The noise was deafening. The big lawn mower was crisscrossing the stretch of grass between the house and the pool, carving even stripes into the blue-green fescue. It had been a long winter, cold and gray. This was the first really beautiful day of spring, hovering at 78 degrees. My blonde hair had gotten dark, my flesh white and pasty. I longed for the caress of summer. The sun was warm and felt good on my naked skin. I was trying to get some color. I watched the guys from the lawn service swarm over the property like ants, trimming and edging as the mower moved across the green. Dust rose into the air, and I felt it drifting down onto my oiled skin. I thought, maybe I had better move indoors for a while until these men finish their work.

I had used this service for several years. The guys were different every season. I guessed they got paid minimum wage, and cutting grass is not a career, after all. In any case, the gang of Latin dudes working on my lawn were all strangers to me, except for one man who seemed to have been on the team since I contracted with them five years ago. His name was Manuel.

I assumed he was the lead worker, supervisor for the rest of the motley crew. He was a big man, maybe 6'4', about 28 or maybe 30 years old. His head was typically wrapped in a blue bandanna; his dark oily hair pulled tightly into a pigtail that ran down his neck and stopped between his shoulder blades. Usually shirtless, Manuel's back and shoulders were tanned a deep, rich copper color. His broad, heavily muscled chest was almost hairless except for curly black tufts that grew around each of his tits like little black halos. His belly was well defined, abs rippling down to his belt. I could see a strip of paler tan skin at his waist, where the band of his plaid boxers blocked the tanning rays of the sun. He was always sweating, glistening drops beading on his forehead and rivulets of salty perspiration streaming down his thickly muscled back, staining the back of his pants dark.

I usually offered them something to drink, so I figured I might as well go inside and get them a pitcher of lemonade. As I passed the guys, I felt them gawking at me, staring at the tall blonde man from an entirely different world than theirs. They had me figured out, I guess. I could feel their eyes on me, smirks on their macho brown faces. God, Latin guys are very sexy! Manuel was saying something, but I couldn't hear him over the mower's powerful exhaust. He stopped the machine.

'Hola! How've ya been, Mr. Gordon? Your lawn needs much work to get it ready for the summer. I'll take good care of it for ya, Mr. Gordon.'

I smiled and thanked him, and entered the cool air of the kitchen to get Manuel and the boys a drink. The men approached me as I brought the pitcher back out and set it on the patio table. They bantered with each other in Spanish, joking and nudging each other as they poured themselves a drink. I stood on the patio with them, my skin already getting a first touch of tan and the blue Speedo I wore pulling tightly across my butt. Maybe I was being paranoid, but I was sure the joke was at my expense. I looked back to see Manuel watching me as I returned to the house. His gaze ran up my legs, hesitated at my ass, and continued up my golden back to lock on my eyes. He shot a big, brilliant grin at me and turned away.

Man, they certainly have enough testosterone among them! I could smell the masculinity coming off their spicy macho bodies like musky perfume. Latinos are always stereotyped as a very hot-blooded, sexual race, and I could see why. I began to imagine what it would be like to experience these fiery men, to be held firmly in their sweaty arms, feel their muscular chests pressed against mine, to take them into me... I went into the den, and pulled the blinds open a few inches so I could watch them as they toiled in the garden. My hand instinctively reached into my Speedo, and I grabbed my hardening dick in my hand. I watched their broad shoulders flex and thick muscular legs bow as they grunted around the flowerbeds, pulling the brown remains of last year's blooms.

I pulled my swimsuit down around my thighs and began to jerk myself. I imagined their thick Latino cocks hovering over my face, dripping sweat and pre-cum on my waiting lips. Strong, athletic hips pushing a huge uncut dick into my quivering asshole... It wouldn't take long, I was getting close. I decided to let myself cum, daydreaming about these cocky Latinos in my yard. I was alone in the house, but something made me look over my shoulder. There, hovering in the other window across the room was Manuel. He stood there for several seconds, his eyes adjusting to the dim light that he was looking into. He pulled the bandanna off his head and wiped the perspiration from his forehead with it. His eyes opened wide, and I saw that big, toothy smile flash from under his pencil-thin moustache. He lingered there, focused on me, rubbing his bare chest with the bandanna in lazy circles, smearing dust into his sweaty flesh. He turned and swaggered down the driveway towards the truck.

