Alexander and Bartholomew were born only minutes apart in rooms right next to each other. As they grew older they did everything together. From sports to academics to dates to dances and even jobs. The boys had became the bestest of friends knowing everything about each other.

Alexander was six foot one with platinum blonde hair styled after the latest Justin Bieber hair change. It worked more for Alexander because of his great emerald green eyes, perfectly white teeth, soft pink lips, soccer player build, washboard abs, and eight and a half inch dick. Alexander was the more twinky of the two.

Bartholomew on the other hand was 5 foot eleven, woodland brown hair, deep ocean big blue eyes, violently red lips, abs and a body of a God in which most people compared him to Apollo,  and a more than godly ten inch dick.

The boys had finished their senior year with a solid 3.95 G.P.A. and an academic and sports scholarship to two of their dream colleges. Alexander for Soccer and Bartholomew for LaCrosse.  It was no question that they'd go to the sasame college,  room together, party together and everything else.

Time had passed and the boys moved in and started their year together.

"Yo B, what time are you gonna get back from class?" Alex asked shoving on pants.

"Well, if we don't get into a heated discussion like Tuesday,  it'll be noon, but if not maybe 1. Why? What's up?" Bartholomew responded shoving books in his backpack.

"I need a workout partner tonight. Connie cancelled on me."

" Robbie and I wee going to go out tonight. You should have asked sooner bro."

"Oh okay. What time are you guys going? I might skip my last class to go with." The boys had thought it would be better to not room together. As much as they are brothers and all, it may have been a bad ideal to room together.

"Dude you never skip class! Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I'm sure besides, i need it. Your calc homework was a bit much." They laughed and headed out the door starting their day. Alex hit the gym after class and the headed back to the dorm for a shower and to get ready for the night.

Alex got to the dorm and shed his clothes. He ran his hand throughout his platinum blonde hair admiring his hairless soccer player body. He looked at his body, proud of what he accomplished over the years. He wrapped himself in a towel, grabbed his body soap and headed towards the showers. The shower were community styled with curtains to provide privacy. Most of the boys on the floor didn't care about it.

Alex entered the shower and walked down the empty spaces until he got to the last space on the left. Jayme was in the shower space across from Alex on the right. Alex had known Jayme for as many years he had known Bart, with the exception of them just being teammates on the soccer field.

Alex started the shower, and stood on the side with a hand in the water waiting for it to warm. With both Jayme and Alex running hot water the shower began to fogg. Alex stepped in the water and began to stand under the water letting all the days stress soak off. Alex could feel like he was being watched.

"Hey, umm, Alex. Umm, I left my soap back in my room, I was wonder if I could borrow some of yours?" Jayme had walked up behind Alex and was waiting on him to answer.

Alex giggled. "Yeah. No probs." Alex had turned and stopped in his tracks. He and Jayme had seen each other naked before when they played together but he had never seen Jayme baked with a raging erection. Jayme had be hung, like a horse. Probably 11.5 inches. "Yeah, and you might want to take care of that too." Alex laughed and pushed the soap into Jayme's hands.

Jayme turned and headed back towards his shower,  and begin to lather his body. Alex hadnt turned back around, instead he watched Jayme, hoping he'd take care of his raging erection. And Jayme did just that. Jayme had slid his hand down his hairleso body, griping his cock at the base and slowly stroking his cock.  Alex watched in amazement. He couldn't believe Jayme was willing to jack off in front of him. Alex bit his lip and urged him to go on with a nod of his head.

Jayme had spit into his hand, and rubbed the hend of his cock with his hand in a circular motion, slowly moving down his strong veiny cut cock. Pulling on his balls, Jayme grabbed his 11.5 inch member and begin to stroke it faster and faster, letting moans and groans of pleasure slip out every now and again. Jayme turned around dropped to his knees, his ass facing Alex. Jayme took his own figure and begin to play with his own perfectly pink asshole moaning as he teased himself. Jayme slipped a finger inside of himself and let out a big moan, and started fingering himself while still jacking off. Jayme turned around to where he was still on his knees, and dick facing Alex. He begin to pump his dick faster become louder and louder with his body tightening and twitching he let out one last loud grunt and shot his cum everywhere. He shot six shots total. Three reaching as far as Ales' s foot, two mid-way and the rest just half of that. He removed the finger from his ass, washed off and left the shower quickly. Alex couldn't believe what he had just saw, better yet,  he couldn't believe that his dick was as hard as a fucking diamond. Alex be gain to strok his cock until the great filling of cumming approached and he shot on the wall where he was showering. He washed off and headed for his dorm.

Alex got dressed and called up Bart. They met up outside of the dorm and set out to the club.

"Yo B! Dude I've got some crazy shit to tell you son. So like you know Jayme from the soccer team right? Yo, so I went to shower right, and I'm standing their showering and shit, and then somebody call my name. Turns out it was Jayme. He had forgotten his soap and neended to borrow some so I lent him some of mine."

"Yeah, what about it. That happens all the time."

"No bruh, like he asked me and he was hard as a rock. And after I lent him some soap,  he jacked off in front of me. Like full fledged gettin' himself off. "

"Dude! No fucking way!"

"Why would I make something up like that?!"

"Dude! Damn. What did you do?"

"I just kind of stood there. I didn't know what to do."

"Dude, that's crazy, but we're here. Forget about that and let's have a fun time."

They entered the bar and had a fun night. They took drink after drink until they couldn't walk. Everyone except Alex. He was the responsible onE tonight as they had made that clear on the phone call they had earlier. The boys had met up with some of the guys from the team and did more and more shots and drinks with them. They took it to the dance floor, dancing and taking more shots.

