'Yeah, I love you too.' he replied to her. They were in her living room saying their goodbyes. Their names are Lee and Sandra. Lee was an average twenty-one year old guy with killer good looks. Dirty blonde hair trimmed short, blue eyes, natural tanned skin with high cheekbones. Sandra was gorgeous as well. She had long brown hair, green eyes, full bosoms, and tiny waist with a thick butt.

'When will you be back?' Sandra asked her lips on his neck. Pulling away, he replied,

'When the job ends,' With that, he left to go to his job.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

'Hey, stranger,' Lee said as Tristan opened the door.

'Hey, ready for your assignment?'

'Yep.' He walked in out of the afternoon sunshine, closing the door behind him.

'Sandra knows you're on the job?' Tristan asked with false innocence.

'She knows what I tell her.'

'Well, come on.' Tristan led the way up the stairs to his bedroom. When they entered Tristan said, 'Same like last time except, instead of the leather mask you can wear the sunglasses and baseball cap.' Lee would have liked the leather mask better but it was hot and confining, and he couldn't breathe well when he got going.

'I'll take the sunglasses and cap.' He gave him a pair of designer sunglasses with dark blue frames and black frames, with gemstones on the earpieces. Lee started taking off his clothes without being directed to. He started with the shirt first exposing his slender muscular frame. He loved showing off his body. His chest was hairless with a slight light to medium muscle mass on him, including his arms. He removed his shoes, ankle socks, and pants, standing in his silk black boxers revealing his ankle bracelet.

'You still have that?' Tristan said pointing to the ankle bracelet.

'Of course, you gave it to me.' The ankle bracelet was medium thick gold, with his name in cursive attached to the base in front.

'What does she think of it?'

'Never said a thing about it,' As he flopped on the king-sized bed. 'Web cam facing this way?' he asked meaning the front of the bed.

'Yeah, we're not doing a live show tonight we're just gonna tape this to show to our viewers. A new scene for the collection on the site,' then added, 'Not for free of course.'

'So they'll pay to see it?'

'Yeah, $2.50 for this scene.' On live shows since they had a huge fan base they averaged around $35.00 an hour, which was very well considering women tend to average more.

'That's good. Want me to leave the boxers on for the camera or take them off?'

'Leave them on.' He put the cap and sunglasses on. He wore them to disguise his face, in case someone he knew wouldn't recognize him in the scene. Suddenly he asked,

'Can I just do it without the hat and glassed?'

'If you're sure. You're the one who always wanted to wear them.'

He placed them on the nightstand beside the bed. He put his arms under the pillow he was laying on.

'So what are we gonna do this scene?' He asked curiously.

'Well I thought this time you would like to take it up the ass, if it's okay with you.'

'As long as you use plenty of lube and are gentle on my hole. Foreplay?'

'Of course, Oh, and you'll be sucking.'

'Fine, I'll try and watch my teeth,' he said mischievously.

'You better or I'm going to pound that ass so hard you're not gonna be able to sit down straight for two days. And I'm sure Sandra wouldn't like that.'

'I'll just tell her I got paddled with a 2x4 by one of the guys.'

'Is she still buying that traveling construction worker act with the made up company name?'

'Yep, doesn't suspect a thing.' Smiling Tristan walked over to dresser in front of the bed where the web cam was turning it on. He walked over to the foot of the bed picking up lee's right foot off the bed. He gently massaged it through the sock, rubbing with a firm grasp yet gently stroked it with tenderness. After a minute, he did the same with lee's left foot. He was then fully erect. Tristan got on the bed lying on his knees, guiding the back of lee's head to his dick. Licking it in circles then putting the head in his mouth, he sucked giving tongue action. Using his right hand, he worked on massaging Tristan's balls working each smooth nut separately. They both trimmed their pubic hair shaving their balls, both of them liking the smooth feel--they also liked to smelled fresh when someone nibbled on them.

As time wore on Tristan tightened the hold on the back of Lee's head. With Tristan's dick in his mouth Lee stretched his jaws letting the wide base slip in to his orifice, relaxing his throat his nose was slowly able to touch Tristan's trim pubic hair with hardly any gagging. When lee first started sucking Tristan, he loved making lee choke on his dick but when he learned to deep throat him without gagging as much it lost its excitement. Lee never would admit it to Tristan, but he loved rubbing his nose on his pubic hair. He loved the clean soapy smell of a man - HIS man.

