As kids we don't see our parents are people, they are simple mom and dad. They may be involved in our lives, they may be great people, they may be complete losers, doesn't matter, they are our parents and that is how it is. Once we grow up and move out on our own we can see them as people and see how they weren't perfect nor were they evil.

When I was nineteen I moved from home, into a dump with two buddies. More on that later. Once I was away I could see my mom as a person. She was a beautiful woman. Men pursued her and wooed her because of her beauty starting when she was in her very early teens. This provided her with a rather fun and exciting life, one in which school was deemed important. Thus she relied on her looks to get what she needed. She always had a boyfriend and as is bound to happen, one of them knocked her up. At the age of twenty she married the guy and prepared for motherhood.

The guy, my father, was five years older and he too was a good-looking man. Between the two of them they did graduate from high school but I think their looks and the push to get the students to graduate so the school would continue to receive the federal money, they didn't earn the diploma. My father worked as a contractor. Basically he was paid hourly to build homes. It isn't work for complete idiots, but it is great work for a guy who has the stamina to work hard and work long. Mom stayed home the first year and cared for me. After that she started working in a bar.

I didn't see them together often and I didn't spend much time actively involved with them. It was abusive but I wasn't their idea of an ideal evening at home. Finally, after ten years of pretending to be a family my dad left and my mom soon found a boyfriend. A string of boyfriends. This ended when I was twelve and she moved in with a guy was said he had been in the military. Maybe he had, maybe it was all talk, but he was strict and he was tough.

Interestingly enough, this was not a bad thing for a twelve year old. We didn't live in some nice cozy suburb. It was a dumpy duplex in the city. My new dad, who said I was to call him Sir. Before you jump to assumptions, Sir was not gay. He was very much a pussy loving man. The sound of him banging my mom was a nightly routine. He taught me to work hard, like baseball and cars and to work out. He was in many ways an ideal father. He paid the bills, never hit me, and spent time with me, doing things he liked, but taught me to be confident and that I needed to work for everything I wanted.

By sixteen I had grown into the genes of my mother and father, and developed those genes into a decent looking body thanks to Sir. Girls began to take notice. Not wanting to disappoint Sir, I quickly took a girlfriend and began the typical sex life of a teenager. Of course, since you are reading this, you can assume correctly that I wasn't really that into girls. Yep, I was a teenage gay boy who played the pussy loving guy role to avoid discovery. Because I wasn't that into girls I was a terrible boyfriend and the relationships ended after a few months. Being attractive and fit a new chick would claim me as hers within days. I loved fucking but kept my eyes closed as I banged away imagining the sloppy pussy was a hot young stud's ass.

Halfway into my seventeenth year I had developed a body that rivaled the hunks found in the ads. Smooth, ripped, muscled and good-looking, I drew looks from women and men of all ages. I had landed a part-time job at the sports field doing whatever shit work was needed. The perks were being physical and getting to see the games for free. Free is not exactly the truth. I was busted using the employee entrance to get into a game. The security guard who caught me worked full time at the field and knew who I was, he also knew that free entrance was not a perk.

Because I loved the job and didn't want to loose it he took the opportunity to make it work in his favor. What he didn't know was it worked in my favor as well. Standing in the hallway in the guts of the field he told me he could turn me in, or I could turn him on. At first I wasn't sure what he meant. When he grabbed his crotch and pointed to the ground I figured it out. My first cock sucking experience. I didn't let on that I was thrilled and that I loved every second of it, but I was and did.

Two months went by, sport season was high and there were games at least once a week. My security guard would bust me every time, and would bust a nut down my throat. Then it happened. He followed me, without my knowledge, into the small rest room in the guts of the field and busted me sitting on the shitter jerking off.

"So, he likes sucking cock. Derrick, admission just went up." I was embarrassed and terrified. After taking off my shirt and shorts, boxers at my ankles, he fucked me. The rest of that summer I made sure to attend every game played at the field. And my security guard made sure he charged my ass admission every time.

School began and the games became less frequent. Finally he found out I was seventeen and we had a little discussion about how I had played him, lied to him and he could get in a ton of trouble. The last thing I wanted was for anyone to find out. This security guard wasn't overweight, he wasn't old and he was a great top. Plus, if word got out I was taking cock several times a week, shit, life would be over. I didn't let on that the price of revealing our arrangement would hurt me as much as it would hurt him.