Manuel had certainly seen what I was doing. He didn't seem embarrassed by his discovery, but rather seemed to have enjoyed the view. He stood there in the window long enough to get a very good look at my naked backside, my smooth shoulders and firm creamy-white ass. The other men followed him back to the truck, and a couple minutes later I watched it rumbling down the drive towards the main road. I finished myself off, lobbing a thick wad of cum onto the window ledge.

My tan was really developing. In just a week my skin had become a rich, golden brown. My hair, always blonde, became brighter on top where the sun touched it. I lay in the chaise, stretching like a cat and enjoying the heat of the day. The light reflected off the water in the pool, illuminating the underside of the umbrella on the patio. The warm breeze shook the leaves on the stand of birch trees, and ruffled the volleyball net strung across the pool. I smeared more oil onto my shoulders, rubbing it into my nicely developed chest, letting my palm slide across my flat stomach and around my hips. I didn't have a suit on today: I was home alone, and didn't expect any visitors. My hand fell between my legs and I spread some tanning oil on my inner thighs, letting my greasy fingers roll around between my butt cheeks.

I glanced behind me. Suddenly standing at the edge of the pool was Manuel. He looked awesome. His hair was not in the usual pigtail, but hung loosely around his shoulders. His mane was glossy and black, glistening in the sunlight. His face was clean-shaven except for thick sideburns that ran down his cheeks and the neatly trimmed moustache on his upper lip. He wore a tight olive-colored tank top that revealed his perfect arms and clung to his wide pectorals. Manuel's cargo shorts were pulled low on his hips, revealing the elastic of his underwear. His powerful legs were like twin pillars of muscle and sinew below the shorts, ending in athletic socks and heavy construction boots. He had been watching me again, which turned me on. I liked the idea that this big fucking Latino enjoyed looking at my body.

'Sorry, man... I mean Mr. Gordon, Umm, I didn't mean to disturb you. I jus' wanted to take care of that birch at the end of the patio. It needs to come down. Listen, man, I can come back...'

I got up and wrapped a towel around my naked waist, covering my hardening dick from his view. I couldn't help noticing that his dick was pretty damn hard too, and was straining against the fly of his shorts. He put his pruning shears down on a bench and walked to where I was standing. We faced each other. He towered over me, his massive chest almost touching my nose.

Manuel, please call me Jimmy. You don't have to come back later. I want you to do whatever you need to do...with the birch, I mean!'

He got the message. Grinning, Manuel reached out and grabbed the knotted end of the towel, pulling it firmly downward until it slipped off my hips. My cock was completely erect, and stood out between us like a pole. He fumbled with his belt buckle, and opened the fly of his shorts. His huge cock strained against the thin fabric of his underwear. My eyes followed his dark, curly black pubic hair as it sprang from his waistband and crawled up his hard belly. His shorts dropped to the cement. I reached into his boxers and released his cock, pulling the elastic band under his heavy pendulous balls. Manuel was uncut, about 9 inches of dark richly textured Latin meat.

I reached under his tank and caressed the tight muscles of his back and shoulders as he ran his rough hands over my smooth, hairless chest. He pulled on my nipples with his calloused fingers until I moaned with pleasure. I loved his exotic, grinning face. He pulled me closer, and our lips met. I ran my fingers through his long, wavy hair, holding him tightly by the back of the head as he slipped his searing tongue into my mouth. His tongue burned my lips like a hot poker. He kicked off his shorts and pulled his boxers off his legs. I lifted his tank top over his wide shoulders, exposing his massive chest, covered in a glistening expanse of deep copper skin.

'Manny...Call me Manny. Damn, I want you so bad, dude. You gonna let me do whatever I need to do, huh? Well, right now, I need to get my dick in that big beautiful ass of yours! I think it's what you need too, isn't it?'

'The house is empty, Manny. Wanna go inside with me?'

'Fuck, yeah, Jimmy! I'm gonna make you sing! You ain't never been fucked till you been fucked by me, baby!'