'Okay,' Tristan said, lightly tapping Lee on the face with his open palm to signal time to change positions. Lee regretfully eased off his dick, hoping Tristan didn't notice his hesitation. He did, but didn't mention it, along with the other times during their previous scenes. Tristan lied down beside where Lee was laying at. Lee then got on his knees on his right side to continue sucking Tristan. His head bobbed up and down, using his craft skillful technique Tristan helped him develop. Tristan's hand was forcing his head low then back high. 'Yeah you like me controlling you, don't you?'

With Tristan's dick in his mouth He mumbled, 'Mhmm.'

In truth, he really did enjoy it; the firmness of Tristan's smooth silky dick really got him hard. Tristan's hand found its way to Lee's sex; he was jacking his shaft for him. Lee's prick being jacked in turn made him moan on Tristan's.

'Move your legs over here,' Tristan ordered, grabbing his legs toward him. Lee obeyed, after Tristan threw his boxer's to the floor, they were then in a sixty-nine position. Tristan had been giving head for years. Therefore, he was good at allowing gravity to push Lee's monstrously thick dick through down his throat. Lee's sausage was not only thick, but long as well. Any guy (Gay, straight, bi etc.) would have thought it was the perfect dick, perfectly round glans, tan, no deep veins, slight curve to the right. Lee loved his meat, although he was proud of other parts of his body as well.

He loved his slender bicep muscles that his loose fitting clothes sometimes covered. Actually, he loved his entire body including his firm bubble butt. Tristan slightly inched his fingers closer and closer toward the middle of Lee's butt cheeks. His fingers slowly trailing on his rump, and then they separated his rocky mounds. Lee slightly moaned as Tristan's fingers were teasing his bottom, moaning louder as they gently stroked his sensitive opening.


'Oh you feel that?' Tristan falsely innocently asked, after spitting Lee's dick out of his mouth.

'You know I do,' Lee replied, after pulling his head away from Tristan's rod to turn his head to look him in the face. Lee had that look in his eyes, telling Tristan he was ready. The look was desire, a longing that begged only subsiding with a stretching of his insides.

'Roll over,' Tristan said, lightly slapping his ass with enough force to make Lee groan in surprise. He complied, rolling over on his stomach leaving his bare ass exposed. Tristan draped his upper body even with Lee's rump. 'Your choice of lube.'

'I'll take spit this time.' Tristan nodded spitting on his fingers. With his left hand separating the butt cheeks apart, he used the right lubed up fingers to warm him up. Using his index finger carefully inserting it in. he added two then three. Lee was heavily breathing moaning as Tristan gave him a starting pleasure, soon to be intensified by no true words. He spread them apart wriggling them inside of Lee, letting him feel his passion for loving him. An unspoken bond they both shared; they loved each other as no two ever loved another man before. Tristan pulled his fingers out bringing them up to his mouth to add more saliva. Covering his pipe well up and down, making it warm and slick.


'Fuck yeah, been ready.'

'Okay. You know if you need me to take it out tell me.'

'Never do, but ok.' Lee never did need to have Tristan's dick taken out of him, when he rarely bottoms. Even the first time he let his ass be pounded, he moaned and groaned tears stinging his eyes, and he took it like a trooper--like a true man.

Laying on top of him he carefully inched his dick inside Lee. As the head slid in Lee groaned, the side of his cheek pressed against the sheet. Tristan's dick pushed apart Lee's anal wall. Soon most of his dick was in, a couple inches stuck out as it had the couple of times before, filling him to the max.

He slowly thrusted hard thrusts letting Lee whine away. After a few thrusts, he pulled out of him. Tristan grabbed Lee's leg signaling he wanted to turn him to lie on his back.

'I wanna see your face,' Tristan explained. He resumed his ramming of Lee's ass. Lee placed his feet behind Tristan's back, linking them together. Lee pursed his lips together breathing threw his nose, trying to quiet his screaming. His face slowly flushing red, soon sweat was forming on the edges of his head, trailing on his face. His eyes blazing with a blue fire ecstasy he never did with Sandra. Soon his lips opened giving way to actual low yells his beautiful teeth upside down at the foot of the bed, teasing the web cam. His facial features contorting to pure painful pleasure like the only other two times he received anal pleasure by him.

