Fall 1999. 19 yrs old

Dave and I had been seeing each other 2 years when he received a scholarship to a major college out of town. I had just been hired in a local women's apparel shop and didn't want to move. He would come home every weekend and he would fuck me, but mostly, I sucked him as often as he wanted.

I offered to go there, once in a while, but he was hesitant . He said that, while I was very beautiful and sexy, I still came across as just a cross-dresser.  I was deeply hurt. He then told me of someone would help me learn to be a "woman", if I wanted. He said he really wanted me to come stay with him occasionally so me could show me off.

I agreed and when he came home for Semester break, he introduced me to my new teacher. he told me she had been a tranny for several years. I was surprised to discover she owned the store where I worked! I never suspected!

When I approached Jackie, she gave me an appraising look. She said, " If you want my help, you will do everything I tell you. Is that clear? if you don't you can leave." I promised i would obey.

She said, "Good. No get on your knees and suck my cock!" I was surprised, but started sucking like a vacuum cleaner. She pushed me away and said, "Not like that! Watch me and listen as I give Dave a  great blowjob!"

She said, "Remember, a great blowjob doesn't always use hands. You kiss the cock, you lick the head, you nibble his balls, you suck, you vary your technique.!" Then she proceeded to suck Dave like she described. After a couple of moments, he filled her mouth. She swallowed and then turned to me and said, "Your turn. And when you finish with him you can finish me!"

I started sucking Dave  as she described. I had to suck him a nearly 30 minutes before he came. Some cum spilled onto my face, and I used my fingers to wipe it up and sucked my fingers clean, slowly. I saw Jackie smile approvingly. As I sucked Jackie, she said, "Much better, but you need practice. Plan on sucking me everyday you are here at the shop. Now go home and both of you come back in the morning."

We went home and he fucked me harder than he had in a long time. It felt wonderful. I sucked him clean. He surprised me and gave me a long sensual blowjob. He'd only done this once before! aAfter that I would have done anything he asked.

The next morning, we returned to the shop. After she locked the doors, Jackie got on her knees and commanded me to lick her ass. I licked around the rim and drove my tongue in her hole and flicked it around. She moaned softly.

After a few moments she told Dave to fuck me while I ate her ass. He as so ready, he buried his cock in me without lubing me first! I was in agony. I wanted to cry out but Jackie yelled, "Keep licking!" I remembered my promise and kept licking. Tears were streaming down my face as Dave fucked me for what seemed like an eternity! I regretted having fucked him so much last night.

When he finally came, Jackie told me to start sucking him clean. Jackie positioned herself behind me and place her cock against more sore ass hole. She told me I needed to be able to suck a cock while being painfully fucked. And not to bite Dave!. Dave looked hesitant, but agreed. Jackie fucked while I sucked and after a few minutes she came. She told me to clean up and get ready for work. Since Dave had to return to college, I kissed him and said I would see him in a couple of weeks.

The day passed slowly, and I was ready to go home when the shop closed. Jackie had other ideas, though. She said, "We need to find you some clothes, and not just slutty clothes. When I am through with you, you will be able to work here and very few will be able to tell your not a woman. She helped me pick out several nice blouses, skirts, and dresses for when I'm a lady. She had me wear nice flats, since I would be on my feet most the day in the shop. She also bought me a few extremely indecent clothes to wear for Dave.

Over the next several weeks, Dave commented how much I had changed! He could barely keep his hands off me, or his cock out of me when we were together. I had learned how to walk, how to sit for, how to be demure and then be seductive.

The next step was to start hormone treatments so my breasts would grow. And I was finally getting my ears pierced.

Jackie took me to a piercing parlor in another city. In the parlor, Jackie commanded I strip. After I sat in the chair, I was forcibly strapped down so I couldn't move. Jackie told me I was going to get the full treatment all at once and that it would be very painful! My ears would be pierced in several places, Both nipples would be pierced, along with my navel. I passed out from the pain. After a few days the pain subsided, and after I healed, Jackie bought me several pieces of nipple and navel jewelry.

Not long after, we went back to the parlor, this time for a tattoo. I lay face down and my legs were strapped open. I could feel the needle on my cheeks and in my crack. I had no idea what it was. I asked the artist what it was. He said it was, " Always Open, Always Yes" with an arrow pointed at my ass hole. He asked if that were true. I thought about it a moment and said yes. He pulled his pants down and crawled onto me while i was still strapped down. Jackie watched as he fucked me for a for a few minutes. After he came, Jackie said, "You know what to do." I reached behind me and scoped some of my cream and slowly licked my fingers clean. The artist said, "Damn! that is the hottest thing I've seen in a long time!"

Needless to say Dave loved my piercings and my tattoo. He is fucking my like he used to!

Till next time,

Angie K


Angie K


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