whether or not he was gay. He decided just to live his life, wherever it took him. He knew it wasn't going to be easy. People would began to wonder and ask questions about why he didn't ask girls out. He would cover himself by telling them that he was dating a couple of girls from out of town.

More and more his remorse had faded and his only guilt was that he felt he was taking advantage of Brian and Todd. He was like them; he wanted the same things they did, but he was too much of a coward to admit it and he continued to do all of the taking. It was as if he were grasping to hold onto that last vestige of his manhood by never reciprocating with them. It was phony. He was a phony. He was ready to turn the tables on his two teammates. He chose Todd first.

His resolve was strong as he drove the back roads out of town, although it was fueled with a bottle of whiskey he sneaked into the glove compartment. He turned into a cornfield where he had taken girls before. He drove to the far corner and turned off the engine. He took another long swig of whiskey and handed it to Todd.

'No, thanks, I've had enough.'

'Not yet you haven't,' Lee said. 'Trust me, you're gonna need're in for the surprise of your life.' He got out and walked around to the back of the car, pulling his T-shirt off. Todd followed his lead.

'Are you sure this is safe?' Todd asked him.

'Who's gonna come driving into a cornfield at this hour?' Lee scoffed.

'You're gonna get completely naked?' Todd asked as Lee was pulling off his shoes so he could take his jeans off.

'Yeah, why not? Come on, you too.' He took off his shoes then pulled his jeans off, standing in his white briefs.

While Todd was stripping off his clothes, Lee retrieved his jeans and dug the lube out of the pocket. He stood watching the muscular gymnast display his body. 'Where do you get that all-over tan?' Lee asked him.

'My uncle's got a cabin on a private lake. I could take you there sometime.'

'Yeah, that'd be great,' Lee said. 'Geezuss, you look good, standing here in the moonlight.'

'I'm glad I turn you on,' said Todd.

'Bend over the trunk,' Lee told him as he uncapped the tube of lube. The boy obediently bent over the trunk with his legs and arms spread. Lee applied the lube in his ass then squeezed some on the head of his cock. He dropped the tube in the grass and stepped up behind him.

'Goddam, you're hot and ready tonight,' Todd said

'More than you know,' Lee said. He was half-angry for himself for being so gutless. This wasn't the reason he'd brought to the field. It was supposed to be the other way around. He was still a phony. But it only served to incense his lust for the muscular gymnast. He set his cock firmly against Todd's asshole and shoved, pulling back on his hip bones. The opposite forces opened the tight asshole and sent his cock plunging into the hot cavern with one long, strong thrust.

'AAAaahhhhhhhhhhhh!' Todd cried out, tossing his head back in agony.

Lee started fucking him right away, without giving him a chance to get used to it. He hated himself for being so selfishly brutal but it was no more or less than the guy deserved for being such an easy mark. He knew it was going to did every time...and he kept coming back for more, so what did he expect?

'Ohhhh...ohhhhh...OOOHhhhh, Geezusss, Lee!' he cried.

'What's the matter is it too big for you all of a sudden?' Lee snarled.

'No, you know its not, not after I get used to it but.....'

'Get used to it then,' Lee cut him off and fucked him all the harder. He could feel Todd's ass muscles clenching and squeezing and trying to force his cock out but his cock won out. The boy's tender asshole was no match for his bludgeoning cock, his tight gymnast muscles no match for Lee's powerful, heavier muscles. He slammed into him unmercifully, almost with some excitement from causing him pain.

'Awwhhh...Ohhhh, Shit...Fuck, man...please...take it...easy!'

'Come on, pussy, how many times have you had this big cock plowing your ass and you never whined like this before,' Lee said.

'You never tried to rape me before,' Todd countered.

'Rape you? You think that's what I'm doing? Shit, you ain't seen rape. I'll show you rape.' With that he slammed his cock in as hard as he could, in and out of the tender hole, so hard the car was moving back and forth and would have rolled forward had it not been in gear. His thrusts were so hard that he was forcing Todd bodily up on the trunk, or maybe he was crawling up to get away.