He said I owed him, gave me his address and told me to be there the next day at six. I didn't enjoy the game that night. I didn't think of anything during school other than what he wanted. Turns out what he wanted was exactly what I needed, I just didn't know it.

His place was a little nicer than ours. Simply furnished and nothing on the walls. In a way it had no personality, sorta like hotel rooms. Sitting on his beige sofa I waited, wondering what he wanted. He pulled out a camera. "Not going to do any porn, don't need that shit, but pictures of a guy without his shirt on isn't porn." Off came my shirt and after numerous poses that looked like snapshots, he smiled and said it was good.

He told me he wanted a blowjob and I eagerly got on my knees and started working his cock. Until the doorbell rang. He got up, tucked his cock in, and zipped up as he walked to the door. "Derrick, you are gonna do me a little favor since you nearly sent me to prison." I stood up, my gut clenched in apprehension.

In walked a guy who looked that same age as my security guard. They appeared to be friends. "Derrick, this is a good buddy of mine." He slapped the buddy's back. "And this is the hot stud I have been fucking at work."

His buddy smiled. "Nice to finally meet you. Been hearing about you for months. Mind losing the pants?"

There was no secret or mystery about what was going to happen. I removed my jeans and without being told I dropped my boxers. The buddy smiled again. "Damn, this is going to be hot. Come on kid."

I followed him into the bedroom and in little over an hour later I had two loads on cum shot on me. The buddy got dressed and left the room. I looked for a towel to wipe up and found none. I could hear the guys talking in the other room. There was no question that my ass had been amazing. The door to the place opened and closed and I walked out of the bedroom, still sticky with cum.

"Not so fast stud. My turn."

Every Friday I would head over to his place and meet another buddy. After a nice sweaty fuck the buddy would leave and my security guard would come in and take his time giving me what he wanted. The thing is, I wanted it too. All week long the anticipation grew until I finally would step into his place and see what sort of buddy was going to fuck me. Most of the guys were in their mid thirties. They were in average to better shape, a couple were hot, most were average looking. It didn't matter. I loved the sex. I loved being expected to let these guys fuck me. I loved being used by my security guard.

Thankfully I was able to keep up with school, work and working out. The girlfriends kept coming and going. I loved fucking and now I had faces and bodies to think about as I plowed the teenaged pussy to keep my cover. My mom never suspected a thing and Sir, well, he was pleased I was getting laid and keeping up with things, including my workouts. From the outside I was a man's man, physically, interests and knowledge. On the inside I loved cock.

The remaining weeks until my eighteenth birthday were the same routine. Showing up on Friday's and having a buddy and then my security guard fuck me. I would go home tired, sometimes a little sore but very happy. Sir was sure I was fucking my girlfriend and mom was happy I returned by curfew. It worked well. The week of my birthday, which was on a Thursday, went slowly. Once I was legal what would he do?

Walking up to his place a car horn honked. He was in his car. I walked over, he smiled, and I climbed in. He said happy birthday to me and we took off. The rest of the ride we were silent. We ended up in an industrial park, building after building without windows, large garage doors and service doors with a number of business name on them. As we approached one of the garage doors opened. He drove in. Really it was no surprise to see the space. Lights, cameras, a bunch of guys milling around. As we walked towards the guys I began to recognize them. Every one of them was one of the buddies who had fucked me during the previous months.

"Ready for a gang bang Derrick?"

The words caught me. I had guessed it was going to be something along those lines. But hearing the words 'gang bang' and seeing the guys, drove it home. I had a lump in my throat and tried to swallow. "Uh, yeah." I wasn't sure. And it was clear that the birthday gangbang was going to be recorded. What the fuck was I getting into?

Ever seen a porno where one guy is repeatedly fucked by a group of guys? Oral, anal, tossed around, cum on, spanked, slapped and used without much regard to the one guys experience? That is what happened. They were never mean or caused real pain, but it sure wasn't a nice friendly fuck. It lasted for a few hours and finally when the last of the guys had shot his load on me I was allowed to roll onto my back as the camera came in for a close up of my abuse, sweat and cum covered body.