Tristan became more ferocious as Lee's lust grew. He loved pounding his 'straight' guy. Tristan always became aroused when he thought about the straight acting Lee. The bad boy attitude along with the boyish masculine face of an angel, made Lee irresistible to everyone including Tristan. He loved watching Lee party drinking; smoking, being wild always attracted him.

'I'm about to cum!' Tristan yelled.

'Me too! Cum on my face!' Lee only had just started stroking his sex a few moments before; he released his hold on Tristan's back letting his feet spread out lying on both sides of Tristan.

Tristan took out his dick, moving it to Lee's face. The second it brushed on Lee's face, he sucked on it. Lee nibbled on it for a few seconds before feeling Tristan pumping, releasing his hold as he came all over his face. Sticking out his tongue, he got a lot of his bittersweet cum.

'My turn,' Lee said, after Tristan had finished his ejaculation. Tristan moved down to Lee's dick sucking and nibbling on it as he had done to him.

'Fuck!' Lee screamed as his thick liquid semen shot down his throat like a faucet. Poor Tristan couldn't swallow all the shooting liquid being force down his throat. As he took his mouth off it the semen started roping, making tiny beautiful milky white perfect whips. The Semen then slowed down to a dribble slowly oozing down the sides before actually stopping.

Tristan leaned up crawling to Lee's face, kissing him with tongue. Lee returned the kiss, quickly pulling away to resume his shallow breathing. His face flushed bright red, wet with sweat. Tristan quickly brushed off the sweat off his forehead. 'So it won't burn your eyes,' Tristan explained, wiping his hand off on the bed sheets.

Lee continued to catch his breath. His was chest moving up and down, breathing slowly returning to normal. After a few minutes, their labored breathing returned to normal.

'Want to take a shower together?' Tristan asked.

'Yeah, if you want to.'

Tristan quickly jumped off the bed, grabbing Lee's hand to set him up on his feet. They both took their opposite arms over each other shoulders. In truth, they didn't need help standing up, however they enjoyed the unspoken intimacy (they dare not speak to each other.) it provided.

They walked first walked to the dresser turning off the web camera, then to take a shower. Tristan had a twin shower set in his glass block style shower. The shower had an opening in the middle where the entrance was located with a frameless glass door to keep the water from spilling out into the floor. The glass shower had marble tile on the floor; the twin showerheads were on opposite ends of the inside. Tristan and Lee usually face opposite sides. They showered the front of their bodies, turning around to wash one another's backs. They took their cotton white towels off the towel rack draping them over the top of the shower's wall.

As they got in Tristan suddenly grabbed Lee, kissing him. Tristan pulled away grabbing his ass slightly pinching it. Lee pulled him on his side of the enclosure, turning on the faucet. He lathered the light blue pouf that lay on the wall niche. He gently washed Tristan's body tickling him in the process.

Lee bathed him, Tristan returning the favor. They dried off, wrapping their towel around their waists. Tristan led the way back to his bedroom, grabbing the sheets off his bed. He started to remove them when he noticed Lee at the other side helping him.

'I got it, thanks.'

'I know you can, but I'm helping.'


'You're welcome.' They tossed the bed sheets to the corner of the floor. Tristan went to the closet, getting the other bed sheets out. Together they made Tristan's bed. When they finished, they both jumped in, cuddling next to each other. They both were mutually excited and surprised. Neither one of them never curled up together much, with each other. They did after sex and a little during their showers, but nothing like this. They held each other in a passionate embrace, kissing light romantic kisses.

'I love you,' Lee blurted out, after suddenly pulling away. Tristan was stunned, looking into Lee's eyes--they were begging him to feel the same. He did.

'I love you too.' tears suddenly running down his cheeks. Lee wiped his tears away for him. 'I've loved you forever. I just didn't know how to say it.'

'Me either. I just had to get it out of my system.' Lee pulled Tristan closer to him, letting him lay his head on his smooth chest. He held him as Tristan sobbed; eventually tiring himself out so quick he fell asleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After a few hours, Tristan slowly opened his eyes. It was late evening. He was warm and secure between his lover and a blanket. He raised his head looking at Lee sound asleep. He ever so slightly brushed his lips to his. Lee slightly kissed him back with his eyes closed.

'I see you're awake sleepyhead,' Lee murmured groggily.