'Awwhhhh...Ohhhhh...UUUhnnnn! What're you doing!' Todd cried over his shoulder.

'Nothing you don't want,' Lee said. 'Don't tell me your asshole wasn't twitching and itching for this on the way out here.'

'Not...this...way!' Todd gasped. He had one foot up on the bumper, about to push himself up over the trunk when Lee grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back down. He locked his arms around him, lifting him off the ground and swung him around, away from the car. He dropped him to the ground, his cock jerking out of his asshole with a loud slurp sound. Todd scrambled away but Lee was on him in an instant, forcing him on his back, forcing his legs apart and fighting them up onto his shoulders. His cock found its way back on its own and Lee shoved his cock back in him to the hilt.

'AAAWWWWWHHHH!' Todd cried out as he was impaled on the huge meat. The ground didn't give the way the car did and Lee fucked him forcefully, pounding him against the solid earth. He was snorting like a stallion, half-crazy with lust, convinced that he was giving the boy nothing but pleasure, despite his whimpering protests. Finally, Todd lay back and let it happen. Lee fucked him unmercifully for nearly a half hour before he finally froze and shuddered then shot his load deep in the boy's guts. Todd lay under him, forcing hard breaths into his lungs.

'Am I getting heavy?' Lee asked as he shoved himself up on all fours.

'A little.'

He shoved himself to his feet, jerking his cock free with that same loud noise, causing Lee to cry out with surprise. Todd struggled to get to his feet and stumbled back to the car to retrieve his clothes. Watching him fumble with his clothes, Lee began to feel remorse set in as the whiskey began to wear off.

'Hey, man, we don't have to leave yet,' he said.

'You got your rocks off, that's what you brought me out here for,' Troy said sullenly.

His friend's tone sent a sickening chill through him. What had he done! Todd was one of his best friends, and they had a good thing going and he treated him like shit. He practically raped him!

'Hey, man, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so rough,' Lee said. 'I guess I had too much to drink.'

'That was intentional, too, wasn't it?' Todd said.

'Yeah...yeah, but not for the reason you think,' Lee said. He stepped up and took Todd's T-shirt out of his hand.

'Oh, yeah? What am I supposed to think?' Todd asked.

'It wasn't intended to be rape, if that's what you're thinking,' Lee said defensively. 'You wanted it. You came with me, knowing what was going to happen.'

'No, I didn't know it was going to be like that. It never has been.' Todd said. 'Why'd you do that? You know you can fuck me anytime you want. I've never turned you down.' He was reaching for his T-shirt but Lee kept it away from him. Lee reached in the car and got the whiskey out of the glove compartment. He tossed the T-shirt away and uncapped the whiskey. He drank several gulps and handed the bottle to Todd.

'No,' Todd said as he went to retrieve his T-shirt.

Lee grabbed him by the waist of his jeans and held him back. When Todd tried to get away he jerked him back and whirled him around, throwing them together. Lee wrapped one powerful arm around the small of Todd's back and pulled him tighter.

'I know you're pissed, and you've got a right to be, but I wasn't thinking with my head. Like always, I was thinking with my balls, and the whiskey only made it worse. I just want you to know, I didn't intend it to be like this either. I'm trying to blame it on the whiskey, but that's a lie. I was protecting my own manhood...or what's left of it.'

Todd gave a bewildered scowl. 'What did you intend it to be?' he asked.

Lee ran his hand down inside Todd's loose jeans and squeezed his bare butt. With his other hand he undid the buttons and ran his hand down inside to get hold of his cock.

'This,' he said, squeezing the tight butt muscles and the rubbery hard cock at the same time. 'I didn't bring you out here to fuck you, Todd. I brought us out here with the exact opposite in mind. I drank the whiskey for courage, because I...I was...gonna let you fuck me, but I got scared at the last minute and chickened out. I just went nuts from there. I'm sorry.'