He grasped my arm and pulled me towards the house. I followed willingly, my mind reeling with anticipation of this incredible man and his throbbing dick that would soon be mine. I led him to the bedroom, and we lay across the duvet in the cool air-conditioned darkness. His skin was soft, his muscles solid and unyielding. I held him close to me, his ripped abs pressing into my stomach, his cock crushed tightly against my groin. He rolled over, pinning me underneath his powerful body. Manny's long wavy hair fell into my face and I inhaled deeply, smelling the musky scent of him. His hips pushed my legs apart, and I felt him sliding his thick tool against my cheeks.

'Baby, you like me to play with your tits? I love your chest; your nipples are so pretty. Mmmn, Jimmy, I'm gonna chew on those sweet things as I fuck you! You get off on that, baby?'

He began to lick then bite on my tits, sending chills up my spine. He had me so spellbound, I didn't notice as he put the condom on his swelling cock. His body arched and I felt the tip of his cock punching at my ass. I cried out as he buried the head of his penis into my trembling hole.

'Shit, Manny, pull it out! It's fucking ripping me apart! Take it out, let me up!'

'Shhhh, quiet, baby, It's only gonna hurt for a second. Jus' relax, and you'll have a better time. You fight it, and it'll fuckin' hurt like shit!'

I knew from experience that he was right. It's astounding what the human ass can adjust to, and I knew if I just let him in, I would be okay. I pushed down on the outraged ring of muscle he was opening up, and I felt myself taking his cock deep inside me. He was insistent, never pausing and never giving in to my anguished pleas to stop. He grunted and forced his thick nine-inch dick into my ass, lodging it firmly in my gut. The pressure was intense. I thought I might black out for a moment, but slowly I adjusted to the assault as Manny began his rhythmic thrusts into my rectum. His warm body pressed me deep into the fluffy duvet on the bed, his weight as he lay on top of me both oppressive and comforting. We sweated profusely, the stinging salty perspiration running off his body onto mine and soaking the soft bedding under us. I sensed Manny was ready to cum several times, but he would slow down, even stop, with his big tube of beef tightly in my ass, and moan gentle encouragement into my ear.

'Oh, yeah, Jimmy. You're doing great, man. You're so fuckin' tight, and my cock is so fuckin' deep inside you, man! I'm gonna make you cum now, so jus' relax and let yourself go!'

He put his face back on my chest as he grasped my cock in his rough calloused hand. His fingers felt like sandpaper, rubbing against the tender head of my dick. He pulled at it with long deliberate strokes while he worked on my tender nipples with his talented mouth. The massive dick in my ass, his fiery hot lips on my tits and big rough hands pulling on my cock all at the same time left me gasping for air! I shuddered and jerked forward, as a thick wad of cum shot out of my dick and pooled in Manny's big palm. He reached up and placed the creamy load on my lips, and then proceeded to deep kiss me until the slippery fluid covered my astonished face.

Manny's cock was rock-hard in my butt, and he began to vigorously drive it deeper into me. I felt that glorious fullness, that sense of fulfillment that only comes when an exceptionally large cock is pressing on your prostate. He laid his head on the pillow next to mine, and I nuzzled my face into the nape of his neck. Manny was determined, but also very sensual. He held me tightly and kissed my cheek, even as his torso bucked against mine driving his fleshy staff steadily into me. He reached under my knees and flipped my legs up into the air, my ass impaled on his potent staff. Bearing down on me with the full force of his powerful body, he popped off several shots of cum into the stretched out condom buried deep in my butt. He shook for a few seconds, and then collapsed on top of me. I felt his body relax as his manhood flowed into my body. He soon pulled himself out of my ass, and I got up to clean myself off.

Damn, what a fucking great lay that was! I always like getting fucked, but that was amazing to say the least. Manny was so big, so powerful... he totally dominated me. I like the feeling of being in another man's control. I should probably shower, but I didn't want to leave him out there alone. As I returned to the bedroom, I heard Manny on the telephone.

'Shit yeah, the guy with the pool! Hot cocksucking mouth, and a fuckin' ass that grabs your dick like a vice! Lissen, better get here before he changes his mind! Yeah, I'm sure he's cool wid' it! Get your asses over here, dude!'