Alex was dancing with a girl when he was drunk-ly sandwiched between the girl and her drunk friends. Thsee girls were part of the hottest and hornyest sorority on campus but they weren't appealing to Alex. So he went and danced with his boys.

He danced three or for songs and then returned to the bar and ordered a ginger ale and sat sipping and watching his boys drunkingly dance on the floor.

"Mind if we dance, they are playing a slow song next." A very fimilar voice said to Alex.  Alex turned and surely enough,  Jayme had asked him to dance. Jayme was wearing a baby blue shirt that matched perfect with his tan complection,  a white huka shell necklaces his Hawaiian parents gave to him, and white jeans which showed his bulge of greatly. How could he resist.

"Sure. Why not."

They entered the floor and locked their bodies together slowly moving to the beat of the song. Alex back was towards Jayme's chest, slowly grinding to the music, his hand slowly rubbing up and down Alex's thighs,  and his head kissing Alex's neck slowly, heavily breathing.

The feeling of Jayme's breathing and the rubbing of his thighs was getting to him.

"Stop. Jayme, Jayme stop. No. We can't do this."

"Your right. Or not. We can't do this here."

Jayme grabbed Alex by the hand and led him to the bathroom and pushed open a stall and dragged Alex in. He pushed Alex against the stall wall and locked lips with him. They embraced in a kiss. A kiss that sent sparks and zing throughout their bodies. Wrestling tounges they begin to passionately make out in the stall. Alex pushing back on Jayme, and Jayme falling back on the opposite stall wall. Jayme reached under Alex's thighs and picked him up, falling back to the stall wall do to the sudden pickup. Jayme movet from the kiss, to Alex's neck. Kissing and sucking his neck, and slowly moving down.

"Wait. Wait. Wait. Put me down. Stop. Jayme, stop."

"Wait, babe. What's wrong?" Jayme asked putting him down with a confused look in his eye.

"What's wrong? What's wrong is that your drunk."


"Yes. You. Are. We've got to go. I've got to go get Bart and Robbie." Alex left the stall with Jayme following behind. Alex looked for Bart on the floor but his roommate Robbie said he left with Jennie, and ssaid that they'd be 'shaggin' all night.

Alex turned to leave, but saw Jayme at the bar buying another three drinks and chugging them.

"Jayme, we need to leave."

"We? I didn't come here with you."

"So what. Your way to drunk to be here with your set of friends."

"So you say. If you want me, all you've got to do is ask young jedi."

"Ew. Your quoting Star Wars. It's time to go." Alex drags Jayme out of the bar and walks the 10 minutes back to the dorm. Jayme's roommate wasn't there, and Alex's roommate was out, so he let Jayme crash in his room.

Jayme and Alex stumbled in the room and onto the futon, Jayme on top of Alex. Jayme leans in for another kiss and locks lips with Alex. It felt way to good to stop. Alex and Jayme kept going, kissing more and more passionately., pilling off their shirts and their belts before Alex stopped the make out session again.

"Stop. Jayme you're drunk."

"I know.  Drunk and horny. Now kiss me you hot son of a bitch." Jayme said leaning back in.

"No." Alex said pushing Jayme off of him. Alex got off the futon and grabbed sweats for the both of them. He and JayJayme changed their pants. Alex moved to the medicen cabinet and pulled out what he uses for hangovers. Cranberry juice, halls, club soda and a V8.

Alex turned around and saw Jayme bent over the trash can, vomiting. He shook his head and just knew the night was going to be long.

The following mornino they both awoke at the same time.

"What happened last night?"

"We went out last night and you got entirely to drunk, and then we passed out here."

"Wow. Shit dude. I'm sorry."

"Nawh. It's fine. You just. You just kinda were a little to aggressive last night."

"Aggressive?  What do you mean?"

"Like this."

Alex walked over to Jayme and pressed their lips together. They kissed passionately and Alex climbed ontop of Jayme. Alex had been waiting all night for this. Ever since he seen him in the shower. Alex and Jayme begin to kiss more passionately wresting their tonges around in each othothers mouths, Alex grinding his ass into his huge cock. Alex moved from his lips to his neck, teasing and licking it. Then to his chest,  kissing and licking his nipples until he moaned. He moved down his chest, to his belly button, kissing that. Then to his cock. His perfect, gigantic, cock. He pulled it out of his pants and swallowed it whole. All 11.5 inches. He begin to tease, suck, play and swallow his cock, bobbing back in forth on it, taking it all the way down his throat,  to where he wouldn't gag on it anymore.

He siced Jayme untI'll Jayme shit his delicious man juices into Alex's mouth, Alex holding it in his mouth. All stands over Jayme and removes his pants and spit Jayme's cum into his hands and rubs some of it on to Jayme's dick and the other half in his ass, using it for lube. He sits straight down onto Jayme's dick, letting the huge thick cock invade his whole, slowly pushing the head through, followed by the long shift till the head sank in, he threw his head back and started to ride. He was riding his dick back and forth,  up and down, squeezing his whole on Jayme's dick,  milking it for all it had. Jayme synchronize Alex's movement with his own,  fucking Alex deep and hard. Jayme rising up and pushing Alex on his back without pulling out never missed a beat and kept pumping deep and hard into Alex making him scream out in pleasure loudly.

Jayme bent down to kiss Alex, feeling his leaking dick between the two, he worked even harder and pulled to him even tighter massaging his whole with his cock, and his dick between the two of them. Jayme kept pumping in and out of his hole until he was ready to shoot. He raised up and pushed deep into Alex and shoot even deever into him. The screamed in sync shooting their loads at the same time. Jayme bent dowe over alex's cumm soaked body, and kissed him one more time.

"Next time, I want you to pull my hair." Alex whispered into Jayme's ear,  licking it and slowly turning over onto him.


Rainbow Fortune Teller


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