'You shit, y-you...were wanted me to fuck you?'

'Not wanted...I still want you to.'

'Geezusss!!?' Todd gasped. 'I don't believe this!'

'It'll be my first time,' Lee lied, 'But that don't matter, you can be as rough as you want. You can rape me if you want to; it's no more than I deserve. And to prove I'm sorry, man....' He pulled him in and forced his mouth on Todd's mouth, forced his lips apart and kissed him with his tongue and all the lust and passion he had in him.

It was a long, hard, passionate kiss, not like a kiss between two boys ought to be. When they broke, Lee kept touching his lips to Todd's and nibbling on his lips, as if he couldn't stop kissing him.

'Shit, Todd, all of a sudden, I can't get enough of you,' he whispered. 'Fuck, you are gorgeous!'

'You've had too much to drink,' Todd said.

'So what if I have? Booze don't bring anything out that isn't there,' Lee said. 'Do you wanta do it? Do you want to fuck me?'

'Yess! Fuck, yess!' Todd replied.

Lee let him go and retrieved the tube of lubricant from the grass. He ceremoniously and bravely lubed up his own asshole, as if he'd done it a hundred times. He felt like a virgin about to be fucked. He squeezed some lube onto Todd's cock and tossed the tube aside again.

'Do want me bent over the trunk, or on the ground?' Lee asked.

'Over the trunk,' Todd said. 'Fuck, I don't believe this is happening,' he said as Lee took the position, spread out across the trunk with his feet set wide apart. He jutted his butt out to be taken.

'You don't have to be easy,' he said.

Todd didn't say whether he would be or not. 'Dam, I've never done this before,' he said as he clasped his hands tightly around Lee's hip bones and planted the head of his cock in the crevice of his so-called virginal buns. He didn't tear through the tight, nervous hole but he shoved hard and entered him with determination.

'Ohh, Geezussss!' Lee gasped through clenched teeth as he was quickly impaled on his teammate's big cock. Coach hurt like hell but this pain was the worse he'd ever felt in his life and the whiskey didn't help. He closed his eyes and the tears popped out and he squeezed his ass tight around the thick meat, hoping that by making the pain worse, it wouldn't last so long. Todd didn't wait till he got used to it. He hit bottom, withdrew all the way and shoved back in him again. Lee refused to cry out or even groan from the pain. Trembling, he endured it, over and over again as Todd popped the head of his cock back and forth through his tight hole. For a fleeting few seconds he almost cried out, to beg him to stop but his pride wouldn't permit it. The pain couldn't last. There had to be something beyond it. Brian and Todd always liked it when he fucked them.

Finally, thankfully, the pain began to subside, as if Lee's cock was drawing it out o him with each thrust. And in its place was the strangest, most exquisite pleasure he'd ever experienced.

'Oh, Geezussss!' he gasped again, only it came out louder and in a different tone. It was feeling good! So good! 'Ohhh ...ohhhhh, mannn...awwwwwhh, fuck, Todd... why didn't you tell me it feels like this? Awwwww...fuck me...fuck me!' Some part of his macho ego tried to blame the pleasure on the whiskey, but it hadn't help with the pain and it wasn't the cause of his pleasure, he was just plain liking getting fucked in the ass.

He wanted to try it on the ground, on his back, with his legs wrapped around Todd's tiny waist; lock his thighs around the boy and squeeze the pleasure right out of him and hold his cock deep inside him and twist round on it. Where were such thoughts coming from! He was visualizing things he'd never done.

'Tell me now if you're ever going to let me do this again,' Todd said. 'because if you are, I could shoot off any time. If you're not, well, I'm gonna do my best to hold off and fuck you all night.'

'You can go ahead shoot it...shoot it in me...this don't have to be the last time,' Lee told him.