My security guard allowed me to shower and then drove me home. I didn't speak. My lips were sore, my throat was sore, my body was sore and I was exhausted. My brain couldn't think. I fell into bed fully dressed and slept until nearly noon the next day.

Upon waking I went to take a shower, afterwards I looked at my naked body in the mirror and was surprised to find nothing to show what had happened the night before. Staring into my own eyes it hit me. I had loved it. The cameras, the multiple men, the complete lack of control, I loved it. I knew I would be doing it again and knew that basic fucking was not enough. I also knew that the girlfriends would never be of interest to me again.

I felt lucky. At eighteen I knew what I wanted in terms of sex. I wanted sex with men. I wanted it wild and on the rough side and I wanted it often. That was one hell of a birthday gift.

Waking up the next morning my ass was sore. No surprise, I had been fucked a couple dozen times. Not just a little sore either, I was walking funny. Told the folks I slipped while walking down some wooden stairs while wearing socks. They bought it. The rest of the week was sexless, I needed time to recover but by Friday I was horned up again and willing to do just about anything.

My security guard was waiting in his car as I approached his place. What hot adventure did he have in mind? After last Friday it was clear to both of us I would do anything and my limits, well I didn't know if I had any limits. The smile on his face was huge. We chatted as he drove and I admitted I loved every moment of last week and couldn't wait to see what he had in mind. In hindsight he was fishing for information from me, how far would I go? It was a good question. How far would I go? We arrived at an old warehouse that had been converted to condos. Riding the old industrial elevator to the eighth floor we were silent. The anticipation was killing me.

Turns out there was a little cocktail party happening inside the condo. Twenty some men were there eating little morsels and drinking fancy drinks. Slowly the host introduced us to the other guests who were all dressed nicely. This was not what I expected. After an hour of mingling with people the host asked us for our attention and said he had a special treat. Directing out gaze to a large white wall the lights went down and the wall became a screen. You guessed it; the video that was shown was me getting fucked. My cock became hard. Watching me naked, having one cock after another shoved into my hole, unbelievably hot.

The video continued to play and men would come up to me, congratulate me, cop a feel and pay me compliments. I ate it up. Shit I was so turned on they could strip me down and feel me up skin on skin! During the hour the video played I had the chance to smile at all the guests and feel their hand on my ass. At least ten years younger then them I did perk up when I saw one guy my age. He was adorable and brunette and had the body of a young jock, baseball maybe, not too bulky but not as thin as a swimmer.

Our introduction was brief and he didn't touch me but he did cause my cock to stir. I fucking love that feeling. Being fully dressed and in a semi public place and have my cock pump up and tingle. Love it. The host came by a moment later and asked if I like Brock. Brock? Really? Was anyone really named Brock? Sounded like one of those fake names they give guys who do a couple of gay porn photosets. Keeping my opinion of his name to myself I said I found him sexy as hell.

"Would you mind fucking him?"

"Would I? I would love it!" My enthusiasm was not contained.

"While we watch?"

Did he really ask if I would fuck Brock while the guys watched? A live sex show for a bunch of men? "Hell yeah!"

He leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Damn I was horny.

Once again the host called the attention of the guests and called me forward. All eyes were on me as I made my way toward him.

"Gentlemen and horn dogs. This is Derrick, the incredibly sexy young stud from the video." There was a polite but solid applause from the crowd. "You have seen him named. You have seen him suck cock and you have seen him fucked repeatedly. However, you have not seen him fuck. That will change. Tonight, just for us, Derrick will be performing for us, fucking one lucky man for their and our entertainment."

Again the applause and cheers filled the room.

"Brock honey, where are you?"

Everyone was looking around to see where Brock was. In a moment he walked through the crowd and smiled. He was already chubbing.

"I know you two have meet briefly earlier tonight. Now you will really get to know each other. Derrick, Brock here has been to this type of party entertainment in the past, haven't you Brock?"

Brock nodded and smiled. I looked up at his face. He was a good four inches taller than I, thin but not scrawny. His dark hair closely cut and his smile, or was it a smirk, made me want to kiss him.

"Well boys, why don't you two say hello, properly."