'Sorry I-'

'Hey, don't apologize,' Lee interrupted.

'You're spending the night as usual right?' Tristan suddenly asked.

'If you want me too.'

'Always.' He laid his head back on Lee's chest, taking in the clean fragrance of man. They both slept soundly through the entire night, snuggling in each other's grasp.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

'So how do you like your chicken biscuit?' Tristan asked the next morning. They were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast. Tristan woke up early quietly got out of bed to make chicken biscuits and hash browns.

'Very good,' Lee replied with his mouth half full. Tristan absolutely adored the fact that Lee always loved his cooking. They both changed their clothes. They both wore t-shirts and blue jean pants. Lee brought his duffel bag in from his car.

'So, when are you leaving Sandra?

'When I leave here. I want to do it in person. I owe her that much.'

'Okay.' He looked in his eyes, then asked, 'You sure you want to be with me?'

'We wouldn't be having this conversation if I didn't. I love you.'

'Love you too.'

They ate and after helping him wash the dishes, Lee left. Tristan edited the previous night's scene as he usually did, letting Lee have final approval. It was relatively easy; zoom in here, skip a few seconds there, lighten the background, and other directorial things. It usually took no more than an hour, thirty minutes in some cases.

After editing, he checked his email and got a very interesting one, printing it out he saved it to show Lee later.

He then moved on to wash and dry Lee's outfit from the previous day. He told lee he would wash it for him, since somehow their cum got on it. They figured since it was near the bed. He then hung them up on a hanger, in front of his living room closet. His cell phone rang; looking at the caller ID, noticing it was Lee he answered it,


'Hey, baby. I'm leaving her house now. She took it well. I'm going to get a few more stuff, and be there in about an hour. You do want me to spend the night, right?'

'Hell as far as I'm concerned you never have to leave,' Tristan found himself blurting out. He could swear he could hear his smile from the other end.

'See you soon,' his tone was happy.



He was so excited he shrieked, 'Yes!' at the top of his lungs. He went to freshen up; he took a shower, washed his hair using the deep conditioner, and changed his clothes. By the time, he did that it was almost time for Lee to get there. He ran downstairs to wait in the living room. Before he sat on the couch, his doorbell rang. Opening it, he said,

'Hey sexy.'

'Hey, beautiful.' Lee grinned. Tristan pulled him in, noticing he had two duffel bags with him.'I was gonna stay a week. If that's okay?' Lee explained.

'Hell yeah! I said you never have to leave and meant It.' he closed the door. Lee grabbed him, kissing him. Pulling away, Tristan asked,

'How did she take it? What happened?'

'Great, she has been cheating on me for the past month with her neighbor. I laughed telling her I've been cheating on her with you for months.'

'Stupid bitch didn't know what she had.' Lee leaned in to kiss him, their lips brushing against one another's.

'I would feel the same way about you,' Lee replied seriously. His eyes burned with passionate sincerity.

'I know. Does it hurt knowing she wasn't faithful?'

'Nah, Not really. If I had loved her like I love you, it would have killed me. But I don't, l did but when I met you I slowly fell in love with you.'

'Who do you love more?'

'You. Even when I did love her I didn't love her this much,' he put his right hand over his heart. 'I have never loved another guy before--never had sex with one either. You are my soul mate. My guy, the only man I will not only ever have sex with, but the only one I will love.' Tears streamed down his cheeks.

Tristan wiped away his tears, then hugged lee patting him on his back. 'Shh. It's okay. I didn't mean to make you cry. I just wanted to see if you loved me as I love you.' He pulled away 'Come on, I have some good news to tell you.' leading him to the couch he sat on his lap. 'Now Do you remember when we submitted our video to that production studio?' He nodded. 'Well...' he paused taking out the printed email from his pocket. He gave it to Lee, holding it in his hand he looked stunned. It was two stapled documents one letter saying they received their video and loved it and wanted more, another was a printed out contract.

'Wow. I can't believe it.' glancing at the contract, he noticed the payment section. 'One hundred thousand dollars advance. Then thirty percent of all sales of our scenes.'

'Yep, we'll probably have to make at least more one scene a week to keep up. But I think we can do it, plus it'll be fun.'

'Well if you're gonna fuck then make sure you love the person and have fun doin' it.'