Even after his experience with Todd, he was just as cowardly when he made his first move with Brian. First he got half-drunk--more than half. He knew he shouldn't be driving so he saved two beers for good measure, to guzzle in front of Brian's house before he went inside. It was late. Brian didn't know he was coming. He guzzled one beer. He was hesitant to go up to the door. He felt his courage begin to wane and he quickly downed the second beer.

'Better get my sorry ass up to the door while I still can,' he muttered to himself. He was satisfied that he at least sounded drunk.

He heard Brian come bounding down the stairs when he knocked. He swung it open, standing there with a surprised look and nothing else.

'Do you always open the door like that?' Lee asked.

'Only when somebody's trying to break the door down,' he said, opening it for him.

'Who is it, Brian?' his mother called from another place in the house.

'It's just Lee,' he called back.

'Is something wrong?'

'No, Mom. We're going up to my room. He's staying all night. I forgot to tell you.'

'Shit, sorry I woke your folks,' Lee whispered. He followed Brian upstairs; it was a foregone conclusion that that's where they would go. In his room, Brian flopped back and bounced on the bed.

'So, what brings you at this hour of the night, drunk out of you mind?'

'What always brings me here?' Lee said as he started taking off his clothes. He was keenly aware of Brian's eyes on him as he stripped naked. Lee was surprised and proud that his courage didn't wane, false as it was. Man, was he in for a surprise! Brian started to move over but Lee went to his knees beside the bed. He ran his hands up Brian's smooth, muscular legs, digging his thumbs hard into the apex. Brian lay there with his mouth hanging open, his eyes wide with surprise. Lee cupped his balls then squeezed his cock as he leaned up into the 'V' of his thighs.

'W-what're you d-doing?' Brian stammered.

'I'm gonna suck your cock,' Lee said.

'Aww, Mannnn!' he gasped. He put his hand on Lee's shoulder. 'God knows, I've dreamed of this moment, but look, you're drunk. I don't want you doing something you're gonna regret in the morning when you sober up.'

'This is the REASON I'm drunk,' Lee said as he worked his hand up and down Brian's now-hard cock. 'I'm a pussy and a coward by nature. I needed some courage but I made the decision BEFORE I got drunk. You got a fuckin' big cock, you know that? I don't know if I can handle it. Hey, you got any poppers?' he asked, reaching for the drawer in the nightstand.

'Hell, I don't keep them there,' Brian said as he got up from the bed.

Lee knelt there, watching the big athlete go into his closet. He came out with the bottle of poppers and a big hardon.

'Fuck, that's a big cock,' he said.

'It's not the first time you've seen my cock hard,' Brian said.

'It's the first time knowing I've gotta try to get my mouth around it,' Lee said.

'Do you really think you need this?' Brian asked as he uncapped the bottle of poppers.

'Not for courage; I just wanta make sure I enjoy it to the fullest. So give it to me,' he said, holding his head up for Brian to administer the poppers. He breathed the acrid aroma into his nostrils and shook his head as the stuff took effect. 'Ohhh, fuck! Mannnn...I don't know how good I'm gonna be at this but I'm gonna enjoy the hell out of it!' And with that he leaned down and lowered his mouth down around his team-mate's cock.

'OOHHHHHH!' Brian cried. 'OHhhh...Ohhhhhhhh, Lee...fuck, man, if you only knew how many times I've dreamed about this! Somebody pinch me so I know it's not just another dream!'

Lee pinched him.


'It's not a dream,' Lee said, laughing. And if it was, it was Lee's dream. He slobbered and sucked the thick cock like a hungry wolf on a piece of raw meat. His eyes watered, listening to Brian's moans, knowing that he was able to give the guy such pleasure.

'Hey...hey, if you want to turn around, I can do you at the same time,' Brian said.

'Huh-uh,' Lee said, shaking his head. 'It's not about me tonight. It's all about you. I wanta do this, buddy. Just let me know how I'm doing and tell me how you like it best.'

'Shit, man, any way you want to do it,' Brian said.

Lee sucked him almost with a reverence, learning along the way what made him writhe and moan.