He looked up and realized I was listening to his conversation. That sheepish grin crossed his face, and mumbled a few words into the phone and hung up the receiver. I started to get dressed but he came to me, and pulled me into his arms. I struggled for a moment, but it was useless. He overwhelmed me physically and emotionally. We stood cock to cock, our bodies pressed together.

'Fuck You, Manny! What do you think I am, a freakin' slut? Thanks, but no thanks!'

'Hey, c'mon Jimmy, be cool. It's the guys I work with! You know, the guys I saw you watching last week, with your hard cock in your hand! You gonna tell me your not interested in hooking up wid' 'em?'

He threw me back on the bed, and started to suck on my neck. I thought to myself, this would be my first hickey since high school! We rolled around, groping each other until we heard the doorbell. Manny jumped out of the bed and pulled my robe around his shoulders. He left the room, and returned in a minute with three very cute Latinos. They were all much smaller than Manny, very swarthy and hot, with thick black hair and athletic wiry bodies. They were probably in their late teens or early twenties, and not an ounce of fat on any of them. Manny introduced them to me: Pedro, Jorge, and Ricky, but I forgot their names immediately. They weren't here for fucking pleasantries, after all.

They started talking in Spanish, and I could see where the conversation was leading. Manny took off the robe, and the other three started to strip. The youngest-looking kid had his name, Ricky, tattooed across his abdomen. They were really perfect specimens, long, lean bodies and huge dicks. Pedro was hairier and a little better endowed than the others, and he looked like he was to be the first to mount me. Manny lay back on the bed, propped up against the headboard. I lay face down between his legs, my chest on his belly and my head pressed into his smooth chest. He held me down as the first Latino lay on my back. I felt Pedro's hairy chest rubbing on my skin, his long cock slipping between my butt. In an instant I felt a searing pain as his cock shot into my rectum. He was brutal, aggressively shoving his hard-on into my aching ass. I squealed like a stuck pig, but Manny cooed soothing words into my ear and I soon calmed down enough to accept the intruder.

The Latino continued to hump me from behind as Manny lifted me off his chest, placing me on my hands and knees. He pulled himself out from under me, as Jorge jumped on the bed and placed his swaying cock in front of my face. It was not very long, but amazingly thick, almost the shape and size of a beer can. I wondered if I could open my mouth enough to accept it. I had no choice but to try, as he pushed his cock head against my lips and it wedged between my jaws. I was skewered from both ends. By now, my ass had relaxed enough that I was really starting to enjoy the fucker! Pedro was plunging completely into me, and then pulling out slowly until the head popped out of my ass. He would quickly thrust it back in until his balls slapped on my cheeks. Jorge's cock in my mouth was fragrant and delicious, my nose buried in his aromatic pubic hairs. This was getting pretty fucking hot. I saw Manny sitting across the room in an armchair, slowly jacking himself off. Even in my sexual haze, I wondered where the third guy was. I felt a warm sensation on my cock, and realized Ricky had positioned himself under me and had taken me into his mouth.

He was a tender cocksucker, swirling his tongue over the sensitive head and pulling his lips up and down the shaft until I was shivering with joy. I felt my balls tighten for the second time that afternoon, and I knew I was about to cum in Ricky's sweet Latin face. Pedro was packing my ass with vigor, and I could feel his dick swelling in my rectum. Jorge was the first to cum, ejaculating into my hungry mouth. I swallowed hard and took his creamy brine into my belly. I immediately shot my wad into Ricky's mouth, and then Pedro came. I felt him shudder as he deposited his hot load in my ass. The four of us collapsed into a sweaty heap on the bed. Manny jumped on top of us and released his cum on my back. Ricky licked it off my shoulders, where it mixed with my own in his delicate mouth.

Damn, I was exhausted but utterly satisfied. I looked at the tangle of steamy men lying in my bed.

Life can be very surprising, and incredibly good! I decided a swim in the pool would be better than a shower. Cool and refreshing. I wondered if Manny and the boys would like to join me, maybe play a game of water volleyball?


Jimmy Gordon


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