'We will. It might be a good idea to have a lawyer view the contract before we sign and fax it to them.'

'Oh yeah, goes without saying.'

'Maybe we can be the world's most famous porn duo,' he smiled.

'As long as I'm with you.' Tristan kissed him, his lips slightly brushing against his. It was his way of saying thank you. Lee responded tenderly as well. He wrapped his arms around Tristan. Tristan came up for air first.

'You know I feel about you transcends sex and lust, right?' Tristan asked.

'Yeah, me too.' They looked into each other's eyes for a long moment. Tristan enjoyed Lee's intense blue eyes as they contrasted his own brown. Lee felt the same way; for all their differences even, they had some similarities. They knew their comparisons would be what would keep harmony in their relationship keeping them together.

Tristan was the first to break their gaze. Scrunching down he put the side of his head on his chest, letting Lee wrap his arms around him. Lee held him tight on his chest showing him love; ready to makeup for their lack of emotional intimacy after the web cam was turned off.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

One year later.

Lee was laying in bed his arms behind his head on the pillow. It had been a busy day. Both he and Tristan met their lawyer earlier in the day. He discussed the company they now owned, a porn company/website that released porn of the average gay men couple.

They were not only average guys, but also models with a guy next-door feel mixed in as well. The really popular scenes were compiled and released on DVDs for their viewers, which is where the company part came in. They accepted scenes like the ones him and Tristan occasionally still do. The company both Lee and Tristan owned was branch of the one that sent them their first contract exactly a year from the days date. Lee moved in to Tristan's house about a week after reading the contract Tristan printed out for him. After he stayed that initial week, he got all of his stuff from his place and moved it into Tristan's. So he never really left after that week.

It was now late evening after meeting with their lawyer they had dinner at a beautiful Italian restaurant. They had great food and even better wine.

'Are you coming?' Lee asked, getting a little impatient.

'In a minute. Be patient,' Tristan spoke, raising his voice from the master bathroom to be heard. Lee groaned, waiting for his surprise Tristan had told him about at dinner.

It had been awhile since they had sex--no... made love--because of their busy agenda; with appointments, meetings, contract agreements, and everything associated with possessing a company. One of the good things about the pair of them owning the company equally is that they share the responsibility.

'Okay, honey. Are you ready?'

'Been ready for the past hour.' Lee hadn't really been waiting an hour. He was just exaggerating, teasing Tristan as they both mutually enjoyed doing to one another.

Tristan came out wearing a sheer black men's sarong around his waist along with a dark mesh see through shirt. Lee's eyes stared at his body--a bulge a forming from lee's pants revealing a certain tightness that said he loved the outfit--taking in every his entire body; Tristan's curve of his muscles, the way his skin filled out the outfit. Tristan responded to Lee's hardness by sporting one of his own.

'So I take it that it was worth the wait,' Tristan flashed a very sexy smile.

'Come here,' Lee compelled huskily.

Tristan obeyed. He walked to the foot of the bed not quite touching it turned around to flash his ass. Tristan loved teasing him, making him delirious with lust.

'Closer,' Lee patted the spot beside him on the bed. Tristan crawled in bed, slowly moving as to make sure Lee saw every curve of his body in his new lingerie. When his head reached the pillow, Lee pounced on him.

Tristan felt loved in every sense of the word. Lee made sure of that. Tristan removed lee's clothes they kissed, rimmed, sucked, and of course had a little anal play. After they climaxed, Tristan said,

'I almost forgot I want to show you my favorite scene we taped.' He burned it on DVD placing the disc in the player minutes before they left to see their lawyer. Pressing the power button, he turned on the television, taking the remote with him. He jumped in bed showing him the scene they did the afternoon before Lee broke up with his then girlfriend Sandra. Seeing it, they both were slowly getting hard again. Their noodles were slowly rising to attention, soon swelling to their normal hard rod like size. 'I love it when you wear your ankle bracelet.'

'Good thing I'm wearing it now.'

Tristan looked and he was, in fact, he wore it when they had left earlier in the day. Lee grabbed his neck puling him close to his body with his arm.

'I'm glad we finally have some down time to spend with each other. Seems like we're always busy with the business and everything.'

'Me too,' Tristan agreed. 'I love being with the company but sometimes it's good just to be with you.'

'And you.'

They made love again that evening, loving every second of it.



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