'I wish you would let me suck you too,' Brian said.

'I'll let you do the next best thing if you want to. Do you want to fuck me?'

Brian raised up on his elbows, aghast, his mouth open and his eyes wide. 'F-fuck you? Y-you w-want m-me f-fuck you! Are you sure...sure you're ready for that? I mean, you're not just drunk, are you, and it's the booze talking?'

'It's not the booze. I'm ready,' Lee said. 'I think I've been ready for a long time, but hey, its time to find out. Do you want to do it?'

'Aww, yessss! Aww, fuck, Lee, I never even dared to DREAM that!'

'Let me chow down on this big fucker for a little bit first,' Lee said as he licked up and down the throbbing cock. 'You've got a nice fuckin' cock, buddy. Tastes good. I hope it feels as good in my ass.'

'Oh, Lee...Ohhhhh, fuck, I gotta be dreaming this! Bug Lee Goddard...sucking my cock...wanting me to fuck him...!

'If it's a dream, I don't want to wake up,' Lee said. He thought of Todd, and Coach Bennett. Maybe he would them about Coach Bennett sometime, and tell the coach about Todd and Brian. He imagined all three of them lined up to fuck him and it made his asshole clenched and quiver.

Succumbing to his two teammates set Lee's life on a new and definite course. He was the prey, now, as well as the predator, and he wanted more. He wanted to bring Todd and Brian and Coach Bennett together. He chose Brian and Todd first; he would leave the coach till last. He searched to find just the right place, not in any of their homes. The falls. Perfect place.

Despite his plan, he felt he still needed a pretense to get them together. Why, he didn't know; it was stupid, considering what he was going to do. It was a simple plan; one that would get them together in an out of the way place...and naked. They went out under the pretense of picking up girls but instead, Lee maneuvered them out to the falls to go swimming, just the three of them. He hadn't decided how it should play out till he watched the two undress and seeing their hard, rippling muscles he knew. It would be an all-out three way; anything goes. Fuck, what a surprise they were in for!

They swam and frolicked and played grab-ass but nothing serious; nothing much different than they'd done all during their boyhood. Except this night, they weren't boys. They were young men, their bodies teeming with lust even in the cool water, although Brian and Todd had no idea how their secret lust would be satisfied that night. Lee climbed out of the water and grabbed his clothes. The two boys followed him in behind the falls. It was loud with the water crashing down over them, and it was cool and wet. Their clothes would be wet when they put them on but it didn't matter. The floor of the cave was a formation of smooth boulders covered with a mat of thick moss.

'I fucked Tina Moore here one time,' Lee said.

'Well, one thing, nobody could hear her scream,' Todd remarked.

'Yeah, nobody can hear or see anything that goes on back here,' Lee said.

'We should have brought something to drink...some whiskey,' Brian said.

'Are we gonna need whiskey?' Lee asked.

'It's chilly, whiskey would help warm us up,' Brian said.

'What the hell are we doing back here anyway?' Todd asked. 'Our clothes are gonna be wet.'

'So we drive back naked,' Lee said. 'I've got part of a bottle in my glove compartment, if you wanta go get it,' he said to Brian.

When Brian was gone to get the whiskey, Lee moved up behind Todd and wrapped his arms around him and pulled their naked bodies together.

'Shit, man, don't, Brian will see us,' Todd hissed.

'I know. That's the plan,' Lee said.

'Are you fuckin' crazy?' Todd gasped, turning around in his arms. Their cocks smashed together and began to come alive.

'You and I aren't doing anything that Brian and I aren't doing,' Lee said.

Todd's mouth dropped and his eyes popped. 'You and...y-you-re t-telling and Brian are...'

'Yeah, everything you and I are doing, me and Brian are doing,' he said again. 'I thought it was time to get it out in the open, for the three of us to get together for some real fun.'

'Does he know...about me and you?' Todd asked.

'Not yet,' Lee said.

Todd squirmed out of his arms. 'I don't know about this....'