Brock stepped forward and gave me a kiss on the lips. I immediately responded. His hands were on my body, I didn't need to think about running my hands over his, it just happened. He broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, "I am going to pound your ass while these guys watch. You will be limping home when I am done with you."

His comment caught me by surprise. "What makes you think I am not topping you?"

His hand reached for my groin and he squeezed. "You can top me but you can't out fuck me stud."

Slow enough to take in the beauty of the other's body we undressed each other and caressed kissed and sucked on the smooth young torso of the other. We were both hard and the idea of all the men watching left me thoughts. All I wanted was to fuck this guy and make sure he was the one walking with a limp.

Soon naked and his cock in my hand I was a little concerned. He wasn't too terribly long but he was thick. Shit. He may leave me limping with a solid drilling from that mallet.

We took our time sucking, feeling, stroking and rimming. There was no hurry and the audience was clearly enjoying the show. Brock removed his tongue from my hole. A moment later the cold lube hit my hole. He worked some in with a couple fingers and then pulled me up onto my knees. Preparing for entry I steadied myself. He spread my hole, positioned his cock and then slid that thick fucker in. I gasped. Loudly. Fuck he was thick. Not only thick, he fucked like a guy who had been fucking for decades.

My fears of losing this one and limping home gripped me. Trying to relax I kept my breathing in pace with his thrust. His rhythm was steady and hard. Each time he slammed into me I would grunt. The guys loved it. Without warning he pulled out, grabbed my hips and flipped me over. Straddling me he aimed his thick tool at my face and with two strokes let loose an impressive bolt of jizz. And another and another. His aim was as impressive as his load. My face was hit repeatedly, enough cum to force me to close my eyes. The spurts stopped, his fingers ran along my face scooping up his juice. Thankfully my eyes had been spared. Opening them I saw him smirking like a hunter who bagged the prize buck. He turned around, stuck his ass out and rubbed his cum covered fingers over his hole. "Well Derrick, you gonna fuck me or are you too tired?"

The kinky stud wanted me to use his own load as lube. Fuck that was hot. Determined to give him a fucking to rival the one he laid on me I got on my knees, lined my cock up to his hole, spread his cheeks and slowly pushed my purple head in. Once it popped in I stopped and waited. The guys had moved closer to get a good view and I gave them time to see the hole my nice hard cock had just barely entered. Then I took action. Thrusting into him as hard as I could I sent us both forward. He landed flat and I fell onto him. Not wanting to let that slow the action I regained my balance and began to plow into him as rough and hard as I possibly could.

I could hear him trying not to grunt, but he wasn't able to remain quiet. His efforts, the encouragement from the viewers and my own lust for fucking this hot ass took me into a new level of exhilaration. I wanted to fuck him hard. And I did.

When I was ready to blow my load I pulled out and told him to spread his hole. He didn't say a word as he reached back and opened his hole. Aiming my cock for the gapping opening I jerked my load on his ass.

After I finished unloading I smiled. I knew he had been well fucked. Now to see him stand. Slowly he stood as did I and we smiled, arms around each other, as the crowd showed their appreciation. Our host led us to the bathroom so we could shower.

"Derrick, that was impressive. You also fuck rough?"

"First time that rough. But I fucking loved it." I felt great.

"We need to fuck again. You into rough sex? Ever rape a willing stud?"

The word rape caught me off guard. "Rape?"

"Yeah. Ever have a guy tell you he wants it hard, forceful and without mercy? Ever lay into him and just go hog wild plowing him, like you just did, until you bust a nut?"

"I guess what just happened is the closest."

"Fuck me Derrick. You are a natural. Soon we need to hook up so you can rape my hole."

Not sure what to say I finished my shower and toweled off. Before we left that night I had Brock's number.

That is how it started. Brock liked it rough and it took no time for me to find that ripping a willing stud's ass up turned me on like nothing else. At first it was surprising how many guys liked being pounded without any regard to his comfort but guys really got into it. My favorite was pounded the hell out of the older muscle studs. My boy next-door looks, youth and smaller but solid body were contradictory to the bigger studs that took my assault. Shit, they would almost beg for it sometimes.

Sure I would fuck easy and slow but the adrenalin rush was nothing like fucking a guy until he was crying in pain and pleasure.



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