'What're you scared of?' Lee asked.

'I just don't know, I never counted on anybody but you ever knowing about me.'

Just then Brian came back in under the crashing water with a blanket and the whiskey. 'I brought a blanket, too,' he said.

'Like we're all gonna fit under one blanket,' Todd scoffed.

Lee took the blanket and the opportunity it presented. 'Okay, let's get under here together, and by the time we finish off this whiskey, we ain't gonna care,' he said, laughing, as he flung the blanket out.

'I'm still wondering why we're freezing our balls off and trying to keep warm when we could get dressed and go get drunk in comfort.'

'Our clothes are already wet,' Lee said.

The three boys huddled in under the blanket with Lee in the middle and passed the bottle back and forth.

'You know what I just figured out?' Brian said. 'You're in the middle, you're taking a drink every time the bottle passes back and forth, which means you're getting twice as drunk as me and Todd.'

'It's my whiskey,' Lee drawled.

They huddled and shivered and guzzled the whiskey till it was nearly gone. Lee passed it up the last few rounds and let the other two split it down to the empty bottle. Then he opened Pandora's box.

'Okay, who's gonna fuck who?' Lee asked.

The other two boys looked at him with a mixture of aghast and bewilderment.

'Man, you are drunk,' Brian said. 'In case you hadn't noticed, we're out here by ourselves. We didn't take the time to pick up any girls.'

'I've got a news flash,' Lee went on. 'Todd, you and I aren't doing anything that Brian and I aren't doing. Brian, you and I aren't doing anything that Todd and I aren't doing. So why don't we all do it together?'

There was a silence that boomed louder than the falls. Then Lee felt Todd's hand under his leg, touching his balls. Brian's hand came in from the other side, very cautiously till he felt Todd's hand. Lee wrapped his arms around both of them and hugged them in tight.

'Nobody answered my question. Who's gonna fuck who?' Lee asked again.

'Guess,' Brian said as he pushed Lee back on the cool moss.

The tryst under the falls opened up a whole new world for the three boys. Lee was leaning so far on the other side of the fence that he was almost ready to admit that he was gay. Maybe not out loud, but to himself.

At the school gym one late Saturday afternoon, he initiated the second part of his plan. Coach Bennett was working out alone and Lee asked if he could join him.

'I'm noticing a change in you,' coach observed as they worked out together.

'Thanks, I'm trying to discipline myself a little better and get back into a steady routine,' Lee said.

'No, not that,' coach said. 'You've always been very confident, but I'm noticing a new, different confidence.'

'Maybe I'm just getting happier in my skin,' Lee said.

'Are you?' coach asked. 'Getting more comfortable with who you are?'

'Yes. Truth...I'm about that far from admitting that I'm gay,' he said, holding up two fingers barely an inch apart.

'Admitting to who?' coach asked.

'Myself. You. Anyone else I can trust,' he replied.

Just then there was the clatter of the side door opening and heavy footsteps on the steel stairs. Coach Bennett looked up with a scowl.

'Oh, I invited Todd and Brian to join us here,' Lee said as he began taking off his workout clothes.

Coach Bennet looked at him; a blank stare. 'Lee, what are you doing?' he asked quietly.

'I'm going to take a shower,' Lee said. 'Come on, you need one, too.'

'No, I mean...what're you doing?' he asked again.

'It's okay, coach. Just play along with me. Trust me, its okay.'

'Hey, Coach. Hey, Lee,' Todd greeted them.

'Hello, boys,' Coach said.

'Coach and I were just going back to shower,' Lee said. It was an opening line that any one of them could grab onto.

'Hey, I could use a shower, too,' Brian said as he peeled off his shirt.

'Yeah, me too,' Todd said.

'You haven't even worked out yet,' Coach said.

'I thought we were going to work out in the shower,' Brian said with a knowing grin.

There was a brief moment of awkward silence before Coach Bennett shrugged and said, 'Well, one of you be sure the door's locked.'



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